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To the Right Honourable the LED AZZEDAL, Laste

Secretary of State for the Home Departmund.


In asking your permission to delicate tynt of Israel Mort, Overman,' permit me u pivs sot, ezuste tion.

I am one of those who think they already the streets of a time when our public nen shall be junge, us, yle, spicuousness or power of their position is that enemy—by party triumphs or failury-14 Eva Herning mere reforms of the instrument of legislatí'shig samo sary—but by the actual use they have mus Vento 40 tunities to promote the social well-being tisti s fellow-men, and especially of those why sys. wyrus saat help.

When, my Lord, that day comes, I VEIEME, Y, Asus, po name will be most gratefully remember, the the the Act you succeeded in passing througe. I startede of the most adverse influences : an AC, WISCA ***** developments, will prove to be the winner Traghs. I have the honour, my Lord, to BUR*. 2:55



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