Studies in Natural Products Chemistry: Structure and Chemistry, Частина 4

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Elsevier, 24 лип. 1995 р. - 680 стор.

Rapid advances in chromatographic procedures, spectroscopic techniques and pharmacological assay methods have resulted in the discovery of an increasing number of new and interesting natural products from terrestrial and marine sources. The present volume contains comprehensive reviews on some of the major advances in this field which have taken place in recent years. The reviews include those on: novel metabolites from marine gastropods; the chemistry of marine natural products of the Halenaquinol family; secondary metabolites from Echinoderms and Bryozoans; triterpenoids and aromatic compounds from medicinal plants; chemistry and activity of sesquiterpenes from the genus Lactarius; the chemistry of bile alcohols; antifungal sesquiterpene dialdehydes; annonaceous acetogenins; nargenicin macrolides; and lignans and diarylheptanoids. Tropane alkaloids and phenolides formed by root cultures are also reviewed. Articles on natural Diels-Alder type adducts, the use of computer aided overlay for modelling the substrate binding domain of HLADH, applications of 170 NMR spectroscopy to natural product chemistry and the role of biological raw materials in synthesis are included. Volume 17 provides material of interest to natural products chemists.


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Theoretical studies of CD spectra
Chapter 3 Bryozoan secondary metabolites and their chemical ecology
Chapter 4 Structure and biological activity of triteipenoids and aromatic compounds from medicinal plants
Chemistry and biological activity
Disorders of choylesterol sidechain oxidation in cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis
Chapter 7 Antifungal sesquiteipene dialdehydes from the Warburgia plants and their synergists
Chapter 8 Determination of relative and absolute configuration in the Annonaceous acetogenins
Chapter 9 The chemistry of the nargenicin macrolides
Chapter 11 The chemistiy of natural diarylheptanoids
Chapter 12 Tropane alkaloids in root cultures of Solanaccous plants
Chapter 13 Phenolics in root cultures of medicinal plants
Chapter 14 Chemistry and biosynthesis of natural DielsAlder type adducts from Moraceous plants
Chapter 15 Modelling the substrate binding domain of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase HLADH by computer aided substrate overlay
Chapter 16 Applications of 17O NMR spectroscopy to natural products chemistry
Chapter 17 The role of biological raw materials in synthesis
Subject Index

Chapter 10 Some aspects of the chemistry of lignans

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