A Handbook of Norse Mythology

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Thomas Y. Crowell, 1913 - 208 стор.

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Сторінка 62 - This was made from six things: the noise a cat makes when it moves, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird.
Сторінка 39 - ... world on account of the hostility of the giants; for this stronghold they used Ymir's eyebrows, and they called it Mi3gar3. They took his brains too and flung them up into the air and made from them the clouds, as it is said here: From Ymir's flesh the earth was made and from his blood the seas, crags from his bones, trees from his hair, and from his skull the sky. From his eyebrows the blessed gods made Mi3gar3 for the sons of men, and from his brains were created all storm-threatening clouds.
Сторінка 96 - And I renounce all Devil-guilds, and all the Devil's works, and words ; Thunar, and Woden, and Saxnot (?) and all the unholy (ones) who are their fellows. Q. Believest thou in God, the Almighty Father ? R.
Сторінка 46 - The man they called Ask, and the woman Embla, and from them are descended the whole human family. The counterparts of this story in Genesis need only to be mentioned. As a proof of the thoroughness, depth, and comprehensiveness of the old Scandinavian mind, the reader will note the fact that instead of making the world pass simply from chaos to cosmos, the...
Сторінка 198 - Magousen. 33 42. To his friend a man should be a friend, and gifts with gifts requite. Laughter with laughter men should receive, but leasing with lying. 43. To his friend a man should be a friend; to him and to his friend; but of his foe no man shall the friend's friend be. 44. Know, if thou hast a friend whom thou fully trustest, and from whom thou woulds't good derive, thou shouldst blend thy mind with his, and gifts exchange, and often go to see him. 45. If thou hast another, whom thou little...
Сторінка 86 - The belief prevailed in ancient times that people became endrbornir, but now it is called old wives' talk. Also about Helgi and Sigrun, it was said that they were born again.
Сторінка 58 - Heimdallr is the name of one: he is called the White God. He is great and holy; nine maids, all sisters, bore him for a son. He is also called Hallinskidi ' and Gullintanni; 2 his teeth were of gold, and his horse is called Gold-top.
Сторінка 184 - ... daughter whose name was Bodvild. There were three brothers who were the sons of a Finnish king. One was called Slagfid, another Egil, the third Volund. They were out on snowshoes after game. They came to Wolfdales and built themselves a house there. Close by was a body of water which was called Wolf Lake. Early one morning they found on the shore three women who were spinning flax. Their swanskins were lying beside them. They were valkyries; two were the daughters of King Hlodver, Hladgud the...
Сторінка 44 - Three roots stretch out in three directions under the ash of Ygg-drasil: Hel lives under one, under the second the frostgiants, under the third the race of men.
Сторінка 123 - Scaldship (poetry) is represented as an inspiring drink; he who partakes of it is a Scald.

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