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thence over the Pacific to Japan, and the flood subsided we had the land reonward to China, India, and Egypt, sown, but owing to a fresh in the river, where I have been familiarised by nu- and to breaches in the embankment, merous visits, I may again get sight the land has again become submerged, of Jerusalem ere I return; and from the and all the young rice, I fear, destroyed. “city of the great King" to Rome will So long as the breaches remain open be an easy and natural course. I shall the water, with every rise in the river, be glad to make the acquaintance of spreads itself across the country, and missionaries and Christian friends by to make good the breaches in the rainy the way, and it would add greatly to season, is a most difficult matter. In my interest on arrival in Rome if I could several places where repairs had been there meet with an agent of the

General effected the earth was so light and Baptist Missionary Society. Brethren loose that a recent rise in the river and friends, shall it be so ?

swept it all away: Under these cirYours, very truly,

cunistances there is but little prospect THOMAS COOK. of a harvest in the neighbourhood of Leicester, Sept. 12, 1872.

the breaches. Towards the sea and

Chilka Lake, where the country is P.S. In my tour round the world, it

lower, matters are in a much worse will give me pleasure to be the bearer

plight than in this locality. The enof messages of friendship and affection to any whose addresses may be sent to

gineer told me that for a distance of

twelve miles the embankment had been me at the Post Office, San Francisco, to be posted not later than the 5th of

swept away entirely. It has become

necessary therefore to adopt measures October. I expect to call at Yokohama,

to save the district from being swamped, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Bombay, and other oriental ports.

Would that I

and I understand that the government could take a trip to Orissa, to shake

have recently sanctioned a scheme by

which the waters of the Mahanuddy hands with our brethren there! But

are to be cut off from the Pooree disthat, I fear, will not be possible.

trict, and the present river courses turned into canals, which are to be used

for irrigation and traffic. To accomLETTER FROM THE REV.W.HILL, plish these works an expenditure of TO THE SECRETARY.

forty or fifty lacs of rupees, i.e. £400,000 The inundation at Bilepada-Baptism at

or £500,000 will be required. Moreover, Piplee- Changes in seventeen years.

to enable the Mahanuddy so to carry off

the water to the sea as to prevent inunPiplee, near Cuttack, India, July 31. dation the river will have to be made In a former letter I gave you an ac- considerably wider, a work which is to count of the recent severe inundations be accomplished by setting the embankin Orissa. As I therein stated, every ments further back. As the present house in Bilepada, including the little space between the embankments can bungalow, has been destroyed, and the contain only a certain proportion of the entire village will require to be rebuilt immense volume of water which flows on a fresh and higber site. Some of down the Mahanuddy during the heavy the wood work we shall be able to use rains, inundation is a necessary conseagain, but to put the houses in a posi

Exposed, therefore, as the tion to what they were before the ryots, or cultivators are, to the entire flood will involve a considerable outlay, or partial loss of their crops every few to meet which however, we hope to years, now by inundation and now by have no need to appeal to friends at drought, no wonder that they remain home. As a temporary arrangement in a poverty-stricken condition. Should I have had a kind of shed erected in the government succeed in their endeawhich the farm-boys will be able to vours to avert these two causes of delive till the cold season. I now begin struction, not only will they confer a to fear, however, that in the greater great benefit upon the people, but also portion of our land the next rice-crops save themselves from the heavy losses will be an entire failure, and as they occasioned thereby. can obtain only one crop a year, this Turning from things secular to things makes the failure a very serious matter spiritual, I am happy to inform you to the cultivators. Immediately after that on Lord's-day, July 7th, we had a


baptism of seven candidates, five of many well remembered faces would be whom were from the famine orphanages. missing. It is somewhat remarkable, One of the latter was a Mahommedan however, that of the eight missionaries girl, and quite blind. The committee who then took their farewell, all are appointed to converse with her were still living, four in England, and four in delighted, and astonished, with her ex- India. But is it not sad to think that tensive acquaintance with the scrip- only three fresh missionaries have been tures, and with her clear views of the sent by our society to Orissa during plan of salvation. Thoma, in remark- the period under review ? two of whom ing upon her case, said in the church- enjoy the blessedness of those who die meeting, that though blind with the in the Lord, who rest from their labours, bodily eye, she could very clearly see and whose works do follow them. with the eye of the mind, and that there "Long do they live; nor die too soon, need be no hesitation in receiving her

Who live till life's great work is done." as a candidate for baptism and fellow- Happy they, whether in England or ship. She is one of the very few de. India, whether engaged in secular or scendents of the followers of the false spiritual callings- who can say, " For prophet who have joined our christian to me to live is Christ, and to die is community, but in the case of Mahom- gain." medans as well as of Hindoos the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to

A MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY every one that believeth. The candi

THANKOFFERING. dates were baptized by Thoina in a large tank in the mission compound, AN esteemed friend has sent five and wbich had been filled to the brim pounds for the Mission as an expresby the recent rains. Could the oppo- sion of gratitude to the Giver of all nents of immersion have witnessed the good for unnumbered domestic mercies ease, the simplicity, and the quietness during a period of more than a quarter with which the ordinance was adminis- of a century. This mode of celebrating tered, they would, I think, have been the anniversary of their marriage was constrained to give up some of their suggested by remarks made at the strong arguments against it. The Nottingham Association in reference to clean white robes in which they were the state of our beloved Mission in clad looked the very opposite of inde- Orissa. The writer, who wishes the cent, and the facility with which, with- offering to be in the strictest sense out the slightest approach to indelicacy, anonymous, and hence whether from they were able to change their dress, husband or wife we do not indicate, quite demolished the objections about

remarks :bathing dresses and robing rooms. It "Can it be, that after the labour and was not till we had come out of chapel solicitudes, the sacrifices and prayers and were going towards the tank that of more than fifty years; when, so far I asked Thoma whether he would bap- as success is concerne l, our hopes are tize. His reply was that if I wished it being more than realized, when scores he would; and without any previous of converts are being added to the intimation, or alteration in his dress, mission churches yearly; and when save putting off his shoes at the water- the schools connected with the Society side-he went down into the water and are in the highest state of efficiency; baptized the candidates. In the after- can it be, that under these circumnoon they were cordially welcomed into stances, our missionary zeal should the church and were addressed from 1 flag, and the cause, either through Peter ii. 2.

lack of funds or lack of agents, should, I am reminded that it is seventeen as a General Baptist organization, beyears ago this very day since our fare

come extinct ?

A host of voices at well services at Loughborough. Death every meeting throughout the conhas laid his cold hand upon many friends nexion would utter the emphatic, No! of the mission since then, and his dark But more than emphatic words is shadow has brought grief into many a needed. Mr. Johnson's suggestions at happy home. If those who remain of the meeting referred to will, I cannot the crowds who on that day thronged but hope, be remembered and adopted Baxter Gate chapel, could once more by many that were present. One of assemble in that hallowed building, them was that superfluities in dress,



&c., should be curtailed. This done, doubt that some one in Florence, being on a very limited scale, would enable afraid to possess the book, had thrown it the members of the denomination to into the Arno, and that it had been contribute such an additional sum carried by the current to where it was yearly to the Mission as would render so strangely found. Among those who its position financially beyond the read the book at Signa was a joiner, reach of danger. Mr. Johnson's chal- who not only read it himself, but also lenge, also, is not to be forgotten. aloud to others. Of him we know How many among us might double nothing, but among his hearers their yearly subscriptions without in one Georgi, a stone-cutter, who listened the least abridging their ordinary com- with interest, and in whose mind were forts! May we not hope that grati- awakened longings and desires which tude to God for his distinguished favour during the twenty years that have into ourselves, and to the cause of Chris- tervened never entirely left him. His tian Missions with which we are iden- want he could not well define; he tified, will prompt many to respond to sought a peace to which his mind was the noble and generous challenge of a stranger. Not very long ago, he our most excellent friend? The writer went in his simplicity to a conference of this will see to it, if life be spared for of Free-Thinkers, but turned away unthe next five years, that an

satisfied as before. The Good Shepsovereign shall each year find its way herd was mindful of the wandering into the Mission treasury."

sheep. The Lord, in His lovingkirdWill not other friends, when cele- ness, led him one day to the depôt of brating the silver or the golden, or the Bible Society in Florence, where other anniversary of their marriage, he told his tale to Signor Fabbroni, who follow the excellent example of our has been of much use to him. He friend, and give similar practical ex- thankfully got a New Testament, of pression of their gratitude to God for which he is a diligent reader; he goes domestic and family mercies ? The to hear the gospel preached, and is now idea is an excellent one.

becoming anxious to do good to others. The year 1852 was a troublous year in connection with the Lord's cause in

Tuscany. Dr. Mazzinghi, Rosa, and A BIBLE FOUND IN THE ARNO. Francesco Madiai, with others, were

then imprisoned or exiled, and the Bible The following interesting history of

was circulated only at great risk. The a Bible, with the gracious and blessed

Arno doubtless did what no colporteur influence it wrought in the mind of a dared do. It bore the blessed volume reader, is furnished by Mr. Bruce, the

to Signa, and we hear the gracious reBible Society's agent in Italy :- In the

sults of this bread cast upon the waters year 1852 a man called Innocenti was

after the long period of twenty years. bathing in the Arno, at Sigoa, a small town to the west of Florence. When in the river he felt something unusual under his feet. This he took out of the

HUW CAN I GIVE SO MUCH ? water, and on examining it afterwards, found it to be none other than a small A RICH merchant in St. Petersburg has Bible. The binding was much injured, supported a number of native missionbut not the book, as the leaves had aries in India, and has given like a been tightly bound together. The fact prince to the cause of God at home. that it had been found in the Arno, and When asked how he could do it, he that it was a probibited book, excited replied, “When I served the devil, I much attention at the time, so that it did it on a large scale and at princely was read by various persons, but in expense; and when by His


God secret, for the persecuting Grand Duke called me out of darkness, I resolved was then on the throne of Tuscany, and that Christ should have more than the many were suffering in various ways devil had had. But how I can give so for the crime of reading God's word. much you must ask of God, who enWe have no reason to suppose that at ables me to give it. At my converthat time there were any Bibles or sion I told the Lord His cause should Bible readers at Signa, so there is no have a part of all that my business

brought me; and every year since I THE MISSION HOUSE HYMN. made Him that promise it has brought me in about double what it did the This beautiful Hymn is translated from year before, so that I can and do double that sung at the Mission House at my gift to His cause.-Christian World. Basle, Switzerland, which has sent out

so many and such devoted workers to

the mission field. A WONDERFUL FACT!

Our Work is thine, Lord Jesus Christ, The British and Foreign Bible Society We follow thy command ; has already distributed more than sixty- And as thy work, most highly prized, five millions of copies of the Scriptures !

It will for ever stand; Only think of this “Fact!” Just cal- But ere the grain of wheat we sow culate for yourselves, and you will see

Its growth and fruitfulness can show,

It has beneath the ground to be, that if these books could be put side

Must get from its own nature freeby side, and they only measured on

Dying made freethe average one inch across the back,

From its own nature free. they would require a shelf upwards of one thousand miles in length to hold Thou, Jesus Christ, our Head and Lord, them! If you could only weigh all

Through suffering wentest to God, these sixty-five millions of books, and on

And leadest, who believe Thy word,

With thee the selfsame road. the average they only weighed half a

Let then, O Lord, all that are here pound each, you would find that the

Thy sufferings and thy kingdom share; weight of them would be upwards of Through thy death's door, from death and fourteen thousand five hundred tons !

night, And if you had to count them, you Exalt us to thy heavenly lightwould have to count sixty a minute Through night to light, for ten hours a day, and for six days a

Through night to heavenly light. week; and at this rate of counting the

Juvenile Missionary Magazine, books, you would be employed for more than five years and three-quarters at your task !

These calculations may Our missionary brother, Mr. Taylor, help you to understand how vast à wishes us to announce his address. number of copies of God's Holy Book, It is in whole or in part, the Bible Society Rev. GEORGE TAYLOR, has already sent out into the world.

Juvenile Herald.

near Newark

CUTTACK–J. Buckley, Aug. 17.

BERHAMPORE-W. Bailey, July 11.
W. Hill, Aug. 17.

PIPLEE-W. Hill, Aug. 1.
W. Miller, Aug. 17.



Received on account of the General Baptist Missionary Society, from

August 18th to September 18th, 1872.

£ s. d. Legacy from the Executors of the late

Public Collections

2 8 1 W. Farrow, Esq., Alford

91 8 4

A Marriage Anniversary Thankoffering 5 0 0 Major Farran


LOUTI, NorthgateRev. T. Rofe ... 1 10 0 Mrs. Esberger


Young Men's Bible Class, for Rome 1 1 0 Mr. Amos Bexon, for Rome

05 0



Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the General Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by T: HILL, Esq., Baker Street, Nottingham, Treasurer; by the Rev. J. C PIKE, the Secretary, and the Rev. H. WILKINSON, the Travelling Agent, Leicester, from whom also Missionary Boxes, Collecting Books, and Cards may be obtained.



MORE ABUNDANT LIFE. THE need of a more robust, self- his stores ; no faithful spy describe denying, and full-toned spiritual life his Land of Promise. He has not a in our churches is painfully felt and godly aspiration that may not be generally confessed. Can the need satisfied, not a Christian hope that be supplied, or must we continue at may not be fulfilled. Whoever he this dying rate ? Are the conditions be if he has any spiritual blessings of Christian life so hard in this nine- he may have all. God does not beteenth century that we must admit stow upon us His free forgiveness, defeat, and allow that the gospel is and there leave us. This early fruit conquered? Is it absolutely neces- of


holds eternal glory at its sary that a dwarfed, selfish, and core; and the beginning, feeble as feeble type of character should obtain it is, looks forward to and promises in so many instances, and neutralize, the end. It is not so elsewhere. to so large a degree, the devotion Some men have countless treasures and earnestness and higher Christian and never know an unsatisfied temservice of the “ few” in each church ? poral want; others are born into Assuredly not. Up in the hills

poverty and never can get out of it. where the breezes are freshest and Some faces glow with ruddy health, the air purest, there is no lack of others are pale with devouring disfirm muscle, deep-chested breathing, ease. But to each Christian all power of action and of endurance, things are given that pertain to the Where summer suns shine, and tro- saintliest life, and the most perfect pical climates reign, the earth fails godlikeness. The "feeblest may benot to gladden with beautiful bloom

” valiant as

David, and the and luscious fruit. So if we dwell house of David as victoriously where the spiritual life-forces are

strong “as God.” fullest, and are in constant commu- It is more of God we want. It is nication with the Fountain of Spirit- more of God we may have. Every ual Being and Power, we must be Christian breathes a life inspired by strong, self-conquering, soul-saving the breath of God, and need never men. Our poor barren nature will abide in weakness or prolong his debe fed with the infinite fruitfulness cay. He is born from above. He of God, and will yield many a golden is a new and divine creation, God's sheaf of the finest wheat.

workmanship, for which He cares God has given us all things that more than artist ever cared for his pertain to life and godliness. We best picture, or poet for his most are blessed with all spiritual bless- sublime fancy. The Father makes ings in heavenly places in Christ His abode with him as a guest. The Jesus. There are no assignable Son lives in Him, as his life and limits to the inheritance of any hope. The Holy Spirit consebrother and joint heir of the Lord crates his heart as His temple, and Jesus Christ. No inventory can tell l' having hallowed it by His presence,



come as

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