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would do word to his Master concerning this whole affair. So he departed, and came to Diabolus to Mansoul, and told him the whole of the matter, and how Emanuel would not admit, no not by any means, that he when he was once gone out, should for ever have anything more to do, either in, or with any that are of the town of Mansoul. When Mausoul and Diabolus had heard this relation of things, they with one consent, concluded to use their best endeavours to keep Emanuel out of Mansoul, and sent old Ill-pause, of whom you have heard before, to tell the Prince and his captains so. So the old gentleman canie up to the top of Ear-gate, and called to the camp for a hearing; who, when they gave audience, he said, I have in commandment from my High Lord, to bid you to tell it to your Prince Emanuel, That Mansoul and their King are resolved to stand or fall together, and that it is in vain for your Prince to think of ever having of Mansoul in his hand, unless he can take it by force. So some went and told Emanuel what old Ill-pause, a Diabolian in Mansoul, had said. Then said the Prince, I must try the power of my sword, Eph. vi. 17. for I will not, for all the rebellions and repulses that Mansoul has inade against me, raise my siege and depart, but will assuredly take my Mansoul, and deliver it from her enemy. And with that he gave out a commandment that Captain Boanerges, Captain Conviction, Captain Judgment, and Captain Execution should march forthwith up to Ear-gate, with trumpets sounding, colours flying, and with shouting for the battle. Also he would that Captain Credence should join himself in with them. Emanuel moreover gave order that Captain Good-hope, and Captain Charity should draw themselves up before Eye-gate. He bid also that the rest of his captains and their men, should place themselves to the best of their advantage against the enemy, round about the town, and all was done as he


commanded. Then he bid that the word should be given forth, and the word was at this time, Emanuel. Then was an alarm sounded, and the battering-rams were played, and the slings did whirl stones into the town amain, and thus the battle began. Now Diabolus himself did manage the townsmen in the war, and that at every gate ; wherefore their resistance was the more forcible, hellish, and offensive to Emanuel. Thus was the good Prince engaged and entertained by Diabolus and Mansoul, for several days together. And a sight worth seeing it was, to behold how the captains of Shaddai behaved themselves in this war.

And first for Captain Boanerges (not to undervalue the rest) he made three most fierce assaults, one after another, upon Ear-gate, to the shaking of the posts thereof. Captain Conviction he also made up as fast with Boanerges as possible be could, and both discerning that the gate began to yield, they commanded that the rams should still be played against it.

Now Captain Conviction going up very near to the gate, was with great force driven back, and received three wounds in the mouth. And those that rode reformades, they went about to encourage the captains.

For the valour of the two captains made mention of before, the Prince sent for them to his pavilion; and commanded that awhile they should rest themselves, and that with somewhat they should be refreshed. Care was a lso taken for Captain Conviction, that he should be healed of his wounds; the Prince also gave them a chain of gold, and bid them yet be of good courage.

Nor did Captain Good-hope nor Captain Charity come behind in this most desperate fight, for they did so weil behave themselves at Eye-gate, that they bad almost broken it quite open. These had also a reward from their Prince, as also had the rest of the captains, because they did valiantly round about the town.

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In this engagement several of the officers of Diabolus were slain, and some of the townsmen wounded. For the officers there was one Captain Boasting slain. This Boasting thought that nobody could have shaken the post of Ear-gaie, for have sbaken the heart of Diabolus. Next to him there was one Captain Secure slain. This Secure used to say that the blind and lame in Mansoul were able to keep the gates of the town against Emanuel's army, 2 Sam. v. 6. This Captain Secuie did Captain Conviction cleave down the head with a twohanded sword, when he himself received three wounds in the mouth.

Besides there was one Captain Bragman, a very desperate fellow; and he was captain over a band of those that threw fire-brands, arrows, and death; he also received, by the hand of Captain Good-hope, at Eye-gate, a mortal wound in the breast.

There was moreover one Mr. Feeling, but he was no Captain, but a very great stickler to encourage Mansoul to rebellions; he received a wound in the eye by the hand of one of Boanerges's soldiers, and had by the Captain himself been slain, but that he made a sudden retreat.

But I never saw Will-be-will so daunted in all my life; he was not able to do as he was wont, and some say be also received a wound in the leg, and that some of the men in the Prince's army had certainly seen him limp as he afterwards walked on the wall.

I shall not give you a particular account of the names of the soldiers that are maimed, and wounded, and slain; for when they saw that the posts of Ear-gate did shake, and Eye-gate was well nigh broken quite open ; and also that their captains were slain; this took away the hearts of many of the Diabolians, they fell also by the force of the shot that were sent by the golden slings into the midst of the town of Mansoul.


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Of the townsmen there was one Love-no-good, he was a townsman, but a Diabolian, he also received his mortal wound in Mansoul, but he died not very soon.

Mr. Ill-pause also, who came along with Diabolus, when at first he attempted the taking of Mansoul, he also received a grievous wound in the head ; some say that his brain-pan was cracked; this I have taken notice of, that he was never after this able to do that mischief to Mansoul, as he had done in times past. Also old Prejudice and Mr. Anything fled.

Now when the battle was over, the Prince commanded, that yet once more the white flag should be set upon Mount Gracious, in sight of the town of Mansoul ; to shew that yet Emanuel had grace for the wretched town of Mansoul.

When Diabolus saw the white flag hanged out again, a nd knowing that it was not for him, but Mansoul, he cast in his mind to play another prank, to wit, to see if Emanuel would raise his siege and be gone, upon promise of reformation. So he came down to the gate one evening, a good while after the sun was gone down, and calls to speak with Emanuel, who presently came down to the gate, and Diabolus saith unto hiin,

“ Forasmuch as thou makest it appear by the white flag, that thou art wholly given to peace and quiet, I thought meet to acquaint thee, that we are ready to accept thereof upon terms which thou mayest admit.

" I know that thou art given to devotion, and that holiness pleases thee; yea, that thy great end in making a war upon Mansoul is, that it may be a holy habitation. Well, draw off thy forces from the town, and I will bend Mansoul to thy bow.

“ First, I will lay down all acts of hostility against thee, and will be willing to become thy deputy, and will, as I have formerly been against thee, now serve thee in the town of Mansoul. And more particularly, No. 3.


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1. I will persuade Mansoul to receive thee for their Lord, and I know that they will do it sooner, when they shall understand that I am thy deputy.

2. I will shew them wherein they hare erred, and that transgression stands in the way to life.

3. I will shew them the holy law unto which they must conform, even that which they have broken.

4. I will press upon them the necessity of a reformation according to law.

5. And moreover, that none of these things may fail, I myself at my own proper cost and charge, will set up and maintain a sufficient ministry, besides lectures in Mansoul.

6. Thou shalt receive as a token of our subjection to thee, continually year by year, what thou shalt think fit to lay and levy upon us, in token of our subjection.”

Then said Emanuel, O full of deceit, how moveable are thy ways! how often hast thou changed and rechanged, if so be thou mightest still keep possession of my Mansoul, though, as bas been plainly declared before, I am the right heir thereof! Often hast thou made thy proposals already, nor is this last a whit better than they, (2 Cor. xi. 14.) and failing to deceive when thou shew'dst thyself in thy black, thou hast transformed thyself into an angel of light, and wouldest to deceive, be now as a minister of righteousness. But know thon, O Diabolus, that nothing must be regarded by thee that thou canst propound, for nothing is done by thee but to deceive; thou neither hast conscience to God, nor love to the town of Mansoul, whence then should these sayings arise but from sinful craft and deceit? He that can list, and will propound what he pleases, and that therewith he may destroy them that believe him, is to be abandened with all that he shall say. But if righteousness be such a beauty spot in thine eyes now, how is it that wickedness was so closely stuck to by thee before ? But this by the bye.


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