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14. Bonfrerius. See EnAIM.

See EnAIM. loaded with rags and years ÆLIA-CAPITOLINA, a were seen going up mount name given to Jerusalem, and Olivet, to lament the ruin of therefore mentioned here, when the temple. This sight they the emperor Adrian, about the purchased very dearly. A year of Jesus Christ, 134, set. marble Venus was set up on tled a Roman colony in it, and Calvary, on the rock where the entirely banished the Jews, for. cross had stood; a marble hog bidding them on pain of death was placed on the gate, which to continue there. See JERU- looked toward Bethlehem, a

grove was planted in honor of This name was given it be- Adonis, to whom was dedicat. cause Elius, was of Adrian's ed the cave in which our Savfamily; and it was called Capi- ior was born. Notwithstandtolina from Jupiter Capitolinus, ing the gross indignities offerto whom the city was conse- ed to these places, consecrated crated, and to whom a temple by the birth, death, and resurwas built on the spot where rection of Jesus Christ, still Jesus rose from the dead. It they were venerated by Chriswent by this name, till the time tians, and greatly respected by of the emperor Constantine, many of the pagan world. when it resumed that of Jeru- These insulting pollutions of salem. However, the name sacred places, were followed Ælia was not long abolished, with one advantage, they confor it was so called long after tributed to identify and perConstantine, as may be seen in petuate the knowledge of the Greek, Latin, and Mahometan very places, where those interauthors. Jerome says that the esting events took place, and Jews were now forbid to cir- to keep them in remembrance cumcise their children; he says for a day of subsequent honors. also that the Jews at this time ÆN or Ain a city, first bought permission of the Ro- given to the tribe of Judah; man soldiers to look on Jerusa- but afterwards yielded up to lem, and shed tears over it. the tribe of Simeon, Josh. xv, Thus the people, who bought 32; 1 Chr. iv, 32. Æn signiJesus Christ with money, were fies'a fountain, and is to be met obliged to pay a price, even for within composition in the the indulgence of their own names of several cities. tears. Old men and women AIN-CHARIN, a village of

Palestine, 6 miles from Jeru- settlements, and seized certaita salem.

territories belonging to Shem. AFRICA, one of the four. AGABA, a fortress near quarters of the world, being a Jerusalem. peninsula joined to Asia by AGALLA, a city of Pales. the riarrow isthmus nf Suez, tine on the east of the Dead and situated between 37 north, Sea in the land of Moab. See and 35 degrees south latitude, EGLAIM. and between 18 west and 51 AGRIPPIAS, a town of east longitude from London. Palestine on the Mediterra. It is 4320 miles in length, from nean, about two miles and a north to south, and 4200 miles half from Gaza. Herod the in breadth from east to west. Great gave the town this name Africa is bounded by the Med. in honor of Agrippa his friend, iterranean sea, which separates and the favorite of Augustus. it from Europe on the north, AHAVA, a river of Babyby the isthmus of Suez, the lonia, or rather of Assyria, Red Sea, and the Eastern ocean; where Ezra (viii, 15) gathered which divide it from Asia on those captives into a body, the east, by the Southern ocean whom he brought with him on the south, and by the At. into Judea. In this region the lantic or western ocean, which Diava, or Adiavana, is now separates it from America on known, on the banks of which the west. Africa was princi- Ptolemy places the city of A. ' pally peopled by Ham and his bane or Aavane. It was com. descendants. Mizraim peopled mon for travellers going from Egypt. The Pathrusion, the Babylon to Jerusalem, to pro. Naphtuhim, the Casluhim, and ceed northerly at first to avoid the Ludim, peopled other parts the scorching heat of the Ara. of the country, the limits of bian desert, then turning west, which are not at this day dis.. they passed through Syria into tinctly known. It is thought Palestine. This is probably that many of the Canaanites, the country called Ava, 2 Kings being driven out of their coun. xvii, and xviii, and xix, whence

try by Joshua, retired into Af- the kings of Assyria translated : rica. Sanson in his Index Ge- the people called Avites into ographicus, says that Cush and Palestine, and where in their Canaan were not content with room, they settled some of the their lot, that they sought other captive Israelites. Ezra de.

signing to collect, as many Is. probably is that spoken of by raelites as possible, made a halt Joshua, when he said to the here, and sent agents into the moon, (chap. x, 12,) 'Thou Caspian mountains, to invite moon stand still in the valley the Jews scattered there, to join of Ajalon.' But the Danites him. Ezra viii. Izates, king could never drive out the Amof the Adiabenians, and his orites from Ajalon.

There mother Helena, became con- : were three other cities of this verts to Judaism after the death name; one was in the tribe of of Christ; an argument that Benjamin, three miles eastJews still remained in that ward from Bethel; (2 Chr. xi, country.

10;) another in the tribe of AI, or HAI, a town of Ca. Ephraim, two miles from naan, three leagues from Jeri- Shechem, as you go to Jeru. cho, and one league from Be. salem and to the east of Bethothel. This place is mentioned ron; this was a city of refuge; in the history of Abram, who another was in the tribe of both before, and after his go- Zebulon, the situation of which ing into Egypt, pitched his is not exactly known. Lat. tent between Bethel and Ai, 31, 37. or Hai. Jerome and Eusebius AKRABBIM, or Acraba. tell us, that some remains of thine, a village situate in the this place existed in their day. south east corner of the tribe Joshua attacked Ai a second of Judah, about vine miles time, took it by stratagem, from Neapolis. hung the king, and burned the ALAMELECH, a city of town.

Canaan in the tribe of Asher. AI, a city of Moab, taken ALEMA, a great and strong and plundered by the Chalde- city in the country of Gilead, ans. Jer. xlix, 3.

beyond Jordan. (1 Macc. V, AIN; a city given to the 25. Lat. 32, 7. tribe of Simeon.

ALEXANDRIA, a cele. AIN.CHARIM, a village brated city in Egypt, (Acts of Palestine, 6 miles from Je.. xviii, 24 and xxvii, 6.) built by rusalem.

Alexander the great, situated AJALON, a city of the between the Mediterranean and . tribe of Dan, assigned over to the lake. Mæris. Alexan. the Levites of Koah's family.. dria is often to be met with in It was situated between Tim- the latin texts of those books nah and Bethshemesh, and in the Old Testament, which

were written before the reign of this country had been buried, of Alexander, as in Nahum, iii, but Egypt carried it. His body 8, Jer. xlvi, 25, and Ezek.xxx, therefore was deposited first of 14, 15, 16. But this name is all at Memphis; but was afterno where in the original He- wards removed to Alexandria. brew; instead of which, we It is said to have been laid in there read No, which is thought a coffin of gold, and to have to be a city of Diospolis in the been embalmed in honey. The Delta, between Busiris and happy situation of this city, beMendesa. The Arabians in tween the Mediterranean and forın us, that Alexandria was the Red Sea, and upon the river called Caissoun, before Alexan. Nile, drew thither the comder the great, rebuilt or enlarg. merce of the east and west, and ed it.

Dinocrates, who pre- in a little time rendered it one pared the plan of it, was the of the most flourishing cities in same architect, who rebuilt the the world. It soon became the temple of Diana at Ephesus, capital of Egypt; though now which had been burnt by Eu- it is no more than a village, rostratus, Aridæus, Alexan- having in it, nothing remarka. der's brother, was charged with ble, beside its ruins, the remains the care of carrying the body of its past grandeur. For two of this prince from Babylon to hundred years after the death Alexandria. He employed two of Alexander, it was the resi. years in inaking preparations dence of his successors. This for its removal, the pomp of city was taken from the Chris. which is described by Diodo. tians by Amrou Ebn-el-Aas, rus Siculus. There had been general of the Califf

, about the a prophecy current, intimating middle of the 7th century, after that the place where Alexander a siege of 14 months, in which should be buried, should flour. he lost 23,000 men. Alexan. ish and be very prosperous. dria then contained 4,000 baths, The governors, therefore, of the 12,000 sellers of vegetables, several cities and provinces, 4,000 palaces and 4,000 Jews, disputed with one another, who who paid tribute, &c.sometimes should have the honor and ad. the Jews amounted to 100.000, vantage of possessing his body. &c. What is much to be reThere was a proposal for car- gretted by the lovers of books, rying it to Aigua in Macedo- the library was destroyed by nia, where generally the kings this ignorant, bigotted Arab, in

which successive kings had col. It is said this canal is the only lected more than 400,000, or as circumstance, which makes Al. others write, 700,000, manu- exandria a part of Egypt. scripts, or volumes. Among From its being situated withthe remains of ancient opulence out the Delta, it really belongs in this city, are two obelisks to Lybia. Here is still seen full of hieroglyphics, also Pom- the church of St. Mark. They pey's'pillar, which is one entire show part of the pulpit in which piece of granite, 40 feet high they say the Evangelist preachand 25 in circumference. The ed. The outside of the church ancient Pharos, famous among is faced with stones of different the ancients, as one of the seven colors. The body of St. Mark, wonders of the world, is now a who it is said was the first castle, and useful in directing bishop of Alexandria, was devessels into the harbor. This posited in this church, where town consists chiefly of one it continued till some Venetians street, along the harbor, the carried it to Venice, where is a rest being a waste of forsaken famous church, called

St. ruins. Part of the ancient walls Mark's. The population is are standing, having great reckoned at 30,000. The square towers 200 paces apart. Turks call it Scanderia, or EsEach of these would contain canderia. It is 33 miles South 200 soldiers, and had a cistern, West from Rosetta, about 100 which received the water of north westerly from Cairo. the Nile. The gates are of On the 4th of July, 1788 Ala Thebaic and granite marble. exandria was taken by assault, But the immense traffic of this by the French army under the place has in a measure been command of Napoleon Bona. lost, since its subjugation by parte; he put to flight the the Turks, and especially since Arabs and Mamelukes, who. the discovery of the Cape of defended the place,

killing Good Hope. Still the com- about 300 of them. In the year merce is not inconsiderable; it 1801, the plaee was taken again is the principal harbor of Egypt. by the English army under the The town is low, and a canal command of General Hutchinfrom Faoua brings the waters son, and by an article in the of the Nile, during the inunda- preliminaries of peace, Egypt tion intoreservoirs, which is pre- was to be restored to the Sub. served for use through the year. lime Ottoman Porte. Alexans

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