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Page Nine in the Morning

168 Twelve at Noon

170 One at Noon

171 Three Afternoon

172 Four Afternoon

174 Five Afternoon

175 Sir Afternoon

176 From Sir to Nine in the Evening 178 Midnight

180 Between Midnight and Morning 181 Towards Break of Day



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LORY be to thee, O Lord, all glory be to thee, for the sleep which thou hast graciously given me this night: A seasonable 'recruit to the wastings, and a kind intermission to the labours, of this poor weak and wearied body.

And now, that thou hast added to the number of my days. that this and every day may be employed to


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the perfecting of holiness in the fary, and sweetened with the comforts of health, of peace, and innocence, grant, O good Lord.

That the Angel of Peace, the holy guide of thy children, the faithful guard set by thee over their souls and bodies, may encamp round about me, and continually suggest to my mind such things as conduce to thy glory, and to my salvation, grant, O good Lord.

That all the sins, offences, and neglects of niy days already gone, may, by thy mercy, be freely pardoned, and entirely done

away, grant, O good Lord.

That it may please thee to bless the world with prosperity and peace, but chiefly with such mercies, as


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