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1.-BILLS, PUBLIC-continued.


(No. 2); Permissive Licensing Powers (Scotland); Petroleum; Petty Customs Abolition (Scotland); Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders (No. 1); Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders (No. 2); Pilotage Provisional Order; Placardson Streets (Ireland); Places of Worship (Leasehold Enfranchisement); Poor Law Acts Amendment; Poor Law Acts Amendment [H...]; Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act (1896) Amendment; Poor Law Officers Superannuation (Scotland); Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland); Public Health Acts Amendment; Public Libraries (Scotland) Acts Amendment; Public Works Loans ; Quarries ; Railway Wrecking; Rating of Machinery ; Reformatory Schools Amendment (H. l.] ; Registration of Elector: (England); Registration of Firms; Regulation of Railways; Reserve Forces; Rivers Pollution Prevention; Rivers Pollution (Prevention) (No. 2); Roman Catholic

Disabilities Renoval ; Royal Niger Company.
VII.--(7.)–St. Andrews Burgl Provisional Order [11.L.]; Sale of Food and Drugs;

Sale of Intoxicaring Liquors_(Ireland); sale of Intoxicating Liquors on
Sunday; Salmon Fisheries (Ireland) Acts Amendment; School Board
Conferences (Scotland); School Board Electorale (Scotland); School
Boards (Grants to Voluntary Schools); Sea Fisheries Regulation (Scotland)
Act (1895) Amendment; Seats for Shop Assistants (England and Ireland);
Seats for Shop Assistants (Scotland); Secondary Education ; Second
Session (Explanation); Service Franchise; Shop Hours Act (1892)
Amendment; Shops; Shops (Early Closing); Small Houses (Acquisition
of Ownership); Small Tenants (Scotland); Solicitors [H...] ; Steam
Engines and Boilers (Persons in Charge); Stolen Goods; Street
Noises ; Succession (Scotland); Summary Jurisdiction Act (1879)
Amendment; Summary Jurisdiction Act (1879) Ameniment (No. 2);
Sunday Closing (Wales) Act (1881) Amendment; Superannuation
(Metropolis); Supreme Court (Appeals) [H.L.]; Tancred's Charities
Scheme Confirmation; Teinds (Scotland); Telegraph (Channel Islands)
(H.L.]; Telegraphs (Telephonic Communication, &c.); Temperance Reform
Threefold Option (Scotland); Tithe Rentcharge (Ireland); Tithe Rent-
charge (Rates); Town Councils (Scotland); Town Tenants (Ireland);
Trade Marks; Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1) [H.L.); Tramways
Orders Confirmation (No. 2) [H...]; Tramways Orders Confirmation
(No. 3) (H.l.); Trawlers Certificates Suspension (H.L.]; Treasury Bills ;
Trout Fishing Annual Close Tinie (Scotland) [...] ; Truck Acis Amend-
ment; Truck Acts Amendment (No. 2); Truck acis Amendment (No.3);
Trustee Savings Banks; Undersized Fish; University Degrees; University
of London Act (1898) Amendment; University of Wales (Graduates);
Universities (Scotland) Acts Amendment; Vaccination (Conscientious
Objectors); Vagrants' Children Protection; Watermen's Certiicates;
Water Orders Confirmation (1.l.); Water Supply; Weights and
Measures; Wild Birds Protection; Wine and Beerhouse Acts Amend-
ment; Working Men's Dwellings; Workmen's Compensation Act (1897)
Amendment; Workmen's Compensation Act (1897) Amendment (No. 2);
Workmen's Houses Tenure.



VIII.-(1.)- Accounts, Public; Aged Deserving Poor; Agriculture and Technical

Instruction (Ireland) Bill; Board of Education Bill (H.L.]; Companies

Bill; Copyright (A.L.] Bill and Copyright (Artistic) Bill [A.L.]. IX.-(2.j---Cottage Homes Bill; Fire Brigades; Great Southern and Western and

Waterford, Limerick, and Western Railway Companies Amalgamation

Bill; Houses of Lords and Commons Permanent Staff.
X.-(3.)— Improvement of Land Bill; Kitchen; Local Government Provisional

Order; Metropolitan Gas Companies; Metropolitan Water Companies
(Government) Bill; Police and Sanitary Regulations; Public Health
Acts Amendment Bill; Public Libraries (Scotland) Acts Amendinent
Bill; Sale of Foods and Drugs Bill; _Small Houses (Acquisition of
Ownership) Bill ; South Eastern and London, Chatham, and Dover
Railway Companies Bill; Telegraph (Telephonic Communication, &c.)


XI.- (1.)- Army (Recruiting); Patriotic Fund; Sandhurst College; Wellington

College; Woolwich Academy; Alkali, &c. Works; Boiler
Explosions ; Explosives.

XII.- (2.)-Factories and Workshops; Inebriates.

XIII.- (3.)-Fisheries.

XIV.- (4.)-Fisheries-continued.

XV.- (5.)-Mines.

XVI.- (6.)— Births, Deaths, and Marriages (England); Marriages, Births, and

Deaths (Ireland).

XVII.- (7.)—Births, Deaths, and Marriages (Scotlarid).
XVIU.- 18.) Agricultural Department (Land); Irish Land; Public Works

Loan Board ; Public Works (Ireland); Woods, Forests, and
Land Revenues.

XIX.-- (9.)— Caledonian Canal ; Charity; Charitable Donations, &c. (Ireland);

Church Estates; Civil Service ; Customs ; Ecclesiastical : Inland
Revenue ; Mint ; Post Office ; Railway and Canal; Cape of
Good Hope Observatory; Royal Observatory (Edinburgh);
Greenwich Observatory.

XX.-(10.)— Education (England and Wales). XXI.-(11.)— Education (England and Wales)—continued. XXII.-(12.)— Education-continued. Education (Ireland). Intermediate Education


XXIII.-(13.)- Intermediate Education (Ireland).

XXIV.-(14.)- Education



XXIV.14.)–Education (Ireland)-continued. Internzediate Education (Ireland)

-continued. National Education (Ireland).

XXV.-(15.)–Education (Ireland)-continued. National Education (Ireland).

XXVI.-(16.)- Education (Scotlaud).

XXVII.-17.)-Education (Scotland)—continued. Education (Science and Art).

Education (Science and

XXVIII.-18.)— Education (Science and Art)-continued.

Art) Directory.

XXIX.-(19.)- Education (Science and Art Calendar); Dublin Hospitals ;

Government Laboratory; Meteorology; National Gallery ; National
Portrait Gallery ; Patent Office ; Weights and Measures.

XXX.—(20.)—Beer Materials; Cheddar Cheese Makiny; Congested Districts


XXXI.-—(21.)— East India (Indian Currency) Committee; East India (Famine).

XXXII.-(22.)- East India (Famine)—continued.

XXXIII.—(23.)-East India Famine

Horse Breeding.


Friendly Societies ; Glanders ;

XXXIV.—(24.)-Land Acts and Land Purchase Acts; Liquor Licensing Laws.

XXXV.—(24.-Liquor Licensing Laws—continued. Local Taxation.

XXXVI.-(26.)- Local Taxation-continued.

XXXVII.-(27.)- Local Government Board.

Local Government Board

XXXVIII.--(28.)—Local Government Board --continued.


XXXIX.—(29.)–Local Government Board (Ireland).

XL.–(30.)-Lunacy; Lunacy (Ireland).
XLI.—(31.) - Lunacy (Scotland); Metropolitan Water Supply.
XLII.—32.) — Police (Counties and Boroughs); Police (Metropolis); Police

(Dublin); Police (Scotland).

XLIII.-(33.)— Prison Dietaries; Prisons (England and Wales); Prisons (Ireland);

Prisons (Scotland); Military Prisons. XLIV.—(34.)—Reformatory and Industrial Schools.

XLV.-(35.)-Royal College of Science for Ireland ; Tuberculosis; Water Gas

Committee; Public Records; Public Records (Ireland); Historical

XI.VI.—(36.)-Historical Manuscripts.
XLVII.—(37.)-Historical Manuscripts.
XLVIII.-(38.)– Historical Manuscripts.

XLIX.-(39.)– Historical Manuscripts.
L. Part I.-(40.) Part I.-Historical Manuscripts.
L. Part II.-(40.) Part II.-Historical Manuscripts.
L. Part III.-(40.) Part II.--Historical Manuscripts.




LI.- (1.)-Finance, Finance Accounts, &c.
LII.- (2.)-Army Estimates.
LIII.- (3.)-Army Appropriation Account; Ariny (Annual); Army (Volun-

teers); Army (Yeomanry).
LIV.— (4.)—Navy Estimates.

LV.- (5.)— Navy Estimates-continued. Navy, &c.
LVI.- (6.)— Estimates (Civil Service, Revenue Departments, &c.).
LVII.- (7.)-Civil Service and Revenue Departments—continued. Civil

Service Appropriation Accounts.
LVIII.-- (8.)–Colonies and British Possessions; Bounties ; Contagious Diseases ;

Emigration ; Loans ; Ceylon.
LIX.- (9.)—Colonies and British Possessions-continued. Cyprus; Jamaica ;

Malta ; Newfoundland; Pacific Cable.

LX.-(10.)-Colonies and British Possessions-continued. Sierra Leone.
LXI.-(11.)–Colonies and British Possessions-continued. Straits Settlements;

West Indies; Colonial Reports.

LXII.—(12.)—Colonies and British Possessions-continued. Colonial Reports—


LXIII. (13.)-Colonies and British Possessions-continued. Africa.

LXIV.-(14.)-Colonies and British Possessions--continued.

Africa- continued.

LXV.-(15.)—East India.
LXVI.— Part I.--(16. Part I.) -East India -continued. Progress and Condition ;

Railways ; Trade.

LXVI.- Part II.—(16. Part 11.)-East India-continued. Sanitary Measures. LXVII.-(17.)--Charities. Anglesey ; Carmarthen ; Carnarvon. LXVIII. (18.)-Charities--continued. Flint; Glamorgan; Lancaster.

LXIX.-(19.)-Charities—continued. London.

London-continued. Middlesex ; Norfolk;


Rutland ; Yorkshire.

LXXI.-(21.)-Charities-continued. Yorkshire-continued.
LXXII.-(22.)-Charities-continued. Yorkshire-continued.
LXXIII.-23.)—Charities ---continued. Yorkshire-continued. Ecclesiastical.
LXXIV.—(24.)Education (Englanıl and Wales).

LXXV.-(25.)--Education (England and Wales)--continued.
LXXVI.--(26.)- Education (England and Wales)-continued. Education (Ireland).

Education (Scotland); Science and Art.
LXXVII.-(27.)-House ; Elections; Miscellaneous.

; LXXVIII.-(28.)— Miscellaneous——continued. LXXIX.-(29.)-Law and Crime; Police; Prisons; Law and Crime (Ireland);

Land (Ireland).

· 4.-ACCOUNTS AND PAPERS—continued.



Land (Ireland)—continued. Land Commission (Judicial Rents). LXXXI.—(31.)—Land (Ireland)-continued. Land Commission (Judicial Rents) –


LXXXII.—(32.)—Local Taxation Returns (England).
LXXXIII.- Part I.- (33. Part I.) - Local Taxation and Local Government; Local

Taxation, &c.—continued. Local Taxation and Local Govern

ment (Ireland). LXXXIII.—Part II.—(33. Part II.)— Local Taxation and Local Government (Ireland)

- continued.

LXXXIV.—(34.)—Local Taxation (Scotland); L.ocal Government (Scotland);

LXXXV.—(35.) - Railways.
LXXXVI.—Part I. (36. Part I.)—Railways—continued.
LXXXVI.—Part II. (36. Part II.)—Railways-continued.
LXXXVII.-(37.)—Shipping ; Harbours; Wrecks and Casualties.
LXXXVIII.-(38.)— Trade, &c.

LXXXIX.—(39.)— Trade, &c.--continued.
XC.--(40.)--Trade, &c.continued. Building Societies ; Contagious Diseases

(Animals); Life Assurance Companies.
XCI.-(41.)--Trade, &c.continued. Friendly Societies. Labour Department

(Changes in Wages). XCII.-(42.)-Trade, &c.continued. Labour Department (Wages of Domestic

Servants); Provision for Old Age Abroad; Labour Statistics (Foreign); Strikes and Lock-outs; Trade Unions.

XCIII.-(43.)-Trade and Navigation Accounts (United Kingdom).
XCIV.—44.)–Trade and Navigation Accounts (United Kingdom)-continued.

XCV.--(45.)—Trade (United Kingdom).
XCVI.--(46.)— Navigation and Shipping (United Kingdom); Commercial and

General Interests, &c.
XCVII.-(47.)–Commercial and General Interests, &c. Commercial Reports

(Miscellaneous); America, Central, to United States. XCVIII.-(48.)-Commercial Report (Annual). Africa to China. XCIX.-(49.)— Commercial Reports (Annual)—continued. Columbia to Germany.

C.-(50.)--Commercial Reports (Annual)--continued. Greece to Japan.
CI.-(51.)-Commercial Reports (Annual) continued. Madagascar to


CII.—(52.)-Commercial Reports ( Annual)—continued. Russia to Sweden.
CIII.—(53.)—Commercial Reports (Annual)-continued. Switzerland to Zanzibar.
CIV.-(54.)—Statistical Tables (United Kingdoin); Colonies.

CV.-(55.)—Statistical Tables- continued. East India ; Foreign Countries.
CVI.—(56.)-Statistical Tables-continued. Agriculture (Great Britain);

Agriculture (Ireland); Banking (Ireland).
CVII.—(57.)—Statistical Tables-continued. Emigration; Marriages, Births, and

Deaths ; Minerals.

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