John Hick: A Critical Introduction and Reflection

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John Hick is considered to be one of the greatest living philosophers of religion. Hick's philosophical journey has culminated in the grand proposal that we should see all the major world religions as equally valid responses to the same ultimate reality (the 'Real'). This book presents a critical introduction to John Hick's speculative theology and philosophy. The book begins where Hick began, with the problems of religious language, and ends where Hick is now, exploring the questions of religious plurality. Incorporating early aspects that Hick himself would now wish to qualify, as well as explanations that reflect Hick's present focus, Cheetham offers some speculative reflections of his own on key topics, highlighting Hick's influence on contemporary theology and philosophy of religion. All those studying the work of this great philosopher and theologian will find this new introduction offers an invaluable overview along with fresh critical insight.

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Про автора (2003)

David Cheetham, Dr, is a lecturer in theology and religious studies in the Department of Theology at the University of Birmingham

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