Great American Issues, Political, Social, Economic (a Constructive Study)

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Сторінка 191 - Louisville, or ,n the New England towns not having a boom, or even in many cities of the Mississippi basin. What strikes the American is how little the European renting wage-worker gets for his money. Very seldom indeed has he a bit of garden ; he takes a poor water service for granted ; his rooms are fewer and smaller than is ordinarily the case of an American house. The rent payer is usually a rent payer for life.
Сторінка 103 - The Labor Board may upon its own motion within ten days after the decision, in accordance with the provisions of section 301, of any dispute with respect to wages or salaries of employees or subordinate officials of carriers, suspend the operation of such decision if the Labor Board is of the opinion that the decision involves such an increase in wages or salaries...
Сторінка 196 - No matter what efforts our competitors may make, we can meet them and beat them if we will but protect our incomparable home market, while developing on sound principles those foreign markets which offer natural and permanent outlets for our surplus. The ideal foreign policy for America would at once give us the highest possible commercial independence and as far as possible make the rest of the world depend on us.
Сторінка 105 - The desirability of maintaining the principle of collective bargaining — which has become so important a constituent in the industrial life of this country — cannot be called into question, and we regard it as axiomatic that nothing should be done that would lead to the abandonment of a method of adjusting the relationships between employers and work-people which has proved so mutually advantageous throughout most of the trades of the country. What is there that gives the term "protocol" the...
Сторінка 106 - ... is materially reduced. In the more recent report of the Industrial Council on its "Enquiry into Industrial Agreements," dated 1913, the council says: 18. The value of efficient organization on the part of employers and work-people as a means of securing the due fulfilment of industrial agreements is very clearly demonstrated by the experience of the different trades of the country. 29. The desirability of maintaining the principle of collective bargaining — which has become so important a constituent...
Сторінка 260 - If you are going to do anything permanent for the average man, you have got to begin before he is a man. The chance of success lies in working with the boy and not with the man.
Сторінка 245 - the American, Daniel De Leon, first formulated the idea of a soviet government, which grew up in Russia on his, De Leon's, idea." In the same interview Lenin is further quoted as saying: "Future society will be organized along soviet lines. There will be soviet (occupational) rather than geographical boundaries for nations. Industrial unionism is the basic state. . . ." The book is divided into four parts, as follows: I. Beginnings, pp. 27-110; II. The First Phase (The "original
Сторінка 204 - The investment of capital in the development of a country is the "open sesame" to trade with that country. In international investments, what the borrowing nation requires is cheap money; what the lending nation demands is good security. Under present conditions, good security is what the so-called "backward nations" find most difficult to furnish.
Сторінка 200 - British flag will, and in fact already is attempting to regain and enlarge her sphere in Latin America. We shall meet her at every turn. Her unscrupulous agents will be found in every market and their activities will bear fruit.
Сторінка 66 - Admission into the Civil Service is indeed eagerly sought after, but it is for the unambitious and the indolent or incapable that it is chiefly desired. Those whose abilities do not warrant an expectation that they will succeed in the open professions, where they must encounter the competition of their contemporaries, and those whom indolence of temperament or physical infirmities unfit for active exertions, are placed in the Civil Service...

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