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nearly all the Explanations given to these Terms by Verstegan, Skinner, Vallancey, Bryant, Borlase, Whitaker, Pryce, Macpherson, and other Etymologists, are shewn to be unfounded. By G. DYER (of Exeter.) Octavo. Exeler ; printed for the Author.

1805. A General Account of all the Rivers of Note in Great Britain ;

with their several Courses, their peculiar Characters, the Counties through which they flow, and the entire Sea Coast of our Island; concluding with a minute Description of the Thames, and its various auxiliary Streams. By Henry SKRINE, Esq. LL.B. of Warley in Somersetshire. Octavo. Lond. 1801.

Illustrations of the Manner3, and Expences of ancient Times in Eng

Jand, in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, deduced from the Accompts of Churchwardens and other authentic Documents, collected from various Parts of the Kingdom, with

explanatory Notes.. Quarto. Lond. 1797. Fragmenta Antiquitatis: or Ancient Tenures of Land, and

jocular Custonis of Manors, originally published by THOMAS BLOUNT, Esq. of the Imer Temple; enlarged and corrected by Josiah BeckwITH, Gent. F.A.S. ; with considerable Additions from authentic Sources by HERCULES MALEBYSSE BECKWITH. Quarto. Lond. 1815.

*** Originally printed in 1679, and reprinted in 1784, octaro. Observations on Popular Antiquities; chiefly illustrating the Origio

of our vulgar Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions. By John BRAND, M.A. Fellow and Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Arranged and revised, with Additions, by Henry Ellis, F.R.S. Sec. S.A. Keeper of the Manuscripts in the British Museum. In Two Volumes. Quarto. Lond. 1813,

*** Originally printed in one volume octavo. A Provincial Glossary; with a Collection of Local Proverbs and

Popular Superstitions. By Francis Grose, Esq. F.A.S. Octavo.

Lond. 1787. The State of the Prisons in England and Wales; with preliminary Observations, and an Account of soine Foreign Prisons and Hospitals. By John lloWARD, F.R.S. The Third Edition. Quarto, Warrington, 1784. State of Prisons in England, Scotland, and Wales, extending to vari

ous Places therein assigned, not for the Debtor only but for the Felons also, and other less criminal Oilenders: Together with some useful Documents, Observations, and Remarks, adapted to explain and improve the Condition of Prisoners in general. By James NEILD, Esq. Quarto. Lond. 1812. ITINERARIES AND TOURS THROUGH PARTS

OF ENGLAND. The Laboryouse Journey and Serche of John Leylande, for Englandes Antiquitees, geuen of niya as a newe years gyfte to Kynge Henry

the the viji, in the xxxvii. yeare of his Reygne, with Declaracyons enlarged; by Johan. Bale. Duodecimo. Lond. 1549.-Reprinted at Oxford in the Lives of Leland, Hearne, and Wood, in 1772; at the same Tinie a considerable Number were printed se

parately. “ The Peregrination of Dr. Andrew Boarde," printed by Hearne at

the end of Benedictus Abbas, 1735, p. 764, from a Copy in the Hand-Writing of Lawrence Noel, in the possession of T. Lam

barde, of Sevenoak, Kent. The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary. Published from the original MS. in the Bodleian Library by Thomas HEARNE, M.A. In Nine Volumes. Octavo, Oxford, 1710-1712.-Reprinted at

Oxford, in 1745 and 1768-9. Itinerarium Germaniæ, Galliæ, Angliæ, Italia, scriptum a Paulo

HenTZNERO; cum Indice Locorum, Rerum atq. Verborum Memorabilium. Quarto. Breslæ, 1627. A Journey into England. By Paul HENTZNER, in the Year MDXcViri. Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1757. Duodecimo, Reprinted at the private Press of T. E. Williams, Reading, 1807.

Fifty copies only. Quarto. Itineraria Symonis Simeonis et Willielmi de Worcestre: quibus ac

cedit Tractatus de Metro, in quo traduntur Reguilæ a Scriptoribus medii Ævi in Versibus Leoninis observatæ. E Codicibus MSS. in Bibliotheca Coll. Corp. Christi Cantab, asservatis priinus eruit ediditque JACOBUS NASMITH, A.M.S.A.S. ejusdemque Collegii

nuper Socius. Royal Octavo. Cantab. 1778. Guyde for English Travailers, shewing in general how far one Citie

and many Shire-Townes in England are distant from other; together with the Shires in particular, and the chiefe Townes in every

of them. By John NORDEN. Folio. Lond. 1625. Select Remains (Itineraries and Letters) of the learned John Ray,

M A.F.R.S. ; with his Life, by the late William Derham, D.D. Canon of Windsor, and F.R.S. Published by GEORGE Scott,

M.A. and F.R.S. Portrait. Octavo. Lond. 1760. . An Historical Account of Mr. Rogers's Three Years Travels ovis

England and Wales ; giving a trne and exact Description of all the chiefest Cities, Towns, and Corporations in England, Domi. nion of Wales, and Town of Berwick-upon-Twede; together with the Antiquities and Places' of Admiration, Cathedrals, Churches of Note, in any City, Town, or Place in each County. With a Map, Smull Octavo. Lond. 1694.- Reprinted in 1697.

*** A surreptitious copy of Brome's Travels. ---Gough. Travels over England, Scotland, and Wales; giving a true and exact

Description of the chiefest Cities, Towns, and Corporations : together with the Antiquities of divers Other Places, the most famous Cathedrals, and other eminent Structures; of several remarkable Caves and Wells; with many other diverting Passages never be2 N4


fore published. By James Brome, M.A. Rector of Cheriton in

Kent. Octaco. Lond. 1726.-Originally printed in 1700. Itinerarium Curiosum : or, An Account of the Antiquities and semarkable Curiosities in Nature and Art, observed in Travels through Great Britain, Illustrated with Copper-plates. By WiLAM STUKELEY, M.D.F.R. and A.S. The Second Edition, with large Additions. In Two Volumes. Folio. Lond. 1776. Originally printed in One Volume in 1724, and reprinted in Two

Volumes in 1817. A Voyage to England; containing many Things relating to the State

of Learning, Religion, and other Curiosities of that Kingdom, by Mons. SokBIERE; as also Observations on the same Voyage, by Dr. THOMAS SPRAT, F.R.S. and now Lord Bishop of Rochester,

Translated from the French. Octavo. Lond. 1709. Drunken Barnaby's Four Journies to the North of England, in Latin

and English Metre. First Edition (circa 1640) with Frontispiece by Marshall: reprinted in 1716, 1723, 1774, and 1805. Duodecimo. A Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain, divided in Cir:

cuits or Journies ; giving a particular and diverting Account of whatever is curious and worth Observation; with useful Observations upon the whole. (By Daniel DEFOE.) In Three Volumes, Octado. Lond. 1724.7. Originally printed in One Volume, octavo, 1714.-An Eighth Evlilion, with large Additions, by Samuel Richardson, Printer, and the Rev. Mr. Kimber. was pub

lished in Four Volumes 1?mo, in 1777. The Comical Pilgrim's Travels through England, Wales, Scotland,

and Ireland. Octavo. Lond. 1722. Journey through England and Scotland. By Jo. Mackay. In

Three Volumies. Octato. Lond. 1722-3. A Tour through Parts of England, Scotland, and Wales, in 1778;

in a Series of Letters, by RICHARD JOSEPR SULIVAN, Esq. Second Edition, correcied and enlarged. To Two Volumes. . Octato.

1785,-Originally printed in Quarto, in 1780. A Tour to the West of England in 1788, by the Rev. S. Shaw, M.A. · Octaco. Lond. 1789. Prospects and Obserrations, on a Tour in England and Scotland,

Natural, Economical, and Literary. By THOMAS NEWTE, Esq.

With Twenty-four Plates. Quarto. Lond. 1792. A Tour through the South of England, Wales, and Part of Ireland, made during the Summer of 1791. Plates. Octato, Lond.

1793. Eccentric Excursions in England and Wales, with One Hundred

Sketches of Character and Country, by G. WOODWARD. Quarto.

Lond. 1796. Observations relative chietly to the Natural History, Picturesque

Scenery, and Antiquities of the Western Counties of England, made in the Years 1794 and 1796. Illustrated by a Mineralogical Aap and Sixteen Views in Aqua-tint ly Alken. By WILLIAM


GEORGE MATON, M.A. Fellow of the Linnean Society. Two

Volumes. Octavo. Salisbury, 1797. Observations on the Western Parts of England, relative chiefly to

Picturesque Beauty. To which are added, a few Remarks on the Picturesqne Beauties of the Isle of Wight. By William GILPIN, M.A. Prebendary of Salisbury, and Vicar of Boldre in New Forest,

near Lymington. Plates. Octavo. Lond. 1798. Observations on the Coasts of Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent, rela

tive chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, made in the Summer of the Year 1774. By the late WILLIAM GILPIN, M.A. Plates. Octavo. Lond. 1804.-Copies of the two preceding Articles were printed

in Quarto. Observations on several Parts of the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk,

Suffolk, and Essex ; also on several Parts of North Wales, relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, in Two Tours, the former made in the Year 1769, the latter in the Year 1773. By WILLIAM Gilpin,

M.A. Plates. Octaro. Lond. 1809. A Walk through some of the Western Counties of England, by the

Rev. RICHARD WARNER of Bath. Plates. Octavo. Bath,

1800. A Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain, divided into Journevs; interspersed with useful Observations; particularly calculated for the Use of those who are desirous of travelling over Eng. land and Scotland. By the Rev. C. CRUTTWELL, Author of the Universal Gazetteer. In Six Volumes. With coloured Maps,

Small Octavo. Lond. 1901. Observations on a Tour through almost the whole of England, and

a considerable Part of Scotland, in a series of Letters adiressed to a large Number of intelligent and respectable Friends by Mr. (CHARLES) Dibdin. In Two Volumes. With Plates. Quarto.

London, 1801. A Tour through the Northern Counties of England, and the Borders

of Scotland. By the Rev. RICHARD WARNER. In Two Volumes.

With Piates. Octavo. 1802. The Traveller's Guide: or English Itinerary. By W.C. Oulton,

Esq. In Two Volumes. With Plates. Small Octavo. Lond.

1805. Summer Excursions through Parts of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire,

Warwickshire, &c. and South Wales. By Miss E. I. SPENCE.

In Two Volumes. Duodecimo. Lond. 1809. Observations and Remarks during Four Excursions made to various

Parts of Great Britain in the Years 1810 and 1811; viz. 1. From London to the Land's End in Cornwall. II. From London to Lancaster. III. From London to Edinburgh; and IV. From London to Swansea. Performed by Land, by Sea, by various Modes of Conveyance, and partly in the pedestrian Style. By DANIEL

CARLESS WEBB. Octavo. Lond. 1812. British Tourists: or Traveller's Pocket Companion through England,


BriticaRLESS West and photos

Wales, Scotland, and Ireland; comprehending the most celebrated modern and recent Tours in the British Islands, with several origi. nals. By William MAVOR, LL.D. Third Edition, enlarged. In Six Volumes. With Maps. Duodecimo. Lond. 1814.


A short Account of some Particulars concerning Domesday Book, with a view to promote its being published. By a Member of the Society of Antiquaries of London. (P. C. WEBB.) Quarto.

Lond. 1756. A short Account of Danegeld; with some further Particulars relatiog to William the Conqueror's Survey. (By P. C. WEBB.) Quarto.

Lond. 1756. Domesday Book:- seu Liber Censualis Willelini Primi Regis An

gliæ inter Archivos Regni in Domo Capitulari Westmonasterii asservatus. (The Survey of England, made by Order of K. Wil

liam I. in 1080-1086.) Two Volumes. Folio. Londini, 1783. Libri Censualis vocati Domesday Book, Additamenta ex Codic. An

tiquiss. Exon' Domesday. Inquisitio Eliensis. Liber Winton'.

Boldon Book. Folio. 1816. Libri Censualis vocati Domesday Book, Indices. Accessit Disser.

tatio Generalis de Ratione hujusce Libri. Folio. 1816. Domesday Book has been translated by the late Rev. WILLIAM

Bawdwen,* B.A. Vicar of Hooton Pagnell, and Curate of Frickley-cum-Clayton, Co. York; and Two Volumes were published in his Life-time in Quarto.- Vol. I. (1809) containing the County of York, Amounderness Lonsdale and Furness in Lancashire, and such Parts of Westinoreland and Cumberland as are contained in the Survey: also the Counties of Derby, Nottingham, Rutland, and Lincoln; with an Introduction, Glossary, and Indexes. -Vol. II. (1812) containing the Counties of Middlesex, Hertford, Bucking, ham, Oxford, and Gloucester. King Alfred, about the year 900, composed a book of this nature, which was extant at Winchester at the coming-in of the Conqueror, but is since lost. The incomparable record of Domesday was begun, by order of William the Conqueror, in the year 1030, and completed in the year 1986. It is comprised in two volumes, one a large folio, the Orber a quarto. The first begins with Kent, and ends with Lincolnsbire; the quarto volume contains the counties of Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk.' The counties of Northuinberland, Cumberland, Westinoreland, and Durham are not described; neither is Lancashire, under its proper title; but Furness, and the northern part of the county, as well as the south of Westinoreland, with part of Cumberland, is included within the West riding of Yorkshire; and that part of Lancashire wbich lies between the rivers Ribble and Mersey, and which, at the time of the Survey, com


• He died Sept. 14, 1816.

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