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Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 883, 1l. 6s. 1759. The volume (Tenor) is dedicated to Sir 12mo. 2 vols. 7s. 6d.

Henry Fanshawe, Knt. and contains twentyThe Life and Adventures of Don Quixote eight songs. merry translated into Hudibrastick Verse.

John. An Encovragement London, 1711-12. 8vo. 2 vols. Constable, 1008, 6s. 6d. Roxburghe, Suppl. 649, 16s.

to Warre or, Bellvm parliamentale, The History of the Grand Rebellion, di- by John Ward, Trooper under the gested into Verse. London, 1713. 8vo. 3 Earl of Bedford. (1642.) 4to. vols. Hibbert, 8458, russia, 51. 5s. Constable, 1009, russia, 61. 85.6d. Sotheby's in cluding the title, at the back of which is a

A poem, consisting of 18 pages, not in1824, 81. 8s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1036, 81. 183. 6d. Lloyd, 650,91.9s. Beckford in 1817, no. 121, Peter Goodwin and Mr. Samuel Clark. In

dedieation to Mr. John Millington, Mr. 91. 198. 6d. Collation.-Vol. 1. Title, one

the title page is a copper-plate engraving, leaf; preface, pp. 1-X; an account of the heads, 3 leaves ; an alphabetical account of liament and the Church. Nassau, pt. ii.

emblematic of the contest between the Parthe characters, 4 leaves ; proposals for other works, one leaf; the history, p. 1–207. Vol.

1392, 18s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 880, 31, 3s.

Some copies have an engraved title-page, 2. Title, one leaf; the history, pp. 207-451. Vol. 3. Title, one leaf; preface, two pages;

• The Christians Incovragement &c. 1643, an account of the heads contained in this Caualler on one side, Mr. Burton, Mr. Prynne

with six portraits, the Bishop, ludge and volume, 4 pages; the history, pp. 453–65; original papers refer'd to by Lord Clarendon, and Capt.. Bastwick on the other

. Towneley, pp. 607–28, and 679—831; the Life of pt. ii. 1592, 21. 178. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt.

iii. 963, 31. 3s. Edward Earl of Clarendon, pp, 832–62; also an account of the several battles, sieges,

John, D. L. L. &c. Disser&c., six pages. The portraits were subse tations on several Passages of Scripquently used for Clarendon's History.

ture. London, 1761-74. 8vo. 2 The Whigs unmask'd, or secret History of the Calves Head Club. London, 1713. 8vo.

vols. with plates. Nassau, pt. ii. 1075, 4s. Baker, To this curious and interesting work, 696, 11. 2s.

written by a presbyterian dissenter, Dr. The wandering Spy, or merry Observator, Lardner published a pamphlet of remarks in being the sixth volume of Miscellanies, by

1762. the Author of the London Spy. London, 1724. 8vo. with a frontispiece. - 1729. The Lives of the Professors of Gresham 8vo. Bindley, pt. i. 648, 6s. Od.

College : to which is prefixed the Life of Sir Ward, Henry. Dramatic Works Thomas Gresham, with an Appendix, conand Poems. 1746. 8vo.

sisting of Orations, Lectures, &c. London,

1740. folio. Pp. xxiv, 338 and 156, with Roxburghe, 3942, 8s. H. G. Mexico in 1827.

portrait of Sir Thomas Gresham by Geo.

Vertue, and 4 plates at pp. 1, 12, 27 and 33. London, 1828. 8vo. 2 vols.

Pages 256-7 are repeated. Dent, pt. i. With maps and plates, published at 11. 188. 1453, 75. 6d. Bishop of Ely, 1519, 8s.

- Hugh, Dean of Dublin. Sancti Willett, 2689, 12s. Duke of York, 5538, Rumoldi Martyris incliti

, Archiep. 11. 105. Bindley, pt. iii. 1243, russia, 21. 5s.

13. LARGE PAPER. Nassau, pt. ii. 1617, Dublin. &c. Acta, Martyrium, Li Pour Essays on the English Language, turgia antiqua et Patria, Notis illus- with a Catalogue of the English Verbs, trata, &c. per Hugonem Vardæum formed through their radical Tenses. Lond.

1758. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Hibernum. Lovanii, 1662. 4to.

A System of Oratory, delivered in a A copy in a bookseller's late catalogue

Course of Lectures, publicly read at Gres. was priced at 5l. 5s., and afterwards in a

ham College: to which is prefixed an insubsequent catalogue reduced to 31. 13s. 6d.

augural Oration, spoken in Latin. London,

1759. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. To this work Dr. Vita, Passio et Miracula S. Rumoldi, Arch. Dubl, J. V. W. Decano Capituli Metrop: Priestley was much indebted. Mechlin. Autore. Mechlinæ, 1634. 4to.

Ned. See WARD, Edward. John. The first Set of Eng

Robert. An Enquiry into lish Madrigals to 3, 4, 5 and 6 the Foundation and History of the Parts, apt both for Viols and Voyces, Law of Nations in Europe, from the with a Mourning Song in Memory Time of the Greeks and Romans, of Prince Henry. Printed by to the Age of Grotius. London, Thomas Sondham.

1795. 8vo. 2 vols.

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With maps.

Samuel. The Wonders of on Grammar, as it may be applied the Load-stone. London, 1640. to the English Language, in two

With a frontispiece. Nassau, pt. iii. 1039, Treatises. London, 1765. 4to. 6s.

William. Account of the Seth, Bishop of Salisbury: Writings, Religion and Manners of The Christian's Victory over Death, the Hindoos : including Translapreached at the Funeral of George tions from their principal Works. Duke of Albermarle, 30th April Serampore, 1811. 4to. A vols. 1670 ; on 1 Cor. xv. 57. London, 1670. 4to.

A View of the History, Literature and With portrait of George Monk, Duke of Religion of the Hindoos. London, 1817. Albermarle. Bindley, pt. iii. 2234, 4s. This 8vo. 2 vols. prelate published other sermons, some ma WARDEN, D. B. A statistical, thematical works, &c. See Pope, Walter, M. D.

political and historical Account of Thomas. England's Refor the United States of America, from mation : from the Time of K. Henry the Period of their first ColonizaVIII to the End of Oates's Plot, a tion to the present Day. Edinb. Poem, in four Cantos. London,

1819, 8vo. 3 vols.
1716. 8vo.
Pp. 406. Reed, 7858, 5s. Bibl. Anglo-

On the Origin, Nature, Progress and InPoet. 884, 9s. 1710. 4to. Bindley, fluence of Consular Establishments. Paris, pt. iv. 932, 14s. 6d. Edinb. 1710. 4to.

1813. 8vo. Nassau, pt. ii. 1393, 4s. London, 1715.

A chorographical and statistical Descrip8vo. 2 vols. Roxburghe, 3436, 4s.

tion of the District of Columbia the Seat of 1747. 8vo. 2 vols. Best edition, with en

the general Government of the United States. gravings. Lloyd, 1202, 10s. 6d. Inglis, Paris, 1816. 8vo. 1519, 13s. See Retrosp. Review, iii. 318-35.

Jo. A System of revealed Thomas. The Errata of the

Religion, digested under proper Protestant Bible: or the Truth of the English Translation examined Heads, and composed in the Words by Thomas Ward. Dublin, 1807. of Scripture. London, 1769. 4to.

Gossett, 5475, 11. 1s. Williams, 1912, 4to.

russia, 11. ls. This work is exceedingly This reprint was extensively circulated valuable as a common-place book. It was under the patronage of the Romish Clergy recommended by Dr. Robertson, the hisin Ireland. Bishop of Ely, 1429, 8s. 6d. torian, and other eminent divines of the Ward's Errata was first published anony Scotch Church. 1819. 8vo. 2 vols. mously in the reign of James II. 1737. | Drury, 4551, 13s. 4to. Towneley, pt. ii. 1640, russia, 1l. 7s. William. Letters written on

An Analysis of Ward's Errata of the Pro- Board His Majesty's Ship the testant Bible, by Richard Ryan, D.D. Dub- | Northumberland and at Saint Helin, 1808. 8vo.

lena. London, 1916. 8vo. An Answer to Ward's Errata of the Pro

A severe notice of this work appeared in testant Bible, by Richard Grier, D.D. Dub the Quarterly Review, xvi. 208-24. Drury, lin, 1812. 4to.

4552, 6s. Hibbert, 8459, with the Reply, Observations on the present State of the 1817, 9s. Roman Catholic English Bible ; shewing that it has never been edited on any uniform Letters from the Cape of Good Hope, in Plan ; that the Principles adopted by the Reply to Mr. Warden; with Extracts from Rhemish Translators have been abandoned ;

the great Work now compiling for Publicaand that the Censures of Ward's Errata are

tion under the Inspection of Napoleon as applicable to it, as to the Protestant Bible.

London, 1817. 8vo.
By the Rev. George Hamilton, A. M. Dub-

See Quarterly Review, xvii. 506-30.
lin, 1826. 8vo.

WARDLAW, Ralph, D.D. Dis-
A second Letter to the most Rev. Dr.
Murray on the present State of the English courses on the principal Points of
Roman Catholic Bible, by the Rev. George Socinian Controversy. Glasg. 1814.
Hamilton, A.M. Dublin, 1826. 8vo.

William, A.M.

An Essay A valuable work, frequently reprinted.


A Vindication of Unitarianism by the lation. Pag. 254, not including title, to Rev. James Yates. 8vo.

the reader, and contents, 7 leaves. There are Unitarianism incapable of Vindication by

several engravings on the letter-press. Ralph Wardlaw, D.D. London, 1816. 8vo.

Editio secunda emendatior et quarta Parte Lectures on the Book of Ecclesiastes. By

auctior; accesserunt Rerum Hibernicarum Ralph Wardlaw, D. D. Glasgow, 1821. Svo.

regnante Henrico VII Annales. Londini,

1658. 8vo. Pag. 356, not including an en2 vols. 18s. An elegant and valuable commentary on an exceedingly difficult portion graved frontispiece representing Hibernia, a of Scripture.

title-page, preface, and contents, 8 leaves.

On pag. 352 is a plate Ecclesiarvm & CameWare, Isaac. A complete Body terij Clonmacnoisæ Descriptio, over which of Architecture, adorned with Plans another representing a camera is frequentiy and Elevations from original De- pasted. Rerum Hibernicarum Annales signs. By Isaac Ware, Esq. In

pag. 99, not including title and address to

the reader, 3 leaves. Hibbert, 8155, 3s, which are interspersed some De- Heath, 4755, 4s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1032, 7s. signs of Inigo Jones, never before Bindley, pt. iii

. 2176, 31. 7s. published. London, 1768. folio. De Præsulibus Hiberniæ Commentarius, 11. lls. 6d.

a prima Gentis Hibernicæ ad fidem Christi

anam Conversione ad nostra usque Tempor A former edition appeared in 1756. folio.

Dublin. 1655. folio. In the English edition Willett, 2695, 11. 10s.

the excellent epistle by John l'arry Bishop Sir James. The whole Works of Ossory is omitted. of Sir James Ware concerning Ire

The Antiquities and History of Ireland land translated into English, revised by Sir James Ware, Knt. London, 1705.

fol. Towneley, pt. ii. 1697, 17s. Marquis and improved by Walter Harris. of Townshend, 3282,21 12s. 6d. Collation. Dublin, 1764. fol. 2 vol.

_Title, dedication to James Duke of Or. This author may be considered the Cam-monde, preface, life of Ware, contents and den of his age and nation. Dent, pt. ii.

errata, 7 leaves; Inquiries, 172 pages, not 1454, 71. 17s. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 1618,

including title and preface, 2 leaves : pages russia, 91. Hibbert, 8630, 91. 9s. Willett,

163, 164, 167, 168, 169, 170 are repeaidd, 2694, 177. 178. Collation.-Vol. I. Gene

and this portion contains plates at pp. 24, ral title, one leaf; a second title-page, . The

35, 53, and 152. The Heads of the EstablishHistory and Antiquities of Ireland', one leaf;

ment for Ireland, a List of the Privy Coun

cil, &c. preface by Walter Harris, one leaf; Latin

a Survey of the Liberties and dedication to Sir James Ware, by Jo. Parry,

Franchises of the City of Dublin, together with the English translation, &c. 3 leaves ;

five leaves. The Annals, pages 1 to 60. 57 the work, pp. 1–660, after which is an in

to 76, 1 to 164, and 1 to 64, not including dex of 8 leaves, on the last page of which is

title and preface, 2 leaves; Gesta Hibernoa list of the (18) copper-plates in the vo

rum, pp. 175 to 196. A Commentary of the lume. Vol. II. General title, one leaf; a

Prelates, pp. 1 to 70, 1 to 44, 1 to 55, also a second title-page, one leaf; preface, list of duplicate page 37 of the Bishops of Cork the (22) plates and contents, 2 leaves; the and Ross', and 1 to 28, not including title, Antiquities of Ireland, pp. 1-286, and in

to the reader, and verses signed G. Limerick, dex, 2 leaves. The History of the Writers

two leaves. Two Books of the Writers, pag. of Ireland, in two Books. Title and preface,

1 to 20, 17 to 42, not including title, dedi2 leaves; the work, pp. 1-363, and index,

cation to Lord Wentworth and to the reader,

2 leaves, also an index, 2 leaves. Historica! 5 pages.

Relations, by Sir John Davis, Knight, 55 Archiepisc. Casseliensis et Tuamensis

pages, including the title. At the conclusion

of the volume is a leaf containing the errata, Vitæ, cum Hist. Cænobiorum Cisterc. Hibern. Dublin. 1626. 4to. 6s.

and prefixed is a portrait of the Queen, and

two cuts by Hollar. The title-pages, with De Præsulibus Lageniæ, sive Provinciæ

the exception of the general title, are dated Dubliniensis Lib. unus. Dublin. 1628. 4to.

Dublin, 1704. De Scriptoribus Hiberniæ Libri duo. Hibernia Sacra. Dublin. 1717. fol. Dublin. 1639. 4to. 53. Roscoe, 272, 6s, 6d. The whole Works of Sir James Ware con

Catalogus Lib. mss. in Bibliotheca J. cerning Ireland, revised and improved. Waræi. Dublin. 1648. 4to,

Dublin, 1739-45. fol. 2 vol. Bindley, pt. iü. De Hibernia et Antiquitatibus ejus Dis 1238, 71. Dowdeswell, 799, russia, 82 13s. quisitiones. Lond. 1654. 8vo. “A lasting Towne!ey, pt. ii. 1696, 101. 10s. proof of this author's indefatigable industry, PAPER. Heath, 4754, russia, 231. 2s. It is and consummate judgment; both in his en said that only six copies were printed on quiries and discoveries.'-Nicolson. Col large paper. They contain Parry's dedication



in Latin, and also Harris' dedication to the

1600, edited by C. K. Sharpe. Abp. of Armagh, rarely, if ever, to be found

Edinb. 1827. 4to. in the small paper copies. WARFORD, William Briefe In

Privately printed. struction by Way of Dialogue, con

Gervase. Virescit cerning the principall Poyntes of Vulnere Virtus. England's Wound Christian Religion. By George

and Cure. 1628. 4to. Doulye. Imprinted at Lovaine, Esq., on the Duke of Buckingham's unfor

A poem, dedicated to Endimion Porter, 1604. 12mo. 15s.

tunate expedition to the Isle of Ré in 1627. Published under the name of George A copy is in the Bodleian Library. Doulye. In the preface, consisting of 10 pp. will be found some curious matter relating to tized Turk: or, a Narrative of the

WARMSTRY, Thomas. The BapHenry VIII, Anne Bollen, Q. Catherine, Q. Elizabeth, and Mary Q. of Scots. An happy Conversion of Signior Rigep account of Warford will be found in Wood's Dandulo. London, 1658. sm. 8vo. Athena Oxonienses.

5s. WARING, Edward, M.D. Medi

With a portrait of Rigep Dandulo in a tationes Analyticæ. Cantab. 1776. Turkish habit, by T. Cross. Towneley, pt. 4to.

i. 803, 11. Is. Waring's mathematical works, though Warner, Lady Eliza. The Life highly valuable, are considered too abstruse of Lady Warner of Parham, in Suffor ordinary mathematicians. Edward Scott. A Tour to of Jesus, written by a Catholic Gen

folk, in Religion called Sister Clare Sheeraz, by the Route of Kazroon

tleman N.N. 1692. and Feerozabad: to which is added,

With portrait of Lady Warner by P. Van a History of Persia, from the Death Schuppen. Nassau, pt. ii. 1041, morocco, of Kureem Khan to the Subversion 13s. 6d. Gough, 3889, 14s. Lloyd, 126, of the Zund Dynasty. London,

11. Is. Nassau, pt. i. 2019, 11. 2s. Reed,

4583, russia, 1l. 14s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1361, 1807. 4to.

date 1691, morocco, 21. 19s. resold Hibbert, This interesting work is chiefly confined

8460, morocco, 19s. to the manners, laws, religion, language and literature of the Persians. The Edinburgh

Ferdinando, LL. D. The Reviewers, in their notice of the work, ob Ecclesiastical History of England serve, though we have not been able to

to the eighteenth century. Lonbestow high commendation on this publication, it has left us a favourable impression of don, 1756-7. folio. 2 vol. 18s. the talents of its author.' Hibbert, 8568,

Marquis of Townshend, 3283, 21. 6s. 5s. 6d. Drury, 4662, 11s. Dent, pt. ii. 1329, 11. 2s.

The History of Ireland, vol. I. London,

1763. 4to. 532 pp. with title, dedication to A History of the Mahrattas : to which is the King, 4 leaves; also preface, explanation prefixed, an historical Account of the Dec of the authorities, and errata, xxiv pp.

London, 1810. 4to. Fonthill, 426, Towneley, pt. ii. 1633, 11. Warner's works 17s.

on Ireland are praised for their candour by Robert. Effigies Amoris : Plowden and other writers. sive quid sit Amor efflagitanti Re

The History of the Rebellion and Civil

War in Ireland (1641-60). London, 1767 sponsum. Lond. 1619. 12mo.

or 1768. 4to. 614 pp. with title, dedication Published, without the author's name, by to the Duke of Northumberland, preface, Sir John Birkenhead. Fourth Edition.

explanation of the authorities, and errata, Lond. 1668.

Some copies have a map of Ireland.

Earl of Kerry, 620, 19s. Marquis of TownsThe Picture of Love unveil'd, translated

hend, 3417, russia, 21. 4s. into English by John Norris. London, 1682. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Thomas More, 3s. 60.

Lord High Chancellor of England, in the WARISTON,

Jean Livingston, Reign of Henry VIII: to which is added, Lady. A Memorial of the Con his History of Utopia, translated into Enversion of Jean Livingston, Lady glish, with notes historical and explanatory,

by Ferdinando Warner, LL.D. London, Wariston, with an Account of her

1758. 8vo. Bindley, pt. iii. 1962, 5s. TowneCarriage at her Execution, July ley, pt. ii. 1550, 75. 6d.


24 pp.

A System of Divinity and Morality; in a | History of Jersey by Fall, with Additions. Series of Discourses on all the essential parts pp. 238, with 5 not 6 plates, the plan of of Natural and Revealed Religion : compiled the form of Jersey' being missing. Vol. V. from the Works of eminent Divines of the The Islands of Guernsey and Sarke. pp. 94, Church of England. London, 1767. 8vo. with 6 plates. 4 vols. An Illustration of the Book of Common

Antiquitates Culinariæ. London, 1791. Prayer, &c. by Ferdinando Warner, M. A. 4to. Bindley, pt. iv, 1014, 17s. DowdesLondon, 1754. fol. Compiled from the well, 769, 1l. 10s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1997, writings of Nichols, Wheatley, Burnet, Com 11. 158. Beckford in 1817, no. 56, 31. 55. ber, &c.

LARGE PAPER. Roxburghe, 1958, 31. 10. WARNER, Richard. A Letter to An Attempt to ascertain the Situation of David Garrick, Esq. concerning a

the ancient Clausentum. London, 1792. Glossary to the Plays of Shakespeare Utility of provincial History,' &c. The title

4to. 40 pp. including Observations on the on a more extensive Plan than has page is engraved. hitherto appeared. To which is Topographical Remarks relating to the annexed a Specimen. London, South-Western Parts of Hampshire : to 1768. 8vo, 3s.

which is added, a descriptive Poem. By the

Rev. Richard Warner. London, 1793. 8ra Plantæ Woodfordienses: or, a Catalogue tion.-Vol. 1. pp. 299, not including half

2 vols. 7s. 6d. Fonthill, 2112, 14s. Colla. of the more perfect Plants growing spontane

title and title, 2 leaves; dedication to Sir ously about Woodford in Essex. London, 1771, sm. 8vo. 38. Pp. 222, not including Harry Burrard, Bart., 2 leaves, and contents

, title, dedication to the Company of Apother half-title and title, 2 leaves; contents of the

2 leaves. Vol. II. pp. 215, not including caries, 2 leaves; preface, 3 pages ; errata, 2 pages; and appendix, published in 1784, 12 appendix, 3 pages ; appendix, 70 pages; pages. • This book was never published, also errata and directions to the binder, 1 but a few copies were given to the author's

pages. The engravings destined for this friends.'- Gough.

work were accidentally consumed by fire. Richard. Collections for the

The History of the Isle of Wight, mili

tary, ecclesiastical, civil and natural; te History of Hampshire and the which is added, a View of its Agriculture

. Bishopric of Winchester; including Southampton, 1795. 8vo. Pp. 311, not inthe Isles of Wight, Jersey, Guern- cluding title, dedication, advertisement and sey, and Sarke, by D. Y. with the contents, 7 leaves ; appendix, 14 pages;

errata, one page, and index, 17 pages, with original Domesday of the County, a map of the isle and two plates. Dent, pe and an accurate English Transla- | ii. 963, 3s. Roxburghe, 8628, 11s. tion, Preface and Introduction : to

An Illustration of the Roman Antiquities which is added a Glossary. Lon

discovered at Bath. Bath, 1797. 4to. Dent,

pt. ii. 1333, 5s. Fonthill, 405, 78. Pp. don. 4to. 5 vols. in 6.

xxvi and 85, not including title, dedication of this work 225 copies were printed on and errata, 3 leaves, with 14 wood-cuts. small paper. The plates are principally A Walk through Wales in August 1797. taken from Grose's Antiquities. Edwards, | London, 1798. 8vo. 58. 639, 41. 4s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1395, 41. 13s. A second Walk through Wales in August Dent, pt. ii. 1330, russia, 61. 12s. 6d. LARGE and September 1798. London, 1799. Svo PAPER. Twenty-five copies printed. Dent, 58. pt. ii. 1331, 121. 15s. Collation.-Vol. I. A Walk through some of the Western Sect. I. Topographical Description. pp. X Counties of England. London, 1800. 8vo. and 270, not including a preface, 4 pages, The History of Bath Bath, 1801. imtable of the plates in the six volumes and con- perial 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 1396, 21. 2s. tents, 2 pages, with 20 plates. Sect. II. To Dent, pt. ii. 1332, 21. 8s. Pp. 402, not inpographical Description. pp. 318, not in cluding half-title, title, dedication to the cluding the title, with 25 plates. Pp. 99 to Prince of Wales, contents, errata and direc158 and 210 & 211 are omitted, and pp. tions to the binder, 4 leaves, also an appen162, 3, 4 are repeated. Vol. II. Domesday,

dix, 123 pages. The volume contains 15 with Warner's Introduction and Glossary. plates, not including three on the letterpp. 319, with title, one leaf; preface, pp.

press. LARGE PAPER. V-xvii ; introduction, 32 pages ; names of Excursions from Bath. Bath, 1801. 8vo. the hundreds, &c. pp. xxxiii-xlvi; and a Tour through the Northern Counties of glossary, 8 pages. Vol. III. Agricultural Sur

England and the Borders of Scotland. Lowvey, Natural History, Honours and Biogra- | don, 1802. 8vo. 2 voļs. Towneley, pt. ii. phy. pp. 248, with 6 portraits. Vol. IV. The 1364, russia, 11.

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