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dria is situated in Lat. 31, 11, sea, and the Red sea; or beN. long. 30, 16, E. To this tween Havilah and Shur, 1 I

may add that the city is built Sam. XV, 7, sometimes in over against the little island of one canton and sometimes in Pharos, which has been joined another. It does not appear, to the land, and for the security that they had cities; there is of the port, the Turks have but one, mentioned in the here built a fort. In this isle scriptures; they lived generally the SEVENTY-two Interpreters · in hamlets, caves, and tents, and are said to have translated the seem to have had the same fe. Hebrew bible into Greek, in rocious character with the so many distinct cells or apart. modern Arabs. · The Israe. ments. This work, from the lites had scarce passed the number of persons employed, Red sea on their way to the is called the Septuagint. wilderness, before the Amal

ALMON, a city belonging ekites came to attack them in to the tribe of Benjamin (Josh. the deserts of Rephidim, xxi, 18) Calmet takes it to be Exod. xvii, 8, &c. and put the same with Alemeth. It those to the sword, who were was given to the priests of obliged, either through fatigue Aaron's family (1 Ch. vi, 60. or weakness, to remain behind.

ALUSH, one of the Hebrew Moses by God's command, encampments in the wilder- directed Joshua to fall upon ness; it was in the region of this people; to record the act the Edomites, near the city of inhumanity, which they had Petra.

committed, in a book in order AMAD, a city belonging to have it always before his to the tribe of Asher, (Josh. eyes, and to avenge it, in the xxix, 26.) Lat. 33, 1.

most remarkable manner, AMALEK, a mountain of Joshua therefore fell upon the Palestine in the tribe of Ephra. Amalekites and defeated them, im, on which the town of Pi. while Moses was upon the rathon was built, and where mountain, with Aaron and Hur Ahdon, the son of Hillel, judge in company. During the time of Israel, was buried, 1156 B. of the engagement, Moses C. Lat. 28, 30.

held up his hands, to which AMALEKITES, a power. the success of the battle was ful people, who dwelt in Ara. owing, for as often as he let bia Petrea, between the Dead down his hands Amalek pre

vailed, but Moses's hands being the Amalekites, joined with the tired, Aaron, and Hur support. Midianites and Moabites in a ed his arms, and held them ex. design to oppress Israel: but tended, while the battle lasted, Ehud delivered the Israelites which was from morning, till from Eglon, king of the Moathe approach of night, when bites; Judges iii, and Gideon the Amalekites were cut in chap. viii, delivered them from pieces. This happened in the the Midianites and Amalekites. year of the world 2513 before About the year of the world Christ 1491.

2930 the Lord said to Samuel, The ground of the enmity "Go to Saul, 1 Sam. xv, 1, &c. of the Amalekites, against the and say, Thus saith the Lord Israelites, is generally supposed of Hosts, I remember that which to have risen from the remem- Amalek did to Israel, how he brance of Jacob's depriving laid wait for him in the way, their progenitor, both of his when he came up from Egypt. birthright and blessing. Their Now go and smite Amalek, falling upon them, however, and utterly destroy all that and that without any provoca. they have and spare them not, tion, when they saw them re- but slay both man and woman, duced to so low a condition, infant and suckling, ox and by the fatigue of their march, sheep, camel and ass.” Saul and the excessive drought un- marched, therefore, against the der which they labored, was Amalekites, advanced as far as an inhuman, barbarous action, their capital, and put all the and justly deserved the attack people of the country to the which Joshua gave them. But sword; but spared the best of the reason why God thought all the cattle and moveables, and fit to denounce a perpetual war so violated the command of against them is to be resolved God. This act of disobedience into this. Knowing that the was the cause of Saul's misforIsraelites were preordained by tunes, and his being rejected God, to be put in possession by God. After this war, the of the land of Canaan, they Amalekitęs scarce appear any came against them, with an more in history; however, about armed force in hopes of frus. the year of the world 2949, a trating the designs of Provi. troop of Amalekites came and dence, concerning them. Un- pillaged Ziklag, which belong. der the Judges (v, 3,) we see ed te David, 1 Sam. Xxx,


where he had left bis two wives, latter end shall be, that he perAhinoam and Abigail.

But ish for ever." Our commenhe returning from an expedi- tator observes that this epithet, tion, which he had made in "the first of nations cannot certhe company of Achish into the tainly agree with the Amalevalley of Jezreel, pursued them, kites, descended from the overtook and dispersed them, son of Eliphaz, because the and recovered all the booty, generation then living was but which they had carried from the third from Amalek. Be. Ziklag. The Arabians main. sides, Moses never reproaches tain Amalek to have been the the Amalekites with attacking son of Ham, and grandson of their brethren the Israelites as Noah, that he was the father of an aggravating circumstance, Ad, and grandfather of Sched- which he would not have omitad. Calmet thinks that this ted, were the Amalekites de. opinion is by no means to be scended from Esau, in which rejected; as it is not very prob- case they had been the brethable that Amalek, the son of ren of the Israelites. Eliphaz, and grandson of Esau we see the Amalekites, almost should be the father of a peo- always joined in scripture, ple, so powerful and numerous with the Canaanites and Philisas the Amalekites were, when tines, and never with the Edo. the Israelites departed out of mites; and when Saul made war Egypt. Moses in the book of with the Amalekites and almost Genesis xiv, 7, relates, that in utterly destroyed them, we Abraham's time, long before do not find that the Edo. the birih of Amalek, the son mites, made the least motion of Eliphaz, the five confeder- toward their assistance, or to ate kings carried the war into revenge them afterwards. Amalek's country, about Ka. Thence it is thought probable, desh; and into that of the Am- that the Amalekites, who are orites, about Hazezon-tamar. so often mentioned in scripture, , The same Moses, Numb. xxiv, were a people, descended from 20, relates that the diviner Canaan, and devoted to the Baalam, observing at a dis- curse, as well as the other Amtance the land of Amalek, said orites, and very different from in his prophetic style, ‘Ama- the descendants of Amalek, the lek is the first, the head, the grandson of Esau. The account original of the nation, but his which the Arabians give us, of the Amalekites, destroyed by Notwithstanding the length Saul, are as follows. Amalek of this article, it would be un. was the father of an ancient tribe pardonable not to notice the in Arabia, exterminated in the remarkable fulfilment of prophreign of Saul. This tribe con- ecy respecting this people. tained only the Arabians, who Balaam prophesied, “Amalek are called pure, the remains of was the first of nations, but which were mingled with the his latter end shall be, that he posterity of Joktan and Adnan, perish forever.

This most and so become Mosarabes or potent kingdom shall be blotMonstaarabes, that is to say, ted from existence. This was Arabians blended with foreign only confirming what Moses nations, they farther believe had said before, Exod. xvii, that Goliah, who was overcome 14. “Write this for a memo. by David, was king of the rial in a book, and rehearse it Amalekites, and that the giants, in the ears of Joshua, that I who inhabited Palestine in will utterly put out the rememJoshua's time, were of the berance of Amalek from under same race; that finally part of heaven.” the Amalekites retired into Saul in a great measure exAfrica, while Joshua was yet ecuted this sentence. After living, and settled upon the this, David smote the land, coast of Barbary, and along the and left neither man nor womMediterranean sea.

The son

an alive. Where is now the of Amalek was Ad, a celebra- name of Amalek? Where does ted prince among the Arabians, this people live? Where are Some make him the son of Uz, the records of their exploits? and grandson of Aram, the They have "perished for ever," son of Shem. Let this be as "the remembrance of them is it will, the Mahometans say, put out from under heaven.” that Ad was the father of AMAN, a city belonging Ad, who was the father of an to the tribe of Judah. Josh. Arabian tribe, called Adites, xv, 26. Lat. 31, 7. who were exterminated, as AMANA, a valley of Ca.. they tell us, for not hearkening naan, between the two seas, to the patriarch Eber, who where Gog and his congregat. preached the Unity of God to ed hosts will be buried, after them. Ad was the father of their discomfiture in the battle two sons Schodad and Shedid. of the great day of God Al.

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mighty, which some learned conjectures that Amathus and
men expect will take place Ramoth-Gilead are the same.
fifty-four years from this time, AMATHEANS, a people
1812. In this valley of passen- descended from Amath, a son
gers, lying east of the great of Canaan. It is supposed they
sea, the stench of the putrefy- inhabited Amath in Syria.
ing hosts will be such, that AMANAH, in the Jewish
travellers will stop their noses; writers is the same as mount
all the people of Israel will be Hor, which rose in the north-
employed seven months in bu. ern boundary of their country.
rying the slain; after this many AMMAH, a hill of Pales-
individuals will be appointed tine, near Hebron, mentioned
to search for what remains. 2 Sam. ii, 24. It signifies the
Ezek. xxxix, 11-15. hill of two ways, where two

AMANA, a mountain men- roads turn off. At the foot of tioned in the song of Solo. the hill was a pool of water. mon; Lat. 31, 7: some are of AMMAN, the capital city opinion that it was in Cilicia, of the Amonites in Arabia, to which country the govern called in Scripture Rabbath ment of Solomon did extend. Ammon, but in profane auSome suppose the following thors, Philadelphia. In the mountain is intended.

time of Eusebeus, he says it Amana, a mountain east was an illustrious city. See of Jordan in the half tribe of RABBATH. Manasseh, nine miles from lake AMMON, See No-Am- . Meron. The mountain was three leagues in circuit, and at AMMONITES, a people the base is a fine vineyard; the descended from Ammon, the top is always covered with son of Lot. The Ammonites snow, for which reason the A. destroyed those giants, which rabs call it the old man's moun- they called

called Zamzummims, tain. Sanson says, it was not (Deut. ii, 19-21) and seized far from the fountains of Jor- upon their country. God fordan. Lat. 33, 26.

bad Moses, and by him the AMATH, or Emath, a children of Israel (ib. 19) to city of Syria; the same with attack the Ammonites, because Emesa on the Orontes. he did not intend to give their

AMATHUS, a city east of lands to the Hebrews. Before Jordar., twenty-one miles to the Israelites entered the land Pella on the south. Reland of Canaan, the Ammorites had


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