Heavy Electrical Engineering

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Сторінка 308 - CARTER, ET Motive Power and Gearing for Electrical Machinery; a treatise on the theory and practice of the mechanical equipment of power stations for electric supply and for electric traction. Second Edition, revised.
Сторінка 315 - SNELL, ALBION T. Electric Motive Power. The Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power by Continuous and Alternating Currents.
Сторінка 309 - FOSTER, HA Electrical Engineers' Pocket-book. With the Collaboration of Eminent Specialists. A handbook of useful data for Electricians and Electrical Engineers. With innumerable tables, diagrams, and figures. Third Edition, revised Pocket size, full leather, 1000 pp $5.00 FOSTER, J.
Сторінка 311 - Each, $3.50 KENNELLY, AE Theoretical Elements of Electro-Dynamic Machinery. Vol I. Illustrated. 8vo., cloth, 90 pp $1 .50 KERSHAW, JBC The Electric Furnace in Iron and Steel Production. Illustrated. 8vo., cloth, 74 pp Net, $1 . 50 Electrometallurgy. Illustrated. 8vo., cloth, 303 pp. (Van Nostrand-s Westminster Series.) .- Net, $2.00 KINZBRUNNER, C.
Сторінка 311 - No. 57. INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LIGHTING. A Practical Description of the Edison System. By LH Latimer. To which is added the Design and Operation of Incandescent Stations, by CJ Field; and the Maximum Efficiency of Incandescent Lamps, by John W. Howell.
Сторінка 306 - ABBOTT, AV The Electrical Transmission of Energy. A Manual for the Design of Electrical Circuits.
Сторінка 314 - PERRINE, FAC Conductors for Electrical Distribution: Their Manufacture and Materials, the Calculation of Circuits, Pole-Line Construction, Underground Working, and other Uses. Second Edition. Illustrated. 8vo., cloth, 287 pp Net, $3.50 POPE, FL Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph.
Сторінка 307 - BOWKER, WM. R. Dynamo, Motor, and Switchboard Circuits for Electrical Engineers: a practical book dealing with the subject of Direct, Alternating, and Polyphase Currents.
Сторінка 309 - FLEMING, JA, Prof. The Alternate-current Transformer in Theory and Practice. Vol. I., The Induction of Electric Currents; 611 pages.
Сторінка 307 - Elements of Electric Lighting. including Electric Generation, Measurement, Storage and Distribution. Tenth Edition, fully revised and new matter added. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth $1.50 The Elements of Dynamic Electricity and Magnetism.

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