Зображення сторінки

1647. 12mo. This edition has neither con title and 40 pages of prolegomena. A beautitents of chapters nor marginal references. ful book, though, according to Woide, the New Testament in Welsh. 1654.

Latin version is in several instances inaccuNew Testament in Welsh. Oxford, 1671. rate. Heath, 452, 13s. 6d. Gosset, 744, New Testament in Welsh. 1673.

11. 6s. Hibbert, 5836, morocco, 21. 10s. New Testament in Welsh. 1799.

LARGE PAPER. Williams, 1546, uncut, moNestament Newydd. The New Testament

rocco, 21. 2s. in Welsh. 1806. 12mo. Several other edi Fragmenta Novi Testamenti, e Versione tions have of late years been published by Ægyptiaca Dialecti Thebaidicæ, Sahidicæ, seu the Bible Society.

superioris Ægypti. Oxon. 1799. folio. 21. 2s. New Testament in Welsh and English. These fragments, some of which are supposed Oxford, 1826. 12mo.

to be nearly as old as the second century, are Tiomnadh Nuadh. The New Testament a valuable addition to our biblical apparatus. in the Gaelic Language by the Rev. James Prefixed is an elaborate and learned dissertaStuart, Minister of Killin. 1765. This trans tion by Dr. Woide, and there are many uselation, printed at the expense of the Society ful notes by Dr. Ford, who completed the in Scotland for propagating Christian Know publication, Woide having died when the ledge, bears a high character for fidelity and volume was advanced only to the end of accuracy.

Luke. New Testament in the Gaelic Language. * New Testament in the Amharic LanEdinb. 1767. 8vo. and 12mo.

guage. Lond. 1829. fsc. 4to. New Testament in the Gaelic Language. Novum Testamentum, Arabice. Londini, 1796. Ofthis edition twenty thousand copies Sumptibus Societatis de Propaganda Cogniwere printed.

tione Christi apud Exteros. 1727. roy. 4to. New Testament in the Gaelic Language. 15s. Of this edition, published under the diEdinb. 1813. 12mo. Edinb. 1826. 8vo. rection of Solomon Negri, ten thousand copies

The New Testament in Gaelic. 1821. sm. are said to have been printed, which have 12mo. and 8vo. Published by the Bible been sent to the East as occasion required. Society, 1828. 12mo,

* Novum Testamentum, Arabice, secunTiomna Nuadh. The New Testament, dum Textum Edit. Rom. Lond. 1820. 8vo. in Irish, in Anglo-Saxon Character (by Dr. * New Testament in the Arabic Language, Nehemiah Donellan, Archb. of Tuam]. 1602. Sabat's Version. Lond. 1825. 8vo. 4to.

Nye Testamente. The New TestaThe New Testament in Irish Character. ment in Danish. Lond. 1814, 12mo. ReBy Bishop Bedell. Lond. 1681. 4to. White printed in 1823, 7, 8 & 9. Knights, 4200, 11s.

* Nieuwe Testament. The New TestaNew Testament, in Irish, in the Roman ment in Dutch, in Roman Type. London, Character. Shacklewell, 1813. 12mo. Pub 1814. 12mo. lished by the British and Foreign Bible So * New Testament in Esquimaux. Only ciety. It has been since several times re portions of the Testament have been pubprinted by the society.

lished. The New Testament in the Vernacular * Novum Testamentum, Ethiopice. Lond. Language of Ireland. Shacklewell, 1818. 1826-30. fsc. 4to. 12mo. · Printed with beautiful Irish types,

Novum Testamentum, Gallicè, ex Joannis but the errors are innumerable.'— O'Reilly. Calvini Recognitione. Lond. Thomas Gual

Conaant Noa. The New Testament in tier, 1551. the Manks Language. (1756-60).

Le Nouveau Testament. Lond. 1706. New Testament in the Manks Language. 8vo. Lond. 1767. 8vo.

Le Nouveau Testament. Martin's VerNew Testament in the Manks Language. sion, by Durand. Lond. 8vo. Whiteh. 1775. 8vo.

* Le Nouveau Testament, par Ostervald. New Testament in the Manks Language. Lond. 1807. 12mo. Frequently reprinted. London, 1810. 12mo. Published by the Le Nouveau Testament, par D. Martin. Bible Society. · 1815. 12mo.

Southampt. 1807. 12mo. The Bible So

ciety have likewise published this version. The New Testament in various foreign Lan. * The New Testament, in French and

guages, published in Great Britain and English. Lond. 1817. 8vo. Ireland.

Le Nouveau Testament. Londres, 1829. Those marked * were printed for the Fo 24mo. 48. reign and British Bible Society.

* Das Neue Testament. The New TesNovum Testamentum Ægyptium vulgo tament, in German. Lond. 1812. 12mo. Copticum, ex MSS. Bodleianis descripsit, Reprinted 1817, 1823, in 12mo. and in cum Vaticanis et Parisiensibus contulit et in 1827, 24mo. Latinum Sermonem convertit David Wilkins * The New Testament, in German. Lond. Oxon. 1716. 4to. 11. Is. With an engraved | 1813. 8vo. Reprinted in 1829.

The New Testament in the Romaïc or fusun. Per B. Galterum Delænum, Rægiæ modern Greek Language, by Maximus Cal Maiestatis Anglicanæ Biblioscopum. London. liergi, with a Preface by Seraphin, a Monk excud. Joannes Mayler. 1540. 4to. This of Mitylene. London, 1703. 12mo. The volume contains fol. 228, besides dedicatory preface to this edition gave great offence to epistle to K. Henry VIII. 20 leaves, epistle the Greek bishops, particularly to the patri to the reader, one page. At the end, a small arch of Constantinople, by whose order it tract upon Justification, free Will and Prewas committed to the flames. 1705. In destination, 10 leaves; also · Pleonexegesis this edition the objectionable parts of Sera Præfationis & aliorum passim Locorum noui phin's preface are omitted.

Testamenti: per eundem Galterum Delo* New Testament in Greek, both ancient num,' 12 leaves. A copy is in Earl Spencer's and modern. crown 8vo.

collection. New Testament in modern Greek. 12mo. Testamentum Novum ex Des. Erasmi Ro

The New Testament, in modern Greek. terodami Versione, ac eiusdem recognitione Chelsea (London), 1810. 12mo. Frequently postrema. Londini, apud Gerardum Deuues, reprinted.

1568. This version was reprinted by Thomas The New Testament, in ancient and Marshe, in 1573. modern Greek. London, 1819. 12mo. Fre Jesv Christi D. N. Novvm Testamentum, quently reprinted in 12mo. and in 1829. Theodoro Beza Interprete. Additae sunt 8vo.

summae breues Doctrinae in Euangelistas et The New Testament in ancient and mo Acta Apostolorum, &c. Londini, ex Officias dern Greek. London, 1827. 8vo. Re Tho. Vautrollerii, 1574. 8vo.

Again freprinted 1830. 8vo.

quently, • The New Testament in modern Greek, Jesv Christi D. N. Novvn Testamentum, Hilarion's Version. London, 1828. 8vo. c Lingua Syriaca Latino Sermone redditum,

* Testamentitäh. The New Testament in Interprete Immanuele Tremellio. Excudethe Greenland Tongue. Lond. 1822, 8vo. bat T.(homas) V.(autrollerius) Typographus,

Novum Testamentum Hebraicum emen impensis J(oan.) H.(arrison). 1580.4to. Usudatum et castigatum, Opera et Studio Guliel. ally appended to Harrison's edition of the LaRobertsonii. Londini, 1661. 8vo. From tin Bible. Hutter's Polyglott. The greater part of this Novum Testamentum in hexametros Veredition was consumed in the Fire of London.

sus ad Verbum et genuinum Sensum fideliWilliams, 1710, 3s. 6d.

ter in Latinam Linguam translatum per The New Testament, Hebrew and En

Johannem (Bridges) Episcopum Oxonienglish, taken from Robertson's Edition, 1661, sem. Londini, excud. Valent. Simsius, 1604. by the Rev. Richard Caddick, London, 8vo. An uncommon book, exhibiting great 1798. 12mo.

ingenuity and learning but little taste. The Novum Testamentum, Hebraice. Lond. translation in Latin hexameter verse opens 1813. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Published at the ex with three long copies of Latin verses, a pense of the London Society for Promoting prayer to the Almighty, 154, an epistle deChistianity among the Jews.

dicatory to K. James, 267, and preface to the Novum Testamentum, Hebraice. Lond. pious and benevolent reader, 573 lines. 1831. 12mo. & 32mo. Edited by Mr. Constable, 61, 9s. 6d. Greenfield.

Novum Testamentum ex Sebast. Castalio* New Testament in Hindoostanee, in nis Interpretatione. Glasg. R. et A. Foulis, Nagree Character. London, 1819. 8vo. 1758. 2 vol. Williams, 1743, morocco, 16s.

* Il Nuovo Testamento. The New Tes LARGE PAPER. Williams, 1744, morocco by tament, in Italian by Diodati. Shackl. 1811. Roger Payne, 11. 4s. Castalio's version bas 12mo. Reprinted in 1816. 12mo.

been frequently reprinted. Il Nuovo Testamento. The New Tes Novum Testamentum Vulgatæ Editionis tament in Italian, by Antonio Martini, juxta Exemplum Parisiis editum apud Fratres, Archb. of Florence. Lond. 1818. 12mo. Barbou. Sumptibus Academiæ Oxoniensis Reprinted in 1821. 12mo.

in usum Cleri Gallicani in Angliâ exulantis Il Nuovo Testamento da Diodati, riveduto Cura et Studio quorundam ex eodem Clero da Giamb. Rolandi. Lond. 1819. 8vo. 7s. Wintoniæ commorantium. Oxonii, e Typo

New Testament, in the Judæo-German. grapheo Clarendoniano, 1796. 8vo. of this Lond. 1820. 12mo.

handsome edition 4000 copies were printed New Testament in the Judæo-Polish for distribution among the French ecclesias. Dialect, by the Rev. N. Solomon. 1821. tics driven from their homes by the Revo8vo. Printed at the expense and under the lution. patronage of the London Society for pro Novum Testamentum, ob frequentes ommoting Christianity among the Jews. nium Interpretationum Hallucinationes, nunc

Novum Testamentum Latinum ad anti demum ex Codice Alexandrino, adhibitis quiss. Græcorum Exemplaria quam dili etiam compluribus MSS. variantibusque Lecgentiss. castigatum inque Lat. Phrasim trans tionibus editis, summa fide ac curâ La

tine redditum. Omnibus Sacris Auctori.

For other versions printed at the bus Græcis, Sacris Criticis, Glossariis, et In expense of the society abroad and by affistructioribus per totam Græciam Ecclesias liated institutions, see the Reports and brief ticis Viris diligentissime consultis. Inter Views published by the British and Foreign prete Leopoldo Sebastiani Romano. Londini, Bible Society, as also the Catalogue of their 1817. royal 8vo. The author of this version, | Library, 1832. 8vo. who is a Roman Catholic clergyman, was at the head of the Missionaries in Persia. The Concordance of the New Testament, LARGE PAFER.

most necessary to be had in the Handes of all • Elkhawlu' Idjadîd. The New Testa- soche, as desire the Communicacion of any ment, in Malay, in Roman Character. Lon Place contayned in the New Testament. don, 1818. 8vo.

Impr. by me Thomas Gybson, 1535. 8vo. * New Testament, in Persian, by Martyn, The first concordance to any part of the edited by Professor Lee. London, 1827. English Scriptures, It is probable from the 8vo.

epistle to the reader, that it was the work of * ) Novo Testamento. The New Testa John Day, assisted by Gybson the printer. ment, in Portuguese by Almeida. Shackle An Enquiry into the Authority of the well, 1811. 12mo. Lond. 1817. 12mo. primitive Complutensian Edition of the New

# The New Testament in Portuguese by Testament, as principally founded on the Pereira. Lond. 1818. 12mo. -Lond. 1823. most ancient Vatican MSS. ; together with 18mo.

some Research of that MS., in order to decide El Testamento nuevo de nuestro Senor the Dispute about 1st John, v. 7. In a Letter Jesu Christo. En Casa de Ricardo del to the Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Bentley, Master Campo (Field), 1596. 8vo. 742 pages, be of Trinity-College in Cambridge. London, sides the prefaces. Parallel places in the 1722. 8vo. 4s. This tract written by George margin.

Smalbroke, Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry • El Nuevo Testamento. The New Tes has been attributed to Dr. Con. Middleton. tament in Spanish. Lond. 1817. 12mo. It is to be found in the thirteenth volume of Reprinted 1821. 12mo.

the Somers Collection of Tracts, and was * El Nuevo Testamento. The New Tes also reprinted by the Bishop of Salisbury in tament, in Spanish by P. Scio. Shacklewell, 1824. About 1721-2, several pamphlets 1820. 12mo. Lond. 1828. 8vo.

appeared relative to Dr. Bentley's Proposals El Nuevo Testamento, por Amat. Edi for printing a New Edition of the Greek cion revista. Lond. 1825. 12mo.

Testament. * Nya Testamentet. The New Testa The true Doctrine of the New Testament ment in Swedish. Lond. 1829. 12mo. concerning Jesus Christ considered: to which

Novi Testamenti Versio Syriaca Philoxeni are added an Appendix, &c. (by — Cardale). ana, ex Codd. mss. Ridleianis, cum Inter London, 1767. 8vo. 5s. pretatione et Annotationibus Jos. White. A Vindication of the Authenticity of the Oxon. 1778-1803. 4to. 4 vols. 21. 2s.

Narratives contained in the first two Chapters Test. Nov. Syriace. 10s. Published by of the Gospels of St. Maithew and St. Luke, Bagster. The Peschito, or old Syriac version by a Layman. London, 1822. 8vo. An is printed from Widmanstadt's edition, pub- elaborate investigation of the objections lished at Vienna in 1555, collated with an urged by the Unitarian Editors of the Imedition revised under the auspices of the proved Version of the New Testament. British and Foreign Bible Society. The Lectures on Parables, selected from the Apocalypse and such of the epistles as are New Testament. London, 1822. 8vo. not found in the Peschito are given from the Lectures on Miracles, selected from the Philoxenian version.

New Testament. London, 1823. 8vo. Novum Testamentum, Syriace, denuo recognitum atque ad Fidem Codicum MSS. The Apocryphal New Testament: being emendatum. Lond. 1816. 4to. A beautiful all the Gospels, Epistles, and other Pieces edition, corrected for the press as far as the now extant, attributed in the first four CenActs of the Apostles by the late Rev. Dr. turies to Jesus Christ, his Apostles, and their Buchanan, and completed by the Rev. Companions, and not included in the New Samuel Lee, Professor of Arabic in the Uni Testament by its Compilers. Translated and verersity of Cambridge.

collected into one Volume, with Prefaces and * Novum Testamentum, Syriace. Lond. Tables, and various Notes and References 1826. 4to.

[by William Hone). London, 1820. 8vo.Novum Testamentum Turcice, Opera Gul. A new Edition with Additions. London, 1821. Seaman. Oxon. 1666. 4to. Published at the 8vo. A severe attack on the Apocryphal joint expense of the Hon. Robert Boyle and New Testament appeared in the Quarterly of the Levant or Turkey Company of Lon- | Review, xxv. 347-65; and an analysis of the don, for the benefit of the Christians in publication, with remarks, will be found in Turkey.

the Rev. T. H. Horne's Introduction to the

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rocco, 13s.

Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Harleian Miscellany, from a copy, supposed Scriptures, vol. 1. Appendix, No. 1. Sect. ii. unique, in the library of the London Society pp. 500, &c.

of Antiquaries. Aspersions answered : an explanatory THACKER, Robert. Eleven Views Statement, addressed to the Public at large,

of Lord Coleraine's triangular Seat and to every Reader of the Quarterly Review in particular. By W. Hone. London, 1824.

at Longford. Drawn by Robert 8vo. pp. 68. This was likewise answered by Thacker, and engraved by Nicholas the Quarterly Reviewers, in rol. xxx. pp. Yeates and J Collins. oblong folio. 472-81.

A smaller set has been engraved. Testament of the XII Patriarchs, THACKERAY, Rev. Francis. Hisenglished by Arthur Golding. Lon- tory of the Rt. Hon. Wm. Pitt, Earl don, John Day, 1577.

of Chatham. London, 1827. 4to. Inglis, 665, 11. 2s. - 1581. 1589.

2 vols. 1590. 1601. Brockett, 3035, 12s.

THADDÆUS, Joh. Conciliatorium 1606. 1619. 18mo. Gordonstoun, 2240, 4s. 6d. 1647. 1660. 18mo.

Biblicum. Lond. 1662. folio. White Knights, 4107, morocco, 10s.

Best edition, considerably enlarged. 1663, 18mo. Nassau, pt. ii. 687, 6s. Thalia rediviva, Pass-Times and 1677. 18mo. 1681. Dent, pt. ii. 683, Diversions of a Countrey-Muse in 78. 6d. 1684. Towneley, pt. ii. 1549, choice Poems. 1678. 5s. Hibbert, 7841, 6s. 60. — 1690. Gough, 2631. 5s. - 1699. Williams, 1758, mo

Bindley, pt. iii. 1536, 1l. 10s. - Glasg. 1704. 12mo. Lond.

Thame.-Schola Thamensis ex 1706.

Fundatione Johannis Williams MiliTetlow, Richard John. An his tis, Domini Williams de Thame. God torical Account of the Borough of save the Queene. 1575. fol. Pontefract in the County of York. A copy is in the Bodleian library, conLeeds, 1769. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

sisting of 34 leaves, viz. (A) Regis MaiestaForty-three pages.

tis Licentia, 7 pages; (D) Index sive Summa Teuber, Chr. Andr. Tractatus

compendiaria cuiusque Capitis sequentium

Statutorum, 2 pages; (Dii-Lii) De Erectione de Utilitate Linguæ Anglicanæ in Scholæ Thamensis, &c. 58 pages, not num. Explicatione S. Scripturæ. Lips. bered. An official copy is in the possession 1733. 12mo.

of the Warden of New College, Patron of the Teverton in Devonshire.-The

School, which Mr. Upcott observes he was true lamentable Discourse of the hot Thames. -An History of the RiBurning of Teverton in Devonshire,

ver Thames (by William Coombe). the third of April last past, 1598. London, 1794-6. London by Thomas Purfoot. 4to. Published by John & Josiah Boydell. Six leaves, black letter.

See BoYDELL, John. Tewkesbury.-Disquisition on the THANE, J. British Autography. Conventual Church of Tewkesbury. A Collection of Fac-similies of the 1818.

Hand Writing of royal and illustrious Dent, pt. ii. 684, 7s. 6d.

Personnages, with their authentic THACHER, James. A Military Portraits. Publish'd by J. Thane. Journal during the American revo London. 4to.

nos. in 3 vols. lutionary War, 1775-83, with his

Willett, 2448, 2 vols. 81. 158. Grave, 352, torical Facts and Anecdotes, &c. 11. Roxburghe, 8590, 11 nos. 167. 58. 6d. Boston, 1823. 8vo.

Bindley, pt. iii. 2288, 12 pts. 211. Sir M. A partial work.

M. Sykes, pt. iii. 700, with some additional THACKER, R. A godlie Dittie plates, 221. 11s. 6d. Beckford in 1817, no.

60, with some duplicate proofs on India to the song for the Queene's most

paper, 291, 8s. Dent, pt. ii. 1155, russia, excelent Majestie's Raigne. Lon- 297.8s. On VELLUM. don by Abell Jeffes, 1586.

of pp. iv and 40, with 88 portraits and iwo Seven stanzas, accompanied with musical | plates, containing autographs and an ennotes like a psalm tune, written after the con

graved title-page. Mac-Carthy, 2016, 50 fr. spiracies of Throckmorton, Babington, and

Thanet.-A Tour through the others. Reprinted in the tenth volume of the Isle of Thanet, and some Parts of

A copy, consisting



116 nos.


East Kent (by Z. Cosens). Ion The modern Theatre; a Selection of sucdon, 1793. 4to.

cessful modern Plays, selected by Mrs. InchFonthill, 304, 11. ls. Duke of York,

bald. London, 1811. roy. 18mo. 10 vols. 5209, 21. 2s. Towneley, pt. ii. 1460, 21. 10s.

The new British Theatre : a Selection of The volume consists of 506 pages, not in

London, cluding title, advertisement and errata, 3 original Dramas not yet acted. leaves, with eight plates.

1814-15. 8vo. 4 vols. Rhodes, 2775, 10s.

A Collection of Farces and other AfterTheatre.-Collection of Dramatic pieces, selected by Mrs. Inchbald. London, Pieces, &c.

1815. roy. 18mo. 7 vols. with portraits.

Dibdin's London Theatre. Chiswick, The English Theatre: a Collection of 1815. 26 vols. With 104 wood cuts. Dent, Tragedies and Comedies from the most ce pt. i. 613, morocco, 41. 12s. On INDIA PAlebrated Authors. London, 1731-3. 12mo. Six copies struck off. 26 vol.

A select British Theatre ; being a CollecThe English Theatre : containing twenty

ton of the most popular Stock Pieces perComedies, and twenty Tragedies; being the

formed at the Theatres Royal (including all most valuable Plays which have been acted the acting Plays of Shakspeare) altered and on the British Stage. London, 1762. 12mo. adapted to the Stage. By Mr. (John Philip) 8 vols. White Knights, 1397, 12s.

Kemble. London, 1816. 12mo. 8 vols. The Comic Theatre, by S. Foote and Cumberland's British Theatre. others. London, 1762. 12mo. 5 vols. Of with portraits and wood-cuts. Now in course these 16 plays, The Young Hypocrite was of publication. the only one translated by Foote. Nassau, pt. i. 1218, 11. 4s. Rhodes, 1079, 11. 7s. The British Theatre, containing Lives of Reed, 8054, 19s. Roxburghe, 3948, 11. the English Dramatic Poets, &c. London,

The Theatre; or, select Works of the 1752. 12mo. British Dramatic Poets. Edinb. 1768. 12mo. Theatrical Records; or, an Account of 12 vols.

English Dramatic Authors and their Works. The new English Theatre, containing the London, 1756. 12mo. Of no authority or most valuable Plays which have been acted on the London Stage. London, 1776-7. The Theatrical Review ; or, Annals of the 12mo. 12 vol. The plates to this edition Drama. 1763. 8vo. contain correct likenesses of the performers Theatrical Monitor for 1768.

18 nos. of the Garrick school, and the costume of Theatrical Review : or, new Companion that period. Heath, 1926, 21. 2s. Hollis, to the Playhouse. By a Society of Gentle388, 21. 2s. Bindley, pt. i. 2096, 21, 17s. men, independent of Managerial Influence LARGE PAPER, with proof plates.

(i. e. John Potter). London, 1772. 12mo. Bell's British Theatre. London, 1776-80. 2 vols. Reed, 8577, 8s. Originally pub12mo. vols. Duke of York, 397, 24 vols. lished in a newspaper. 21. 14s. Marquis of Townshend, 105, 21 Theatrical Biography: or, Memoirs of the vols. 37. 38. Edwards, 797, 21 vols. 41. principal Performers of the three Theatres

Bell's British Theatre. London, 1791. Royal. With critical and impartial Remarks 18mo. vols. LARGE PAPER, with proof on their respective professional Merits. Lonplates. Dent, pt. i. 202, 30 vols. 71, 178. 6d. don, 1772. 12mo. 2 vols. Reed, 8598, 4s. 6d. Duke of York, 399, 117 nos. 71. 12s. 60. The Theatrical Museum. London, 1776. Roxburghe, 3984, 34 vols. russia, 221. 10s. Roxburghe, Suppl. 619, 3s. 6d. Earl of Kerry, 34 vols. russia, 281. 7s.

The Theatrical Guardian. Lond. 1790-1. Jones' British Theatre. Dublin, 1791. 4to. Nos. I. VI. A periodical publication by 12mo. 10 vols.

James Fennell. The minor Theatre, being a Collection of The Theatrical Recorder (by Thomas the niost approved Farces, Operas and Co Holcroft). 8vo. Nos. I to XV, inclusive. This medies. London, 1794, 18mo. 7 vols. monthly publication contains 22 dramatic

Sharpe's British Theatre. 1804. 18 vols. pieces translated from the French, Italian,

Cawihorn's Minor British Theatre. Lon- Spanish, and German. don, 1805-6. 18mo. 6 vols. with plates, Theatric Tourist, a Collection of Views, 10s. 6d.

with historical Accounts of the principal ProThe British Theatre; or, a Collection of vincial Theatres in the United Kingdom, by Plays, with biographical and critical Remarks a Theatrical Amateur (Winston). London, by Mrs. Inchbald.

London, 1808. roy. 1804. 4to. Eight Numbers, all published. 18mo. 25 vols. with plates. FINE PAPER, FINE PAPER, with proof plates. Field, 1052, with proof impressions of the plates, and

14s. portraits not in the other impression. Duke Theatrum illustratum. Graphic and hisof York, 2599, 81. White Knights, pt. i. toric Memorials of ancient Play-Houses, mo609, 102. 10s.

dern Theatres and Places of Public Amuse

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