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Сторінка 228 - ... or as was often done, go and start a new matrimonial alliance in some other. The women were the great power among the clans, as everywhere else They did not hesitate, when occasion required, to 'knock off the horns...
Сторінка 209 - They make earthen pots of very different sizes, so as to contain from two to ten gallons, large pitchers to carry water; bowls, dishes, platters, basons, and a prodigious number of other vessels of such antiquated forms, as would be tedious to describe, and impossible to name. Their method of glazing them, is, they place them over a large fire of smoky pitch pine, which makes them smooth black and firm. Their lands abound with proper clay, for that use ; and even with porcelain, as has been proved...
Сторінка 292 - The two dried skins (fig. 1, j) are placed just outside the line of down, one on the south and the other on the north side of the tent, and by each skin, four young men sit down in places corresponding to the four quarters.
Сторінка 276 - ... stops in one place to make its nest, and in another to rest in its flight. A man when he goes forth stops when he wills. So the god has stopped. The sun, which is so bright and beautiful, is one place where he has stopped. The moon, the stars, the winds he has been with. The trees, the animals, are all where he has stopped, and the Indian thinks of these places and sends his prayers there to reach the place where the god has stopped and win help and a blessing.
Сторінка 171 - are perforated in various ways for suspension. Several of the copper ornaments are covered with native silver, which had been hammered out into thin sheets and folded over the copper. Among these are a bracelet and a bead, and several of the spool-shaped objects, which, from discoveries made in other mounds of this group, I now regard as ear-ornaments.
Сторінка 406 - It became evident, as our exploration progressed, that these chambers were covered by little mounds of gravel and clay, and that, in those where the burning had taken place, the coverings of earth were placed in position before the bodies were consumed, shown by the small amount of ashes and the reduction of the logs to charcoal in their position on the clay floor of the chamber, which was burned to a thickness varying with the amount of heat.
Сторінка 277 - Membership in these societies is not confined to any particular gens, or grouping of gens, but depends upon supernatural indications over which the individual has no control. The animal which appears to a man in a vision during his religious fasting determines to which society he must belong...
Сторінка 216 - Usually, the female portion ruled the house, and were doubtless clannish enough about it. The stores were in common ; but woe to the luckless husband or lover who was too shiftless to do his share of the providing. No matter how many children, or whatever goods he might have in the house, he might at any time be ordered to pick up his blanket and budge...
Сторінка 521 - ... professor shall be appointed by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, with the concurrence of the overseers, in the same manner as other professors are appointed, but upon the nomination of the founder or the board of trustees. He shall have charge of the abovementioned collections, and shall deliver one or more courses of lectures annually, under the direction of the government of the university, on subjects connected with said departments of science.
Сторінка 477 - Trustees shall invest fortyfive thousand dollars as a fund, the income of which shall be applied to forming and preserving collections of antiquities, and objects relating to the earlier races of the American Continent, or such (including such books and works as may form a good working library for the departments of science indicated) as 27 shall be requisite for the investigation and illustration of Archaeology and Ethnology in general, in main and special reference, however, to the aboriginal American...

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