Pittsburgh Legal Journal, Том 55

Передня обкладинка
Allegheny County Bar Association, 1908

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Сторінка 310 - That the circuit courts of the United States shall have original cognizance, concurrent with the courts of the several States, of all suits of a civil nature, at common law or in equity, where the matter in dispute exceeds, exclusive of interest and costs, the sum or value of two thousand dollars, and arising under the Constitution or laws of the United States...
Сторінка 170 - ... if the subject of insurance be a building on ground not owned by the insured in fee simple...
Сторінка 128 - And for the purpose of such recovery any court of bankruptcy, as hereinbefore defined, and any state court which would have had jurisdiction if bankruptcy had not intervened, shall have concurrent jurisdiction.
Сторінка 256 - And if any State deems the retail and internal traffic in ardent spirits injurious to its citizens, and calculated to produce idleness, vice, or debauchery, I see nothing in the constitution of the United States to prevent it from regulating and restraining the traffic, or from prohibiting it altogether, if it thinks proper.
Сторінка 162 - The ownership of lands by aliens, other than those who in good faith have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, is prohibited In this state, except where acquired by Inheritance, under mortgage or in good faith In the ordinary course of justice in the collection of debts...
Сторінка 72 - If any vacancy shall take place after any ward, district, borough or township election, by reason of the erection of any new ward, district, borough or township, or from the neglect or refusal of any person elected to accept a commission within sixty days after the date thereof, or by death, resignation or otherwise, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the governor until the first Monday of May succeeding the next ward, district, borough or township election.
Сторінка 7 - Municipal and other corporations and individuals invested with the privilege of taking private property for public use shall make just compensation for property taken, injured or destroyed by the construction or enlargement of their works, highways or improvements, which compensation shall be paid or secured before such taking, injury or destruction.
Сторінка 288 - Debts of the bankrupt may be proved and allowed against his estate which are (1) a fixed liability, as evidenced by a judgment or an instrument in writing, absolutely owing at the time of the filing of the petition against him, whether then payable or not, with any interest thereon which would have been recoverable at that date or with a rebate of interest upon such as were not then payable and did not bear interest...
Сторінка 58 - It has been repeatedly determined that the pendency of another action between the same parties for the same cause...
Сторінка 70 - State court at the time, or any time before the defendant is required by the laws of the State or the rule of the State court in which such suit is brought to answer or plead to the declaration or complaint of the plaintiff...

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