Shakespeare's Christian Dimension: An Anthology of Commentary

Передня обкладинка
Roy Wesley Battenhouse
Indiana University Press, 1994 - 520 стор.

"An impressive collection of ninety-two abridged essays identifying the Christian elements in Shakespeare's plays... a great feast of learning and beauty." --First Things

"This is an exceptionally valuable book... very highly recommended" --Sixteenth Century Journal

"... an exemplary work. In an age when footling matters often replace the great religious quandaries about what it means to live and die before God, Shakespeare's Christian Dimension helps restore our focus." --Pro Ecclesia

This anthology reprints abridged versions of 92 critical commentaries on the influence of Shakespeare's Christian heritage on the shaping of his plays. It does not attempt to be exhaustive in its coverage, but to provide a useful sampling of valuable work. A supplementary bibliography of more than 250 further items encourages interested readers to further exploration.

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Про автора (1994)

ROY BATTENHOUSE was educated at Yale University and taught for nine years in theological schools before joining Indiana University's English department in 1950. His published books on Marlowe, on St. Augustine, and on Shakespeare, along with many articles, have made him widely known as a spokesman for the interrelations of religion and literature.

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