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Сторінка 239 - Abounding in quiet humour, in bright fancy, in sweetness and melody of expression, and, at times, in the tenderest touches of pathos. " — Graphic. '*Mr. Collins has an undercurrent of chivalry and romance beneath the trifling vein of good-humoured banter which is the special characteristic of his verse.
Сторінка 239 - Crown 8vo. 3-f. 6d. *'The author of these verses has written a very touching story of the human heart in the story he tells with such pathos and power, of an affection cherished so long and so secretly. . . . It is not the least merit of these pages that they are everywhere illumined with moral and religious sentiment suggested, not paraded, of the brightest, purest character."— Standard.
Сторінка 238 - Mr. Turner is a genuine poet ; his song is sweet and pure, beautiful in expression, and often subtle in thought.
Сторінка 240 - The volume is anonymous ; but there is no reason for the author to be ashamed of it. The ' Poems of Italy' are evidently inspired by genuine enthusiasm in the cause espoused ; and one of them, ' The Execution of Felice Orsini,' has much poetic merit, the event celebrated being told with dramatic force.
Сторінка 237 - There is a rollicking sense of fun about the stories, joined to marvellous power of rhyming, and plenty of swing, which irresistibly reminds us of our old favourite." — Graphic. EDITH ; OR, LOVE AND LIFE IN CHESHIRE. By T. Ashe, Author of the " Sorrows of Hypsipyle,
Сторінка 239 - If these poems are the mere preludes of a mind growing in power and in inclination for verse, we have in them the promise of a fine poet The verse describing Socrates has the highest note of critical poetry.' SPECTATOR, February i7. * No extracts could do justice to the exquisite tones, the felicitous phrasing and delicately wrought harmonies of some of these poems.
Сторінка 237 - Mr. Howell has a keen perception of the beauties of nature, and a just appreciation of the charities of life. . . . Mr. Howell's book deserves, and will probably receive, a warm reception.
Сторінка 240 - Mr. De Vere's versification in his earlier poems is characterised by great sweetness and simplicity. He is master of his instrument, and rarely offends the ear with false notes. Poems such as these scarcely admit of quotation, for their charm is not, and ought not to be, found in isolated passages ; but we can promise the patient and thoughtful reader much pleasure in the perusal of this volume.
Сторінка 239 - The art of ballad-writing has long been lost in England, and Mr. Payne may claim to be its restorer. It is a perfect delight to meet with such a ballad as ' May Margaret
Сторінка 238 - Faust/ and his translation is as well suited to convey its meaning to^ English readers as any we have yet seen." — Edinburgh Daily Review. . "Mr. Paul is a zealous and a faithful interpreter.

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