Зображення сторінки

Those that have lost their chastities, assume an affected one, which is much sooner provoked than that which is real.

Tom Brown is now usually decried as a buffoon, and mere merry fellow; but he had great shrewdness and observation, and was a droll of the

very first order. His great fault is his indecency-a fault which seems almost inseparable from a humourist.

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James II.


These beautiful and interesting letters of lady Russel were written after the death of her husband, the lord William Russel, the virtuous patriot, the friend of Algernon Sidney, and his zealous co-operator in the same glorious cause, who was beheaded 21st of July, 1698. They were copied from the originals, reposited in the library of Woburn Abbey, by Thomas Sellwood, who lived in her family; from whose MSS. they were faithfully transcribed and printed. Though most of the letters in this collection were written by lady Russel, there are sundry others by persons, some of the highest rank, to her.

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