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further from me; and with that he turned himself from them, and went into his royal pavilion again.

So the petitioners having received this answer from the Prince, returved as at first, to go to their companions again. But they bad not gone far but thonghts began to work in their minds, that no mercy as yet was intended by the Prince to Mansoul. So they went to the place where the prisoners lay bound; but these workings of mind, about what would become of Mansoul, had such strong power over them, that by that they were come unto them that sent them, they were scarce able to deliver their

message. But they came at length to the gates of the town (now the townsmen with eagerness were waiting for their return) where many met them, to know what answer was made to the petition. Then they cried out to those that were sens, What news from the Prince and what hath Emanuel said? But they said that they must (as afore) go up to the prison, and there deliver their mesa sage. So away they went to the prison, with a multitude at their heels. Now when they were come to the gates of the prison, they told the first part of Emznuel's speech to the prisoners, to wit, How be reflected upon their disloyalty to his Futber and binself, and bow thing bud chose, and closed with Diabolus ; bu fought for bim, bearkened to bim, and been ruled by bin, but bud despised him and his men.

This made the prisoners look pale, but the messengers proceeded, and said, He the Prince said moreover, that yet be would consider your pitition, and give sucb answer thereto as will stand with bis glory. And as these words were spoken, Mr. Wet-eyes gave a great sigh. At this they were all of them struck into their dumps, and could not tell what to say; fear also possessed thein in a marvellous manner, and death seemed to sit upon some of their eye-brows.


Now there was in the


a notable sharp-witted fellow, a mean man of estate, and his name was old Inquisitive; this man asked the petitioners if they had told out every wbit of what Emanuel had said. And they answered, Verily no. Then said Inquisitive, I thought so indeed. Pray what was it more that he said unto you? Then they paused awhile, but at last they brought out all, saying, The Prince did bid us bid Captain Boanerges and Captain Conviction bring the prisoners down to him to-morrow, and that Captain Judgment and Captain Execution should take charge of the castle and town, till they should hear further from him, They said also, that when the Prince had commanded them so to do, he immediately turned his back upon them, and went into his royal pavilion.

But(), how this return, and especially this last clause of it, That the prisoners must go out to the Prince into the camp, brake all their loins in pieces! Wherefore 'with one voice they set up a cry that reached up to the heavens. This done, each of the three prepared himself to die, and the Recorder said unto them, this was the thing I feared ; for they concluded that to-morrow by that the sun went down, they should be tumbled out of the world. The whole town also counted no other, but that in their time and order they must all drink of the same cup. Wherefore the town of Mansoul spent that night in mourning and sackcloth and ashes. The prisoners also when the time was come to go down before ihe Prince, dressed themselves in mourning attire, with ropes upon their heads. The whole town of Mansoul also shewed themselves upon the wall, and clad in mourning weeds, if perhaps the Prince with the sight thereof might be moved with compassion. But O, how the busy-bodies did now concern themselves! They did run here and there through the streets of the town by companies, crying out as they run in tumultuous wise,



one after one manner, and another the quite contrary, to I the almost utter distraction of Mansoul.

Well, the time is come that the prisoners must go down to the camp, and appear before the Prince. And thus was the manner of their going down : Captain Boanerges went with a guard before them, and Capt. Conviction came behind, and the prisoners went down bound in chains in the midst ; so I say, the prisoners went in the midst, and the guard went with flying colours behind and before, but the prisoners went with drooping spirits. Or more particularly thus :

The prisoners went down all in mourning, they put ropes upon themselves, they went on smiting themselves on the breasts, but durst not lift

their eyes to heaven. Thus they went out at the gate of Mansoul, till they came into the midst of the Prince's army, the sight and glory of which did greatly heighten their atfiction. Nor could they now longer forbear, but cry out aloud, O unhappy men! ( wretched men of Mansoul! Their chains still mixing their dolorous notes with the cries of the prisoners, made the noise more lalamentable.

So when they were come to the door of the Prince's pavilion, they cast themselves prostrate upon the place ; then one went in and told the Lord, that the prisoners were come down. The Prince then ascended a throne of state, and sent for the prisoners in; who, when they came, did tremble before him; also they covered their faces with shame. Now as they drew near to the place where he sat, they threw themselves down before him: Then said the Prince to the Captain Boanerges, Bid the prisoners stand upon their feet: Then they stood tremling before him; and he said, Are you


that heretofore were the servants of Shaddai ? And they said, Yes, Lord, yes. Then said the Prince again, Are you the men that did suffer yourselves to be corrupted and

defiled sound


you, that

defiled by that abominable one Diabolus? and they said, we did more than suffer it, Lord, for we chose it of our mind. The Prince asked further, saying, Could you have been content that your slavery should have continued under his tyranny as long as you have lived? Then said the prisoners, Yes, Lord, yes, for his ways were pleasing to our flesh, and we were grown aliens to a better state. And did you, said he, when I came against this town of Mansoul, heartily wish that I might not have the victory over you?' Yes, Lord, yes, said they. Then said the Prince, and what punishment is it think

you deserve at my hands, for these and other your high and mighty sins? and they said, both death and the deep, Lord ; for we have deserved no Jess. He asked again, If they had ought to say for themselves, why the sentence that they confessed that they had deserved, should not be passed upon them? and the said, We can say nothing, Lord ; thou art just, for we have sinned. Then said the Prince, And for what are these ropes on your heads ? The prisoners answered, the ropes are to bend us withal to the place of execution, if mercy be not pleasing in thy sight, Prov. v. 22.' So he further asked, If all the men in the town of Mansoul were in this confession, as they? And they answered all the natives, Lord; but for the Diabolians that came into our town, when the tyrant got possession of us, we can say nothing for them.

Then the Prince commanded that an herald should be called, and that he should in the midst, and throughout the

camp of Emanuel proclaim, and that with sound of trumpet, that the Prince, the Son of Shaddai, had in his Father's name, and for his Father's glory, gotten a perfect conquest and victory over Mansoul, and that the prisoners should follow him and say, Amen. So this was done as he had commanded. And presently the music that was in the upper region sounded melodiously. The captains that were in the camp shouted, and the soldiers did sing songs of triumph to the Prince, the colours waved in the wind, and great joy was every where, only it was wanting as yet in the hearts of the men of Mansoul,

Then the Prince called for the prisoners to come and to stand again before him, and they came and stood trembling. And he said unto them, The sins, trespasses and iniquities, that you with the whole town of Mansoul have from time to time committed against my Father and me, I have power and commandment from my Father to forgive to the town of Mansoul, and do forgive you accordingly. And having so said, he gave them written in parchment, and sealed with seven seals, a large and generat pardon, commanding the Lord Mayor, my Lord Will-be-will, and Mr. Recorder, to proclaim, and cause it to be proclaimed, to-morrow by that the sun is up, throughout the whole town of Manoul.

Moreover the Prince stripped the prisoners of their mourning weeds, and gave them beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; Isa. Ixi. 3.

Then he gave to each of the three, jewels of gold, and precious stones, and took away their ropes, and putchains of gold about their necks, and ear-rings in their ears Now the prisoners when they did hear the gracious words of Prince Emanuel, and had beheld all that was done unto them, fainted almost quite away; for the grace, the benefit, the pardon, was sudden, glorious, and so big, that they were not able without staggering, to stand up under it. Yea, my Lord Will-be-will swooned outright, but the Prince stepped to him, put his everlasting arms under hin, embraced him, kissed him, and bid him be of good cheer, for all should be performed according to his word. He also did kiss and embrace


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