Cash and care: policy challenges in the welfare state

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Cash and Care gathers reflective overview pieces and findings from new empirical research by a group of distinguished international experts. The study links the twin themes of cash-earnings from paid work, social security benefits, access to credit, direct payments to service users, etc.-and care within the broader contexts of disability, carework, and disadvantage, and locates these within recent social trends. By drawing on the latest research and policy developments, the book offers distinctive insights into the way in which the welfare state addresses the related issues of cash and care in a post-traditional society.

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one Introduction
have the arguments for recognising care
what impact on policy and planning?
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Bernard Dowling is Research Fellow in the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester. Current and past research includes the role of general practice and primary care in the wider development of health care, the organization and governance of primary care institutions, and the use of quasi-markets in service provision and the resulting consequences on equity.
Caroline Glendinning is Professor of Social Policy in the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester. She currently leads a research programme on partnerships between NHS and local authorities. Her previous research has included community care, diability policies, aged and informal care. She is co-editor (with Martin Powell and Kirstein Rummery) of Partnerships, New Labour and the Governance of Welfare (Policy Press, 2002).

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