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order that the same Mr. No-truth should set up in its stead the horrid and formidable image of Diabolus, to the great contempt of the former King, and debasing his town of Mansoul.

Moreover, Diabolus made havock of all remains of all the laws and statutes of Shaddai, that could be found in the town of Mansoul; to wit, such as contained either the doctrines or morals, with all civil and natural documents. Also relative severities he sought to extinguish. To be short, there was nothing of the remains of good in Mansoul, which he and Will-be-will sought not to destroy; for their design was to turri Mansoul into a brute, and to make it like to the sensual sow, 'by the hand of Mr. No-Truth.

When he had destroyed wliat law and good orders he could, then further to effect his design, namely, to alienate Mansoul from Shaddai her King; be commands, and they set up his own vain edicts, statutes, and commandments, in all places of resort or concourse in Mansoul, 1 John ii, to wit, such as gave liberty to the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of tbe eyes, and the pride of life, which are not of Sbaddai, but of the world. He encouragedy countenanced, and promoted lasciviousness, and all ungodliness there. Yea, much more did Diabolus to encourage wickedness in the town of Mansoul. He promised them peace, content, joy and bliss in doing his commands, and that they should never be called to an account for their not doing the contrary. And let this serve to give a taste to them that love to hear of what is done beyond their knowledge, afar off, in other countries,

Now Mansoul being wiwolly at his beck, and brought wholly to his bow, nothing was heard or seen therein but that which tended to set up him.

But now, he having disabled the Lord Mayor and Mr. Recorder from bearing of office in Mansoul, and

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seeing that the town before he came to it, was the most ancient of corporations of the world; and fearing if he did not maintain greatness, they at any time should object that he had done them an injury. Therefore, I say, that they might see that he did not intend to lessen their grandeur, or to take from them any of their advantageous things, he did chuse for them a Lord Mayor and a Recorder himself; and such as contented them to the heart, and such also as pleased him wondrous well.

The name of the Mayor that was of Diabolus's making, was the Lord Lustings; a man that had neither eyes nor ears. All that he did, whether as a man or an officer, he did it naturally, as doth the beast. And that which made him yet the more ignoble, though not to Mansoul, yet to them that beheld, and were grieved for its ruins, was, that lie could never favour good, but evil.

The Recorder was one whose name was Forget-good, and a very sorry fellow he was. He could remember nothing but mischief, and to do it with delight. He was naturally prone to do things that are hurtful; even burtful to the town of Mansoul, and to all the dwellers there. These two, therefore, by their power and practice, examples and smiles upon evil, did niuch more mischief, and settle the common people in hurtful ways. For who doth not perceive, but when those that sit aloft are vile and corrupt themselves, they corrupt the whole region and country where they are.

Besides these, Diabolus made several Burgesses and Aldernen in Mansoul; such as out of whom the town, when it needed, might chuse them Officers, Governors, and Magistrates; and these are the names of the chief of them, Mr. Incredulity, Mr. Haughty, Mr. Swearing, Mr. Whoring, Mr. Hard-heart, Mr. Pitiless, Mr. Fury, Mr. Nu-truth, Mr. Stand-to-lies, Mr. False Peace, Mr. Drunkenness, Mr. Cheating, Mr. Anything

-Thirteen -Thirteen io all. Mr. Incredulity is the eldest, and Mr. Atheism the youngest of the company.

There was also an election of Common Council-men, and others; as Bailiffs, Serjeants, Constables, &c. but all of them like those afore-named, being either fathers, brothers, cousins, or nephews to them, whose names, for brevity sake, I omit to mention.

When the Giant had thus far proceeded in his work, in the next place he betook him to build some strong holds in the town, and he built three that seemed to be impregnable. The first he called the Hold of Defiance, because it was made to command the whole town, and to keep it from the knowledge of its ancient King. The second he called Midnight Hold, because it was built on purpose to keep Mansoul from the true knowledge of itself. The 3rd was called Sweet-sin-hold, because by that he fortified Mansoul against all desires of good. The first of these holds stood close by Eyegate, that. as much as might be, light may be darkened there. The second was built hard by the old castle, to the end that that might be made more blind, if possible. And the third stood in the Market-place.

He that Diabolus made Governor over the first of these, was one Spite-God, a most blasphemous wretch. He came with the .whole rabble of them that came against Mansoul at first, and was himself one of themselves. He that was made the Governor of Midnight Hold was one Love-no-light; he was also one of them that came first against the town.

And he that was made the Governor of the hold called Sweet-sin-hold, was one whose name was Love-flesh, he was also a very lewd fellow, but not of that country from whence the others are bound. This fellow could find more sweetness, wben be stood sucking of a lust, tban be did in all the Paradise of God. And now Diabolus thought himself safe; he had taken Mansoul, he had garrisoned himself thereint; hic had put down the old otħcers, and had set up new ones; he had detaced the image of Shaddai, and had set up his own; he had spoiled the old law books, and had promoted bis own vain lies; he had made him new Magistrates, and set up new Aldermen; he had built his new holds, and had manned them for himself. And all this he did to make himself secure, in case the good Shaddai, or bis Son, should come to make an incursion


upon him.

Now you may well think, that long before this time, word by some or other could not but be carried to the good King Shaddai, bow his Mansoul, in the continent of Universe, was lost; and that the Giant Diabolus, once one of his Majesty's servants, had, in rebellion against the King, made sure thereof for himself. Yea, tidings were carried and brought to the King thereof, and that to a very circumstance.

As first, how Diabolus came upon Mansoul (they being a simple people and innocent) with craft, subtilty, lies, and guile; Item, That he had treacherously slain the right noble and valiant captain, their Capt. Resistance, as he stood upon the gate with the rest of the 1ownsmen. Item, How my brave Lord Innocence fell down dead, (with grief some say, or with being poisoned with the stinking breath of one Ill-pause, as say others) at the hearing of his just lord, and rightful Prince Shaddai so abused, by the mouth of so filthy a Diabolian as that varlet ill-pause was.

The messenger further told, that after this Ill-pause had made an oration to the townsmen in behalf of Diabolus his master, the simple town believing that what he said was true, with one consent did open Ear-gate, the chief gate of the corporation, and did let him, with his crew, into a possession of the famous town of Mansoul. He further shewed how Diabolus had served the Lord Mayor and


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Mr. Recorder, to wit, That he had put them from all 29 place of power and trust : Item, He shewed also that

my Lord Will-be-will was turned a very rebel and runwhich agate, and that so was one Mr. Mind, his clerk, and

that they two did range and revel it all the town over,
and teach the wicked ones their ways. He said more-
over, that this Will-be-will was put into great trust,
and particularly that Diabolus had put into Will-be-
will's hand all the strong places in Mansoul; and that
Mr. Afiection was made my Lord Will-be will's deputy
in his most rebellious' affairs. Yea, said the messenger,
this monster, Lord Will-be-will, has openly disavowed

the King Shaddai, and hath horribly given his faith and et Diakse plighted troth to Diabolus,

Also, said the messenger, besides this, the new king, or rather the rebellious tyrant, over the once famous but now perishing town of Mansoul, has set up a Lord

Mayor and Recorder of his own. For Mayor he has set il the up one Mr. Lustings, and for Recorder Mr. Forget-good,

two of the vilese of all the town of Mansoul: This

faithful messenger also proceeded, and told what a sort apt. Rea of new Burgesses Diabolus had made; also that he had

built several strong forts, towers, and strong holds in

Mansoul. He told too, the which I had almost forgot, being how Diabolus had put the town of Mansoul into arms,

the better to capacitate them on his behalf, to make
resistance against Shaddai their King, should he come
to reduce them to their former obedience.

Now the tidings-teller did not deliver his relation of
things in private, but in open court, the King and his
Son, High Lords, Chief Captains, and Nobles, being all

present to hear. But by that they had heard the whole of the story, it would have amazed one to have seen, had he been there to behold it, what sorrow and grief, and compunction of spirit, there was among all sorts, to think that the famous Mansoul was now taken.'



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'IV, 110 Te furt Layers

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