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Additions, by BROWNE WILLIS, LL.D. To which is added A complete Alphabetical index. Quarto. Lond. 1763. Originally printed in octavo in 1718, under the Title of " Liber Valoruin

et Decimarum.Liber Regis; vel Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum By JOHN

Bacon, Esq. Receiver of the First Fruits. With an Appendix ; containing proper Directions and Precedents relating to Presen. tations, Institutions, Inductions, Dispensations, &c, and a com

plete alphabetical Index. Quarto. Lond. 1786. Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus ; An improved Edition of the Liber Valo.

rum;"? containing an Account of the Valuation of all the Livings in England and Wales, their Charge in the King's Book, respective Pations, &c. With an Appendix. By the Rev. JOHN LLOYD,

A. B. late of Jesus College, Oxford. Octato. Lond. 1788. The Arms of all the Archbishopricks, Bishopricks, and Deaneries,

in England and Wales; together with the Paternal Coat Armour of each respective Prelate and Dean, alphabetically digested ; by

WILLIAM JACKSON.” Two Sheets. Thirty-two Views of all the Cathedral Churches in England and

Wales, with the Collegiate Churches; also a short Account of each and Arms on. Eight Plates. Printed for R. SAYER. Others by J. HARRIS. A Sylloge of the Remaining Authentic Inscriptions relative to the ,

Erection of our English Churches ; embellished with a number of Copper-plates, exbibiting Fac-Simnilies of some of the most material. By the Rev. SAMUEL PEGGE, A.M. London, 1787. Quarto. In Nichols's Bibliotheca Topog. Britannica.

MONASTICAL HISTORY. Monasticon Anglicanum, sive Pandectæ Cænobiorum Benedictino

rum, Cluniacensium, Cisterciensium, Carthusianorum, a Primordiis ad eorum usque Dissolutionem, ex MSS. Cod. ad Monasteria olim pertinentibus : Archivis Turrium Londinensis, Eboracensis ; curiarum Scaccarii, augmentationum ;-Bibliothecis Bodleianâ : Hattoniana, aliisque digesti per ROGERUM DODSWORTH, Eborac. GULIELMUM DUGDALE, Warwic. Tribus Voluminis. Folio. Lond. 1655, 1661, 1673.

The first Volume was reprinted with large Additions in 1682. Monasticon Anglicanum; or, The History of the ancient Abbies

and other Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedrals and Collegiate Churches, in England and Wales, with divers French, Irish, and Scotch Monasteries formerly relating to England. Collected, and published in Latiu by Sir WILLIAM DUGDALE, Knt. late Garter King of Arms. In I'bree Volumes, and now epitomized in Eng. Jish, Page by Page, With Sculptures of the several Religious Habits. (Abridged by John WRIGHT, Author of the History of

the County of Rutland.) Folio. Lond. 1693. Monasticon Anglicanum; or, The History of the ancient Abbies,

Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Courches, with their Dependencies, in England and Wales: also of all suicle 203


Scotch, Irish, and French Monasteries as did in any manner relate to those in England; containing a full Collection of all that is necessary to be known concerning the Abbey Lands and their Revenues; with a particular Account of their Foundations, Grants, and Donations, collected from original MSS., the Re. cords in the Tower of London, at York, and in the Court of Exchequer and Augmentation Office; as also the famous Libra. ries of Bodley, King's College, Camb. the Benedictine College at Doway, Arundel, Cotton, Selden, Hatton, &c. Illustrated with the original Cuts of the Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, and the Habits of the Religious and Military Orders. First pubJished in Latin by Sir WiLLLAM DUGDALE, Knt. late Garter Principal King at Arms. To which are now added exact CataJogues of the Bishops of the several Dioceses to the Year 1717. The whole corrected and supplied with many useful Additions by an eminent Hand. Folio. Lond. 1718. The History of the antient Abbeys, Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathe

dral and Collegiate Churches, being Two additional Voluines to Sir William Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum ; containing the Original and first Establishment of all the Religious Orders that ever were in Great Britain ; being those of the Benedictines, Cluniacks, Cistercians, Regular Canons of St. Augustin, Carthusians, Gilbertins, Trinitarians, Premonstratenses, and Canous of the Holy Sepulchre, treated of in the Monasticon Anglicanum; as also of the Franciscans, Dominicans, Carmelites, Augustinian Friers, Regular Canons of Arroasia, Brigittins, Monks of Fonteyraud, of Savigni, and of Tiron, Crouched Friers, Friers of Penance, or of the Sack, and Betbleemites, not spoken of by Şir William Dugdale and Mr. Dodsworth. The Foundations of their several Monasteries, &c. By JOHN STEVENS, Gent. In Two

Volumes, Folio. Lond, 1722-1723. Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum: A new Edition of the whole Work, including Stevens's Continuation, is now publishing in Folio, with very considerable Additions and Improvements from the Library of the Society of Antiquaries, the Records in the Tower, the Augmentation Office, and various inedited MSS. in the British and Ashmolean Museums, and other authentic Sources. By John CALEY, Esq. Keeper of the Records in the Augmentation Office; HENRY ELLIS. Esq. Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum ; and the Rev. BULKELEY BANDINEL, M. A. Keeper

of the Bodleian Library, Oxford. The first Catalogue of our Religious Houses was drawn up by

Burton, or Leland, published in Speed's History, and translated

into Latin at the end of Harpsfield's Church History, Monastichon Britanioum; or, a Historicall Narration of the first

Founding and flourishing State of the antient Monasteries, Religious Rules and Orders of Great Brittaine, in the Tymes of the Brittaines and priinitive Church of the Saxons, Collected out of most authentick Authors, Lieger Books, and Manuscripts. By that learned Antiquary R. B. (RICHARD BROUGHTON.), Octado. Lonil, 1655,


Notitia Monastica; or, An Account of all the Abbies, Priories, and

Houses of Friers, formerly in England and Wales; and also of all the Colleges and Hospitals founded before A.D. MDXL. By the Riglit Rev. Dr. Thomas Tanner, late Lord Bishop of si. Asaph. Published A.D. MDCCXLIV, by John Tanner, M.A. Vicar of Lowestoft in Suttolk, and Precentor of the Cathedral Church of St. Asaph: and now reprinted with many Additions by James NASMITH, M.A. Rector of Snalewell in Cambridgeshire, and Chaplain to the Rt. Hon. John Earl of Buckinghamshire. Portrait by G. Vertue. Folio. Caub. 1787. Originally printed in one

volume octavo in 1695. A Summary of all the Religious Houses in England and Wales, with

their Titles and Valuations at the time of their Dissolution, and a Calculation of what they might be worth at this Day; together with an Appendix concerning the several Religious Orders that

prevailed in this Kingdom. Octavo. Lond. 1717. An History of the Mitred Parliamentary Abbies and Conventual

Cathedral Churches : shiewing the Times of their respective Foundations, and what Alterations they have undergone; with some Descriptions of the Monuments, and Dimensions of their Build. ings: Together with a Catalogue of their Abbots, Priors, &c. By BROWNE WILLIS, Esq. In Two Volumes Octuro. Lond.

1718, 1719. Collectanca Anglo Minoritica: or, a Collection of the Antiquities

of the English Franciscans, or Friers Minors. commonly call'd Gray Friers. In Two Parts. With an Appendix concerning the English Nuns of the Order of St. Clare. By A. Parkinson.

Quarto. Lond. 1726. British Monachism; or, Manners and Customs of the Monks and

Nuns of England. To which are added, I. Peregrinatorium Religiosum ; or Manners and Customs of antient Pilgrims. II. Con. suetudinal of Anchorets and Hermits. III. Account of the Con. tinentes, or Women who had made Vows of Chastity. IV. Four Select Poems, in various stiles. By Thomas DUDLEY FOSBROOKE, M.A F.S.A With Plates. Quarto. Lond. 1817. Originally

published in Two Volumes, octavo, in 1802. Some Account of the Alien Priories, and of such Lands as they are

known to have possessed in England and Wales. Collected from the MSS. of John Warburton, Esq. and Dr. Ducarel. A new Edition, in Two Volumes. Illustrated with Plates. Small oc

tavo. Lond. 1786. Memoirs of the Antiquities of Great Britain; with an Account of

Monasteries, Monks, &c. Plates. Octavo. Lond, 1723.

SEPULCHRAL HISTORY. Ancient Funerall Monuments within the Vnited Monarchic of Great

Brittaive, Ireland, and the Islands adjacent, with the dissolued Monasteries therein contained: their founders, and what envinent Persons have beene in the same interred. Composed by the 204


Studie and Trauels of JOHN WEEVER, with an Index. Folie. London, 1631. Reprinted in Quarto in 1767. ** Although we are indebted to Weever for the preservation

of numerous ancient epitaphs of considerable interest, he is proved by many which remain at present, to bave often copied very inaccurately. Many epitaphs given by him seein to have existed only in the records of religious houses. It was commop for monks to pen such spontaneous effusions in ho

nour of benefactors of their house. Monumenta Anglicana; being Inscriptions on the Monuments of

several eminent Persons deceased in or since the Year 1650, to the End of the Year 1718; deduced into a Series of Time by way of Annals. By JOAN LE NEVE, Gent. Five Volumes. Octavo.

Lond. 1717, 1718, and 1719. Sepulchral Memorials in Great Britain applied to illustrate the His.

tory of Families, Manners, Habits, and Arts at the different Periods from the Norinan Conquest to the Seventeenth Century; with in. troductory Observations. (By RICHARD Gough, Esq. F.S.A.) Three Volumes usually bound in Five Plates. Folio. Lond.

1786-1796. Nenia Britannica: or, A Sepulchral History of Great Britain, from

the earlieit Period to its general Conversion to Christianity. Including a complete Series of the British, Rowan, and Saxon Se. pulchral Rites and Ceremonies, with the Contents of several Hundred Burial Places opened under a careful Inspection of the Author; tending to illustrate the early Part of, and to fix on a more unques. tionable Criterion for the Siudy of Antiquity. To which are added Observations on the Celtic, British, Roman, and Danish Barrows discovered in Great Britain. By the Rev. JAMES DOUGLAS, F.A.S.

Plates. Folio. Lond. 1793. Illustration of the Tomuli or ancient Barrows; exhibiting the Princi. • ples which determined the Magnitude and Position of each, and

Their systematic Connection with other Vestiges of equal Antiquity. · By THOMAS STACKHOUSE. With a folded Sketch of Barrows.

Octaco. Lond. 1806. Monumental Effigies of Great Britain ; consisting of Etchings from

Figures executed by the Sculptor, and introduced into our Cathe. drals and Churches as Memorials of the Dead, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of K. Henry the Eighth. Drawn and etched by C. A. STOTHARD, Jun, Quarto. Now in course of publication, 1817.



Observations on English Architecture, Military, Ecclesiastical, and

Civil, compared with similar Buildings on the Continent ; including a critical Itinerary of Oxford and Cambridge: also Historical

Notices Notices of Stained Glass, Ornamental Gardening, &c. with Chronological Tables, and Dimensions of Cathedrals and Conventual Churches. By the Rev. James DALLAWAY, M.B.F.S.A. Royal

Octavo. Lond. 1806. An History of the Origin and Establishment of Gothic Architecture;

comprehending also an Account from his own Writings of Cæsar Cæsarianus, the first professed Commentator on Vitruvius, and of his Translation of that Author; an Investigation of the Principles and Proportion of that Style of Architecture called the Gothic; and an Inquiry into the Mode of Painting upon and Staining Glass, as practised in the Ecclesiastical Structures of the Middle Ages. By JOHN SIDNEY HAWKINS, F.A.S. Illustrated with Eleven Plates. Royal Octavo. Lond. 1813. An Essay on the Origin, History, and Principles of Gothic Archi.

tecture. By Sir JAMES HALL, Bart. with Sixty Plates of select

Examples. * Imperial Quarto. Lond. 1813. Essays on Gothic Architecture. By the Rev. T. WARTON, Rev.

J. BENTHAM, Capt. GROSE, and Rev. J. MILNER. Illustrated with Twelve Plaies of Ornaments, &c. selected from Ancient Buildings ; calculated to exhibit the various Styles of different Periods. The Third Edition ; with a List of the Cathedrals of

England and their Dimensions. Octado. Lond. 1808. Plans, Elevations, Sections and Views of the Church of Batalha,

in the Province of Estremadura in Portugal, with the History and Description by Fr. Luis De Sousa, with Remarks. To which is prefixed an Introductory Discourse on the Principles of Gothic Architecture, by JAMES MURPHY, Architect. Illustrated with

Twenty-seven Plates. Folio. Lond. 1795. Specimens of Gothic Architecture, consisting of Doors, Windows,

Buttcesses, Pinnacles, &c. with the Measurements, selected from Ancient Buildings at Oxford and other places. Drawn and etched on Sixty-one Plates. By F. MACKENZIE and A. Pugin. Quarto.

Lond. 1810. . Specimens of Gothic Ornaments selected from the Parish Church of

Lavenham in Suffolk: on Forty Plates. Quarto. Lond. 1796. Two Letters to a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, on the Subject of Gothic Architecture. By the Rey, J. "HAGGITT. Royal

Octavo. 1813. An Historical Survey of the Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Frauce,

with a view to illustrate the Rise and Progress of Gothic Architecture in Europe. By the late Rev. G. D. WHITTINGTON of Cambridge. With a Frontispiece of the Façade of the Cathedral Church

at Rheimes. Royal Octavo. Lond 1811. Repton's Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gari

dening contains Remarks on “ Gothic Architecture.” A Treatise on the Ecclesiastical Architecture of England during the

Middle Ages, with Ten illustrative Plates. By the Rev. John MILNER, D.D.F.S.A. Quarto and royal Oetado. Lond. 1811.


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