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in the division of Canaan, he ZEMARAIM, a mountain near could not have described the the above city, at the foot of portions of the tribes more which half a million troops of exactly. He had said, “Zebulon Jeroboam were slain by the shalldwell at the haven of the sea, army of Abijah, Josh. xviii, and he shall be for a haven of 22; 2 Chr. xiii, 4. ships.” When this tribe came ZEPHATH, a city of the out of Egypt it had 57,400 tribe of Simeon, Judges i, 17. fighting men. In another re. It is probably the same with view 39 years after, this tribe Zephathah; and was called amounted to 60,500 fighting Hormah, or Anathema, after men. This tribe and Naph- the victory obtained by the Istali distinguished themselves raelites, over the king of Arad, in the war of Deborah and Numb. xxi, 3; Judges i, 17. Barak, against Sisera. It is ZEPHATHA. The valley supposed that they were the of Zephathah, near Maresha, is first carried into captivity, be- mentioned in 2 Chr. xiv, 10. yond_the Euphrates by Pul ZEREDA, a city of the tribe and Tiglath-pileser, kings of of Ephraim, the place of the Assyria. These tribes had the nativity of Jeroboam, the son privilegre of seeing and hearing of Nebat, 1 Kings xi, 26. Jesus Christ more frequently

ZEREDATHAH, other than any other portion of Israel. wise colied Zathun, a city of the

ZEDAD, a city of Syria, tribe of Ephraim. situate to the north of the land ZIA, ZIHA, ZIE, SIHA, or of Promise, Numb. xxxiv, 8; SIAHA, a city of Canaan, east Ezek. xlvii, 15.

of the Jordan, and five miles ZELAH, a city of the tribe west from Philadelphia. of Benjamin, Josh. xvii, 28, ZIA, a part of Jerusalem, where Saul was buried, in the where those lived, who did ser. tomb of his father Kish, 2 Sam. vice in the temple. xxi, 14.

ZIDDIM, a city of Canaan. ZEMARAIM, a city of in the tribe of Naphtali. Benjamin, near Bethel, Josh. ZIDON, See Sidon. xviii, 22.

This also is the ZIGLAG, or ZIKLAY, a name given to the mount She city which Achisi), king of mer, 2 Chr. xii, 14. The Ze. Gath, gave to David, while he maraites were descended from took shelter in the land of the the tenth son of Canaan, who Philistines; and which after is thought to have inhabited that always remained as a doSimyra, a city of Phænicia, main to the kings of Judah, 1 near Orthosia.

Sam. xxvii, 6. The Amale

kites took and plundered it in Zion is the whole of the the absence of David. Joshua mountain, on which Jerusalem had allotted it to the tribe of stands at this day, though not Simeon, Josh. xix, 5. It was to the extent in which it an. situate in the extreme parts of ciently stood on the same the tribe of Judah southward. mountain, this appears Psalms

ZIN, or Sin, a city to the ix, 12, 15; Ixv, 1; 1xxxvii; Isai. south of the land of Promise, Ixii, 1. It is swelled in several Numb. xxxiv, 4. Perhaps this eminences or tops; as Moriah, may be the same with Senah, Acra, Bezetha, and Zion, a Ezra ii, 35, or Zin, Josh. xv, particular eminence, or mount 3. This name seems also to Zion proper, &c. encompassed be applied to a part, or to the on three sides, east, west, and whole of the desert of Paran. south, with one continued,

ZION, a mountain upon very deep, and steep valley, by which the temple of the Lord means of which it was impregwas built, in Jerusalem, by Sol. nable on these three sides, and omon, and where David built always attacked, and taken, acthe city of David, over against, cording to Josephus, by the and to the north of the ancient enemy on the north side, where Jebus, Ps. xlviii, 2, or Jerusa. mount Zion becomes level, lem, which stood upon the hill and the vales of Gihon and opposite to Zion. The scrip- Jehoshaphat, gradually lose ture generally puts mount Zin themselves. This deep, and on for the place, where the steep valley, incontestibly contemple of the Lord stood; but s!itutes the compass of the old strictly it was rather upon Jerusalem on those three sides, mount Moriali, which was one as plainly appears to any perof the hills of which mount Zi. son, who has been upon the on was composed. Mr. Re- spot. land pretends, that mount Zion ZIOR, or Sior, a city of was to the south of Jerusalem, Judea, of the tribe of Judah, and not to the north. The Josh. xv, 54. reader may consult his reasons. ZIPH, a city of the tribe of See Moriah. A part of Zion, Judah, Josh. xv, 24.

St. Je situated on its extremity, was rome says, that even in his called Millo, of, or ir, the city time they shewed the village of of David, 2 Chr. xxxii, 5. Ziph, tight miles from Hebron. Modern travellers, who have Zıph. It appears that there been upon the spot, say, that was still another city called Ziph, near Maon and Carmel which circumstance we are of Judah, Josh. xv, 55.

able to ascertain its situation, ZIPs, wilderness of, a desert for Tanis was on the second in the tribe of Judah, on the mouth of the Nile, east, of border of Edom, where David course, and not far from the was a fugitive, lying to the Red Sea. This branch of the south-east of Hebron; so called river, from the name of this from Ziph, or Siph, a two-fold city, was called the Tanitio toin in this tribe, the one more mouth, or the mouth by Tanis. to the south, towards Idumea,

See Tanis. on the confines of Eleutherop- ZOAR, a city of Pentapoolis, the other eight miles to the lis, lying on the southern exeast of Hebron, towards the tremity of the Dead sea.

It Dead sea, inclining southwards, was intended to be consumed because, rear mount Carmel. by fire from heaven, together Here was a mountain, mention with the other cities, but at the ed 1 Sam. xxiii, 14, in which intercession of Lot, it was preDavid abode, said. by Jen served, Gen. xix, 22. It had rome to be rugged, dismal, been called Beld, but when and always overcast. The Lot entreated of the angel, that name of the mountain is from he might take refuge there, and the Hebrew word Zephath, often insisted on the smallness which signifies pitch, an article of the place, it received the in which ihis region abound- name of Zoar, which in Hebrew ed. Kimpton.

signifies small or little. St. ZIPHRON, a city north of Jerome, however, supposes the the Land of Promise, Numb. place was called Bela, because xxxiv, 9. St. Jerome says, as soon as Lot left it, it was that it is Zephiriurn in Cilicis. swallowed up by an earthquake;

ZIZ. It is thought this is the Bela signifies to swallow up. same with Ziza, which Prolemy ZOBAH, a kingdom of Sy. places in iirabia Petrea. ria, not far from Damascus.

ZOAN, the most ancient Rehob and Hadezer were kings royal city of Egypt, where re- of this country, 2 Sanı. viji. sided the court of the Phara- ZOHELETH. The stone olis. Several of the miracles of Zoheleth was near the founwroug!ıt by Moses, are said tu tain Royel or En-regel, just have been exhibited in the under the walls of Jerusalem, fields of Zoan. By the Greeks 1 Kings i, 9. Some think it this city was called Tanis, from was useful to the fullers, or whitsters, to beat their cloths who were conquered by Ham, upon, after they had washed by Chedorlaomer and his althem. When Adonijah ex. lies, in the year of the world altcd himself saying, I will be 2079, Gen. xiv, 5. The Vul- . king, he slew sheep, and oxen, gate and Septuagint say, they and fat cattle, by the stone of were conquered with the RephZoheleth.

aims in Ashteroth-karnaim. ZORAH, a city of Judah, The Chaldee interpreters, have which was built, or fortified by taken Zuzim in the sense of an Rehoboam, 2 Chr. xi, 10. appellative, for stout and val.

Zorar, a city belonging to iant men; and the Septuagint the tribe of Dan, and the birth have rendered the word Zuzim place of Samson, Judges xiii, robust nations. We meet with 2. It was upon the frontier of the word Zuzims only in this this tribe, and that of Judah, place. Calmet is of opinion, , not far from Esthael.

that the Zuzims, are the same ZUZIMS, certain giants, with the Zamzummims. See who dwelt beyond Jordan, and Rephaims.



In the article Damascus, for Ju- Greek, and this stream is large and dela, read Tudela. In the article rapid, especially, at the season, Paradise, for America read Ar. when the snows of the mountains menia.

dissolve. The noise of its waters ARBATTIS, a town of Palestine is terrific, boats are dashed in pieces near to Galilee.

by its fury, and its violence disdains ARBELA, a town of Galilee.

a bridge. See Gihon, ARCA, a city in the tribe of ARBA. See Hebron. Asher.

ARCHELAIS, a city of Judea, ARCE, the capital of Arabia built by Archelaus, soil of Herod Petrea.

the Great: it is supposed to have ARAXES, a celebrated river of stood on the plain to the west of Asia, supposed to have its source Jordan. Lat. 31, 54. in mount Araral, and by some ARCHI, a city of Palestine on thought to be the Gihon, mentioned the east of Jordan, in the tribe of in Genesis as one of the rivers of Manasseh. Paradise, In Hebrew, Gihon sig. ARETH, or HARETH, a forest of nifies impetuous, or to flow with Judea, in which David concealed impetuosity, so does Araxes in himself from Saul.


Capt. W. ANDREWS, Ipswich George Blake, Springfield
Wm. Atwood, Pelham, N. H.

Robert Blinn, Providence, R. I.
Daniel Abbot, Esq. Dunstable, N. H. James Burrill, (o.
Rev. Samuel Austin,D.d. Worcester Nicholas Brown, co.
Jonathan Aiken, A.B. Goffstown,N.H. Alpheus Billings, do.
Dea. Phinehas Aiken, Bedford, N.ß. Rev. Joshua Bates, Dedham
Rev. Wm.Andrews, Windham,Con. Moses Bricket, Newbury
Leonard Adams, Dartm. college Mrs. Mary Burroughs, Boston.
Josiah Adams, Byfield

Rev. Ch. Burroughs, Portsmoutlı Gibbins Adams, do.

Hon. S. Berton, Esq. Salem, Me. Jonathan Adams, Providence, R. I. Andrew Brimmer, Boston, 2 copies Samuel Arnold, do.

John L. Blake, student in Divinity, Otis, Ammidon, do.

Providence, R 1. Capt. David Alexander, Dunbarton Eben. Burgess, Tutor Brown UniMrs. Jane Aiken, Goffstown

versity, Providence Rey. Thomas Andross, Berkely Rufus Brown, Bristol, N. Y. Dea. John Adams, Andover Dea. Joshua CAAPLAIN, Rowley Benj. Alien, LL. D. Brighton Capt. William Colman, Byfield JONATHAN BURNHAM, Ipswich Wm. Church, Providence, R. I. Benjamin Burnham, do.

Samuel Currie, do. Benjamin Burnham, jun. do. Samuel Carlisle, do. Mrs. Ann Burnham, do.

Amos Clark, Dedham Mrs. Mary Baker, do.

Rev. John Codman, Dorchester Charles Bowen, Esq. Northfield, 5 Oliver T. Cathcart, Goshen B. Brown, jun. Vasyalboro'

Rev. Thomas Crafts, Middleboro' Zach. Brown, jun New Ipswich Parker Cleaveland, Esq. Byfield Josiah Batcheller, jun. do.

Nehemiah Cleveland, Esq.Topsfield Francis Bliss, do.

Moses Colman, Byfield
Capt. Asa Blodget, Nottingham, N.I. Mary Coombs, Newburyport
Elijah Brigham, jun. Westboro', : Mrs. Mary Colman, do.
Wm. Beeton, do.

Thaddeus Chapin, Canandaigua,n.y. Ouis Brigham, do.

Eli Clark,

dio. Jacob Burbank, Washington, N. H. 5 Jonathan Cogswell, Esq. Ipswich Ch. A. Bagley, Goffstown, N. H.

William Cogswell, jun. Capt. Nathan Barns, Bedford

Nathan Choate,

do. Miss Sally Burnham, Dunbarton

Abner Choale, Ayer Brown, Hamilton

Joseph Choate,

do. Capt. Nathl. Burnham

Mrs. Miriam Choate, do. Rev.Wm.G Ballantine, Washington John Choate,

do. Amos Barrett, Hinsdale

George Choate,

do. Rev. Abijah Blanchard, Principal Clarke Chandler, Esq. Colrain

of the Grammar School, and SuWilliam Cogswell, Hampton perintendant of the Lancaster Seth Cutter, jun. Pelhana, n. h.

School, Waterford, N. y. 3 copies Thomas Carleton, Vassalboro' Nathaniel Bancroft, Reading Harvey Chapin, Springfieid Jonathan Bancroft, jun. do.

Rev. J. H. Church, Peiham, N. H. Aaron Bancroft, do.

Rev. John Crane, D. D. Northbridge Jedde Brown, do.

Dea. John Craig, Bedford David Bail, do.

Lieut. Th. Caldwell, jr. Dunbarton

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