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of the Philosophy of Life,” will appear, THE Bishop of St Davids has in the press, from the pen of Sir Charles Morgan, Fellow the Grand Schism, or the Roman Catholics of the College of Physicians. It is intend, of Great Britain and Ireland shown to be ed to convey a Popular View of the LeadSeparatists from the Church of England. ing Facts of Physiology, as they bear more

Mr Richard Lawrence is preparing Forty especially upon the Moral and Social Ani.
Etchings from specimens in the Elgin Col- mal.
lection; to be accompanied with Critical An Introduction to the Critical Study and
Remarks on those Grecian Relics.

Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures ; by Robert Huish, Esq. Author of a Treatise Thomas Hartwell Horne, A. M., in two on Bees, has in the press, Venezzi, a Ro- volumes, 8vo, illustrated with Maps, and mance of former days, in 4. vols.

Fac-similes of Biblịcal Manuscripts. This Mr Bagster is printing an edition of the Work will consist of Three Parts :- Part I. Book of Cominon Prayer, with Translations will comprise a Concise View of the Geor into the Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, graphy of Palestine, and of the Political, French, and German languages ; to be com Religious, Moral, and Civil State of the prised in a 4to volume, uniform with his Jews ; illustrating the principal Events rePolyglott Bible.

corded in the Bible. Part II. will present A new edition of Seneca's Morals, in an a copious Investigation of the Principles of Svo vol. with a portrait, will appear early in Scripture Interpretation, and their ApplicaJuly.

tion to the Historical, Prophetical, Typical, Édward Dodwell, Esq. is preparing for Doctrinal, and Moral Parts of the Sacred publication, a Classical and Topographical Writings. Part III. will be appropriated Tour in Greece, during the years 1801, to the Analysis of the Bible; including an 1805, and 1806. A long residence in Tur Account of the Canon of Scripture ; toge, key has enabled the Author to examine, ther with Critical Prefaces and Synopses to and the assistance of a first-rate Artist, to each book, upon an improved Plan. An illustrate the Topography of, that Seat of Appendix will be subjoined, containing an Early History. Greece, including Pelopon- Account of the Principal MSS. and Editions nesus and the Ionian Islands, were the par- of the Old and New Î'estaments. ticular objects of his Tour; in the course of We understand that the remaining Vol

. which, many Districts, unexplored by Mo- of the Work on the History, Literature, and dern Travellers, have been penetrated, and Mythology of the Hindys, printing at the remains, hitherto unknown, visited, and Serampore press, is at length nearly finish. most faithful Drawings made of their actual ed. The delay attending the publication of state. Many of the Drawings being upon this work has arisen from a cause which, a scale which, consistent with their extreme

we are persuaded, will give satisfaction to accuracy, will not allow of reduction to the the subscribers : more than 250 pages have size of a quarto volume, it is intended to been devoted to very difficult Translations publish a separate Work, consisting of Sixty from the Hindu Philosophical Works, and Views of the most celebrated Scenes and the Lives of their Sages. The Introductory Monuments of Greece ; in which fac-simi. Chapter, also, will contain a Review of their les of the Drawings, taken and coloured up. Philosophical Opinions, compared with on the spot, will be produced, of the size of those of other Ancient Nations, and an Ac: Stuart's Athens,- forming a complete series count of the present State of Learning aof all that now exists of Grecian Antiquity. mong' the Hindus.

Sir John Byerley, a gentleman admirably We understand that a Pamphlet is about qualified by his various attainments, and by to be published, illustrative of the Cause and à critical knowledge of both languages, has Treatment of the Cholera Morbus, which undertaken a translation of Shakspeare into lately prevailed at Jessore, in which it is arFrench. We hail the circumstance as aus- gued, that to the immoderate use of New picious to the fame of our British Bard, Řice was principally owing the occurrence whose works have, by former translators, of the disease. The same complaint has been so grossly abused and perverted. prevailed with considerable violence at BaDr Bateman is preparing for the

press, a sasore, where it appears that Sable Fish is Sketch of the Character of the Epidemic not to be procured, and the New Rice had Fever prevailing in the Metropolis, with not come into use.

These two articles of some Observations on the Method of Treat food have been severally charged with the ment, and on the Means of diminishing the production of the Epidemic in question, but Influence of Contagion.

apparently without sufficient consideration. In the course of the season, “ Sketches Mr Brande, Chemical Professor at the

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phy of Life," si Sir Charles Man Physicians

. Popular l'ient siology, as the che Moral and

n to the Critica e Holy Script

Horne, A. astrated with ! blical Manusup of Three Party oncise View dit e, and of the li

and Ciril Sapi the principal Le - Part II

. mil on of the Prins

ion, and their Prophetical, el Parts of the

will be a Bible; incuba

of Scripture; zces and Space

Royal Institution, is preparing for publica- press, a Grammar of Rhetoric, chiefly como tion, a Manual of Chemistry ; containing piled from Blair, Campbell, Rollin, &c. the principal Facts of the Science, arranged which will very soon appear, in 1 vol. 12mo. in the order in which they are discussed and A Book, entitled, Universal Commerce, illustrated in his much-admired Lectures. by the Editor of Mortimer's Commercial

Dr Bostock is about to publish an Ac. Dictionary, will appear in the course of the
count of the History and Present State of ensuing Month.

A Mercator's Atlas of Skeleton Maps,
Mr Laing's Architectural Work of Plans, adapted to Modern Navigation and Mari-
Elevations, and Sections of Buildings, erect time Surveying, for the use of Naval Stu-
ed by him; including the details of the New dents, will be published in the course of the
Custom House, London, St Dunstan's in ensuing Month, in royal 4to.
the East, with an Historical Account of the M. Des Carrieres has nearly ready for
Old Church, &c. will be delivered to the publication, a new edition of his Histoire
Subscribers in the course of the present de France, which will be continued to

the present time, and thoroughly revised
It is not generally known, that some very throughout.
curious Memoirs of Lucien Bonaparte were Mr A. Picquot, Author of the Ancient
printed in 1815. When, however, they and Modern Geography, has in the press, a
were nearly ready, obstacles to the appear. Chronological Abridgement of the History
ance arose ; the publication was suspended, of Modern Europe, compiled from the best
and the whole impression was eventually English, French, and German Historians.
burnt. An agent of Lucien, it is presum-
ed, indemnified the publisher, and obtained
from him the sacrifice of his speculation,

EDINBURGH. and the possession of the original manuscript. By what means this manuscript has again been suffered to see the light, we know not ; In the press, and speedily will be pubbut it is certain, that a London bookseller lished, in two large vols 8vo, a Geographie has obtained possession of it, and that it is cal and Statistical description of Scotland ; immediately to be published.

by James Playfair, D.D. F.R.S. & F.A.S. The third part of the Encyclopædia Me. Edin. Principal of the United College of St tropolitana will appear early in the ensuing Andrews, and Historiographer to his Royal Month.

Highness the Prince Regent. Mr Simmons will shortly publish, both Wight on the Law of Election, a new in England and America, a Novel Plan of edition, with additions, suited to the present Vessels of War, which was submitted to the time, will speedily be published. consideration of the Lords of the Admiralty A Memoir on the Congenital Club Feet in June 1810, and by them rejected. of Children, and the Mode of correcting this

The Ancient Gothic Languages have late. Deformity; by Antonio Scarpa, Emeritus ly very much engaged the

attention of the Professor and Director of the Medical FaLearned in the North. The Librarian of culty of the Imperial and Royal University the University of Copenhagen has been se of Pavia, &c. With five original engravings veral months at Stockholm, for the purpose by Anderloni. Translated from the Italian ; of collating and collecting manuscripts of by J. H. Wishart, Fellow of the Royal the Skalda and Edda, which are preserved College of Surgeons, and one of the Surin that city, and at Upsal ; they are intend geons of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. ed to assist in a projected edition of these Proposals have been issued for publishPoems.

ing by subscription, in imperial folio, a New The same Professor is employed on a Atlas of the Counties of Scotland, each Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue ; and County to compose a separate map, or if of on a Translation into Swedish of his Gram- importance, from extent or population, two mar of the Icelandic Tongue: the former of will be allotted. these Works concerns all English Anti In the press, and will be published in a quaries.

few days, in 8vo, with plates, an Account of It is stated in the German Papers, that, the Small Pox, as it appeared after Vaccinawhile the Count las Casas was at St Helena, tion ; by Alexander Monro, M.D. Profeshe composed a Work, and sent it to Europe, sor of Anatomy in the University of Edinthe title of which is, Journal regulière de burgh; including, among many cases, dont oe que fait ou dit Napoleon, jour par Three which occurred in the Author's own jour, à St Helène, durant 3 mois, ses conver Family. sations publiques et privées, &c. This Work, Speedily will be published, Fifteen Years which will be uncommonly interesting on ac Correspondence, which passed between Wilcount of its authenticity, has not been yet liam Drysdale, Writer and Town-clerk of published, because the manuscript has been Kirkaldy, and George Millar, Farmer in detained by the English Government. Bankhead, Fifeshire; wherein is discovered

Mr A. Jamieson, Author of a Treatise on the whole Arcana of County Lawyers' Intethe Construction of Maps, and Editor of rior Practice, very necessary for Young many Popular School Books, has in the Practitioners who would acquire a lasting

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vined, contain
I MSS. ard Elite
the remaining

"F, Literature 18, printing et ngth nearlyf the publiczba in a cause mi Te satisfactie 1 250 pages de ult Transen al Works : ie Introduction Resien dit

mpared to %, anda!

* Learning

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reputation, and a competent share of the the Polarising Force in Plates, Tubes, and One Thing Needful.

Cylinders of Glass.—Mr Napier on the Scope In the press, and speedily will be pub- and Influence of the Philosophical Writings lished, Vol. VIII. Part 11. of the Transac- of Lord Bacon.-Mr Allan on the Geology tions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. of the Environs of Nice.- Mr Leslie on Im. The following are the Contents of Part II. pressions of Cold sent from the Higher Atof this Volume :-Dr Brewster on the Ef. mosphere.Major-General Brisbane on fects of Pressure in Altering the Polarising finding the Time accurately without equal Structure of Doubly Refracting Crystals. Altitudes.--Dr Fleming on the Junction of Dr Murray's Experiments and Observations the Fresh Water of the Rivers with the Salt on Muriatic Acid Gas, &c.-Dr Ure on the Water of the Sea.-Mr Alison's Memoir of Relation between Muriatic Acid and Chlo- the Life and Writings of the late Lord rine.-Dr Brewster on the Distribution of Woodhouselee.




country, to engage young persons in the

higher classes of society in a more diligent AGRICULTURE, GARDENING, &c. study of the sacred page, by presenting to The Gardener's Companion, or Horticul- them the Bible in a more ornamental form, tural Calendar, Edited from the Original enriched with graphical illustrations of the Manuscripts of J. Abercrombie ; by J. text, of undoubted merit and character ; Mean, gardener to Sir Abr. Hume, Bart. thus making the elegant arts of painting 2s.

and engraving subservient to the advance. BIOGRAPHY.

ment of the great interests of Christianity, Memoirs of her late Royal Highness and the gratification of taste conducive to Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. the improvement of piety. With these and of her illustrious consort, Prince Co- views, the present edition has been under. bourg of Saxe-Cobourg, Saalfield ; by R. taken, upon a scale of sufficient importance Huish, Esq. author of the Peruvians, &c. to command the attention of the highest and 8vo. 195.

most enlightened persons, yet with every Memoirs of John Evelyn, Esq. F.R.S. possible care to avoid unnecessary expense. comprising his Diary and a Selection of his The mode of its intended publication is deFamiliar Letters, &c. &c. 2 vols 4to. tailed in the following Prospectus.- The

engravings, which originally appeared in Considerations respecting. Cambridge, the magnificent and expensive work called more particularly relating to its Botanical Macklin's Bible, and which form the richProfessorship; by Sir James Edward Smith, est and most interesting assemblage of en• M. D. F.R.S. &c. president of the Linnæan gravings, illustrative of the Holy Scriptures, Society. 2s. 6d.

that have ever been published in any coun

try, consist of seventy historical subjects, Horace, with English Notes to the Odes, executed by the first artists of this country, critical and explanatory, 18mo. 6s. 6d. from pictures painted by Sir Joshua Rey

nolds, Mr West, Mr Loutherbourg, Mr Messrs Cadell and Davies have just pub. Fuseli, Mr Smirke, Mr Stothard, &c. be lished, dedicated, by special permission, to sides more than one hundred vignette head. his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, the pieces and tail-pieces, eniblematical of the first part of a new and superior edition of several books. The printing, again exe. the Holy Scriptures, with numerous en. cuted by Mr Bensley, is in the size called gravings ; and now including a Preface and atlas quarto, and the work will be pub. Historical Accounts of the several Books, lished in twelve parts, price two guineas written expressly for this edition, by the ench. The first part was published on the Rev. Edward Nares, D. D. Rector of Bid. 1st of June, and the remaining, parts denden, Kent, and Regius Professor of Mo- will follow regularly on the first day of dern History in the University of Oxford. each succeeding month. For the purpose -Whilst it is the pious and avowedl object of ascertaining the degree of support with of the ancient and venerable Society for which the work will be honoured, and of promoting Christian Knowledge, and of the securing a delivery of the copies in exact British and Foreign Bible Society, to disse- conformity with the dates of orders, a subminate the Word of God, as extensively as scription is solicited ; each subscriber pay. possible, among the poorest and the most ing the price of the first part in advance, uninstructed of our fellow-creatures, by the and engaging to pay a like sum on the pubdistribution of Bibles printed in the chcap- lication of each subsequent part, except the est forms, it has also been thought import- concluding one, which will be delivered ant, in this opulent and highly civilized gratis. A list of the subscribers will be




on the Soupe

<cal Writing

the Golay Leslie on In

- Higher Ato

Brisbane on i thout equal

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ations c'h


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printed, and prefixed to the work. The

work, when completed, will form three ele A Grammar of the Elements of Astrono-
gant volumes of convenient size; and the my, by means of which that sublime Science
price of such complete sets (if any) as may may be taught in public schools as part of
not be subscribed for on the publication of a course of liberal education ; by Thomas
the sixth part, must be much advanced, on Squire, royal 18mo. 78. 6d.
account of the limited number to which the A new edition of Mr Lenon's English
edition is necessarily confined.

Spelling, enlarged and much improved,
Reflections concerning the Expediency of 8vo. 58. 6d.
a Council of the Church of England and the

Church of Rome being holden, with a view A brief Description of Nova Scotia, in-
to accommodate Religious Differences and to cluding a particular Account of the Island
promote the Unity of Religion in the Bond of Grand Monan : by Anthony Lockwood,
of Peace; by Samuel Wix, A.M.F.R. and assistant surveyor general of Nova Scotia
A.S. Vicar of St Bartholomew the Less, and Cape Breton, 4to.
London, 8vo.

Religio Christiani, a Churchman's An A Selection of Facts from the best Au-
swer to Religio Clerici. 2s.

thorities, arranged so as to form an outline
The Validity of the English Ordination of the

Geology of England and Wales; by
established, in answer to the Rey. P. Gan Wm Phillips. 8s.
dolphy; by the Rev. Thomas Erlington,
D.D. provost of Trinity College, Dublin, The History of England, from its earliest
Svo. 7s.

records to the death of Elizabeth, in a series
Sermons, on the Nature, Offices, and of Essays, accompanied with Reflections,
Character, of Jesus Christ; by the Rev. T. References to original Authorities, and His-
Bowdler, A.M. 14s.

torical Questions; by Thomas Morell, in
The Season and Time, or an Exposition 8vo, 125. 12mo, 5s.6do. Vol. II. will
of the Prophecies which relate to the two speedily be published, which will complete
periods of Daniel, şubsequent to the 1260

the series.
years now recently expired; by W. Ettrick, New editions of the Histories of Rome
A. M. 8vo. 155.

and Greece are just published.
Vol. III. of Sermons ; by the Rev. J. A Universal History, in twenty-four
Venn, rector of Clapham, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Books; translated from the German of John

Facts authentic in Science and Religion; Von Muiler, 3 vols 8vo. £1, 16s.
designed to illustrate a new translation of A General History of Malvern ; intended
the Bible; by the Rev. W. Cowherd, late to comprise all the advantages of a Guide,
minister of Clirist-church, Salford. 10s. with the more important details of Chemi-

Indian Church History, or an Account cal, Mineralogical, and Statistical Informa.
of the first Planting of the Gospel in Syria, tion; by John Chambers, Esq. crown 8vo,
Mesopotamia, and India ; with an accurate 9s._-demy 8vo, with plates, 15s.
relation of the first Christian Missions in
China ; by Thomas Yeates, 8vo. 6s. Considerations on the Origin, Progress,

Observations on the Bible Society; shew- and present State of the English Bankrupt
ing that the present method of distributing Laws, with references to their existing De-
Bibles among the lower orders of people fects. 10s. 6d.
tends rather to check than encourage the MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c.
doctrine of Christ. Is. 6d.

An Introductory Lecture, as delivered at
A Dissertation on the Prophecies that the Royal Dispensary for the Diseases of
have been fulfilled, and are now fulfilling, the Ear, to a Course on the Anatomy,
or will hereafter be fulfilled, relative to the Physiology, and Diseases of that Organ ;
great Period of 1260 years; the Papal and by J. H. Curtis, Esq. Svo.
Mahommedan Apostacies, the Tyrannical Surgical Observations; being a Quarterly
Reign of Antichrist, or the Infidel Power; Report of Cases in Surgery, by Charles
and the Restoration of the Jews; by the Bell, surgeon of the Middlesex Hospital ;
Rev. G. S. Faber, B. D. Rector of Long Vol. II. Part I. 8vo. 6s.
Newton, Durham. Vol. 3d, 8vo. 12s. An Essay on the Symptoms, Causes, and

The fifth edition of the two former Treatment of Inversio Uteri ; with a his-
volumes of this work, £1, 4s.

tory of the successful extirpation of that or

gan during the chronic stage of the disease ;
A View of the English Stage ; contain- by W. Newnham, surgeon, Farnham, 8vo.
ing a series of dramatic criticisms; by W. 5s.
Hazlitt, 8vo. 125.

Practical Observations on the Treatment
Edward the Second, by C. Marlowe;

of the Diseases of the Prostrate Gland ; il-
and Doctor Faustus, by Ć. Marlowe, Is. lustrated with plates ; by Sir E. Home.
each : forming Numbers II. and III. of Vol. II. 8vo. 14s.
Broughton's edition of the Ancient British


A Short Account of the Pindarees ; pre-
The Black Revenge, or Innocence Re- ceded by Historical Notices of the different
warded; a tragedy ; by Lieut. J. Bram Mahratta States; by an Officer in the ser-
well, R. N. 38.

vice of the East India Company, 8vo. 7s. 6d. Vol. III.

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The Quarterly Review ; No XXXVI. The Principles of Population and Pro8vo. 6s.

duction investigated ; and the Questions The Hundred Wonders of the World, Does Population regulate Subsistence, or including Wonders of Nature, and Won. Subsistence Population ?--Has the latter, ders of Art ; compiled from the transactions in its increase, a Tendency to augment or and records of learned societies, and from diminish the average Quantum of Employ. the works of the latest travellers, natural. ment and Wealth ? and Should Govern. ists, and topographers ; adapted in every ment encourage or check early Marriage ? part to gratify the curiosity of all descrip- discussed ; by George Purves, LL. D. Svo. tions of readers, old and young, learned and 10s. 6d. unlearned; by the Rev. C. C. Clarke; il. A Catalogue of Books and Tracts printed lustrated with nearly 100 engravings. 9s. at the private Press of George Allan, Esq.

Petition et Memoire addressées à la F. S. A. Only seventy-six copies printed. Chambre des Paris de France ; par Charles royal 8vo. 5s. Lord Kinnaird. 2s.

Reciprocal Duties of Parents and ChilA Letter to the Hon. Douglas Kinnaird dren ; by Mrs Taylor of Ongar. Foolscap on Mr Cooke's Papers respecting Mr Sher Svo. 5s. son's Case and Trial at Madras; by W. H. Adversaria ; or, Selections and Reflections Inglis. ls. 6d.

on Civil, Political, Moral, and Religious Stereoplia, or the Practical Defence of Subjects ; intended to instil into the Minds the Horse's Foot considered ; by Bracy of Youth, who have had a liberal educaClark, F.L.S. with plates. 10s. 6d. tion, a correct Knowledge of Men and

A System of Book-keeping, adapted sole. Things; by George Harrison. 8vo. 8s. ly for the use of Saving. banks, with tables ; Twelve Hundred Questions on Adams's to which is now added a Supplement; by History of Great Britain ; by A. Jamieson. G. Booth. 5s.

1s. A Biographical Narrative and Satirical Twelve Hundred Questions on Adams's Work, called Prodigious, or Childe Paddie Roman History; by A. Jamieson. ls. in London, 3 vols. £1, 4s.

Twelve Hundred Questions on Adams's Gravity and Levity, in Prose and Verse. Elements of Useful Knowledge; by A. 78.

Jamieson. ls. Practical Chess Exercises ; intended as a A Key to the above Questions will shortsequel to the Practical Chess Grammar; ly be published. containing various openings, games, and si More Thoughts Still on the State of the tuations ; by W. s. Kenny, 12mo. 75. West India Colonies and the Proceedings

Various new Systems and Documents, of the African Institution, with Observations for the better duration and evident Preser on the Speech of James Stephen, Esq. at the vation of all Ships, their crews and cargoes, Annual Meeting of that Society, held on &c. &c. in the most awful moments of im- the 26th of March 1817; by Joseph Marpending danger, unattended with expense ryat, Esq. M.P. Svo. to the nation or the individual : by which thousands of ships, and millions of lives, No I. of the Seraph : a collection of Sawill eventually be preserved, the means be- cred Music, suitable to public or private deing always at hand, and in their own power; votion ; by John Whitaker. 55. by Abraham Bosquett, royal 8vo. 10s. 6d.

NOVELS. Human Life with Variations, or the Constancy and Leopold ; by Madame Chapter of Accidents; by Caroline Her- Yossy, authoress of Switzerland, 4 vols bert, 12mo. 4s. 6d.

12mo. £1, 4s. Double Entry by Single, a New Method Genevieve, or the Orphan's Visit ; by of Book-keeping ; 'applicable to all kinds of Mrs Strutt, 3 vols 12mo. 16s. 6d. Business, and exemplified in five Sets of Lionel; or, the Last of the Pevenseys: Books; by F. W. Cronhelm, 4to. £1,11s.6d. a Novel. 3 vols 12mo. £1, 1s.

A Treatise on Rivers and Torrents; with Sophia ; or, the Dangerous Indiscretion : the Method of regulating their Course and a Tale, founded on Facts. 3 vols 12mo. Channels ; dedicated, by permission, to the 16s. 6d. Right Hon. Warren Hastings; by Paul

POETRY Frisi, a Bamabite, Professor Royal of Ma The Hours, in four Idyls ; by Henry thematics at Milan, Fellow of the Royal Hudson, Esq. 7s. Society of London, Member of the Insti The Royal Minstrel ; or the Witcheries tute of Bologna, of the Imperial Academy of Endor, an Epic Poem, in eleven Books ; of Sciences at Petersburg, of the Royal by J. F. Pennie. 7s. Academies of Berlin and of Stockholm, &c. A Few Leaves from my Field Book ; and Correspondent of the Royal Academy containing some pictures in miniature ; by of Sciences at Paris. To which is added, Wm Woolcot, late royal military surveyor, an Essay on Navigable Canals; by the &c. 8vo. 56. same. Translated by Major-General John Lines on the Death of her Royal HighGarstin, acting Chief Engineer on the Ben ness the Princess Charlotte; by the Rev. gal Establishment. 4to. £1,11s. 6d. George Croly, A.M. Author of “ Paris in

Dr Rees' Cyclopædia ; Part LXXV. 1815," a Poem. 8vo. 35. 6d.


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