Зображення сторінки

Rev. T. D. Fosbrooke
Rev. Charles Mayo
William Beckford, Esq.
Ralph Gaby, Esq.
Robert Sadler, Esq.
William Scrope, Esq.
Walter Coleman, Esq.
John Thomas Mayne, Esq.
Barnard Dickinson, Esq.
Robert Holford, Esq.

John Bennett, Esq.
Charles Tatham, Esq.
John Rock Grosett, Esq.
Paul C. Methuen, Esq.
Thomas Timbrell, Esq.
John Pitt, Esq. M.P.
Mr. Richard Harris
Mr. Crocker
Mr. Cunnington

With the last-named county terminates the list of contributors communicated by Mr. Britton. The correspondents of several subsequent Editors, or those who particularly favoured their enquiries, are thus gratefully enumerated; and, in regard to some counties, acknowledgments are due to noblemen and gentlemen whose name the Editor of the Introductory Volume has not the opportunity of recording.

MIDDLESEX, George Gostling, Esq. (The County separate from Josiah Boydell, Esq. London) comprised in one Thomas Willan, Esq. Volume, written by Mr. J. James Hall, Esq. Norris Brewer.

Edward Hogg, Esq. His Grace the DUKE OF North-|J. W. Freshfield, Esq. UMBERLAND

John Nichols, Esq. The Right Hon. Lord North- Thomas Fisher, Esq. wick

J. J. Park, Esq. author of the The Right Hon. Sir Joseph History of Hampstead Banks, Bart, K.B.

Mr. Faulkner, author of the Rev. Henry Drury

Histories of Chelsea and Edmund Dwyer

Fulham George Byng, Esq. M.P. Mr. Nelson, author of the HisJohn Walker, Esq.

tory of Islington


NORTHUMBERLAND. | The Rev.- Pritchard R. SPEARMAN, Esq.

J. Joyce W. Heron, Esq.

- Nash Dr. Patterson

T. Ellis Mr. John Adamson

C. Winstanley Mr. John Murray

Thomas Hall, Esq. Harpsden Mr. John Chaloner


John Hanscomb, Esq. Bell NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. | Hatch Rev. Archdeacon Eyre Richard Davis, Esq. Grove Rev. John Staunton, D.D. Cottage, topographer to his J. Stretton, Esq.

Majesty Mr. G. Stretton

James Taylor, Esq. Wargrave,
Jonathan Acklom, Esq. Henry Hakewill, Esq.
Messrs. Taylor and Ridge Mr. R. P. Culham, Henley

Mr. John Hollier, Thame

Mr. D. Moore, Thame
John Atkyns Wright, Esq.M.P. Mr. J. Badcock, Watlington
The Rev. Dr. Mavor

The Rev. J. Francis, of BurThe Rev. Bulkeley Bandinel, ford, communicated some inM.A. Keeper of the Bodleian

formation relating to that Library

town and its neighbourhood The Rev. E. G. Walford, chaplain to the Earl of Guilford.

RUTLANDSHIRE. The Rev. W. Woolston

A. E. Howman Thomas Barker, Esq.

'The Editor of the “ Beauties” for SHROPSHIRE, SOMERSETSHIRE, and STAFFORDSHIRE, thus collectively enumerates the principal correspondents in regard to those parts of the work.

The Rev. Hugh Owen, M.A. Mr. D. Parkes, of Shrewsbury
Rev. Joshua Toulmin, D.D. J. F. M. Dovaston, Esq.
Right Rev. Dr. John Milner, M. Wood, Esq.

Vicar Apostolic of the Mid- | John Halme, M. D.
land District

William Sneyd, Esq.





The Earl of Warwick

The late Duke of Devonshire The Earl of Craven

The Earl of Carlisle Rev. Dr. Parr

Lord Grantham Rev. Jolin Kendall

Right Honi, John Smith F. Parker Newdigate, Esq. Hon. William Stourton Mr. John Nickson, of Coventry Very Rev, the Dean of PeterHenry Hakewill, Esq.

borough R. B. Wheler, Esq. author of Very Rev. the Deau of Ripou “the History and Antiquities Sir Henry Vavasour, Bart.

of Stratford upon Avon” Sir Francis Wood, Bart.
J. Roe, Esq. of Warwick Sir Thomas White, Bart.
Messrs. Beilby and knott, of Sir John Lawson, Bart.

Charles S, Duncoinbe, Esq.

Thomas Thompson, Esq. M.P. WESTMORLAND.

Henry B. Barnard, Esq.

Mr. Alderman Peacock, York Right Hon. Earl of Lonsdale

Marinaduke Constable Maxwell, Rev. George Barrington

Esq. of Everingham
Dr. Robinson

Marmaduke Constable, Esq. of
John Waller

J. L. Leech, M.A.

T. Hinderwell, Esq.
J. Pearson

Edward Topham, Esq.
Edmund Law

J. H. Maw, Esq.
Robert Smirke, Esq.

Brian Cook, Esq. Mrs. Atkinson

Colonel Wroughton Matthew Atkinson, Esq. Colonel Wrightson George Gibson, Esq.

Colonel Vavasour Alderman Pennington, of Ken- T. Clarridge, Esq.

John Lee, Esq.,Mr. Harrison, of Kendal

Christopher Alderson, Esq. Mr. Hutton, of the Museum,

| Thomas Langhorne, Esq. Keswick

T. . Billam, Esq.


- Billam, M.D. The Lady Viscountess Beau- William Payne, Esq. champ

| Rev. Francis Wrangham, F.R.S. George Dixon



Rev. J. Io.n

- Clarkson
R. Affleck
P. Inchbald
R. Tomlinson
R. Powel
John Buckworth
D. Jenkins
R. Patrick
T. Fox
F. Twigg

S. Benades
Mr. Hargrove

B. Clarkson
T. Rudd
John Clapham

| Mr. Heurtley

W. Parkin


Thomas Johnes, Esq. of Ha.

foi, M.P.
Sir William Paxton, of Mid-

dleton Hall
Dr. Davies, of Caermarthen
Richard Philips, Esq.

The death of the Rev. John Evans, Editor of the Seventeenth Volume of the BEAUTIES, comprising an account of NORTII WALES, has deprived us of an opportunity of recording the names of those gentlemen who afforded informa. tion in regard to that division of the principality.


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NGLAND and Wales comprehend such parts of the island of U Great Britain, as are south of the Cheviot Hills, and an arbitrary line drawn from Solway Firth to the river Tweed. These districts are finely diversified in character; and partake, in the Cambrian, or western division, of the mountainous rude grandeur of the tracts to the north of the line of boundary. In other directions they are rich in a graceful succession of hill and vale; the former being in partial instances only too steep for cultivation, and the lowlands almost invariably fertile, or capable of responding to the efforts of the Agriculturalist.

England is famed for an abundance of wood, distributed in ornamental proporlions; and numerous rivers afford great facilities of inland navigation, whilst their diffusive and winding courses are favourable to the picturesque adornment of the country. Although the metals deemed precious are rarely found in England or Wales, those which are useful to the real wants of man are discovered in salutary plenty; and have, from the earliest recorded period, formed a source of moral energy to the Briton, by propelling him to exertions of industry, and by leading him to habits of Commercial interchange.

But, however estimable may be the natural capacities of a country, its real beauties are to be sought in the progress of mind amongst its inhabitants. The source of opulence is but the


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