The Story of Lilly Dawson, Том 3

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Сторінка 294 - Southey still in petticoats. Her Diary is written in her earliest and best manner ; in true woman's English, clear, natural, and lively. It ought to be consulted by every person who wishes to be well acquainted with the history of our literature and our manners. The account which she gives of the king's illness will, we think, be more valued by the historians of a future age than any equal portions of Pepys' or Evelyn's Diaries." — Edinburgh Remap. " This publication will take its place in the...
Сторінка 63 - ... more things in heaven and earth than were dreamt of in their philosophy ; they consigned this hapless nonconformist to profound neglect.
Сторінка 296 - LETTERS OF THE KINGS OF ENGLAND.— Now first collected from the Originals in Royal Archives, and from other Authentic Sources, private as well as public. Edited, with Historical Introduction and Notes, by JO Halliwell.
Сторінка 297 - HISTORY OF THE CAPTIVITY OF NAPOLEON AT ST. HELENA. BY GENERAL COUNT MONTHOLON, The Emperor's Companion in Exile, and Testamentary Executor Now first translated and published from the author's original manuscript.
Сторінка 295 - The historical reader will find this a work of peculiar interest. It displays throughout the most pains-taking research, and a style of narrative which has all the lucidity and strength of Gibbon. It is a work with which, shedding such a light as we are justified in" saying it will do upon English history, every library ought to be provided."— Sunday Times.
Сторінка 290 - ... performance of his task. This collection promises to be the most genuine and true portrait of a great public character which the world has ever seen.
Сторінка 291 - The execution of this work is equal to the conception. Great pains have been taken to make it both interesting and valuable.— Literary Gazette.
Сторінка 301 - THIRD EDITION, 2 vols., post 8vo, with Illustrations, 21s. bound. " We recommend ' Hochelaga ' most heartily, in case any of our readers may as yet be unacquainted with it.
Сторінка 299 - Baronetage' is the most complete, the most convenient, and the cheapest work of the kind ever offered to the public." — Sun. " Mr. Burke's
Сторінка 302 - LINDSAY'S LETTERS ON THE HOLY LAND. FOURTH EDITION, Revised, 1 vol., post 8vo, with Illustrations, 6s. bound. " Lord Lindsay has felt and recorded what he saw with the wisdom of a philosopher, and the faith of an enlightened Christian.

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