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sometimes be exhibited as though one thing good, and that the creation, whewere superior to the others. At one ther animate or inanimate, as it rose time they may be spoken of with refer from his hands, presented no trace of ence to their attributes, and then the imperfection or pollution. But evil myslanguage will mark perfect equality ; teriously gained entrance, and, origiat another, with reference to their of nating in heaven, spread rapidly to fices, and then it will indicate a rela- earth. And henceforwards it was the tive inferiority.

main purpose of the Almighty to counAnd it is only by thus distinguish- teract evil, to obliterate the stains from ing between the attributes and the of his workmanship, and to reinstate and fices, that we can satisfactorily explain confirm the universe in its original puour text and its context. The apostle rity. To effect this purpose, his own expressly declares of Christ, that he is Son, equal to himself in all the attrito deliver up his kingdom to the Fa- butes of Godhead, undertook to asther, and to become himself subject to sume human nature; and to accomthe Father. And the question natural- plish, in working out the reconciliation ly proposes itself, how are statements of an alienated tribe, results which such as these to be reconciled with should extend themselves to every deother portions of Scripture, which partment of creation. He was not inspeak of Christ as an everlasting King, deed fully and visibly invested with and declare his dominion to be that the kingly office, until after his death which shall not be destroyed? There and resurrection; for then it was that is no difficulty in reconciling these ap- he declared to his disciples, "all powparently conflicting assertions, if we er is given unto me in heaven and consider Christ as spoken of in the one earth.” Nevertheless the Mediatoricase as God, in the other as Mediator. al kingdom had commenced with the If we believe him to be God, we know commencement of human guilt and mithat he must be, in the largest sense, sery. For, so soon as man rebelled, Sovereign of the universe, and that he Christ interfered on his behalf, and ascan no more give up his dominion than sumed the office of his surety and dechange his nature. And then if we re- liverer. He undertook the combat with gard him as undertaking the office of the powers of evil, and fought his first Mediator between God and man, we battle. And afterwards all God's intermust admit the likelihood that he would course with the world was carried on be invested, as holding this office, with through the Mediator-Christ appearan authority not necessarily permanent, ing in human form to patriarchs and which would last indeed as long as the saints, and superintending the conoffice, but cease if there ever came a cerns of our race with distinct referperiod when the office would itself be ence to the good of his church. abolished. So that there is no cause Bat when, through death, he had defor surprise, nothing which should go stroyed "him that had the power of to the persuading us that Christ is not death,” the Mediator became emphatiGod, if we find the Son described as cally a king. He'ascended up on high, surrendering his kingdom: we have and led captivity captive,” in that very only to suppose him then spoken of as nature in which he had " borne our Mediator, and to examine whether there griefs and carried our sorrows. He be not a mediatorial kingdom, which, sat down at the right hand of God, committed to Christ, has at length to the very person that had been made a be resigned.

curse for us; and there was "given And you cannot be acquainted with him a name which is above every the scheme of our Redemption, and name, that at the name of Jesus every not know that the office of Mediator knee should bow, of things in heaven, warrants our supposing a kingdom and things on earth, and things under which will be finally surrendered. The the earth.” And ever since he hath grand design of Redemption has all been "head over all things to the along been the exterminating evil from church ;” and God has so delegated his the universe, and the restoring harmo- power to the Mediator, that this Mediany throughout God's disorganized em- tor has "the keys of hell and of death," pire. We know that God made every and so rules human affairs as to make


way for a grand consummation which the destruction of death, and the extircreation yet expects. It is certainly pation of unrighteousness. And if it be the representation of Scripture, that the declaration of Scripture that the Christ has been exalted to a throne, in Mediator shall thus at length master recompense of his humiliation and suf- evil under its every form, and in its fering; and that, seated on this throne, every consequence, will not this Medi. he governs all things in heaven and ator finally prove himself a king-deearth. And we call this throne the me- monstrating not only the possession of diatorial throne, because it was only sovereignty, but the employment of as Mediator that Christ could be exalt- it to those illustrious purposes which ed; because, possessing essentially all were proposed by God from the founpower as God, it could only be as God-dation of the world? Yes, we can say man that he was vested with dominion. with St. Paul, we see not yet all

'He must reign," saith St. Paul, un- things put under him." But we til he hath put all enemies under his enough to assure us that "him hath feet.” The great object for which the God exalted as a Prince and a Savior." kingdom has been erected, is, that he We see enough, and we know enough, who occupies the throne may subdue to be persuaded, that there is kingdom those principalities and powers which within kingdom; and that, whilst God have set themselves against the go- is still the universal Monarch, the Omvernment of God. Already have vast nipotent who "telleth the number of advances been made towards the sub- the stars," and without whom not even jugation. But the kingdoms of the a sparrow falls, the Mediator superinworld have not yet become the kingtends and regulates the affairs of his doms of our Lord and his Christ. Sin church, and orders, with absolute sway, still reigns, and death still reigns, and whatever respects the final establishonly an inconsiderable fraction of the ment of righteousness through creahuman population bow to the sceptre tion. And therefore are we also perof Jesus. But we are taught to expect suaded, on the testimony which cannot a thorough and stupendous change. deceive, that this Mediator shall reign We know from prophecy that a time till he hath brought into subjection approaches when the whole world shall every adversary of God; and that at be evangelized; when there shall not last-death itself being swallowed up be the tribe, no, nor the individual in victory—the universe, purged from upon earth, who fails to love and re. all pollution, and glowing with a richer verence the Mediator. Christ hath yet than its pristine beauty, shall be the to set up his kingdom on the wreck of evidence that there hath indeed been all human sovereignty, and so to dis- a mediatorial kingdom, and that noplay himself that he shall be univer- thing could withstand the Mediator's sally adored as "King of kings and sovereignty. Lord of lords."

Now it has been our object, up to And when this noble result is brought this point of our discourse, to prove to round, and the whole globe mantled you, on scriptural authority, that the with righteousness, there will yet re- Mediator is a king, and that Christ, as main much to be done ere the media- God-man, is invested with a dominion torial work is complete. The throne not to be confounded with that which must be set for judgment; the enact- belongs to him as God. You are now ments of a retributive economy take therefore prepared for the question, effect; the dead be raised, and all men whether Christ have not a kingdom receive the things done in the body. which must be ultimately resigned. We Then will evil be finally expelled from think it evident that, as Mediator, Christ the universe, and God may again look has certain functions to discharge, forth on his unlimited empire, and de- which, from their very nature, cannot clare it not defiled by a solitary stuin. be eternal. When the last of God's elect Then will be "the restitution of all family shall have been gathered in, there things.” Then will it be evident that will be none to need the blood of sprinkthe power committed to Christ has ac- ling, none to require the intercession complished the great ends for which it of an advocate with the Father." And was entrusted, the overthrow of Satan, when the last enemy, which is death,

skall have been destroyed, that great render all kingly authority; to descend purpose of the Almighty—the conquest from his throne, having made his eneof Satan, and the extirpation of evil, mies his footstool, and take his station will be accomplished ; so that there amongst those who obey rather than will be no more battles for the Media- rule; and thus shall be brought to pass tor to fight, no more adversaries to sub- the saying that is written, the Son due. And thus, if we have rightly de- also himself shall be subject unto him scribed the mediatorial kingdom, there that put all things under him;" and is to come a time when it will be no God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, longer necessary; when, every object "God shall henceforwards be all in all." for which it was erected having been Now it is upon this latter expression, fully and finally attained, and no possi- indicative as it is of what we may call bility existing that evil may re-enter the universal diffusion of Deity, that the universe, this kingdom may be ex- we design to employ the remainder of pected to cease.

our time. We wish to examine into And this is the great consummation the truths involved in the assertion, which we are taught by our text and its that God is to be finally all in all. It is context to expect. We may not be able an assertion which, the more it is ponto explain its details, but the outlines dered, the more august and compreare sketched with boldness and preci- hensive will it appear. You may resion. There bas been committed to member that the same expression is Christ, not as God, but as God-man, a used of Christ in the Epistle to the Cokingdom which, though small in its be- lossians—" Christ is all and in all.” ginning, shall at length supersede every There is no disagreement between the other. The designs proposed in the assertions. In the Epistle to the Coloserection of this kingdom, are the sal- sians St. Paul speaks of what takes vation of man and the glory of God, in place under the mediatorial kingdom; the thorough extirpation of evil from whereas in that to the Corinthians, he the universe. These designs will be describes what will occur when that fully accomplished at the general judg. kingdom shall have terminated. At ment; and then, the ends for which the present, whatever in the divine

gokingdom was erected having been an- vernment has reference to this earth swered, the kingdom itself is to termi- and its inhabitants, is not transacted nate. Then shall the Son of man, hav- immediately by God, but mediately ing" put down all rule and all autho- through an Intercessor, so that Christ rity and power,” lay aside the sceptre is all in all. But hereafter, the mediaof majesty, and take openly a place torial office finally ceasing, the admisubordinate to Deity. Then shall all nistration, we are assured, will be imthat sovereignty which, for magnifi-mediately with God, and therefore will cent but temporary purposes, has been God be all in all. wielded by and through the humanity We learn then from the expression of Christ, pass again to the Godhead in question, however unable we may whence it was derived. Then shall the be to explain the amazing transition, Creator, acting no longer through the that there is to be a removal of the apinstrumentality of a mediator, assume paratus constructed for allowing us visibly, amid the worshippings of the communications with Godhead; and whole intelligent creation, the domi- that we shall not need those offices of nion over his infinite and now purified an Intercessor, without which there empire, and administer its every con- could now be no access to our Maker. cern without the intervention of one There is something very grand and "found in fashion as a man.” And then, animating in this announcement. If though as head of his church, Christ, we were unfallen creatures, we should in human nature, may always retain a need no Mediator. We might, as did special power over his people, and Adam, approach at once the Creator, though, as essentially divine, he must and, though awed by his majesty, have at all times be equally the omnipotent, no fears as to our reception, and exthere will necessarily be such a change perience no repulse. And therefore, in the visible government of the uni- whilst we heartily thank God for the verse, that the Son shall seem to sur., unspeakable gift of his Son, we cannot but feel, that, so long as we have no placing humankind on equality with access to him except through a Media- angels. It is not then, we again say, tor, we have not altogether recovered that we are insensible to benefits, overour forfeited privileges. The mediato- passing all thought, which we derive rial office, independently on which we from the mediatorial kingdom; it is must have been everlastingly outcasts, only because we know that this kingis evidence, throughout the whole of dom is but introductory to another, and its continuance, that the human race that the perfection of happiness must does not yet occupy the place whence require our admission into direct init fell. But with the termination of this tercourse with our Maker-it is only office shall be the admission of man on these accounts that we anticipate into all the privileges of direct access with delight the giving up of the kingto his Maker. Then shall he see face to dom to the Father, and associate whatface; then shall he know even as also ever is most gladdening and glorious he is known. There are yet, and there with the truth, that God, rather than must be, whilst God's dealings with Christ, shall be all in all through eterhumanity are carried on through a nity. Mediator, separating distances between But there are other thoughts sugour race and the Creator, which exist gested by the fact, that God himself not in regard of other orders of being. shall be all in all. We have hitherto But the descent of the Son from the considered the expression as simply throne, to which he was exalted in re- denoting that men will no longer ap; compense of his sufferings, shall be the proach God through a Mediator, and unfolding to man the presence-chamber that their happiness will be vastly aug. in which Deity unveils his effulgence. mented by their obtaining the priviIn ceasing to have a Mediator, the last lege of direct access. There is, howbarrier is taken down; and man, who ever, no reason for supposing that the had thrown himself to an unmeasured human race alone will be affected by distance from God, passes into those the resignation of the mediatorial kingdirect associations with Him "that in dom. We may not believe that it is habiteth eternity,” which can be grant- only over ourselves that Christ Jesus ed to none but those who never fell, or has been invested with sovereignty. It who, having fallen, have been recovered would rather appear, since all power from every consequence of apostacy. has been given him in heaven and

And therefore, it is not that we de earth, that the mediatorial kingdom preciate, or undervalue, the blessedness embraces different worlds, and differof that condition in which Christ is all ent orders of intelligence; and that in all to his church. We cannot com- the chief affairs of the universe are pute this blessedness, and we feel that administered by Christ in his glorified the best praises fall far short of its de humanity. It is therefore possible that serts; and yet we can believe of this even unto angels the Godhead does blessedness, that it is only preparatory not now immediately manifest itself; to a richer and a higher. Whilst over- but that these glorious creatures are whelmed with the consciousness that I governed, like ourselves, through the owe every thing to a Mediator, I can instrumentality of the Mediator. Hence yet feel that this Mediator must lay it will be a great transition to the aside his office as no longer necessary, whole intelligent creation, and not ere I can stand in that relationship to merely to an inconsiderable fraction, Deity, and possess that freedom of ap- when the Son shall give up the kingproach, which belong to the loftiest dom to the Father. It will be the viand holiest in creation. To tell me that sible enthronement of Deity. The CreI should need a Mediator through eter- ator will come forth from his subnity, were to tell me that I should be lime solitude, and assume the sceptre in danger of death, and at a distance of his boundless empire. It will be a from God. And, therefore, in inform new and overwhelming manifestation ing me of the extinction of that sove- of Divinity—another fold of the veil, reignty by which alone I can be res- which must always hang between the cued, you inform me of the restora- created and the uncreated, will have tion of all which Adain lost, and of the been removed ; and the thousand times

ten thousand spirits which throng im- every point and in every spring, is inmensity, shall behold with a clear vi- stinct with the very thought of Him sion, and know with an ampler know who "ordereth all things in heaven ledge, the Eternal One at whose word and earth"--oh, this immeasurably they rose into being.

transcends the mere reduction of all And it is not, we think, possible to systems, and all beings, into a delightgive a finer description of universal ed and uniform obedience. This is Harmony and happiness, than is con- making God more than the universal tained in the sentence, "God all in Ruler: it is making him the universal all,” when supposed to have reference Actuator. And you might tell me of to every rank in creation. Let us con- tribe upon tribe of magnificent creasider for a moment what the sentence tures, waiting to execute the comimplies. It implies that there shall mandments of God; you might delinebe but one mind, and that the Divine ate the very tenant of every spot in immind, throughout the universe. Every mensity, bowing to one sceptre, and creature shall be so actuated by Deity, burning with one desire, and living for that the Creator shall have only to one end—but indeed the most labored will, and the whole mass of intelligent and high-wrought description of the being will be conscious of the same universal prevalence of concord, yields wish, and the same purpose. It is not unspeakably to the simple announcemerely that eyery creature will be un- ment, that there shall be but one spider the government of the Creator, as rit, one pulse, through creation ; and a subject is under that of his prince. thought itself is distanced, when we It is not merely that to every com- hear, that after the Son shall have surmand of Deity there will be yielded rendered his kingdom to the Father, an instant and cheerful obedience, in God himself shall be all in all to the every department, and by every in- universe. habitant of the universe. It is more But if the expression mark the harthan all this. It is that there shall be mony, it marks also the happiness of sach fibres of association between the eternity. It is undeniable, that, even Creator and the creatures-God shall whilst on earth, we find things more be so wound up, if the expression be beautiful and precious in proportion lawful, with all intelligent being—that as we are accustomed to find God in every other will shall move simulta- them, to view them as gifts, and to neously with the divine, and the re- love them for the sake of the giver. It solve of Deity be instantly felt as one is not the poet, nor the naturalist, who mighty impulse pervading the vast ex. has the richest enjoyment when surpansion of mind. God all in all—it is veying the landscape, or tracing the that from the highest order to the manifestations of creative power and lowest, archangel, and angel, and man, contrivance. It is the christian, who and principality, and power, there shall recognizes a Father's hand in the globe but one desire, one object; so that rious development of mountain and valto every motion of the eternal Spirit ley, and discovers the loving-kindness there will be a corresponding in each of an ever-watchful guardian in each element of the intellectual creation, as example of the adaptation of the earth though there were throughout but one to its inhabitants. No man bas such soul, one animating, actuating, ener- pleasure in any of those objects which gizing principle. God all in all. I answer to the various affections of his know not how to describe the harnature, as the man who is accustomed mony which the expression seems to to the seeing God in them. And then indicate. This gathering of the Creator only is the creature loved, not merely into every creature; this making each with a lawful, but with an elevated and mind in the world of spirit a sort of ennobling love, when regarded as becentre of Deity, from which flow the stowed on us by the Creator, and wear. high decisions of divine sovereignty, ing the impress of the benevolence of so that, in all its amplitude, the intel. Deity. lectual creation seems to witness that What will it be when God shall be God is equally every where, and serves literally all in all? It were little to tell

one grand instrument which, at us, ihat, admitted into the heavenly


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