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that Messiah had come, or that their , the worst madness--we affirm of this, expectation was vain, and that no de- that it is a prodigy without equal in liverer would appear. There seemed all the registered wonders which have no alternative, if they rejected Jesus been known on our earth: and I want of Nazareth, but the rejecting their nothing more to assure me that Christ own Scriptures. So that we can have came from God, and that he had a suno hesitation in affirming, that the con- perhuman power of inspecting distant tinued infidelity, like the continued se times, than the evidence vouchsafed, paration, of the Jews is wholly inex- when I turn from surveying the once plicable, unless referred to the appoint- chosen people, and hear the Redeemer ment and judgment of God. We can declaring in his last discourse in the no more account, on any common prin. temple, that their house should be left ciples, for their persisting in expecting unto them desolate, and that a moral a Redeemer, when the predictions on darkness should long cloud their unwhich they rest manifestly pertain to a derstanding. long-departed age, than for their re- But we have now, in the third and taining all their national peculiarities, last place, to consider what our text when they have been for centuries affirms of the future conversion of this "without a king, and without a prince, unbelieving people. We have already and without a sacrifice.” In both ca insisted on the fact, that, in delivering ses they accomplish, and that too most the words under review, Christ was signally, the prophecies of Christ- concluding his public ministrations, and their house being left unto them deso that they could not, therefore, have late, and a judicial blindness having been accomplished in events which ocsettled on their understanding. curred whilst he was yet upon earth.

And never, therefore, should we Yet they manifestly contain a predicmeet a Jew, without feeling that we tion, that, at some time or another, the meet the strongest witness for the truth Jews would be willing to hail him as of our religion. I know not how those, Messiah. In saying, "ye shall not see who are proof against all other testi- me henceforth till ye

ye shall say, blessed mony, can withstand that furnished by is he that cometh in the name of the the condition of the Jews. They may Lord,” Christ undoubtedly implied that have their doubts as to the performance the Jews should again see him, but not of the miracles recorded in the writ- till prepared to give him their alleings of evangelists; but here is a mi- giance. We referred you to the psalm racle, wrought before their eyes, and in which this exclamation occurs, that which ceases not to be miracle because you might be certified as to its amountlong continued. We call it miracle, be- ing to an acknowledgment of the Mescause altogether contrary to what we siah. So that, on every account, we had reason to expect, and not to be ex- seem warranted in assuming, that, whilst plained on mere natural principles. announcing the misery which the Jews That the Jews have not ceased to be were fast bringing on themselves, and Jews; that, though scattered over the the protracted infidelity to which they world, domesticated in every land, at would be consigned, Christ also anone time hunted by persecution and nounced that a time would come, when ground down by oppression, at another, the veil would be taken from their allowed every privilege and placed on hearts, and they would delightedly rea footing with the natives of the soil, ceive the very being they were then there has been a proved impossibility about to crucify. of wearing away their distinguishing Such is the great event for which we characteristics, and confounding them yet look, and with which stands assowith any other tribe—is not this mar- ciated all that is most glorious in the vellous į That, moreover, throughout dominion of christianity. We know not their long exile from their own land, with what eyes those men can read they have held fast the Scriptures prophecy, who discover not in its anwhich prove their hopes vain, and ap- nouncements the final restoration and pealed to prophets, who, if any thing conversion of the Jews. It is useless to better than deceivers, accuse them of attempt to resolve into figurative lanthe worst crime, and convict them of guage, or to explain by a purely spiri

say to

tual interpretation, predictions which land which God promised to Abraham seem to assert the reinstatement of the and his seed. We cannot divine what exiles in the land of their fathers, and instrumentality will be brought to bear their becoming the chief preachers of the on mankind, when God shall " religion which they have so long labor- the north, give up, and to the south, ed to bring into contempt. These pre- keep not back; bring my sons from far, dictions are inseparably bound up with and my daughters from the ends of the others, which refer to their dispersion earth.” But we are sure, that, what. and unbelief; so that, if you spiritual ever the means employed to gather ize any one, you must spiritualize the home the wanderers, they shall flow whole. And since every word has bad into Judea from every district of the a literal accomplishment, so far as the globe; they shall fly as "the doves to dispersion and unbelief are concerned, their windows;" and the waste and dehow can we doubt that every word will solate places become too narrow by have also a literal accomplishment, so reason of the inhabitants." far as the restoration and conversion And when God's hand shall have are concerned ? If the event had prov- been lifted up to the Gentiles, compeled the predicted dispersion to be figu- ling them to bring his sons in their rative, the event, in all probability, arms, and his daughters on their shoulwould prove also the predicted resto ders; when marching thousands shall ration to be figurative. But, so long as have crossed the confines of Palestine, we find the two foretold in the same and pitched their tents in plains which sentence, with no intimation that we the Jordan waters; then will there be a are not to apply to both the same rule manifestation of the Christ, and then a of interpretation, we seem bound to conversion of the unbelieving. We have expect, either in both cases a literal but few, and those obscure, notices of fulfilment, or in both a spiritual; and this august consummation. We may since in the one instance the fulfilment perhaps gather, from the predictions has been undoubtedly literal, have we of Ezekiel and Daniel, that, when the not every reason for concluding that it Jews shall have resettled themselves in will be literal in the other ?

Judea, they will be attacked by an anWe believe, then, of the nation of tichristian confederacy; that certain Israel, that it has not been cast off for potentates will combine, lead their arever, that not for ever shall Jerusalem mies to the holy land, and seek to plunsit desolate, mourning her banished der and exterminate the reinstated peoones, and trodden down by the Gen- ple. And the struggle will be vehement; tiles. We believe, according to the de- for it is declared in the last chapter of claration of Isaiah, that there shall come the Prophecies of Zechariah, a day when "the great trumpet shall gather all nations against Jerusalem to be blown, and they shall come which battle, and the city shall be taken, and were ready to perish in the land of the houses rifled, and half of the city Assyria, and the outcasts in the land shall go forth into captivity.”. But at of Egypt, and shall worship the Lord this crisis, when the anti-christian powin the holy mount at Jerusalem.” We ers seem on the point of triumphing believe, according to the magnificent over the Jews, the Lord, we are told, imagery of the same evangelical pro- shall visibly interpose, and turn the phet, that a voice will yet say to the tide of battle. "And his feet shall stand prostrate nation and city, "Arise, shine, in that day upon the mount of Olives.” for thy light is come, and the glory of It was from the mount of Olives that the Lord is risen upon thee." "The Jesus ascended, when he had glorious. sons of strangers shall build up thy ly completed our redemption. And walls, and their kings shall minister whilst the apostles " looked steadfastly unto thee ; for in my wrath I smote towards heaven, as he went up,” there thee; but in my favor have I had mercy stood by them two men in white ap. on thee.” We know not by what migh- parel, which told them that " this same ty impulse, nor at what mysterious sig. Jesus, which is taken up from you into nal, the scattered tribes shall arise from heaven, shall so come in like manner the mountains, and valleys, and islands as ye have seen him go into heaven." of the earth, and hasten towards the There was here a clear prophecy that

Christ should return personally to the all false doctrine, and all superstition, earth, and that, too, in like manner as and all opposition, give way before he departed. And it may be one point these mighty missionaries; till, at of similarity between the departure and length, the sun, in his circuit round the return, that, as he went up from the this globe, shall shine upon no habitamount of Olives, so, as Zechariah pre- tions but those of disciples of Christ, dicts, it shall be on the mount of Olives and behold no spectacle but that of a he descends. Then shall he be seen and rejoicing multitude, walking in the love known by the Jewish people. Then of the Lord our Redeemer. shall the hearts of this people, which Such, we believe, is the prophetic had been previously moved, it may be, delineation of what shall occur at the to the seeking the God of their fathers, second advent of Christ. And if there though not to the acknowledging the were great cause why Jesus should crucified Messiah, sink within them at weep over Jerusalem, as he thought the view of the being whom their an- on the infidelity of her children, and cestors pierced, and whom themselves marked the long train of calamities had blasphemed. They shall recognize which pressed rapidly onwards, there is in him their long-expected Christ, and abundant reason why we, upon whom throwing away every remnant of infi. are fallen the ends of the world, should delity, and full of remorse and godly look with hope to the hill of Zion, and contrition, shall fall down before him, expect, in gladness of spirit, the speedy and supplicate forgiveness, and tender dawning of bright days on the deserted their allegiance.

and desecrated

Judea. If we have at This we believe to be the time re- heart the advance of christianity, we ferred to by Christ in the prophecy of shall be much in prayer for the conour text. Then will the nation be pre- version of the Jews. "Ye that make pared to exclaim, "Blessed is he that mention of the Lord,” saith the prophet cometh in the name of the Lord.” Isaiah, "keep not silence, and give him Then will the period, which God, in no rest, till he establish, and till he his righteous vengeance, hath appoint- make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” ed for the desolation of their house, be I have more than sympathy with the brought to its close; "the times of the Jews as a people chastened for the sin Gentiles ” will be completed, and the of their ancestors : I have an indistinct jubilee year of this creation will com- feeling of reverence and awe, as knowmence. Until the Jews, with one heart ing them reserved for the most glori. and one voice, shall utter the welcome ous allotments. It is not their sordid. of our text, we are taught to expect ness, their degradation, nor their impino general diffusion of christianity, no. ety-and much less is it their suffering thing, which shall approach to that --which can make me forget either complete mantling of the globe with the vast debt we owe them, or the righteousness and peace, which pro- splendid station which they have yet phets have described in their most fer- to assume. That my Redeemer was vid strains. But the uttering this wel a Jew, that his apostles were Jews, come by the reinstated Israelites, shall that Jews preserved for us the sacred be as the blast of the silver trumpets oracles, that Jews first published the which ushered in the Jubilee of old. tidings of salvation, that the diminThe sound shall be heard on every ishing of the Jews was the riches shore. The east and the west, the of the Gentiles—I were wanting in north and the south, shall echo back common gratitude, if, in spite of all the peal, and all nations, and tribes, this, I were conscious of no yearnings and tongues shall join in proclaiming of heart towards the exiles and wanblessed "the King of kings and Lord derers. But, asks St. Paul, "if the of lords." Jerusalem, " her walls sal. casting away of them be the reconcil. vation and her gates praise,” shall be ing of the world, what shall the receiverected into the metropolis of the re- ing of them be but life from the dead?” generated earth; and she shall send And if indeed the universal reign of forth, in every direction, the preachers Christ cannot be introduced, until the of the "one Mediator between God and Jews are brought, like Paul their great man ;” and rapidly shall all error, and type, to preach the faith which now

they despise, where can be our sinceri- such result ?—the seed which was less, ty in putting up continually the pray- when sown, than all the seeds in the er, " thy kingdom come,” if we have earth, shall grow suddenly into a plant no longing for the home-gathering of of unrivalled stature and efflorescence; the scattered tribes, no earnestness in the whole globe shall be canopied by supplication that the veil may be taken the far-spreading boughs, and the fowls from the heart of the Israelite ? of the air shall lodge under its shadow.

In proportion as we grow in grace I have only to add, that, as you and in the knowledge of Christ,” we leave the church, you will be asked to shall grow in the desire that the Re. prove that you do indeed care for the deemer's sovereignty may be more Jews, by subscribing liberally towards widely and visibly extended. And as a Society which devotes all its enerthis desire increases, our thoughts will gies to the attempting their converturn to Jerusalem, to the scenes which sion. I have indeed spoken in vain, if witnessed Christ's humiliation, and the attempt shall prove that you refuse which have also to witness his tri- this Society your aid, or give it only in umphs. Dear to us will be every moun. scant measure. And it is not I who tain and every valley; but not more appeal to you. The memory of a great dear because once hallowed by the and good man* appeals to you. The footsteps of the Man of sorrows, than Society for the Conversion of the Jews because yet to be irradiated by the was the favorite Society of that admimagnificent presence of the King of rable and lamented person, who, for so kings. Dear will be Lebanon with many years, labored in the ministry in its cedars, and Jordan with its wa- this town, and who can hardly be forters; but not more dear, because as- gotten here for generations to come. sociated with departed glories, than In preaching for this Society, I redeem because the trees have to rejoice, a promise which I made to him when and "the floods to clap their hands," my duties brought me last year to this before the Lord, as he cometh down place. I obey his wish, I comply with in pomp to his kingdom. Dear will his request. "And it cannot be that you be the city, as we gaze upon it in its will fail to embrace gladly an opportuscathed and wasted estate ; but not nity of showing your respect for so more dear, because Jesus sojourned eminent a servant of God, one who there, and suffered there, and wept spent and was spent, that he might there bitter tears, than because Jeru- guide you to heaven. You might erect salem hath yet to be "a crown of to him a costly monument; you might glory in the hand of the Lord, and a grave his virtues on the brass, and royal diadem in the hand of her God." cause the marble to assume a living We bid you, therefore, examine well, shape, and bend mournfully over his whether you assign the Jew his scrip- ashes. But be ye well assured, that, if tural place in the economy of redemp. his glorified spirit be yet conscious of tion, and whether you give him his what passes on this earth, it would be due share in your intercessions with no pleasure to him to see that you your Maker. You owe him much; yea, gathered into solemn processions to vastly more than you can ever com honor his obsequies, and reared, in topute. The branches were broken off; ken of your love, the stately cenotaph, and we, being wild olive trees, were compared with what he would derive grafted in amongst them. But the nạ. from beholding your zeal, in gathering tural branches shall be again grafted into the christian fold "the lost sheep into their own olive tree. And when of the house of Israel.” they are thus grafted, then-and who will not long, who will not pray for

* The Rev. Charles Simeon.


February, 1837.

The publication of the following Sermons was strongly requested by many of those who had heard them delivered. The Author was thus placed under the same circumstances as a year ago, when he had discharged the duties of Select Preacher before the University. He felt that it would not become him to act differently on the two occasions; and he can now only express


earest hope that discourses, which were listened to with singular kindness and attention, may be perused with some measure of advantage.

CaxBERWELL, March 4, 1837.



"O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth; before whose

eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you ?"-Galatians, 3 : 1.


It is to be observed that the Gala- assemblies, it may be said of us, with tians, here addressed, were not Jews; as much propriety as of the Galatians, neither had they been dwellers in Je- that "Jesus Christ hath been evidently rusalem, when Christ died upon the set forth, crucified among us." cross. It was not therefore true of The greater distance at which we them, any more than of ourselves, that, stand from the introduction of chriswith the bodily eye, they had beheld tianity does not necessarily occasion Jesus crucified. If the Savior had been any greater indistinctness in the exbievidently set forth before the Galatians, bition of the Savior. It was not the sacrificed for sin, it could only have proximity of the Galatians to the time been in the same manner as he is set of the crucifixion which caused Christ before us, through the preaching of the to appear as though crucified among word, and the administration of the them; for once let a truth become an Sacraments. There was no engine object of faith, not of sight, and it must brought to bear on the Galatians, ex- make way by the same process at difcept that of the miracles (which the ferent times--there may be diversity first teachers wrought, which is not in the evidence by which it is sustainalso brought to bear upon us; and the ed, there is none in the manner in which miracles were of no avail, except to it is apprehended. the making good points on which we

ve * We may therefore bring down our profess ourselves already convinced. text to present days, and regard it as If therefore the very Gospel which St. applicable, in every part, to ourselves. Paul preached be preached in our hear. There are two chief topics which will ing, and the very Sacraments which he demand to be handled. You observe administered be administered in our that the apostle speaks of it as so sin

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