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The clay is moist and soft : now, now, make haste
And form the vessel, for the wheel törns fast.-PERSIUS (Cottor)





Extracts from “ Instructions to Inspectors on the New Code," with reference to Standard II. :

“Children ought not to stumble in reading, but be able to read on slowly, and if they come to a strange word to pronounce it accurately, after a pause ; if they cannot pronounce a word after spelling it, but look at the Inspector, they have been badly taught. They should articulate clearly, and read intelligibly, though a little difficulty in doing so may fairly be allowed to pass.

“The writing of this standard, which should consist of children under nine years of age, will, probably, be much better done on slates than on paper, but they ought to have begun writing on paper.”

Some easy Riddles have been given, as in the best School Readers of the Continent, to stimulate thinking in the children, and to help to make the associations connected with school and school books bright and attractive. A great proportion of the contents will be found entirely new. The German stories have been translated by the Editor, for this Reader, from the incomparable school literature of that language.

The Spelling Columns should be used as Pronunciation Lessons; one child repeating each word alone, first, and the whole class repeating it after. Children must avoid too loud or too low a voice; or a thick, confused, cluttering voice, mumbling, clipping, or swallowing the words. To save them from this, let every word be pronounced deliberately and distinctly. They must read neither too quickly nor too slowly, and must be careful to pronounce correctly. The utmost care must be taken to avoid a flat, dull, uniform voice, without emphasis or cadence, or a due regard to the sense. The natural tone of speaking is the proper one for reading. It should be a great point of every teacher's ambition to have his scholars read and speak faultlessly. Nothing is rarer, and hardly anything is of more value.

In this Reader the Spelling Examples are not divided into syllables, that the pupils may be exercised in Syllabification.

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