Famous Americans of Recent Times

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Ticknor and Fields, 1867 - 473 стор.

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Сторінка 179 - If the several States in the Union are to become one entire Nation, under one Legislature, the Powers of which shall extend to every Subject of Legislation, and its Laws be supreme & controul the whole, the Idea of Sovereignty in these States must be lost.
Сторінка 19 - Their patriotism would certainly prefer its continuance and application to the great purposes of the public education, roads, rivers, canals, and such other objects of public improvement as it may be tiiought proper to add to the constitutional enumeration of Federal powers.
Сторінка 92 - Plymouth, to extirpate and destroy it. It is not fit that the land of the Pilgrims should bear the shame longer. I hear the sound of the hammer, I see the smoke of the furnaces where manacles and fetters are still forged for human limbs. I see the visages of those, who by stealth, and at midnight, labor in this work of hell, foul and dark, as may become the artificers of such instruments of misery and torture. Let that spot be purified, or let it cease to be of New England. Let it be purified, or...
Сторінка 63 - We had so few books," he records in the exquisite fragment of autobiography he has left us, " that to read them once or twice was nothing. We thought they were all to be got by heart." How touching the story, so well known, of the mighty struggle and long self-sacrifice it cost this family to get the youth through college ! The whole expense did not average one hundred and fifty dollars a year ; but it seemed to the boy so vast and...
Сторінка 33 - The vain wish has been sometimes indulged, that Providence would allow the patriot, after death, to return to his country, and to contemplate the intermediate changes which had taken place — to view the forests felled, the cities built, the mountains leveled, the canals cut, the highways constructed, the progress of the arts, the advancement of learning, and the increase of population — General, your present visit to the United States is a realization of the consoling object of that wish. You...
Сторінка 165 - It follows, from what has been stated, that it is a great and dangerous error to suppose that all people are equally entitled to liberty. It is a reward to be earned, not a blessing to be gratuitously lavished on all alike...
Сторінка 107 - I would not notice things of this sort appearing in obscure quarters; but one thing has occurred in this debate which struck me very forcibly. An honorable member from Louisiana addressed us the other day on this subject. I suppose there is not a more amiable and worthy gentleman in this chamber, nor a gentleman who would be more slow to give offence to any body, and he did not mean in his remarks to give offence.
Сторінка 72 - Many of the ministers of the present day take their text from St. Paul, and preach from the newspapers. When they do so, I prefer to enjoy my own thoughts rather than to listen. I want my pastor to come to me in the spirit of the gospel, saying, " You are mortal! your probation is brief; your work must be done speedily. You are immortal^ too. You are hastening to the bar of God ; the Judge standeth before the door.
Сторінка 19 - On a few articles of more general and necessary use, the suppression in due season will doubtless be right, but the great mass of the articles on which impost is paid are foreign luxuries, purchased by those only who are rich enough to afford themselves the use of them.
Сторінка 108 - ... and described in the terms I have mentioned and will not repeat, it has now become an institution, a cherished institution, in that quarter ; no evil, no scourge, but a great religious, social, and moral blessing, as I think I have heard it latterly spoken of?

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