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and give bim such an answer as I think fit. So hc weni down to Mouth-gate, and there addressed himself to speak to Emanuel, (but in such language as the town understood not) the contents whereof were as follow :

O thou great Emanuel, Lord of the World, I know thee, ibat thou art the Son of the great Shaddai ! W berefore art tkou come to torinent me, and to cast me out of my possession? This tozun of Mansoul, as thou very well knowest, is mine by right of conquest; I won it in the open field. And shall tbe prey be taken from tbe mighty, or the lawful captive delivered? 2. This town of Mansoul is also mine by their subjection : Tbiy bure opened the gates of their town unto me, they bave sworn fidelity to me, and bave openly chosen me to be their king. They have also given their castle into my bands ; yea, they bave also put ibe whole strengib of Mansoul under me.

Moreover, tbis town of Mansoul bath disavowed tbee : Yea, they have čast thy laws, thy name, thy image, and all that is thine, bibind their back : and have accepted and set up in thy room, my law, my name, my image, and all that ever is mine. Ask else tby captains, and tbry will tell tbee that Mansoul bath, in answer to all their summons, sbewn love and loyalty to me ; but always disdain, despite, contempt, ånd scorn to thee and tbine. Now, tho! who art the Jist, One, and the Holy (and sbould'st do no iniquity, depart then I pray thee, therefore, from me, and leave me to my just inbéritance peaceably.

This oration was made in the language of Diabolus himself. For although he can to every man speak in their language (else he could not tempt them as he does) yet he has a language proper to himself, and it is the language of the infernal cave, or black pit.

Wherefore the town of Mansoul (poor Hearts !) understood him not, nor did they see how he crouched, and cringed, while he stood before Emanuel their Prince,


to all

Yea, they all this while took him to be one of that power and force that by no means could be resisted. Wherefore while he was thus intreating that he might yet have residence there, and that Emanuel would not take it from him by force; the inhabitants boasted even of his valour, saying, Who is able to make war with him:

Well, when this pretended King had made an end of what he would say, Emanuel the golden Prince stood up and spoke; the contents of whose words follow :

Thou deceiving one, said he, I have in my Father's name, in my own name, and on the behalf, and for the good of this wretched town of Mansoul, somewhat to say unto thee. Thou pretendest a right, a lawful right, to the deplorable town of Mansoul, when it is most apparent


's court, that the entrance which thou hast obtained in at the gates of Mansoul, was thirough thy lies and falshood; thou beliedst my Father, thou beliedst his law, and so deceivedst the people of Mansoul. Thou pretendest that the people have accepted thee for their King, their Captain, and right Liege-Lord, but that also was by the exercise of deceit and gule. Now if lying, wiliness, sinful craft, and all manner of horrible hypocrisy, will go,

Father's court (in which court thou must be tried) for equity and right, then will I confess unto thee, that thou hast made a lawful conquest. But alas ! what thief, what tyrant, what devil is there that may not conquer after this sort? But I can make it appear, o Diabolus, that thou in all thy pretences to a conquest of Mansoul, had nothing of truth to say. Thinkest thon this to be right, that thou didst put the lie upon my Father, and madest him (to Mansoul) the greatest deluder in the world? And what sayest thou to thy perverting knowingly the ight purport and intent of the law? Was it good also that thou muudest a prey of the innocency and simplicity of the now niiserable town of Mansoul: Yea, thou didst overcome Mansoul by promising to them happiness in their transgressions against my Father's Law, when thou knewest, and couldst not but know, hadst thou consulted nothing but thy own experience, that that was the way to undo them. Thou hast also thyself, O thou Master of Enmity! of spite defaced my Father's imige in Mansoul, and set up thy own in his place, to the great contempt of my lither, the heightening of thy sin, and to the intolerable damage of the perishing town of Mansoul.

in my


Thou hast moreover (as if all these were but little things with thee) not only deluded and undone this place; but hy thy lies, and fraudulent carriage hast set them against their own deliverance. How hast thou stirred them against my Father's captains, and made them to fight against those that were sent of him to deliver them from their bondage? All these things, and very many more thou hast done against thy light and in contempt of niy Father, and his law; yea, and with design to bring under his displeasure for ever, the miserable town of Mansoul. I am therefore come to revenge the wrong that thou hast done to my Father, and to deal with thee for the blasphemies wherewith thou hast made poor Mansoul blaspheme his name; yea, upon thy head, thou Prince of the infernal Cave, will I requite it.

As for myself, O Diabolus, I am come against thee by lawful power, and to take by strength of hands, this town of Mansoul out of thy burning fingers. For this town of Mansoul is mine, O Diabolus, and that by undoubted right, as all shall see that will diligently search the most ancient and most authentic records, and I will plead my title to it to the confusion of thy face. First, For the town of Mansoul my Father built, and ilid fashion it with his hand. The palace also that is in the midst of that town, he built for his own delight. This town of Mansoul, therefore, is my Father's, and that by the best of titles; and he that gainsays the truth of this, must lie against his soul.

Secondly, 0 thou Master of the Lie, this town of Mansoul is mine.

1. For that I am my Father's Heir, his First-born, and the only Delight of bis Heart, Heb. i. 2. John xv. 16. I am therefore come up against thee in mine own Tight, even to recover mine own inheritance out of thine hands.

2. But further; as I have a right and title to Mansoul, by being niy Father's Heir, so I have also, by my Father's donation, John xvii. His it was, and he gave it me; nor have I at any time offended my Father that he should take it from me, and give it to thee, Isa. 1. 1. Nor have I been forced by playing the bankrupt to sell, or set to sale to thee, my beloved town of Mansoul. Mansoul is my desire, my delight, and the joy of my heart. But,

3. Mansoul is mine by right of purchase. I have bought it, o Diabolus, I have bought it to myself. Now since it was my Father's and mine, and as I was his heir, and since also I have made it :nine by virtue of a great purchase, it followeth, that by all lawful right the town of Mansoul is mine, and that thou art an usurper, tyrant, and traitor in thy holding possession thereof. Now the cause of my purchasing it was this: Mansoul had trespassed against my Father; now my Father had said, that in the day that they broke his law, they should die. Now it is more possible for heaven and earth to pass away, than for my Father to break his word, Mat. v. 18. Wherefore when Mausoul had sinned indeed by hearkening to thy lie, I put in, and became zny Father, body for body, and soul for soul, that I

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surety to


would make amends for Mansoul's transgressions; and my Father did accept thereof. So when the time appointed was come, I gave body for body, soul for soul, life for life, bloud for blood, and so redeemed my beloved Mansoul.

4. Nor did I do this by the halves, my Father's law and justice, that were both concerned in the threatning upon transgression, are both pow satisfied, and very well content that Mansoul should be delivered.

5. Nor am I come out this day against thee, but by commandment of my Father. 'Twas he that said unto me, Go down and deliver Mansoul.

Wherefore be it known unto thee, O thou fountain of deceit, and be it also known to the foolish town of Mansoul, that I am not come against thee this day without father.

And now, said the golden-headed Prince, I have a word to the town of Mansoul. (But so soon as mention was made, that he had a word to speak to the besotted town of Mansoul, the gates were donble guarded, and all men commanded not to give him audience; so he proceeded, and said :) O unbappy town of Mansoul, I cannot bụt be touched with pity and compassion for thee. Thou hast accepted of Diabolus for thy king, and art become a nurse and minister of Diabolians against thy sovereign Lord. Thy gates thou hast opened to him, but hast shut them fast against me: thou hast given him a hearing, but hast stopt thy ears at my cry; he brought thee to thy destruction, and thou didst receive both him and it: I am come to thee bringing salvation, but thou regardest me not. Besides, thou hast, as with sacrilegious heads, taken thyself with all that was minein thee, and hast given all to my foe, and to be the greatest enemy my father has. You have bowed and şubjected yourselyes to him, you have vowed and sworn


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