The Political Life of the Right Honourable Sir Robert Peel, Bart. ...

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Smith, Elder and Company, 1856 - 530 стор.

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Сторінка 438 - ... appeals with an eloquence the more to be admired because it was unaffected and unadorned : the name which ought to be chiefly associated with the success of those measures, is the name of RICHARD COBDEN.
Сторінка 277 - Peel, that he should have that public proof of your Majesty's entire support and confidence, which would be afforded by the permission to make some changes in that part of your Majesty's Household, which your Majesty resolved on maintaining entirely without change.
Сторінка 419 - Sir, there is a difficulty in finding a parallel to the position of the right honourable gentleman in any part of history. The only parallel which I can find is an incident* in the late war in the Levant, which was terminated by the policy of the noble lord opposite. I remember when that great struggle was taking place, when the existence of the Turkish empire was at stake, the late Sultan, a man of great energy and fertile in resources, was determined to fit out an immense fleet to maintain his...
Сторінка 404 - It is no longer worth while to contend for a fixed duty. In 1841 the free-trade party would have agreed to a duty of 8s. a quarter on wheat, and after a lapse of years this duty might have been further reduced, and ultimately abolished. But the imposition of any duty at present, without a provision for its extinction within a short period, would but prolong a contest already sufficiently fruitful of animosity and discontent.
Сторінка 438 - There has been a combination of parties, generally opposed to each other, and that combination, and the influence of Government, have led to their ultimate success ; but the name which ought to be associated with the success of...
Сторінка 209 - That it is the opinion of this committee that any surplus which may remain after fully providing for the spiritual instruction of the members of the established church in Ireland, ought to be applied locally to the general education of all classes of Christians.
Сторінка 275 - The Queen having considered the proposal made to her yesterday by Sir Robert Peel to remove the Ladies of her Bedchamber cannot consent to adopt a course which she conceives to be contrary to usage and repugnant to her feelings.
Сторінка 196 - I consider the Reform Bill a final and irrevocable settlement of a great constitutional question — a settlement, which no friend to the peace and welfare of this country would attempt to disturb, either by direct or by insidious means.
Сторінка 60 - ... and that its decisions have justly the greatest weight and influence with the people. Nay, my Lords, I will go yet further, and say, that if at this moment I had to form a legislature for any country, particularly for one like this, in the possession of great property of various descriptions, although perhaps I should not form one precisely such as we have, I would endeavour to produce something which would give the same results, namely, a representation of the people containing a large body...
Сторінка 275 - Majesty had graciously pleased to commit to him, Sir Robert Peel trusts that your Majesty will permit him to state to your Majesty his impression with respect to the circumstances which have led to the termination of his attempt to form an Administration for the conduct of your Majesty's service.

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