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Taylor, LL.D., &c. Trin. Coll. Dublin. British Empire in India. By Edward 2d edition, with Two additional Let- Thornton, Esq., Author of India, its ters on the Recent Disturbances, fep. State and Prospects,' &c. Vol. 3, 8vo. pp. 310, cloth, 5s.


8vo. pp. 584, cloth, 16s. [418 TAYLOR.-A Popular History of Bri- THUCYDIDES.—The History of the

tish India, Commercial Intercourse Peloponessian War. By Thucydides. with China, and the Insular Posses- Illustrated by Maps, taken entirely sions of England in the Eastern Seas. from actual surveys ; with Notes, By W. C. Taylor, LL.D., &c. Post chiefly Historical and Geographical, 8vo. pp. 516. cloth, 103. 63. [ +39 by T. Arnold, D.D. Head Master of TAYLOR.- What is the Power of the Rugby School. 2d edition. Vol. 3,

Greek Article, and how may it be 8vo. pp. 45t, boards, 10s. (449 Expressed in the English Version of TOKEN OF LOVE (A) for 1843_New the New Testainent ? By John Tay- Series: Select Poetry. Royal 32mo.

lor. 8vo. pp. 90, cloth, 3s. 6d. [+10 pp. 160, with frontispiece, cloth, gilt TAYLOR.–Cottage Traditions; or, the edges, 2s. 60.

[450 Peasant's Tale of Ancestry. By Jef- TOOGOOD.-Simple Sketches from ferys Taylor. Fcp. pp. 98, sewed, Church History, for Young Persons. 2s.

[+11 By Mrs J. Toogood. 18mo. Pp. 232, TAYLOR. --Scenes and Adventures in cloth, 3s.

[451 Affghanistan. By William Taylor, TRACY.--History of the American late Troop Sergeant-Major of the 4th Board of Commissioners for Foreign Light Dragoons. Post 8vo, pp. 245, Missions ; compiled chiefly from the cloth, 9s.

(442 Published and Unpublished DocuTAYLOR.–The Students' Manual of

ments of the Board. By Joseph Ancient History; containing the Po- Tracy. 2d edition, revised and enlitical History, Geographical Position, larged, 8vo. (New York,) pp. 460, and Social State of the Principal Na- cloth, 14s.

[152 tions of Antiquity: carefully digested TRANSACTIONS of the Entomologifrom the Ancient Writers, and illus- cal Society of London, Vol. 3, Part 2. trated by the Discoveries of Modern 8vo. pp. 69 to 156, with 2 plates, Scholars and Travellers. By W. C. sewed, ts. 60.

[ 453 Taylor, LL.D., M.R.A.S. of Trin. TROLLOPE.-A Visit to Italy. By Coll. Dublin. 3d edition, revised and Mrs Trollope. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 822, enlarged, post 8vo. pp. 612, with nu- cloth, 28s.

[+5+ merous woodcuts, cloth, 10s. 6d. [443 TRUMAN.–Food, and its Influence on TEMPLE.-Sermons by the late Rev. Health and Disease; or, an Account

Ebenezer Temple: with a Biogra- of the Effects of different kinds of phical Sketch of the Author by his Aliment on the Human Body: with Widow. Post 8vo. pp. 328, cloth, 6s. Dietetic Rules for the Preservation of

[444 the Health. By Matthew Truman, THOMSON.-Widows and Widowers : M.D. Post 8vo. pp. 248, cloth, 7s. 6d. a Romance of Real Life. By Mrs

[455 Thomson, Authoress of. Constance,' TUPPER.-Proverbial Philosophy: a

Anne Boleyn,' &c. 3 vols. post Book of Thoughts and Arguments, 8vo. pp. 1010, boards, 31s. 63. [415 originally treated. By Martin FarTHOMSON.-Chemistry of Animal Bo- quhar Tupper, Esq. M.A, of Christ

dies. By Thomas Thomson, M.D. Church, Oxford. Second Series. Post Regius Professor of Chemistry in the Svo. pp. 322. cloth, 7s. [456 University of Glasgow. 8vo. (Edin- TURNER.—Elements of Chemistry, in

burgh,) pp. 712, cloth, 16s. [446 cluding the actual State and PreTHUMSON.-Elements of Materia Me- valent Doctrines of the Science. By

dica and Therapeutics; including the the late E. Turner, M.D. F.R.S. L. & recent Discoveries and Analysis of E. 7th edition, edited by J. Liebig, Medicines. By A. T. Thomson, M.D. M.D. and William Gregory, M.D. F.L.S. &c. &c. 3d edit. enlarged and 8vo. pp. 1292, cloth, 28s. [457 improved, 8vo. pp. 1258, cloth, 31s. 6d. TURNER.-Mormonism in all ages;


or, the Rise, Progress, and Causes of THORNTON. The History of the Mormonism ; with the Biography of [472 of Revenge: an Irish Story. By M. signed for Young Persons. By Mrs F. D., Author of the “Lost Farm,' J. B. Webb, Author of · Durand's


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its Author and Founder, Joseph | WALTON.-A Collection of Problems Smith, Jun. By Prof. J. B. Turner. in illustration of the Principles of Theo12mo. (New York,) pp. 304, cloth, retical Mechanics. By W. Walton. 5s. 6d.

[458 8vo. (Cambridge,) pp. 462, with 9 TYAS' LEGAL HAND-BOOK.- 'The

plates of diagrams, cloth, 16s. [468 Law of Debtor and Creditor clearly WARNER.---Ă Universal Dictionary of and concisely stated, embodying the Musical 'Terms, taken in part from Dr Provisions of the Bankruptcy and Weber's Vocabulary of Italian Words Insolvent Acts, 5 and 6 Vict. By a and Phrases, but chiefly furnished Barrister. 3d edit. 18mo. pp. 100, from other sources. By J. S. Warcloth, 2s.


8vo. (Boston, America,) cloth, TYMMS.—The Family Topographer; 4s.

[169 being a Compendium of the Ancient WATSON.--Practical Sermons preachand Present State of the Counties of ed to a Country Congregation. By England. By S. Timms. Vol. 7, the Rev. G. Watson, Incumbent of Middlesex, London, and Westminster. Etherley. 12mo. pp. 266, cloth, 6s. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 176, cloth, 5s. (160

170 This volume concludes the work. WAGNER.-Elements of Physiology,

for the use of Students, and with espeUSSHER.-The Whole Works of the cial reference to the wants of Prac

Most Rev. James Ussher, D.D. Lord titioners. By R. Wagner, M.D. of Archbishop of Armagh. Vol. 6, 8vo. Gottingen. Translated from the Gerpp. 632, cloth, 12s.

[ 461 man, with additions, by R. Willis,

M.D. Member of the Royal College VAUGHAN.—The Age of Great Cities; of Physicians. Part 2_Of Nutrition

or, Modern Society viewed in its re- and Secretion. Svo. pp. 240, with 80 lation to Intelligence, Morals, and illustrative woodcuts by George VaReligion. By R. Vaughan, D.D. Post sey, sewed, 9s.

[471 8vo. pp. 382, cloth, 7s. 6d. [462 WAVERLEY NOVELS.-Abbotsford VAVASOUR.—My Last Tour and First Edition, royal 8vo. Vol. 1, contain

Work; or, a Visit to the Baths of Wild- ing Waverley and Guy Mannering, bad and Rippoldsau. By Lady Va- pp. 682, with 10 steel and very nu

2d edition, 8vo. pp. 466, merous wood engravings, cloth, 28s. cloth, 12s.

[463 VISIT to CLARINA; or, the Effects WEBB.-A Tale of the Vaudois. De


&c. 18mo. pp. 180, cloth, 2s. [464 Travels.' 12mo. pp. 252, with 3 VYSE.-Appendix to Operations car- plates, cloth, 3s. 6d.

[ 473 ried on in the Pyramids of Gizeh in WEBER.–An Attempt at a System1837, containing a Survey, by J. S. atically Arranged Theory of Musical Perring, of the Pyramids at Abou Composition. By G. Weber. TransRoash, and to the Southward, inclu- lated from the 3d German Edition, ding those in the Faiyoum. By Col. with Notes, by J. F. Warner. 20 H. Vyse. Vol. 3, imperial 8vo. pp. edition, royal 8vo. (Boston, America,) 160, 67 plates, cloth, 21s. [465 pp. 422, bound, 14s.

[474 WELLBELOVED. - Eburacum;

or, WALSH.-Paradise Lost, and Paradise York under the Romans.

By C. Regained. By the Rev. J. Prender- Wellbeloved. Royal 8vo. (York,) pp. gast Walsh, A.B. Trinity College, 178, with 17 plates, cloth, 12s. [475 Dublin ; Author of One Catholic WHATELEY.-The Kingdom of Christ, and Apostolic Church.'

delineated in Two Essays on Our 274, cloth, 5s.

[ 466 Lord's own Account of his Person, WALSHE.-The Physical Diagnosis of and of the Nature of his Kingdom,

Di ses of the Lungs.' By W. H. and on the Consti Pow and Walshe, M.D. Professor of Patholo- Ministry of a Christian Church. By gical Anatomy in University College, A. Whateley, D.D., Archbishop of Loudon, &c. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 318, cloth, Dublin. 3d edition, 8vo. pp. 355, 6s. 6d. [467 cloth, 8s.


12mo. pp.



WHEWELL.-Architectural Votes on Willich, Secretary and Actuary to

German Churches; with Notes writ- the University Life Assurance Soten during an Architectural Tour in ciety. Royal 8vo. pp. 18, sewed, Picardy and Normandy. By the Rev. ls. 60.

[486 W. Whewell, B.D. Master of Trin. WILLICH. — The Annual Supplement Coll. Camb. 3d edition ; to which to the Tithe Commutation Table, are added, Notes on the Churches of showing, at sight, the Tithe Rent the Rhine, by M. F. D. Lassaulx, Ar- Payable for the Year 18+3. chitectural Inspector to the King of Charles M. Willich, Secretary and Prussia. 8vo. (Camb.) pp. 318, with Actuary to the University Life As4 plates, cloth, 12s. [ +77 surance Society, ls.

[487 WHIST, its History and Practice. By WILSON.--A Practical and Theoretical

an Amateur. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 110, with Treatise on the Diagnosis, Patho

15 wood engravings, cloth, 4s. [+78 logy, and Treatment of Diseases of WHISTLE-BINKIE: a Collection of the Skin: arranged according to a

Songs for the Social Circle. 32mo. Natural System of Classification, and (Glasgow,) pp. 5+2, with portrait, preceded by an Outline of the Anacloth, 2s. 6d.

[179 tomy and Physiology of the Skin. WHITEHEAD.- Richard Savage: a By Erasmus Wilson. 8vo. pp. 446,

Romance of Real Life. Bv C. White- with 1 plate, cloth, 10s. 6d. [+88 head, Author of · The Solitary.' 3 WILSON.-A Voyage round Scotland vols. post Svo. pp. 1020, with 17 and the Isles. By James Wilson,

plates, cloth, 31s. 6. | 180 F.R.S.E. M.W.S., &c. 2 vols. post Founded on the life of the poet Savaze. 8vo. (Edinburgh,) pp. 96+, numerous WHITE.--A System of Modern Geo- illustrations and a map, cloth, 21s. graphy, with the Outlines of Astro

[ 489 nomy. By John White. (Edinburgh,) | WILSON.— The Water Cure: Stomach pp. 214, cloth, 2s. 6d.

[181 Complaints and Drug Diseases, their WHITE.The Natural History of Sel- Causes, Consequences, and Cure by

borne. By the late Rev. G. White, Water, Air, Exercise, and Diet ; to
M.A. New edition, with Notes by the which are appended, Two Letters to
Rev. L. Jen yns, M.A. F.L.S. 8vo. Dr Hastings, of Worcester, on the
pp. 414, numerous woodcuts, cloth, Results of the Water Cure at Mal-
7s. 60.
[182 vern. By James Wilson, M.D.

8vo. WHOLE (The) DUTY OF MAN laid

pp. 146, sewed, 3s. 6d. [190 down in a plain and familiar way for WILSON.-Lyrics for Leisure Ilours. the use of all, but especially the By Florence Wilson. Royal 32mo. meanest Reader; with Private Devo

pp. 100, cloth, 2s. 6d.

[ +91 tions for several occasions. Fcp. pp. WINSLOW,-- The True Catholic 454, cloth, 6s.


Churchman, in his Life and in his WILLIAMS.

Modern German and Death: the Sermons and Poetical English Dialogues and Elementary Remains of the Rev. B. D. Winslow, Phrases : adapted to the use of Learn- A.M., Assistant to the Rector of St ers in both Languages. By T. S. Mary's Church, Burlington, New Williams. The 7th enlarged edition, Jersey; to which is prefixed, the 12mo. pp. 26+, cloth, 4s. [18+

Sermon preached on the Sunday after WILLIAMS.-- Thoughts on the Study his Decease, with Notes by the Right

of the Holy Gospels; intended as an Rev. G. W. Doane, LL.D., Bishop of Introduction to a Harmony and Com- the Diocese. 12mo. (Oxford,) pp. mentary. By the Rev. Isaac Williams, 402, cloth, 6s.

[+92 B.D. late Fellow of Trinity College, WINSLOW.- On the Preservation of Oxford. 12mo. pp. 416, cloth, 8s. the Health of Body and Mind. By

[ 185
Forbes Winslow, V.R.C.S.L.

8vo. WILLICH. Income Tax Tables, Pp. 208, cloth, 7s. Od.

[193 showing at sight the amount of Duty WINDSOR CASTLE. Architectural at 7d. and 3d. in the Pounil; ac- Illustrations of Windsor Castle. By companied by a variety of Statistical M. Gandy and B. Baud, Architects. Information, extracted from Parlia- With a concise Historical and Archimentary Documents. By Chiarles V. tectural Account of that Monarchical

Edifice, by John Britton, F.S.A., Au- YATES. — The Modern History and thor of the 'Architectural and Ca- Condition of Egypt: its Climate, thedral Antiquities,' &c. 42 plates of Diseases, and Capabilities, exhibited in views, details, and elevations, royal a Personal Narrative of Travels in fólio, pp. 12, half-bd. mor. L.5, 5s. that Country. By W. H. Yates,


M.D. 2 vols. 8vo. with 15 plates, WISEMAN.--. Twelve Lectures on the pp. 1248, cloth, L.1, 14s. [499

Connexion between Science and Re-YOUNG.--Narrative of a Residence on vealed Religion, delivered in Rome. the Mosquito Shore, during the Years By the Right Rev. N. Wiseman, 1839, 1810, and 1841; with an AcD.D. 2d edition, 8vo. pp. 462, cloth, count of Truxillo and the adjacent 12s.

[495 Islands of Bonacca and Roatan. By WOOD NOTES FOR ALL SEA

Thomas Young. 12mo. pp. 176, with SONS. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 150, wood- 3 views, cloth, 5s.

500 cuts, cloth, 3s. 60.

[496 YOUNG.-Theory and Solution of Al*** A Selection of short poems gebraical Equations of the Higher from various authors.

Orders. By J. R. Young, Professor WOODWARD. — The Norfolk Topo. of Mathematics in Belfast College.

grapher's Manual : being a Catalogue 2d edition, enlarged, 8vo. PP. 500 of the Books and Engravings hitherto cloth, 15s.

[501 published in relation to the County. YOUNG.-Pronouncing and EtymoloBy the late S. Woodward.

Revised gical Spelling-Book, adapted for Juby W. C. Ewins. Royal 8vo. pp.

nior and Senior Classes, to the pur284, cloth, 21s. · [497 poses of Liberal Education.

By T. WYE.—The History and Topography Young, LL.D.

12mo. (Dublin,) pp. of Wye. Post 8vo. (Canterbury,) 50, bound, Is. 6d.

[502 pp. 20+, and 7 plates, cloth, 7s. Od.





The Figures attached are the Numbers of the articles in the List.


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· 134




Annual Register 16 | Heathen Mythology 212 Smyth


37 Attica and Athens . 270 Mary Queen of
108 History of Hydur


Noble British Families 130 Naik.

301 British India, Taylor 439
133 Niebuhr


Guy's Chart
193 Prichard
360 ton

Hallam's Literature 197 Prince

Students' Manual

Parliam. Debates 202 Ranke

Yates' Egypt

. 499
St John's Greece 388

56 | Fleury

157 Scottish Church . . 262
139 Gieseler
176 | Stebbing

The Chisholm
12 Queens of France

Rev. W. Jones 246
26 Frederick the Great 76 Milles

Biographical Dic-


Dean Milner

47 Literary Ladies

St Bernard

58 | The Psalmists 220 Peter Roe.

2 Antiquities of Ox- Moseley


189 Ricauti.

51 Gwilt
19+ Dorsetshire

Cottage Residences 127 St Giles's Church 205 | Pyramids of Gizeh 465
Old English Customs 131 Ancient Marbles. 288

German Churches 477
Gothic Tiles 145 Crosby Place . 281 Windsor Castle 494

Prism of Thought 74 | Forget-me-Not .

*162 Book of Beauty

Dresden Gallery . 129 Friendship Offering 169 Keepsake

English Pearls 136 Gems of Loveliness 174 Cambridge

Scrap Book
154 The Gift

178 Gems of Newton. 320
Juvenile Scrap Book 153 Vicar of Wakefield 181 Oxford.

Floral Fancies 158 Harmony of Form . 207 Encyc. of Ornament 406

Picturesque Annual 200

Ainsworth .

6 Godfrey Malvern 180 Milford Malvoisin 331
J. B. Fraser
9 Griffin
186 Poole

The Old Sailor 29 College Life

215 Pickering

Reginald Dalton. 49 Mary Howitt. 228 Sea Pie.

64 The Jewess

241 Self-Devotion 402

65 Joseph Jenkins 248 Modern Flirtation 408
Charles Harcourt 87 Lover

277 | William Langshaw . 426
Commissioner 104 Capt. Marryatt 289, Stories from German 427
Fenimore Cooper

. 109
M. D.'s Daughter
291 Susan Hopley

Christopher North 94 Medwin


Dora Melder. 437
Chronicles of Ierne 118 Midsummer Eve. 300 Cottage Tradition 441
Evelyn Howard . . 143 Nabob at Home. 314 Mrs Thomson

Rectory of Valehead 142 Herbert Tresham 316 Waverley Novels 472
Gaberlunzie's Wallet 170 Our Mess. 328 Richard Savage .



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