The Legend of Jubal: And Other Poems

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J. R. Osgood, 1874 - 231 стор.

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Сторінка 233 - May I reach That purest heaven, be to other souls The cup of strength in some great agony, Enkindle generous ardour, feed pure love, Beget the smiles that have no cruelty — Be the sweet presence of a good diffused, And in diffusion ever more intense. So shall I join the choir invisible Whose music is the gladness of the world.
Сторінка 41 - For with thy coming Melody was come. This was thy lot, to feel, create, bestow, And that immeasurable life to know From which the fleshly self falls shrivelled, dead, A seed primeval that has forests bred. It is the glory of the heritage Thy life has left, that makes thy outcast age: Thy limbs shall lie dark, tombless on this sod, Because thou shinest in man's soul, a god, Who found and gave new passion and new joy That nought but Earth's destruction can destroy.
Сторінка 190 - ... in joy not made for us — In conscious triumph of the good within Making us worship goodness that rebukes. Even our failures are a prophecy, Even our yearnings and our bitter tears After that fair and true we cannot grasp; As patriots who seem to die in vain Make liberty more sacred by their pangs. Presentiment of better things on earth Sweeps in with every force that stirs our souls...
Сторінка 232 - This is life to come, Which martyred men have made more glorious For us who strive to follow. May I reach That purest heaven, be to other souls The cup of strength in some great agony, Enkindle generous...
Сторінка 214 - Where are those last two I lent thee for thy Judith ? — her thou saw'st In saffron gown, with Holofernes' head And beauty all complete ? " " She is but sketched ; I lack the proper model — and the mood. A great idea is an eagle's egg, Craves time for hatching ; while the eagle sits Feed her." " If thou wilt call thy pictures eggs I call the hatching, Work. 'Tis God gives skill, But not without men's hands : He could not make Antonio Stradivari's violins Without Antonio.
Сторінка 28 - Naught but a wider earth ; until one height Showed him the ocean stretched in liquid light, And he could hear its multitudinous roar, Its plunge and hiss upon the pebbled shore : Then Jubal silent sat, and touched his lyre no more.
Сторінка 200 - But sudden came the barge's pitch-black prow, Nearer and angrier came my brother's cry, And all my soul was quivering fear, when lo ! Upon the imperilled line, suspended high, A silver perch ! My guilt that won the prey, Now turned to merit, had a guerdon rich Of hugs and praises, and made merry play, Until my triumph reached its highest pitch When all at home were told the wondrous feat, And how the little sister had fished well. In secret, though my fortune tasted sweet, I wondered why this happiness...
Сторінка 22 - ... sweet warm radiance blent. The tribe of Cain was resting on the ground, The various ages wreathed in one broad round. Here lay, while children peeped o'er his huge thighs, The sinewy man embrowned by centuries: Here the broad-bosomed mother of the strong Looked, like Demeter, placid o'er the throng Of young lithe forms whose rest was movement too — Tricks, prattle, nods, and laughs that lightly flew, And swayings as of flower-beds where Love blew. For all had feasted well upon the flesh Of...
Сторінка 197 - Thus rambling we were schooled in deepest lore, And learned the meanings that give words a soul, The fear, the love, the primal passionate store, Whose shaping impulses make manhood whole. Those hours were seed to all my after good...
Сторінка 194 - Long years have left their writing on my brow, But yet the freshness and the dew-fed beam Of those young mornings are about me now, When we two wandered toward the far-off stream With rod and line. Our basket held a store Baked for us only, and I thought with joy That I should have my share, though he had more, Because he was the elder and a boy. The firmaments of daisies since to me Have had those mornings in their opening eyes, The bunched cowslip's pale transparency Carries that sunshine of sweet...

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