The History of England: From the Accession of George III, 1760-1835, Том 6

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Сторінка 420 - That the maxim of buying in the cheapest market, and selling in the dearest, which regulates every merchant in his individual dealings, is strictly applicable, as the best rule for the trade of the whole nation.
Сторінка 39 - Ridge fell, and no man died that night with more glory — yet many died, and there was much glory.
Сторінка 388 - Guilty of assembling with unlawful banners an unlawful assembly, for the purpose of moving and inciting the liege subjects of our Sovereign Lord the King to contempt and hatred of the Government and Constitution of the realm, as by law established, and attending at the same." Mr. Justice BAYLEY. — Do you mean that they themselves intended to incite ? The FOREMAN. — Yes. Mr. LITTLEDALE.— This verdict must be taken on the fourth count.
Сторінка 429 - What though the field be lost? All is not lost; the unconquerable will, And study of revenge, immortal hate, And courage never to submit or yield: And what is else not to be overcome?
Сторінка 249 - Chief of the French army, on the other ; and related exclusively to the military occupation of Paris. * " The object of the 12th article was to prevent the adoption of- any measures of severity, under the military authority of those who made it, towards any persons in Paris on account of the offices which they had filled, or their conduct, or their political opinions.
Сторінка 444 - While he was achieving the immortal victory, the illustrious triumph, and protecting innocence and truth, by the adamantine shield of his prodigious eloquence, it has been my lot to discharge only a few random arrows at the defeated champions of this disgraceful cause. The house will believe me when I say, that I witnessed the display of his surprising faculties...
Сторінка 172 - ... brought up, it was only to be scattered over the field by the frightened bearers. For our troops were by this time visible to the enemy. A dreadful fire was accordingly opened upon them, and they were mowed down by hundreds, while they stood waiting for orders.
Сторінка 56 - Abbot for their speaker ; and on the thirtieth, the regent delivered from the throne a speech which embraced a variety of topics, the most prominent of which was the war in the peninsula, that in the north of Europe, and the contest in America. On the motion for an address, lord Wellesley took a review of the past Spanish campaign ; arguing, that the system pursued by ministers was timid without prudence, and narrow without economy ; profuse without the fruits of expenditure, and slow without the...
Сторінка 439 - ... mingle my tears with hers ; to receive her cheering caresses, and to hear from her lips assurances of never-ceasing love; — thus to be comforted, consoled, upheld, and blessed, was too much to be allowed me. Even on the slave mart the cries of " Oh! my mother, my mother! Oh! my child, my child !" have prevented a separation of the victims of avarice.
Сторінка 11 - Lord Yarmouth, it is well known, stated in the House of Commons that he had communicated to Mr. Sheridan the intention of the Household to resign, with the view of having that intention conveyed to Lord Grey and Lord Grenville, and thus removing the sole ground upon which these Noble Lords objected to the acceptance of office. Not only, however, did Sheridan endeavour to dissuade the Noble Vice-Chamberlain from resigning, but, with an unfairness of dealing which admits, I own...

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