New Catechism of Electricity: A Practical Treatise

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Сторінка 396 - Must be so suspended that the entire weight of the socket and lamp will be borne by knots under the bushing in the socket, and above the point where the cord comes through the ceiling block or rosette, in order that the strain may be taken from the joints and binding screws.
Сторінка v - The vital knowledge— that by which we have grown as a nation to what we are, and which now underlies our whole existence, is a knowledge that has got itself taught in nooks and corners; while the ordained agencies for teaching have been mumbling little else but dead formulas.
Сторінка 386 - Must be so spliced or joined as to be both mechanically and electrically secure without solder. The joints must then be soldered, to insure preservation, and covered with an insulation equal to that on the conductors.
Сторінка 404 - Special attention is called to the fact that switchboards should not be built down to the floor, nor up to the ceiling, but a space of at least ten or twelve inches should be left between the floor and the board, and...
Сторінка 388 - ... the wires ; that is, in a two-wire system the two wires, and in a three-wire system the three wires, must be protected by the cut-out and disconnected by the operation of the switch or circuit breaker.
Сторінка 386 - Must be so placed in wet places that an air space will be left between conductors and pipes in crossing, and the former must be run in such a way that they cannot come in contact with the pipe accidentally. Wires should be run over, rather than under, pipes upon which moisture is likely to gather or which, by leaking, might cause trouble on a circuit.
Сторінка v - That which our school courses leave almost entirely out, we thus find to be that which most nearly concerns the business of life. All our industries would cease, were it not for that information which men begin to acquire as they best may after their education is said to be finished.
Сторінка 523 - Repeat this maneuver at least sixteen times per minute. These efforts should be continued unremittingly for at least an hour, or until natural respiration is established. 3. At the same time that this is being done, some one should grasp the tongue of the subject with a handkerchief or piece of cloth to prevent it slipping, and draw it forcibly out when the arms are extended above the head, and allow it to recede when the chest is compressed. This maneuver should likewise be repeated at least sixteen...
Сторінка 521 - When an accident occurs, the following rules should be promptly executed with care and deliberation: 1. Remove the body at once from the circuit by breaking contact with the conductors. This may be accomplished by using a dry stick of wood, which is a nonconductor, to roll the body over to one side, or to brush aside a wire, if that is conveying the current. When a stick is not at hand, any dry piece of clothing may be utilized to protect the hand in seizing the body of the victim, unless rubber...

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