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so far by the switch before the slips are read that if it proved to be the wrong train which was on the siding an accident might result before it could be brought to a stop. Cabooses are sometimes equipped with cupola train number indicators and this is a very good method of identification, but it does not extend to passenger trains.

Trainmen should in all cases give special attention to train identification. It is a very important consideration and does not seem to be covered in all cases as carefully as its importance seems to indicate that it should be.


In the foregoing pages the Rules and their correct application have been fully explained, and to firmly fix in the student's mind, the knowledge which has been obtained therefrom, and to give him confidence, a set of questions have been arranged. The student should not think that he has properly mastered the contents of this book until he is able to answer all of the questions without its being necessary for him to refer to the subject matter. When he can do this he need not fear any examination on train rules, for he will be able to pass any examination with credit.

Questions on General Rules

1. Question.-Are you required to have a copy of the book of Rules ?

2. Q.-Are you required to understand the Rules?

3. Q.-If in doubt as to the meaning of a Rule what must be done?

4. Q.-Do you know that you are required to pass certain examinations?

5. Q.-In case a Rule or special instruction has been violated, what must be done?

6. Q.–Are employees permitted to use intoxicants?

7. Q.-Where is the use of tobacco prohibited ?

8. Q.-Do you understand that employees must be neat in appearance?

9. Q.-Do you understand that you are expected to safeguard the company's property ?

10. Q.-Do you understand that persons authorized to transact business at stations or on trains must be orderly and avoid annoyance to patrons ?

Questions on Definitions

11. Q.-What is an engine ?
12. Q.-What is a train ?
13. Q.—What is a regular train ?
14. Q.—What is a section?
15. Q.- What is an extra train ?

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16. Q. How many kinds of extra trains are designated ?

17. Q.—What is a superior train ? 18. Q.—What is a train of superior right? 19. Q.—What is a train of superior class ?

20. Q.—What is a train of superior direction?

21. Q.—What is a time-table?
22. Q.—What is a schedule ?
23. Q.-What is a division ?
24. Q.—What is a sub-division ?
25. Q.- What is a main track ?
26. Q.-What is a single track ?
27. Q.-What is a double track?
28. Q.—What is three or more tracks ?

29. Q.-What is meant by current of traffic?

30. Q.—What is a station ?
31. Q.-What is a siding?
32. Q.-What is a fixed signal ?
33. Q.—What is a yard ?
34. Q.-What is a yard engine?
35. Q.-What is a pilot ?

Standard Time

36. Q.-Who are required to use watches which have been examined and certified to ?

37. Q.—When must watches be compared ? 38. Q.—What is a standard clock?

39. Q.-How often will standard time be transmitted ?

40. Q.-Must the time when watches are compared be registered ?


41. Q.-How is it known when a new timetable will take effect ?

42. Q.-When do the schedules of a new time· table take effect ?

43. Q.-How must schedules correspond to permit a train which is due on the road at the time of change to take the new schedule of the same number?

44. Q.-How is the date of a schedule determined ?

45. Q.-May more than one schedule of the same number and day be run?


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