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with doctrinal truth as connected with the wants and feelings of the beart, or what is termed experience; while there is so much judgement displayed in the exhibition of Scripture doctrines, that numbers of clerical functionaries whio shudder at Calvinism, have, we believe, availed themselves of the Author's neat and portable volumes for their Sunday's duty, with entire satisfaction, And, as Sermons, they are also interesting. This is a great matter, especially in addresses which are to be read under all the disadvantages attendant upon reading the composition of another; disadvantages which constitute the material difference between speaking and reading a speech, - preaching aod reading a sermon. It must not be concealed that there is a great deal of what is termed par excellence preaching, preaching without notes, which is very far from interesting it is orthodox, academical, logical, but dry; or it is dry and vapid, without being either logical, academical, or characteristically orthodox.

Robert Robinson used to say, that the old women of bis congregation taught bim how to preach, by the questions they would put to him in their cottages. We believe that it is in the cottage, rather than in the academy, that the art of preaching is to be studied. Not that an uneducated man is likely to be on that account the more simple or the more interesting preacher. So far from it, that the best educated are often, in their style of address, the most plain, the most intelligible. There is a dig nified familiarity of manner which marks the well-bred mind. But although the materials of public teaching must be obtained by means of study, the best mode of efficiently conveying instruction, is to be learned only by intercourse with those whom we wish to benefit. If we had more exemplary pastors, we should have more efficient preachers.

But we are insensibly straying into discussions foreign from our présent purpose. We have only to add, with regard to the Collects which form about a third of the present volume, that they may be serviceable as specimens of the manner in which it seems always desirable to advert, in the concluding prayer, to the subject and leading ideas of the preceding 'discourse; and we recommend their adoption to those persons whose long continued habits of adhering to a form of prayer; renders such assistance indispensable. But the term Collect, which seems to point out for what class they are primarily designed, may per. haps suggest a disadvantageulis comparison. Praying and writing prayers, are processes of thought still more dissimilar than preaching and writing sermons; and this may be the reason why, as we think, the Author's Sermons are superior to his Collects. Mr. Burder is not, we apprehend, much in the habit of writing prayers. And rather than hear recited the inost finished composition, who would not hear a good man, ahbough' in but indifferent language, pray?

Art. X. A Letter to the Editor of the Quarterly Review. By William

Parnell, Esq. M. P. Third Edition. 8vo. pp. 32. Dublin. 1820. IT is not our province to interfere between Authors and their

Reviewers; but those of our readers who felt any interest excited by the extracts we gave from the tale of Maurice and Berghetta in our Number for September last, will thank us for recommending to their attention the additional information relative to the affairs of Ireland, contained in this Letter of its subsequently avowed Author. At the time we read and formed our judgement of the work, we 'had obtained no information of its Author, and were therefore under the necessity of passing sentence upon its merits, without that due regard to the Author's party and private sentiments, secret history, and trade connexions, which the modern policy of reviewing dictates. It is not the first occasion on which we have had to lament the humble and retired station which we occupy, on account of its precluding our being aware of balf the private reasons which, on an Author's entré, should regulate the manner of our receiving him. We had no suspicion, for instance, till we saw the article on Maurice and Berghetta in the Quarterly Review, what a mistake we had made in bestowing that commendation on the anonymous performance, which, prima facie, it seemed to de serve. Its Author belongs to the Parliamentary party termed the Opposition, and it is well known that all the talent of the country is engrossed by the other side, the Masters of the Quarterly Review and its Editor! How could Mr. Parnell think of writing a tale about Ireland, without dedicating it to Lord Castlereagh?

As to what lie says of the article in which his work was despatched, that it was written with some misrepresentation, 'some virulence, and a little vulgarity;' it may be so. And it may be true that, as he says, 'the Quarterly Review has the • interests of political party more at heart than those of literature.'

We will not dispute either assertion. But when he adds bis opinion, that if the Editor of the Quarterly Review • would carefully free its pages from these faults, it would be a

publication creditable to the age,' we must tell bim, that he does not understand these matters, or he would never have put such an if. The Editor has no more power to keep that Journal free from such faults, than we have inclination to be guilty of them.

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Gentlenien and Publishers who have works in the


will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if cona sistent with its plan.

In the Press, Memoirs of the Life, The Rer. P. Hodgson has in the press; Writings, anul Religious Connexions of Sacred Leisure, a collection of poems, the Rer. John Owen, D. D. sometime in a small volume. Dean of Christ Church, and Vice Chan. Dr. J. G. Smithi is preparing a work eellor of Oxford; comprising also No. on Medical Jarisprudence, for the directices of the leading events of his times, tion of counsel ard witnesses, in ques of the state of religion and religious pare tions that require the testimony of ties, and of the most culebrated of his medical practitioners. Contemporaries, &c. By the Rer. Mr. James Savage is preparing a new William Orme, Perth. To be haail edition of the late Dr. Toulolin's History somely prinied in oue volume Svo. with of Taunton, which will contain all the a fine Portrait of Dr. Owen.

additions made by the author, and he Shortly will be published, Outlines of continued by the editor to the present - Midwifery, developing its principles and time. practice, By: J. T. Conquest, M. D.

In the press, F. L. S. &c.

Letters from Mrs. Delany, Widow of In the press, Szomortality; a Poem : Doctor Patrick Delany, to Mrs. Frances To which is addeci, The Pastur.

Hamilton, from the year 1779, to the In the press, The Constitution, Order, year 1735, comprising many onpublishand Discipline of a New Testament ed and interesting Anecdotes of their *Church. By John Chamberlaiu, Mig. Jate Majesties and the Royal Family. sionary in India.

Now first printed from the original In the press, History of lutolerance; manuscripts. Svo. with observations on The unreasonable The History of the Rebellion in 1745 pess and injustice of Persrcution, and and 1746. containing the Causes of the on the equity and viscom of unrestric Pretender's Defeat at Cultoden, and a ted religious liberty. Br Thos. Clarke, variety of interesting Ancedotes hitherto

Dawson Turner, Esq. will soon pub npkilown. By Chevalier Johnstone, Pish, an Account of a Tour in Normandy, Aid-de-Camp to Prince Edward Charles 'chiefly for investigating its architectual Stettart, and Lord George Murray: sotiquities, in two royal octavo volumes, With an account of his subsequent Adillustrated by numerous engravings. venlures in Scotland, England, Holland,

Mr. C. Mills, author of the History of France, Russia, and America. The mathe Crusades, has in the press, Travels nuscript of Chevalier Johnstone was in Europe during the Puntificate of Leo originally deposited in the Scots Cole tbe Tently.

lege at Paris. Prince Hoare, Esq. is printing, in a Leters writion during a Tour through quarto rolame, Memoirs of Granville Normandy, Brittany, and other parts of Sharp, Esq.; with Observations on Mr. France, in 1818; including local and Sarp's Biblical Coiticisms. By the historical descriptions, with remarks on Bishop of St. Bavid.

the manners and character of the peoMr. Keats, author of Endymion, has' ple. By Mrs. Charles Stothard. With a rolume of Poems in the press.

numerous engravings, after drawings by The Rev. H. K. Bonney will publinh, Charles Stuthard, F. S. A. ir the course of the summer, Historic Letters written for the port and not Notices in reference to Futheringhay, in for the Press, will shortly appear in pust an octavo volume, with engravings by Evo. Storer.

l'reparing for the press, Royal Coro. Memoirs of the Rev. Mark Wilks, nation Cla:nis, a Comic Poen. By d. late of Norwich, by his Daughter, is Bisset, Esq. prioting iv a duodecimo volume.


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A Compendious View of Universal A Report made to the Workington

History an: Literature, in a series of Agricultural Society. By the President,

Tables, from the fourth Edition of the

German of G. G. Bredow, late Court J. C. Curwen, Esq. M.P. 8vo. 58.This work contains a view of the present

sellor of the Prussian Regency in Silesia, state of agriculture, and of the im

and Professor of History in the Univerprovements that have taken place since

sity of Breslau. To which is appended, the last report.

a Table of Painters, arranged in Schools and ages, from the French Notes of

Mat:hew Van Bree, Painter to his Retsch's Series of Outlines to Goethe's Royal Highness the Prince of Orange Tragedy of Faust, engraved froin the

Nassau, and Professor in Chief of the originals, by Henry Moses. Demy 410.

Royal Academy of Arts at Anwerp 14s. Imperial 410. with proof impres

The whole translated, with considerable sions, ll. 18.-on Analysis of the Tra. additions, including a succinct View of gedy of Faust, in Illustration of the

the Transactions of the Europeans in Outlines, and printed uniform with

India, and an entirely new Table comthem, may bc bad separately. 6s. Large

prising the History of Europe from the paper, Ss.

Year 1799, to the ciuse of the Reign of A History of the several lialian George Ill. By Major James Bell, East Schools of Painting, with Observations

York Militia. royal folio. 11. 10s. hf-bd. on the present state of the Art. By J. T.

A Geographical, Statistical, and Hise James, M.A, author of Travels in Ger torical Description of Hindostan, and many. 8vo. 9s, 6d.

the adjacent Country, composed from The Practice of Drawing and Paint

the must authentic printed Documents, ing Landscape, from nature, in water

and from the manuscript Records de colours, exemplified in a series of in

positeul at the Board of Control; coir structions, calculated to facilitate the

sisting of the official Reports, and public progress of the learner ; iucluling the

Correspondence of nearly all the most Elenrents of Perspective, their applica

eminent Civil Servants at the Three PreLiou vo Sketching froin Nature, and the

sidencies, and also of many of the most Esplanation of various Processes of

distinguished Military and Medical Colouring, for producing from the Out.

Officers By Walter Hamilton, Esqline a finished Picture; with observa With waps, vols. 410. 41. 145. 6d. tions on the Study of Nature, and vari.

Lectures on the Philosophy of History: ons other matters relative to the Arts.

in which an attempt is made to account By Francis Nicholson. 4to. 11. 1$.

for the diversified condition of the Hu.

man Species. With engravings By GEOLOGY,

the late Ezekiel Blomfied. To which A Geological Map of Evrgland, co is prefixed, a Memoir of the Author. loured, accompanied by a Memoir; to 4to. il, which is added, an Alphabetical Index to the Hills, and a List of the Hills ar.

MISCELLANEOUS. ranged accarding to Counties. By G.

Dialogues, chieliy intended to assist B. Greenough, Esq F.R.S. F.L.S. Presia

in forming the Morals and Taste of dent of the Geological Society, On

Yunuz Persons in the Middle Ranks of six sheets, 61. 6s. ; or 71. 10s. mounted,

Life; adapted to the Use of Schools, as either on rollers or in a case.-The Mr

well as Domestic Reading. By the Rev. moir may be had separate, in 410. J. Bowden. 12mo. 5x. price 5s. sewed.

The Principles of Education, Intellec

tual, Moral, and Phiysical. By the Rev. A Narrative of the late Political and

Lant Carpenter. Sveto 128. Military Events in British India, under

Essays and Sketches of Life and Cba. the administration of the Marquess of

racter. 12mo. 9s. Hastings. By Henry T. Princer, Esq. of the Hon. Ex t India Company's Civil Service, Beugal. With maps, plans, New Sacred Drainas, for Young Per. zad v.ews. 410. 21. 10s,

wonsSvo. 75. 60.



Select Works of the British Poels, been made at different Periods, in Theo with Biographical and Critical Prefaces. logical Learning. By Herbert Marsh, By Dr. Aikin. 8vo. 18s.

D.D. F.R.S. and F.S.A. Lord Bishop of Peter Faultless to his Brother Simon, Peterborough, and Margaret Professor Tales of Night in Rhyme, and other jo Divinity. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Poems. By the Author of Night. f.cap A Catechism on the Constitution and Svo. 6s.

Ordinances of the Kingdom of Christ. The Poetical Decameron : or, Con By the Rev. W. Orme. A new Edition. versations on English Poets and Poetry.

90. Particularly of the Reigns of Elizabeth The Establishment of the Law by the and James 1. By J. Payne Collier, of Gospel. By the Rev. W. Hamilton, the Middle Temple. 2 vols. post 8vo. Strathblane, Stirlingshire. 12mo. 58. 11. Is.

An Abbreviated Synopsis of the Four Pia Della Pietra : a Tale. By the Gospels; wherein all the Passages are Hon. Wm. Herbert, Clerc. 8vo. 3s. 6d. collated, and every Event or Saying, re

Advice to Julia: a Letter in Rhyme. corded by any one or more of the Evan"Pai vu les moeurs de mon tems; et j'ai gelists, is briefiy noted. The whole is so publié cette lettre." f.cap Svo. 7s. 6d. arranged, as to lay before the eye at

Ricciarda, Tragedia, di Ugo Foscolo.' one view, the Chapter and Verse of the Sro. 7. 6d.

several Gospels in which any given pasLays of Affection. By Margaret sage is contained. 8vo. 6s. Brown. f.cap 8vo. 8s.

The Nature and Obligations of PerOccasional and Miscellaneous Poems: sonal and Family Religion. By Daniel By Lucy Joynes. 12mo. 3s.

Dewar. LL.D. Minister of the Tron
Lorenzo, or the Tale of Redemption. Church, Glasgow. 12mo. 3s. 60.
By J. Roby. 8vo. 3s.


The Journal of a Tour in Greece, The Speech of the Rt. Hon. the Earl Egypt, and the Holy Land; with Exe of Liverpool, in the House of Lords, on cursions to the River Jordan, and along Friday, the 26th of May,'1820, on a the Banks of the Red Sea to Mount Motion of the Margais of Lansdown, Sinai. By William Turner, Esq. Foreigo

That a Select Committee be appointed Office. With numerous plates, woodto inquire into the Means of extending cuts, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. 31. 3s, and securing the Foreign Trade of the Journals of Two Expeditions beyond Country." With an Appendix, con the Blue Mountains, and into the lotetaining the official Accounts referred to rior of New South Wales, undertaken by in the Speech. 2s.

Order of the British Government in the

Years 1817-18. By Joba Oxley, Esq. THEOLOGY.

Surveyor general of the Territory and The fifth part (on the Authenticity of Lieutenant of the Royal Navy. With the New Testament) of a Course of Lec- maps and views of the Interior, or newly tures, containing a Description and Sys discovered Country. 4to, 21. 10s. tematic Arrangement of the several Sketches, Descriptive of Italy, in 1817 Braaches of Divinity : accompanied with and 1818; with a brief Account of Traan Account both of the principal Au- vels in various parts of France and Swit. thors, and of the Progress which bas zerland. 4 vols, small 8vo. 11. 12s.

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