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hiş ensign was Mr. Thunder, he bore the colours, and his 'scutcheon was the three burning thunder bolts, Mark şii. 17. The second captain was Capt. Conviction, to him was given ten thousand men; his ensign's name was Mr. Sorrow, he did bear the pale colours, and his scutcheon was the book of the law wide open, from whence issued a flame of fire, Deut. xxxiii. 2. The third captain was Capt.Judgment, to him was given ten thousand men; and his ensign was one Mr. Terror, he bare the red colours, and his scutcheon was a burning fiery furnace, Matt. xiii. 40, 41. The fourth captain was Capt. Execution, to him was given ten thousand men; his ensign was one Mr. Justice, he also bare the red colours, and his 'sçutcheon was a fruitless tree, with an axe lying at the root thereof, Mat. iii. 10.

These four captains, as I said, had every one of thema under his command ten thousand men, all of good fidelity to the King, and stout at their military actions.

Well, the captains and their forces, their men and under officers, being had upon a day. by Shaddai into the field, and there called all over by their names, were then and there put into such harness as became their degree, and that service that now they were going about for their King

Now when the King had mustered his forces (for it is he that mustered the host to the battle) he gave unto the captains their several commissions, with charge and commandments in the audience of all the soldiers, that they should take heed faithfully and courageously to do and execute the same. Their commissions were for the substance of thein, the same in form, though as to name, tịtle, place and degree of the captains, there might be some, but very small variation : And here let me give you an account of the matter and sum contained in their commission. A Commission from the great Shaddai, King of Man

soul, towards

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soul, to his trusty and noble captain, the Captain Boanerges, for making war upon the town of Mansoul:

0! tbou Boanerges, one of my stout and tbundering 'Captains, over onc ten thousand of mv valiant and faithful servants, Mat. x. 11. Luke x. 5. Go tbou in my name, with this tby force, to tbe miserable town of Mansoul, and when tbou comest thitber, offer them first conditions of peace, and command tbem, tbat casting off the yoke and tyranny of the wicked Diabolus, they return to me tbeir rightful Prince and Lord. Command them also that they cleanse themselves from all tbat is bis, in the town of Mansoul, and look to thyself that thou bave good satisfaction, touching the trutb of their obedience. Tbus when thou bast commanded them (if they in trutb submit thereto) then do tbon to the uttermost of thy power, wbat in tbee lies, to set up for me a garrison in the famous town of Mansoul; nor do tbou burt the least native that movetb or breatbetb therein, if they will submit tben. selves to me ; but treat tbou such as if they were thy friend or brotber; for all such I love, and they sball be dear unto me.

And tell tbem tbat I will take a time to come unto them, and to let them know that I am merciful, Thess. ii. 7. 8, 9, 10, 11.

But if they sball, notwithstanding thy summons, and the producing of my autbority, resist, stand out against thee, and Tebel; then I do command thee to make use of all tby cuna ning, power, migbt, and force, to bring tbem under by strengtb of band.-Farewel.

Thus you see the sum of their commissions; for as I said before, for the substance of them, they were the same that the rest of the noble captains had.

Wherefore they having received each commander his authority, at the hand of their King; the day being appointed, and the place of their rendezvous prefixed; each commander appeared in such gallantry, as his cause and calling required. So after a new entertainment from Shaddai, with flying colours, they set forward to march

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towards the famous town of Mansoul. Captain Burnerges led the van; Captain Conviction and Captain Judgment made up the main body, and Captain Execution brought up the rear. They then having a great way to gr, for i he town of Mansoul was far off from the court of Shaddai, Eph. ii. 13, 17. they marched through the regions and countries of many people, not hurting or abusing any, but blessing wherever they came, They also lived upon the King's cost all the way they went.

Having travelled thus for many days, at last they came within sight of Mansoul, the which when they saw, the Captains could for their hearts do no less than for awhile, bewail the condition of the town ; for they quickly saw how that it was prostrate to the will of Diabolals, and to his ways and designs.

Well, to be short, the Captains came up before the town, march up to Ear-gate, set down there, for that was the place of hearing. So when they had pitched their tents, and intrenched themselves, they addressed themselves to make their assault.

Now the townsfolk at first, beholding so gallant a company, so bravely accoutred, and so excellently disciplined, having on their glittering armour, and displaying of their colours, could not but come out of their houses and gaze. But the cunning fox, Diabolus, fearing that the people, after this sight, should on a sudden summons, open the gates to the Captains, came down with all haste from the castle, and made them retire into the body of the town, who when he had them there, made this lying and deceivable speech unto them.

« Gentlemen, quoth he, although you are my trusty and well beloved friends, yet I cannot but a little chide you for your late uncircumspect action, in going out to gaze on that great and mighty force that yesterday sat down before, and have now intrenched themselves in order


to the maintaining of the siege against the famous town of Mansoul. Do you know who they are? whence they came? and what is their purpose in sitting down before the town of Mansoul? They are they of whom I have told you long ago, that they would come to destroy this town, and against whom I have been at the cost to arm you cap-a-pee


your body, besides great fortifications for your mind. Wherefore then did you not rather, even at the first appearance of them, cry out, Fire the beacons, and give the whole town an aların concerning them, that we might all have been in a posture of defence, and have been ready to have received them with the highest acts of defiance; then had you shewed yourselves men to my liking, whereas by what you have done, you have made me half afraid, I say, half afraid, that when they and we shall come to push a pike, I shall find you want courage to stand it out any longer. Wherefore have I commanded a watch, and that you shall double your guards at the gates? Wherefore have I endeavoured to make you as hard as iron, and your hearts as a piece of the nether mill-stone ? Was it, think you, that you might shew yourselves women, and that you might go out like a company of innocents to gaze on your mortal foe! Fie, fie! put yourselves into a posture of defence, beat lip the drum, gather together in warlike manner, that our fves may know, that before they shall conquer this corporation, there are valiant men in Mansoul.

I will leave off now to chide, and will not further rebuke you : But I charge you, that henceforwards you let me see no more such actions. Let not henceforwards a man of you, without order first obtained from me, so much as shew his head over the wall of the town of Mansoul. You have now heard me, do as I have commanded, and you shall cause me that I dwell securely with you, and ibat as I take care for myself, so for your safety and honour also.-Farewel,”


Now were the towns-folks strangely altered. They were as men stricken with a panic fear. They ran to and fro the streets of the town of Mansoul, crying out, Help! belp! tbe men that turn the world upside down, ate come bitber also. Nor could any of them be quiet after, but still as men bereft of wit, they cried out, Tbe destroy ers of our peace and people are come. This went down with Diabolus. Ah! quoth he to himself, . This I like well, now it is as I would have it, now


obedience to your Prince; hold you but here, and then let them take the town if they can.'

Well, before the King's forces had set before Mansoul three days, Captain Boanerges commanded his trumpeter to go down to Ear-gate, and there, in the name of the great Shaddai, to summon Mansoul to give audience to the message that he in his master's name was commanded to deliver to them. So the trumpeter, whose name was Take-beed-wbat-you-bear, went up as he was commanded to Ear-gate, and there sounded his trumpet for an hearing; but there was none that appeared, that gave answer or regard, for so had Diabolus commanded; so the trumpeter returned to his captain, and told him what he had done, and also how he had sped, whereat the captain was grieved, but bid the trumpeter go to his tent. Again Captain Boanerges sendeth his trumpeter to Ear-gate, to sound as before for an hearing; but they again kept close, came not out, nor would they give him an answer, so observant were they of the command of Diabolus their king. Then the Captains and other Field Officers called a council of war, to consider what further was to be done for the regaining, the town of Mansoul; and after some close and thorough debate upon the contents of their commissions, they concluded yet to give the town, by the mouth of the forenamed trumpeter, another summons to hear; but if that shall be refused, said they, and that the town shall stand it


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