The Power of Words: Essays in Lexicography, Lexicology and Semantics : in Honour of Christian J. Kay

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Graham D. Caie, Carole Hough, Irené Wotherspoon
Rodopi, 2006 - Всего страниц: 231
This volume comprises essays in lexicography, lexicology and semantics by leading international experts in these fields. The contributions cover Old, Middle and Present-Day English and Scots, and specific subjects include medical vocabulary, colour lexemes, and semantic and pragmatic meaning in terms for politeness, money and humour. In the area of Old English studies there are articles on kinship terminology and colour lexemes, and in Middle English a semantic and syntactic study of the overlapping of the verbs dreden and douten. Many of the essays make use of the Historical Thesaurus of English project at the University of Glasgow, and pay tribute to its Director, Professor Christian Kay; e.g., one article demonstrates how the HTE, a project which is at the interface between historical semantics and lexicography, may present a rich resource for information about the lexicalization of concepts within our culture, such as changing social attitudes in the area of will, consent and coercion. Other resources, such as The Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, and the Oxford English Dictionary provide a rich source for information on historical lexicography, semantics and editing. A number of essays concern the Scots language, such as an analysis of evaluative terms in modern Scots speech and writing, the rich potential of rhyme in Scots, and the role of lexicon in th- fronting in Glaswegian.

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Old English colour lexemes used of textiles in AngloSaxon England
a historical thesaurus
evaluative terms in Scots
some difficult cases for the OED
avuncularity in Old English
fianvK2 a LAEMEbased lexical study
The rhyme potential of Scots Caroline Macafee
Of politeness and people
What did AngloSaxon seals seal when?
the role of the lexicon in THfronting in Glaswegian
are social and moral attitudes legible in this Historical Thesaurus classification?
semantic and pragmatic meaning of humour
Lexicographical Lyrics
Notes on Contributors
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ME douten and dreden

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