Life of Richard Cameron, Сторінка 12

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James Gemmell, 1880 - 70 стор.

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Сторінка 42 - In Zion is his seat. There arrows of the bow he brake, The shield, the sword, the war. More glorious thou than hills of prey, More excellent art far.
Сторінка 51 - It matters little at what hour o' the day The righteous fall asleep, death cannot come To him untimely who is fit to die : The less of this cold world, the more of heaven, The briefer life, the earlier immortality.
Сторінка 67 - But, oh ! there were hearts cherished far other feelings, Illumed by the light of prophetic revealings, Who drank from the scenery of beauty but sorrow, For they knew that their blood would bedew it to-morrow. 'Twas the few faithful ones who with Cameron were lying, Concealed...
Сторінка 66 - mong the heather was lying. 'Twas morning ; and summer's young sun from the east Lay in loving repose on the green mountain's breast ; On Wardlaw and Cairntable the clear shining dew Glistened there 'mong the heath-bells and mountain flowers blue.
Сторінка 66 - Cameron's sword and his bible are seen, Engraved on the stone where the heather grows green. 'Twas a dream of those ages of darkness and blood, When the minister's home was the mountain and wood ; When in Wellwood's dark valley the standard of Zion, All bloody and torn 'mong the heather was lying.
Сторінка 65 - It is the Lord : good is the will of the Lord, who cannot wrong me nor mine, but has made goodness and mercy to follow us all our days.
Сторінка 67 - They sung their last song to the God of salvation. The hills with the deep mournful music were ringing, The curlew and plover in concert were singing; But the melody died 'mid derision and laughter, As the host of ungodly rushed on to the slaughter.
Сторінка 68 - A chariot of fire through the dark cloud descended; Its drivers were angels on horses of whiteness, And its burning wheels turned on axles of brightness. A seraph unfolded its doors bright and shining, All dazzling like gold of the seventh refining ; And the souls that came forth out of great tribulation, Have mounted the chariot and steeds of salvation. On the arch of the rainbow the chariot is gliding, Through the path of the thunder the horsemen are riding ; Glide swiftly, bright spirits, the...
Сторінка 10 - Kirk, that is to say, one company and multitude of men chosen of God, who rightly worship and embrace Him by true faith in Christ Jesus...
Сторінка 44 - God ! For the shadow of thy presence, Round our camp of rock outspread ; For the stern defiles of battle, Bearing record of our dead ; For the snows and for the torrents, For the free heart's burial sod ; For the strength of the hills we bless thee, Our God, our fathers

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