The Medical Repository, Том 6

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Samuel Latham Mitchill
T. & J. Swords, 1809

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Сторінка 161 - Oh then to your gardens, ye housewives, repair, Your walks border up, sow and plant at your leisure ; The blue-bird will chant from his box such an air, That all your hard toils will seem truly a pleasure ! " He flits through the orchard, he visits each tree, The red flowering peach, and the apple's sweet blossom; He snaps up destroyers, wherever they be...
Сторінка 161 - The worms from their webs, where they riot and welter ; His song and his services freely are ours, And all that he asks is, in summer a shelter. The ploughman is pleased when he gleans in his train, Now searching the furrows, now mounting to cheer him; The...
Сторінка 173 - ... and by soothing mental anguish. To decline attendance, under such circumstances, would be sacrificing to fanciful delicacy, and mistaken liberality, that moral duty, which is independent of, and far superior to, all pecuniary consideration. 6. Consultations should be promoted in difficult or protracted cases, as they give rise to confidence, energy, and more enlarged views in practice.
Сторінка 175 - ... of such differences nor the adjudication of the arbitrators should be made public, as publicity in a case of this nature may be personally injurious to the individuals concerned, and can hardly fail to bring discredit on the faculty.
Сторінка 374 - Observations on the means of preserving the Health of Soldiers and Sailors...
Сторінка 161 - When all the gay scenes of the summer are o'er. And autumn slow enters so silent and sallow, And millions of warblers, that charmed us before, Have fled in the train of the sun-seeking swallow, — The bluebird, forsaken, yet true to his home, Still lingers, and looks for a milder to-morrow; Till, forced by the horrors of winter to roam, He sings his adieu in a lone note of sorrow.
Сторінка 176 - ... others. For, if such nostrum be of real efficacy, any concealment regarding it is inconsistent with beneficence and professional liberality; and, if mystery alone give it value and importance, such craft implies either disgraceful ignorance, or fraudulent avarice. It is also reprehensible for physicians to give certificates attesting the efficacy of patent or secret medicines, or in any way to promote the use of them.
Сторінка 161 - He sings his adieu in a lone note of sorrow. '•'While spring's lovely season, serene, dewy, warm, The green face of earth, and the pure blue of heaven, Or love's native music have influence to charm, Or sympathy's glow to our feelings...
Сторінка 256 - ... clothes, took off not only their skin, but their flesh. About sixty persons were thus miserably scalded, some of whom died on the spot, or in a few days after. Numbers of cattle shared the same fate. The judge and principal inhabitants left the island very early. The consternation and anxiety were...
Сторінка 173 - On such occasions, no rivalship or jealousy should be indulged; candour, justice and all due respect should be exercised towards the physician who first attended ; and as he may be presumed to be best acquainted with the patient and his family, he should deliver all the medical directions as agreed upon.

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