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8vo. with a frontispiece containing portraits., Sir Ralph Winwood, Kt. by EdBindley, pt. iii. 1958, 21. 3s. 1662. 8vo.

mund Sawyer. London, 1725. fol. with a frontispiece. Hibbert, 8535, 4s. 1665. 8vo. with frontispiece. Inglis, 1534,

3 vols. 7s. 6d. Hibbert, 8554, 12s. 6d. Towneley,

With portrait of Winwood by Vertue. pt. i. 792, 11. 11s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1111, Roxburghe, 8449, 11. 7s. Sir M. M. Sykes, russia, 11. 18s. Dowdeswell, 728, russia,

pt. iii, 1185, 11. 10s. Drury, 4716*, 11. 11s. 21. 2s.

Bishop of Ely, 1517, 11. 14s. Bindley, pt. The Honour of the Merchant Taylors : iii. 1240, 11. 195.

Heath, wherein is set forth the noble Acts, valiant 4444, 21. 2s. Towneley, pt. ii. 1698, 21.3s. Deeds, and heroick Performances of Mer Hibbert, 8648, 21. 4s. Willett, 2707,

31. 13s, 6d. chant Taylors in former Ages: &c. &c.

Marquis of Townshend, 3291, Written by William Winstanley. London,

61. 6s. 1668. 4to. with a portrait of Sir Ralph Black Winzer, Ninian. The Buke of well. Bindley, pt iv. 944, 11. 5s. North, fourescore and thre Questions tuechpt. iii. 743, 11. Ils.

Historical Rarities and Curious Observa-ing Doctrine, Ordour and Maneris tions. London, 1684. 8vo. with a frontis- proponit to ye Precheouris of ye piece. Strettell, 1564, morocco, 9s. Nas Protestants in Scotland. Æntversau, pt. ii. 1243, russia, 1l. 2s. Some copies piæ ex Officina Ægidii Drest, 1563. are dated 1683.

sm. 8vo. Winter. -- A Winter - Dream.

Saunders' in 1818, 11. 185. Inglis, 1535, Printed Anno Domini QuanDo ReX 41. 10s. It is reprinted by Keith, in his apAng LoruM Vectil victItabat Cap- pendix. tIvus, 1649. 4to.

Last Blast of the Trompet of Godis Worde Twenty-two pages. Reed, 6503, 10s. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 1521, 16s. It is reprinted in aganis the vsurpit Auctoritie of John Knox

and his Caluinique Brether, intrudit Prechethe seventh volume of the Harleian Miscel

ouris. Edinb. 1562. 4to. This work was lany.

apparently unknown to Dr. Mackenzie and Winter Evenings, or Lucubrations on Life

to Bishop Keith. An imperfect copy is in and Letters. London, 1788. 12mo. 3 vols.

the Library of the University of Edinburgh.

Tractatis for Reformatioun. Edinb. 1562. By Dr. Vicesimus Knox, published anony This treatise is likewise reprinted by mously.

Keith in his appendix. WINTERBOTHAM, W. An histo

An Exhortation to Mary Queen of Scottis, rical, geographical, commercial and &c. &c. for unfenzit Reformation of Doctrine philosophical View of the American and Maneris; &c. (1562). 8vo. See Ames'


Niniani Winzeti Flagellum Settlements in America and the qui Religionis Prætextu Seditiones jam in West Indies. London, 1795. 8vo. Cæsarem aut in alios Orthodoxos Principes 4 vols.

excitare student., quærentes, ineptissimè quiFonthill, 2774, 31.

dem, Deone magis an Principibus sit obedi

endum ? Accessit Velitatio in Georgium BuAn historical, geographical and philoso-Jure Regni apud Scotos. Ingolstad. 1582.

chananum circa Dialogum quem scripsit de phical View of the Chinese Empire : to which is added, a copious Account of Lord

4to. Roxburghe, 7844, 11. 9s. Macartney's Embassy. London, 1795. 8vo.

WinzingERVODA, A. H. de. Dispu58. Fonthill, 2931, 11. 10s.

tatio de Ordine Equitum S. Georgii WINTERBOTTOM, Thomas, M.D. et Periscelidis Cæruleæ in Anglia. An Account of the native Africans Jen. 1683. 8vo. in the Neighbourhood of Sierra

Wisbich.-A true relation of the Leone. Lond. 1803. 8vo. 2 vols.

Faction at Wisbich begun by Fa. Dent, pt. ii. 1129, 8s. 6d. Fonthill, 2841, Edmonds alias Weston, and con11. 6s.

tinued by Fa. Walley, alias Garnet, WINWOOD, Sir Ralph, Knt. Me-Jesuits. 1601. 4to. morials of Affairs of State in the

A copy is in the British Museum. Reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. Wise, Francis, B. D. NummoJames I. collected (chiefly) from rvm antiquorum Scriniis Bodleianis the original Papers of the Rt. Hon. reconditorvm Catalogvs, cvm Com


mentario, Tabvlis æneis et Appen- | Cantoes of Urania, Astræa, Meldice. Oxon. 1750. folio.

pomene. London, 1642. 4to. Combe, 2345, 11s. Brockett, 3406, 1l. In Verse. Boswell, 3015, 6s. 6d. Willett, 2708, 12. ls. LARGE PAPER. Bp. WISHEART, William, D.D. Theof Ely, 1526, 108. 6d. See Bodleian Liologia, or Discourses of God delibrary.

vered in cxx Sermons. Edinb. Epistola ad Joannem Masson de Nummo 1716. 8vo. 2 vols. Abgari Regis. Oxon. 1736. 4to.

Witc, R. R. W. against the A Letter to Dr. Mead, concerning some Antiquities in Berkshire; .... By Francis

wilfull Inconstancie of his deare Foe Wise, B.D. Oxford, 1738. 4to. Pp. 58, E. T. which Example may justly with two plates. Hibbert, 8608, 23. 6à. Sir be a sufficient Warnyng for all yong P. Thompson, 920, with the answer, &c. to Men to beware the fained Fidelytie gether 4 tracts, 17. 16s.

of unconstant Maydens. (Colophon). The Impertinence and Imposture of modern Antiquaries displayed, or a Refutation Finis. R. Witc. Imprinted at Lonof Wise's Letter to Dr. Mead by Philolethes don for Richard Johnes. 12mo. Rusticus. With a Preface by the Gentleman A poem of 31 stanzas, consisting of four to whom this Letter was addressed. Lond. leaves. See Brydges' Restituta, i, 233-4. (1739.] 4to. Pag. xvi and24. The letter Wits Commonwealth. 1598, &e. is signed R. P. Sept. 3, 1739.

See BODENHAM, John. MERES, An Answer to a scandalous Libel, entitled

The Impertinence and Imposture of modern
Antiquaries displayed. [By George North,
A.M.of C.C.c.c.j Lond. 1741. 4to. Pp. 38.

Wits Fitces and fancies, fronted and enFurther Observations upon the White

termedled with Presidentes of Honour and Horse and other Antiquities in Berkshire ;

Wisdome : also Loves Owle, an idle conBy Francis Wise, B.D. Oxford, ceited Dialogue between Love and an Olde1742. 4to. Pp. 57, with 4 plates, one of man (by Anthonie Copley). London by which is on the letter-press. Pages 19, 20, Richard Johnes, 1595. 4to. The prose di37, 38, are omitted.

vision of this volume is in part translated History and Chronology of the Fabulous or collected from the Spanish book · La Ages considered, particularly with Regard to

Floresta Spagnola,' of which a French transthe two ancient Deities, Bacchus and Her

lation was published at Lyons in 1600. The cules. Oxford, 1764. 4to.

volume is inscribed by the translator, AnEnquiries concerning the first Inhabitants, thonie Copley, to that celebrated naval hero, Language, Religion, Learning and Letters George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland. of Europe. Oxon. 1758. 4to. Towneley, London, 1614. 4to. This, the second edipt. ii. 1618, 10s. 6d.

tion, does not contain the Love's Owle." WISEMAN, Richard. Several

Inglis, 378, 31. 10s. Gordonstoun, 2392,

61. 8s. 6d. Chirurgical Cases. London, 1676. Wits Theater of the little World. 1598 fol.

See BODENHAM, John. The works of this eminent surgeon are still

Wits Treasury. 1598. held in estimation, as containing the rudi

The Wit of a Woman, a Comedy. Lonments of many useful improvements in prac

don, 1604. 4to. A copy is in the British tice. London, 17.--. Svo. 2 vols.

Museum. Hibbert, 8609, 21. 17s. Ror

burghe, 4349, 31. 3s. Inglis' Old Plays Sir Robert, Knt. The Law

131, 51. 5s. of Laws, or the Excellency of the Wits A. B. C., or a Centurie of Epigrams. Civil Law above all human Laws London for Thomas Thorp. 4to. whatsoever. London, 1657. 4to.

Wits private Wealth. 1615. King and In this tract will be found a defence of

Lochée's in Feb. 1808, 21. 10s. 16.39. the use of torture in judicial proceedings.

Wits Bedlam. 1617. See DAVIES, John, 1664. 1686. 8vo.

of Hereford. Sir William, Knt. The Chris- similies and Examples. Lond. 1634. This

Wits Academy, a Treasurie of Goulden tian Knight. London, 1619. 4to. is the second part of Meres' Wit's CommonGordonstoun, 2348, 2s.

wealth. WISHART, William. Immanuel ;

The Wits, or Sport upon Sport. 1661, &c.

See KIRKMAN, Francis. or the Mystery of God manifested

Wits Recreations, selected from the finest in the Flesh, sung in the several Fancies of moderne Muses, with a thousani

Out-landish Proverbs. London, 1640. sm. rected and much amended with Additions 8vo. This volume consists of 504 short by Sir John M(ennis), Ja(mes S(mith), Sir poems or epigrams, and 126 epitaphs. It William D(avenant), J(ohn) Donne) and has also an engraved title by Marshall. the most refined Wits of the Age. London, Sotheby's in 1821, 12s. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 1661. sm. 8vo. Pp. 270. Perry, pt. i. 1344, 1249, 17. 11s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 829, 21. 6s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 834, 81. 8s. 77. 7s. London, 1641. sm. 8vo. with a Wit at a Venture, or Clio's Privy Garden, frontispiece. This edition is entitled Wits Songs and Poems on several Occasions, Recreations, containing 630 Epigrams, 160 never before in Print. London, 1674. 8vo. Epitaphs, Variety of Fancies and Fantasticks : Pp. 94, not including title, dedication, signed good for melancholly Humours. Towneley, c. F. and contents, 4 pages. Nassau, pt. ii. pt. i. 794, imperfect, 21. 14s. London, 1246, 11. 1s. 1645. sm. 8vo. with a frontispiece by Mar The Wits Academy. Lond. 1677. 12mo. shall. This edition is entitled Wits Recrea Wit and Loyalty revived, in a Collection tions for ingenious Head-peeces. Inglis, of some smart Satyrs, in Verse and Prose, 1543, 11. London, 1654. 12mo, with a on the late Times, by Mr. Abraham Cowley, front. by Marshall, and wood-cuts. This Sir J. Berkenhead, the ingenious Author of edition is entitled Recreation for ingenious Hudibras, &c. London, for W. Davies. Head-pecces. Sotheby's in 1821, 12s. 6d. 1682. 4to. Reprinted in the fifth volume of White Knights, 4498, 11. 55. Nassau, pt. the Somers' Collection of Tracts. ii. 1250, 11. 11s. 6d. Sotheby's in May The Wits paraphras'd : or Paraphrase 1823, 11. 13s. Towneley, pt. i. 590, russia, upon Paraphrase, in a Burlesque on the se41. 7s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 831, russia, 81. 8s. veral late translations of Ovid's Epistles.

London, 1663. sm. 8vo. with a front. by London, 1680. Hibbert, 8545, 4s. Bibl. Marshall. Hibbert, 8547, morocco, 12. 10s. Anglo-Poet. 838, 18s. Towneley, pt. i. 590, 1l. 11s. 6d. A re

Triumph of Wit, or Ingenuity display'd in print of the edition of 1654 with a small its Perfection. 1688. Hibbert, 8089, 1l. 1s. addition towards the end, 'On a patched up The Wits Cabinet, with the Art of WooMadam,' and. The farewell to love and to ing, Love Songs, School of Bacchus, &c. his mistress.' London, 1667. sm. 8vo. 1698. 8vo. with frontispiece. Nassau, pt. ii. with a frontispiece and plates. Hibbert, 1248, 15s. 8548, 14s.

White Knights, 4499, 15s. Wit and Mirth, or Pills to purge MeRoxburghe, 6692, 41. 85. Bindley, pt. iii. lancholy, a Collection of Songs, with Music. 2190, 41. 16s. London, 1683. sm. 8vo. London, 1699. 8vo. Sotheby's in 1825, Steevens, 1057, 11. 13s. London, 1817.

11. 6s. See Facetiæ.

The Wits Academy, or the Muses Delight. Wit's Progresse. 1647. 4to.

1704. 8vo. Nassau, pt. ii. 1247, 13s. Wit and Wealth contending for Pre Wits Triumph, or Ingenuity displayed in heminence. London, 1647. 12mo.

his Perfection. 1712. 8vo. White Knights, Wit and Folly in a Maze. 1654. fol. 4483, 9s.

Wits Interpreter. 1655 and 1662. See Wit for the Ton, the convivial Jester, or COTGRAVE, John.

Sam. Foote's last Budget opened. 1783. Wit and Fancy in a Maze, or the incom 8vo. 78. parable Champion of Love and Beautie, em Wits Magazine, from Jan. to December, bellished with many rare and choyce Pieces 1784. 8vo. 75. of Drollery. London, 1656. sm. 8vo. Pp. Witchcraft, &c. -- Anonymous 216, with a frontispiece. Nassau, pt. ii. Treatises on Witchcraft, Witches, 1251, Il. Is. Sotheby's in 1824, 1l. 11s. Stcevens, 1198, 1. lls. 6d. Some copies

&c. of this mock romance are entitled Romancio Mastix. 1660. and Don Zara del Fogo. See Dialogue of Witches, now called SorHOLLAND, Samuel.

cerers, 1575. Bindley, pt. i. 1788, 1l. Is. Wit revived. London, 1656. 12mo.

The Examination and Confession of a Wit a sporting. 1657.

notorious Witch named Mother Arnold, Wit restored in several select Poems never alias Whitecote, alias Glastonbury, at the before publish't. London, 1658. sm. 8vo. Assise of Burntwood in July 1574: who James Smith, D.D. was the principal author was hanged for Witchcraft at Barking. 1575. of this collection, at the end of which will The horrible Acts of Eliz. Style, alias be found The Innovation of Penelope and Rockingham, Mother Dutton, Mother Douell, Ulysses, a Mock-poem by J. S. and a Latin and Mother Margaret, 4 Witches executed version of Cleveland's Rebel Scot, Hibbert, at Abington, 26 Feb. vpon Richard Galis. 8544, two leaves reprinted, 16s. Lond. Lond. by John Allde for Edw. White, 1579. 1659. small 8vo. Pp. 190. Bibl. Anglo A Detection of damnable Driftes pracPoet. 833, 77. 78.

tised by three Witches arraigned at ChelmsWit and Drollery, Joviall Poems. Cor forde. London, 1579. sm. 8vo. black letter.

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1968 WIT

WIT A copy is in the British Museum. Reed, shall appear in this lamentable history, with 5754.

an approved Triall, how to find out either True Recorde of the Examination of all Witch, or any Apprentise to Witchcraft. Imthe Witches taken at St. Osses in Essex. printed by G. Eld, 1621. 4to. Twelve leares, London, 1582. 8vo.

A copy is in the black letter, with a wooden print, at the British Museum.

bottom of the title, of an old woman, and her Facts of Witchcrafte approved on Mar cat behind her. 1635. 4to. garet Haskett of Stanmore. 1585. 8vo. black Sathan transformed into an Angell of letter. Reed, 5754.

Light, expressing his dangerous Impostures An Account of Margaret Hacket a noto under glorious Shews, exemplified specially rious Witch, who consumed a young Man in the Doctrine of Witchcraft. London, to Death, rotted his Bowells and back bone 1622. 12mo. 10s. 6d. asunder, who was executed at Tiborn 19 A most certain, strange and true DisFeb. 1585. London, for Tho. Nelson and coverie of a Witch taken by some of the Tho. Law.

Parliament Forces as she was standing on a The Execution of three notorious Witches Planck and sayling on it over the River at at Chelmisford Sizes last. London, Thomas Newbury. 1643. 4to. with a frontispiece. Lawe, 1589.

A true Relation of the several InformaThe Arraignment and Execution of 3 tions, Examinations, and Confessions of the detestable Witches, John Newell, Joane his late Witches executed in the County of Es. Wife, and Hellen Calles : two executed at sex, who were condemned by the Earl of Barnett, and one at Braynford, 1 Dec. 1595. Warwick. Lond. 1645. 4to.

The most strange and admirable Disco A true Relation of the Arraignment of verie of the three Witches of Warboys, | 18 Witches at St. Edmondsbury. London, executed at Huntington for the bewitching 1645. 4to. of the five daughters of R. Throckmorton, The Lawes against Witches and Conjura. Esqre. and others with divellish and grievous tion. London, 1645. 4to. Torments; also the Bewitching to death of The Examination and Execution of three the Lady Crumwell. London, 1593. 4to. Witches at Feversham in Kent. London, Jadis, 184, 21. 2s.

1645. 4to. The most wonderfull and true Storie of a Examination of Witches in Huntingdoncertaine Witch, named Alse Gooderidge of shire. London, 1646. 4to. Bindley, pt. if. Stapenhill, who was arraigned and convicted 943, 4s. at Darbie, at the Assises there. As also a Relation of two Witches condemned at true Report of the strange Torments of Albans. London, 1649. 4to. Thomas Darling, a Boy of thirteen yeres of The strange Witches at Greenwich barnt. Age, that was possessed by the Deuill

, with ing a Wench. 1650. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. his horrible Fittes and terrible Apparitions

1529. by him vttered at Burton upon Trent, in the A strange Witch at Greenwich. Lond. Countie of Stafford, and of his maruellous 1650. 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 109, 3s. Reed, Deliuerance. London for I(ohn) O(xen- | 2910, 9s. bridge), 1597. 4to. Six sheets.

The Trial of six Witches at Maidstone. A strange Report of Sixe most notorious London, 1652. 4to. Witches, who by their Divelish Practises An Advertisement to Jurymen touching murdered above foure hundred small Chil Witches. London, 1633. 4to. dren. 1601. 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 1526, 13s. Witchcraft cast out from the religious Seed

Witches of Northamptonshire. 1612. 4to. and Israel of God. London, 1655. 4to. Black letter, with a frontispiece. Reed, 2892, A Blow at Sadducism in some Considera

tions about Witchcraft, with an Account of Witches apprehended, examined, and ex the Drummer in the House of Mr. Momecuted, with a most strange Trial how to pesson, by a Member of the Royal Society. know whether a Woman be a Witch or not. London, 1668. 8vo. Fonthill, 1039, 145. London, 1613. 4to. black letter, with a The Opinion of Witchcraft vindicated by frontispiece. Boswell, 3019, 8s. Hibbert, R. T. London, 1670. 8vo. 8611, 11. 3s.

A pleasant Treatise of Witches. London, The wonderfull Discoverie of the Witch 1673. 12mo. Nassau, pt. ii. 1253, 11. crafts of Mary and Philip Flower, Daughters Trial and Execution of three Witches at of Joan Flower, neare Bever Castle, on the Exeter. London, 1682. 4to. children of Francis Earl of Rutland, 1618. A Tryal of Witches at the Assizes held Lond. 1619. 4to. with a frontispiece. Bind. at Bury St. Edmonds. London, 1682. 8vo. ley, pt. iv. 942, 11s. Reed, 2891, 11. 6s. Thirty-two leaves.

Strange and wonderfull Witchcrafts, dis A Relation of the Informations against covering the damnable Practices of seven three Witches, with their Confessions. LonWitches against the Lives of certain noble don, 1682. 4to. Biodley, pt. iii. 1614, 2s. Personages, and others of this Kingdom ; as Conviction of three Witches at Devon,



with their Confessions. 1682. 410. Jadis, siant at Rhemes in France. Printed 185, 6s. Discourse proving by Scripture and Reason

by Edm. Bollifant for Tho. Woodthat there are Witches. London, 1686. cocke (1588). 4to. 12mo. Bindley, pt. i. 1803, 6s. 6d.

Pp. 316, dedicated to John Archbishop of Collection of modern Relations of Matter Canterburie, &c. Inglis, 1642, 12s. of Fact concerning Witches and Witchcraft. Part I. London, 1693. 4to.

Laymans Letters, delivering unto them A Relation of the diabolical Practises of them in the Word by Things sensible. Lon

such Letters as the Holy Ghost teacheth above 20 Wizards and Witches of the Sheriffdom of Renfrew in Scotland. Lond.

don, 1585. 1697. 4to. Reed, 2911, 168.

Wither, George. Works in Sadducismus Dedellatus, or a true Rela

Verse and Prose. tion of Sorceries and Witchcrafts exercised Copious notices and extracts from Wiby the Devil and his instruments upon Mrs. ther's numerous publications will be found Christian Shaw. London, 1698. 4to. Nas in Wood's Athenæ Oxonienses, by Dr. Bliss, sau, pt. ii. 985, 10s 1697. 4to. Reed, iii. 762-75, Brydges' Censura Literaria, 2909, 4s.

British Bibliographer and Restituta, and an A History of the Witches of Renfrew essay on his poetical works will be found in shire, who were burned on the Gallow C. Lamb's Works, ii. 127-36. Green of Paisley. Paisley, 1809. 12mo. 6s.

A Collection of rare and curious tracts on Prince Henrie's Obsequies; or mourneWitchcraft, and the second Sight, or an full Elegies upon his Death ; with a suporiginal Essay on Witchcraft. Edinburgh, posed Interlocution betweene the Ghost of 1822. See Quarterly Review, xxix. 440-75. Prince Henry and Great Britaine (in Verse). Witches apprehended for notable Villanies

1612. 4to, with a wood-cut engraving of the by them committed, with a Trial how to hearse set up in Westminster Abbey. Bindley, know whether a Woman be a Witch or not. pt. iv. 712, 21. Lloyd, 744, 41. 16s. London. 4to. black letter, with a frontispiece.

1613. 8vo. 1617. 8vo.

London by Sotheby's in April 1822, 1l. 19s.

Richard Badger, 1633. 12mo. A reprint, Tryalls of four notorious Witches. Lon from this edition, will be found in Brydges' don. 8vo.

Restituta, i. 384-418, and there is an enWIThals, John. A little Dic-graving of the hearse in Sandford's Genealotionary for Children.

gical History of England, b. vii.

Abuses stript and whipt, or satirical EsA vocabulary of English Words, fre

sayes, by George Wyther, divided into two

Imquently reprinted with additions.

Bookes. London, 1613. sm. 8vo. Pp. 332. printed in the late House of William Caxton

First edition. Roxburghe, 3370, 17. 11s. 6d. (by W. de Worde). 4to. London, 1559.

Bindley, pt. iv. 663, 11s. Bibl. Anglo-Poel. 4to. London, 1566. 4to. By Lewis 780, 31. 13s. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. Evans. London, 1568. 4to. Dedicated

938, 41. 5s. These satires gave such offence to Syr Thomas Chalmer. Sir M. M. Sykes, that the poet was committed to the Marpt. iii. 1116, 11. 5s. London, 1572. 4to.

shalsea, where he continued several months. London, 1586. 4to. London, 1594.

Great variations are observable in different 4to. By Abr. Flemming. London, 1597. 4to.

editions, and it is probable that the first Reed, 221, 3s. London,

edition was called in. In some editions 1599. 4to. London, 1616. By Withals, there is a print of a satyr with a scourge. Evans, Abr. Fleming, Williain Clerk and

1614. 1615. with portrait by W. another. Nassau, pt. i. 972, 1l. 8s.

Hole. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 939, moLondon, 1623. London, 1634. Witham, Rev. G. The History in Dec. 1822, 31. 16s. Jadis, 30, 41. 5s.

rocco, 18s. Inglis, 1538, 21. 10s. Sotheby's of Lacock Abbey or Locus Beatæ London, 1617. 8vo. Pp. 412. This edition Mariæ; from Dugdale, Stevens, &c. contains additions. Sotheby's in 1821, with Additions on the present State

10s. 6d. Lloyd, 1231, 1l. 2s. Bibl. AngloPoet. 782, 21. 12s. 6d. 1626.

- 1627. of the Abbey. Lacock, 1806. sm.

Nassau, pt. ii. 1263, 8s. 1633. Stretiell, 4to.

1570, 6s. 6d. Roscoe, 1364 21. Pp. 53, including title, dedication and Epithalamia: or, nuptiall, Poemes upon preface. Privately printed by the author at the Marriage of Frederick the fifth, County his own printing press.

Palatine of the Rhine, &c. and Elizabeth, Wither, George. A View of sole Daughter of James King of Great the marginal Notes of the Popish Brittaine. 1613. 4to. Bindley, pt iv. 408, Testament translated into English printed from the edition of 1633 in Brydges'

This Epithalamia is reby the English fugitive Papists re- Restituta, i. 425-46.

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