Bulletin. No. 1-273, Aug. 1895-June 1918, Випуски 77 – 100

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Сторінка 35 - If it is colored, coated, polished, or powdered, whereby damage or inferiority is concealed, or if by any means it is made to appear better or of greater value than it really is.
Сторінка 12 - If it is an imitation of, or is sold under the name of, another article; (5) If it consists wholly, or in part, of a diseased...
Сторінка 23 - Cane syrup ten per cent, corn syrup ninety per cent.' against the form of the statute in such case made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the people of the State of Michigan.
Сторінка 14 - If any inferior or cheaper substance or substances have been substituted wholly or in part for it. (3) If any valuable or necessary constituent or ingredient has been wholly or in part abstracted from it. (4) If it is an imitation of, or is sold under the name of, another article. (5) If it consists wholly, or in part, of a diseased, decomposed, putrid, infected, tainted, or rotten animal or vegetable substance or article, whether manufactured or not; or in the case of milk, if it is the produce...
Сторінка 5 - Provided. That nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit the manufacture or sale of oleomargarine in a separate and distinct form, and in such manner as will advise the consumer of its real character, free from coloration or ingredient that causes it to look like butter.
Сторінка 14 - If any substance or substances have been mixed with it, so as to lower or depreciate, or injuriously affect its quality, strength, or purity...
Сторінка 32 - ... shall be prima facie evidence of the fact or facts therein certified to in any court where the same may be offered in evidence. Third, If...
Сторінка 18 - ... which shall be in imitation of yellow butter produced from pure unadulterated milk or cream from the same...
Сторінка 6 - Act; and no person shall use in any way, in connection or association with the sale, or exposure for sale, or advertisement, of any substance designed to be used as a substitute for butter or cheese, the words "butterine," "creamery,
Сторінка 30 - Such brands or labels shall be in letters not less than one inch in length and shall be followed with the name of the maker and factory, and the location of such factory.

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