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them more easily understood by the non-mechanical reader, they are as accurate as relates to proportion of parts as the best engineering drawings and all represent existing mechanisms which are in daily use. The important elements to which attention is directed in the text are clearly designated by arrows and named in the illustration, so the main object of making them intelligible has been attained without sacrificing correct proportion. Any suggestions from readers for improving this work and calling attentionfto errors, either of commission or omission, will be welcomed by the publisher and the author.

This treatise has been entirely revised and all new improvements in automobile engine and chassis design have been included. Attention is directed to the new lesson on electric starting and lighting systems.







27—Methods of Speed Changing Outlined ..
28—Utility of Brakes and Their Use....
29—General Driving Instructions...
30—Oiling the Automobile Chassis...
31-Road Troubles and Their Symptoms.
32—Repairing Power Plant Group...
33—Troubles with Power Transmission Parts.
34—Chassis Troubles and Their Elimination ...
35—Fixing Tire Defects...
36-Equipment and Accessories..
37—Latest Development of Automobile Design.
38_Electric Starting Systems.
39_Useful Information...

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The writer wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to a number of the leading automobile and parts manufacturers who furnished instruction books and photographs from which a number of the illustrations used were taken and which also offered valuable suggestions for treatment of this subject. While in nearly all cases credit is given in connection with illustration to the user or maker of the construction shown, general credit is due to the following manufacturers whose co-operation has made the production of a complete and authoritative work possible:

Packard Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich.
Chalmers Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich.
Willys Overland Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Weston-Mott Co., Flint, Mich.
Hupp Motor Co., Detroit, Mich.
New Departure Manufacturing Co., Bristol, Conn.
Locomobile Co., Bridgeport, Conn.
Pierce Arrow Motor Car Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
National Motor Truck Co., Bay City, Mich.
Chase Motor Truck Co., Syracuse, N. Y.
Thomas B. Jeffery Co., Kenosha, Wis.

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