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Newly imprinted and enlarged to almost as playing vsually at the Gloabe on the Banckemuch againe as it was, according to the true side. LONDON, Printed for Nathaniel Butter, and perfect coppie. Printed by J. R. for and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls N. Landure, 1604. 4to.

Church-yard at the signe of the Pide Bull The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet, Prince neere St. Austins Gate. 1608, of Denmarke. By William Shakespeare. rate. B to L in fours, 41 leaves. Dent, Newly imprinted and enlarged to almost as pt. iii. 1030, 141. 55. Strettell, 1639, 151. much againe as it was, according to the true Jadis, 173, 171. 17s. Steevens, 1277, 28l. and perfect Coppie. At London, printed by M. William Shake-speare, his true ChroI. R. for N. L.-1605. 4to. B to O 2, in nicle History of the life and death of King fours, not including the title.

Lear and his three Daughters. With the The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Den

vnfortunate life of Edgar, sonne and heire to marke. Newly imprinted and inlarged ac the Earle of Glocester, and his sullen and cording to the true and perfect Copy lastly assumed humour of Tom of Bedlam. As it printed. By William Shakespeare. London, was plaid before the Kings Maiesty at Whiteprinted by W. S. for lohn Smetwicke,

Hall, vppon S. Stephens night, in Christmas (1607 ?) 4to. A to N, in fours, N 4 blank. Hollidaies. By his Maiesties Seruants, playStrettell, 1640, 41. 5s. Bindley, 2046, 41. 4s. ing vsually at the Globe on the Banck-side. Roxburghe, 3863, 41. 13s.

Printed for Nathaniel Butter. 1608. 4to. The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Den

A to L, in fours, 44 leaves. This, the second mark. For John Smithwicke, 1609. 4to. edition, has no place of sale in the colophon,

The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Den and the author's name is spelt Shake-speare. marke. By William Shakespeare. Newly Steevens, 1278, 21. 2s. Duke of Grafton, imprinted and enlarged to almost as much

704, 61. 6s. Roxburghe, 3856, 61, 12s. loagaine as it was, according to the true and glis' Old Plays, 95, 81. 10s. 6d. Rhodes, 2102, perfect Coppy: At London, printed for four leaves wanting, 101. Reprinted by lohn Smethwicke,-1611. 4to. B to ( 2, in Steevens in 1766, who observes • There is fours, not including the title. Steevens, 1263, besides this edition another of the same no title, with ms. notes, 21. 2s. Roxburghe, Year, which (with that published by Jane 3864, 21. 2s. Sotheby's in Nov. 1826, | Bell in 1655) is but a Copy from the First, 31. 13s. Rhodes, 2098, 61. 103. Jadis, 168, and retains even the Printer's Errors.' There 71. Reprinted by Steevens, and collated were three editions of Lear, published in with the following editions, 1605, I. R. for 1608. N. L., 1637, R. Young, for Iohn Smeth

King Lear. London, Jane Bell, 1655. 4to. wicke, no date, W.S. for John Smethwicke.

Rhodes, 2103, 41. 18s. The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Den

King Lear; a Tragedy, written by Wilmark. Newly imprinted and inlarged, ac

liam Shakespeare, collated with the old and cording to the true and perfect Copy last

modern Editions (by Charles Jennens). Lond. Printed. By William Shakespeare. London

1770. 8vo. 3s, 6d. With a portrait of Shakeprinted by R. Young for John Smethwicke, 1637. 4to. A to N, in fours. Sicevens, 1264,

speare after Corn. Jansen by Earlom. 7s. Rhodes, 2099, 10s. Inglis' old Plays, Venice. As it hath beene diuerse Times

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moore of 168, 12s.

acted at the Globe, and at the Black-Friers, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. London, 1683. 4to. In this edition by his Maiesties Seruants. Written by Wilof the play as acted at the Duke of York's

liam Shakespeare. London, printed by N.O. Theatre, and the part of Hamlet performed

for Thomas Walkley, - 1622. 4to. Sign. A, by the celebrated Betterton, Hamlet's in

two leaves, B to N-, in fours. Gilchrist,

191. 10s. structions to the players are marked for

Jadis, 169, 201. Dent, pt. ii. omission. Rhodes, 2101, 10s. 6d.

1026, morocco, 221. Steevens, 1287, with Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a Tragedy, Rhodes, 2104, 421. Bindley, pt. iii, 2013,

ms. notes and various readings, 291. 8s. by William Shakespeare, collated with the old and modern Editions (by Charles Jen

561. 14s. Reprinted by Steevens in 1766, nens). London, 1773, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

and collated with another edition printed in

1630. The true Chronicle History of King Leir &c. 1605. See Lear.

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moore of M. William Shak-speare:

True Venice. — Written by William Shakespeare. Chronicle Historie of the life and death of London printed by A. M. for Richard HawKing Lear and his three Daughters. With kins, --- 1630. 4to. A to M, in fours, the the unfortunate life of Edgar, sonne and last page is blank. Inglis' Old Plays, 104, heire to the Earle of Gloster, and his sullen 10s. Wbite Knights, 3959, 12s. Steevens, and assumed humor of Toy of Bedlam : As 1288, 13s. Rhodes, 2105, 19s. Jadis, 170, it was played before the Kings Maiestie at

31. 10s. Whitehall upon S. Stephan's night in Christ The Tragedy of Othello, the Moore of mas Hollidayes. By his Maiesties seruants Venice. Written by William Shakespeare.


It con

The fourth Edition. London printed for banact. No lesse pleasant then profitable. William Leak, · 1655. 4to. This edition Newly set foorth, ouerseene and corrected, is a republication of that of 1630.

by W. S.

London, printed by Thomas tains A to M, in fours ; the last page contains Creede. 1595. 4to. A to K, in fours, A1 a list of books printed or sold by William blank. Steevens, 1306, 31. 58. Duke of Leake,' and the play is paged 1 to 93. Grafton, 708, 51. 15s. 6d. Roxburghe, Steevens, 1289, 4s. Field, 396, 5s. Rhodes, 3862, 61. 6s. 2106, 10s. 6d.

The first part of the true and honorable Othello, a Tragedy by William Shake Historie of the Life of Sir John Oldcastle the speare, collated with the old and modern good Lord Cobham. London, printed by Editions (by Charles Jennens). Lond. 1773 V. S. for Thomas Pavier, — 1600. 4to. By 8vo. 2s. 6d.

some attributed to Ant. Munday. This Anthony and Cleopatra ; an historical edition contains many superior readings and Play, written by William Shakespeare: fitted additional lines to the one of the same date for the Stage by abridging only (by Edward printed for 'T. P. and has not Shakespeare's Capell). London, 1758, crown 8vo. 2s. name on the title-page. Duke of Grafton, pp. 100, not including title and dedication, | 710, 31. 12s. Strettell, 1641, 71. Rhodes, two leaves. This play is erroneously sup- | 1762, 81. Jadis, 175, 111. 11s. Evans' in posed to have been published as a specimen | Jan. 1824, 181. of Capell's edition.

The first part of the true & honorable The late, and much admired Play, called

history, of the Life of Sir John Old-castle, Pericles, Prince of Tyre. With the true

the good Lord Cobham. As it hath bene Relation of the whole Historie, aduentures lately acted by the Right honorable the and fortunes of the said Prince : as also, the

Earle of Notingham Lord High Admirall of no lesse strange, and worthy accidents, in

England, his Seruants. Written by William the Birth and Life, of his Daughter Mariana. As it hath been diuers and sundry times

Shakespeare. London, printed for T. P.

1600. 4to. A to K, in fours. Steevens, acted his Maiesties Seruants at the Globe on the Banck-side. By William Shakespeare. 3873, 19s.

1310, 10s. Sabine, 1010, 16s. Roxburghe,

Field, 399, 19s. Inglis' Old Imprinted at London for Henry Gosson,

Plays, 93, 11. 15s. Dent, pt. ii. 1034, 1609. 4to.. A to I, in fours, I 4 blank.

11. 15s. Duke of Grafton, 709, 11. 18s. Steevens, 1308, 11. 28. Roxburghe, 3869,

Rhodes, 2115, 21. 6s. Jadis, 176, 41, 14s. 6d. 11. 15s. White Knights, 3960, 21. 5s.

The Chronicle History of Thomas Lord Rhodes, 2109, 91. 9s.

Cromwell. London for William Jones, 1602. Pericles, Prince of Tyre. for S. 1611.

4to. Roxburghe, 3874, 51. 10s. Edwards, in 1804, 141. 3s. 6d.

The true Chronicle Historie of the whole The late, And much admired Play, called, Pericles, Prince of Tyre. With the true

life and death of Thomas Lord Cromwell. Relation of the whole History, aduentures

As it hath beene sundry times publikely and fortunes of the saide Prince. Written by Acted by the Kings Maiesties Seruants. W. Shakespeare. Printed for T. P. 1619.

Written by W. S. London : printed by

Thomas Snodham. 1613. 4to. 4to. The signatures run R to A a, in fours,

A to G, in B b one leaf, and title, one leaf. The edition fours, G 4 blank. Inglis' Old Plays, 97,

11. ls. was printed with. The whole Contention betweene the two Famous Houses, Lancaster

The London Prodigall. As it was plaide and Yorke. Printed at London, for T. P: by the Kings Maiesties seruants. By WilRoxburghe, 3879, 5s. Field, 397, 11s. liam Shakespeare, London. Printed by T.

C. for Nathaniel Butter, - 1605. 4to.
Rhodes, 2111, 15s.
Steevens, 1309, 15s.

A Inglis' Old Plays, 101, 11. 15s. Jadis, 174,

to G, in fours. Steevens, 1307, 11. 9s. 11. 18s,

Rhodes, 2116, 21. Strettell, 1642, 51. 5s. The late, and much admired Play, called The Puritaine or the Widdow of WatlingPericles, Prince of Tyre.

Written by streete. Acted by the Children of Paules. Will. Shakespeare. London, printed by I. N. Written by W.s. Imprinted at London by for R. B. - 1630. 4to. A to I 2, in fours. G. Eld. 1607. 4to. A to H, in fours, A 1 Field, 398, 6s. White Knights, 3960*, 9s. blank. The running title of the play is Rhodes, 2112, 14s.

The Pvritaine Widdow. George Pyeboard, The late, and much admired Play, called i. e. Peele, is the hero of this comedy, falsely Pericles, Prince of Tyre.—Written by W. ascribed to Shakespeare. It was probably Shakespeare. Printed at London by Thomas written by Wentworth Smith, who composed Cotes, 1635. 4to. A to I 2, in fours. Rox many pieces in conjunction with Heywood, burghe, 3871, 14s.

Dekker, Drayton, Chettle, Munday, WebThe lamentable Tragedie of Locrine, the ster, Haughton, Hathway and Day. Duke eldest sonne of King Brutus, discoursing the of Grafton, 711, 1l. 11s. Rhodes, 2117, warres of the Britaines and Hunnes, with 21. 15s. their Discomfiture: The Britaines victorie A Yorkshire Tragedie. Not so New, as with their Accidents, and the death of Al- | Lamentable and True. Written by W.

Shakespeare. Printed for T. P. 1608. 4to. 401, 16s. Strettell, 1643, 11, 16s. Rhodes, A to C, in fours, not including the title, one 2122, 21. 2s. leaf, and D, two leaves. Al coinmences The double Falshood, or the distrest • All's One, or, One of the four Plaies in one, Lovers, a Play, written originally by Shakecalled a Yorkshire Tragedy. As it was plaid speare, and revised by Mr. Theobald. Lond. by the Kings Maiesties Players.' Evans' in 1728. 8vo. Field, 436, with the reprint of Jan. 1825, 171.

1767, 4s. A Yorkshire Tragedie. Not so New, as Lamentable and True. Written by W. Hamlet Travestie, with burlesque AnnoShakespeare. Printed for T. P. 1619. 4to. lations by John Poole. London, 1811. A to D 2, in fours, not including the title. 12mo. 3s. Frequently reprinted. Steevens, 1311, 9s. resold Sir M. M Sykes,

Romeo and Juliet travesty.

In three pt. iii. 411, 10s. 6d. Roxburghe, 3875, 178. Acts. London. 1812, 12mo. 3s. 6d. Constable, 1062, 11. 2s. Sotheby's in April Othello Travestie, with burlesque Notes 1826, 11. 10s. Rhodes, 2118, 21. 2s. Field, and other curious Appendices. Lond. 1813. 400, 21. 2s. Evans' in March 1825, 21. 15s. 12mo. Sabine, 1033, 2s. 6d. For an account of the story of the Yorkshire Macbeth Travestie. 1813. In a volume Tragedy see Whitaker's Loidis and Elmete. entitled • Accepted Addresses; or, Præmium

The Raigne of K. Edward the Third. Poetarum: to which are added, Macbeth Tra1596. &c. See EDWARD III. King of Eng- vestie, in three Acts and Miscellanies by land.

divers Hands. Sabine, 1085, 33. A most pleasant Comedie of Mucedorus. Richard III. Travestie. London, 1816. 1598. &c. See Mucedorus. A pleasant Comedie of Faire Em, the

The Tragedies of the last Age considered Millers Daughter of Manchester: with the

and examined by the Practice of the Anloue of William the Conqueror. As it was cients. London, 1678. 8vo. 1692. Sra sundry times publiquely acted in the Ho

See RYMER, Thomas. nourable Citie of London, by the right Ho A short View of Tragedy. 1693. See nourable the Lord Strange his Seruants. RYMER, Thomas. London, printed for lohn Wright, 1631.

Some Reflections on Mr. Rymer's 'Short 4to. A to F, in fours, F 4 blank. Sabine, View of Tragedy,' and an Attempt at a 1081, 17s.

Vindication of Shakspeare. 1694. Printed in The Merry Deuill of Edmonton. As it Charles Gildon's miscellaneous Letters and hath been sundry times Acted, by his Essays. Maiesti Seruants, at the Globe on the

The impartial Critick. 1697. See DenBanke-side. London printed by A. M. for

NIS, John. Francis Falkner, 1626. 4to. A to F 4,

The secret History of Mack-beth, King A 1 blank. Former editions appeared in of Scotland. London, 1708. 8vo. Sabine, 1608 and in 1617. 4to.

1146, 4s. 6d. The Merry Deuill of Edmonton.

Remarks on the Plays of Shakspeare, by London. Printed by T. P. for Francis Falk Charles Gildon. 1710. At the end of the ner, - 1631. 4to. A to F in fours, A 1 blank. seventh volume of Rowe's edition of ShakeSabine, 1081, 17s.

speare. The Merry Devil of Edmonton. As it Three Letters on the Genius and Writings hath been sundry times Acted, by His of Shakspeare. 1711. See DENNIS, John. Majesties Servants at the Globe on the Bank

An Essay on the Writings and Genius of side. London, printed for William Gilbert Shakespear, by John Dennis. London, 1712. son,

1655. 4to. A three leaves, B to F, 8vo. Rhodes, 2186, 4s. Sabine, 1112, 7s. in fours. On the title page is a wood cut. Shakspeariana, a Collection of Passages Sabine, 1084, 11, 1s.

from Shakspeare. 1718. In Charles Gildon's The two noble Kinsmen : presented at Art of Poetry. the Blackfriers by the Kings Maiesties ser Shakespeare restored. 1726. See Theovants, with great applause : written by the

BALD, Lewis. memorable Worthies of their time; Mr. John An Answer to Mr. Pope's Preface to Fletcher and Mr. William Shakspeare Gent. Shakespear, being a Vindication of the old Printed at London by Tho. Cotes for lohn Actors who were the Publishers and PerWaterson: 1634. 4to. A one leaf, B to M, formers of that Author's Plays. By a strolin fours, and N one leaf.

ling Player (John Roberts). London, 1729. The merry conceited Humors of Bottom 8vo. Field, 161, 6s. Rhodes, 2188, 14s. the Weaver. London, 1661. 410. Rhodes, Some Remarks on the Tragedy of Ham2123, 21. 10s.

let Prince of Denmark, written by William The Birth of Merlin : or, the Childe hath | Shakspeare. London, 1736. Svo. 58. Field, found his Father: as it hath been several 462, 11. ls. Sabine, 1206, 37. 17s. times acted with great Applause. Written Explanatory and critical Notes on divers by William Shakspear, and William Rowley. | Passages of Shakespeare, by Francis Peck, Lond. 1662. 4to. A to G, in fours. Field, 'M.A. 1740. In Peck's Memoirs of Milton.

An Essay towards fixing the true Stand Curate (Zach. Grey, LL.D.). London, 1750. ards of Wit and Humour, &c. 1744. See 8vo. Field, 476, 5s. Sabine, 1165, 14s. MORRIS, Corbyn.

A compendious or briefe Examination of Miscellaneous Observations on the Tra- certayne ordinary Complaints of diuers of gedy of Macbeth, with Remarks on Sir our Countrymen in these our Days, &c. By T(homas) H(anmer)'s Edition of Shake William Shakespeare. Lond. 1751. 8vo. 3s. spear : to which is affixed, Proposals for a See STAFFORD, William. new Edition of Shakespear, with a Specimen Remarks upon a late (Warburton's) Edi(by Sam. Johnson, LL.D.). London, by E. tion of Shakespear, with a long String of Cave, 1745. 12mo. Field, 464, 3s. Sabine, Emendations, borrowed by the celebrated 1190, 3s. 6d.

Editor, from the Oxford Edition, without A Word or two of Advice to William

Acknowledgment: to which is prefixed, a Warburton a Dealer in many Words, by a Defence of the late Sir Thomas Hanmer, Friend (Zach. Grey, LL.D.); with an Ap Bart, addressed to the Reverend Mr. Warpendix, containing a Taste of William's Spirit burton, Preacher of Lincoln's Inn (by Zaof Railing. London, 1746. 8vo. Sabine, 1253, chary Grey, LL.D.). London (1751). 8vo. 3s, 6d. Field, 465, 5s, 6d.

2s. Some copies are entitled Examination Essay upon English Tragedy, with Re of a late Edition of Shakespeare. 1752. marks upon the Abbé Le Blanc's Observa

Field, 478, 2s. tions on the English Stage. By William Miscellaneous Observations on the TraGuthrie. Lond. 1747. 8vo. Sabine, 1142, 4s.

gedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark : with a - n. d. 8vo.

Preface, containing some general Remarks Critical Observations on Shakspeare. 1747. on the Writings of Shakespear. London, See UPTON, John. It was reprinted in 1748. 1752. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Field, 477, 4s.

Answer to certain Passages in Mr. Warburton)'s Preface to his Edition of Shake

The Beauties of Shakspeare. 1752. Frespear; together with some Reinarks of the quently reprinted. See DODD, William, D.D.

Shakspeare illustrated. 1753-4. See many Errors and false Criticisms in the Work itself. London, 1748. 8vo. Rhodes,

LENNOX, Mrs. Charlotte.

Critical, historical, and explanatory Notes 2193, 5s. Sabine, 1086, 6s. An Inquiry into the Learning of Shak

on Shakspeare. 1754. See GREY, Za

chary, LL.D. speare. 1748. See WHALLEY, Peter, A. B. The Canons of Criticism and Glossary.

Tomb of Shakspeare, a poetical Vision by 1749. Frequently reprinted. See EDWARDS,

J. G. Cooper. 1755. 4to. 2s. A second ediThomas.

tion appeared in 1755. 4to.

The Novel from which the Play of The An Attempte to rescue that aunciente

Merchant of Venice, written by Shakespear, English Poet and Playwrighte, Maistre William Shakespere, from the many Errours

is taken, translated froin the Italian : to

which is added, a Translation of a Novel faulsely charged on him by certaine new

from the Decamerone of Bocaccio. London, fangled Wittes, and to let him speak for him

1755. 8vo. 2s. 6d. The novel is taken from self, as right well he wotteth, when freede

Giovanni Fiorentino. Field, 483, 2s. 6d. from the many careless Mistakings of the heedless first Imprinters of his Workes, by a

Sabine, 1188, 3s. Gentleman, formerly of Gray's Inn (- Holt).

Visionary Interview at the Shrine of London, 1749. 8vo. Field, 473, 4s. Rhodes, Shakespear, by H. Howard. 1756. 410. 23. 2196, 4s. Sabine, 1088, 11. Mr. Holt, in

Proposals for printing, by Subscription, May 1750, issued Proposals for publishing, the dramatick Works of W. Shakspear, by subscription, editions of Shakespeare's

corrected and illustrated by Sam. Johnson. Plays, in 8vo. and 12mo.

London, 1756. 8vo. Sabine, 1198, 5s. 6d. Remarks on the Tempest : or, an At

Avon, a Poem. Birm. by Baskerville, tempt to rescue Shakspeare from the many

1758. 4to. 2s. 6d. Errors falsely charged on him by his several Shakespeare : an Epistle to Mr. Garrick, Editors &c. (by

Holt). London, 1750. with an Ode to Genius. 1760. fol. 8vo. 5s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1106. Sabine, The castrated Letter of Sir Thomas Han1203, 10s. 6d.

mer, in the sixth Volume of the Biographia The diverting History and droll Adven- | Britannica, wherein is discovered the Rise of tures of Sir John Falstaff, his Jests, Drol the Bishop of Gloucester's Quarrel with the leries, comical Humours, queer Conceits, and Baronet, about his Edition of Shakspeare's miraculous Escapes from the wanton Con- Plays ; to which is added, an impartial Actrivances of the Merry Wives of Windsor. count of the extraordinary Means used to (1750). Svo.

suppress the remarkable Letter. By a ProA free and familiar Letter to that great prietor of that Work (Philip Nichols). Lond. Refiner of Pope and Shakespear, the Rev. 1763. 8vo. Sabine, 1262, 3s. Field, 484, 5s. Mr. Wm. Warburton, with Remarks upon A Revisal of Shakspeare's Text. 1765. the Epistle of Friend A. E. by a Countrey See Heath, B.

Dr. Johnson's Preface. 1765. See John- , market. London, (17771) 8vo. By FredeSON, Samuel, LL.D.

rick Pilon. Second Edition. London, A Review, &c. of Dr. Johnson's new Edi- (1777?) 8vo. tion of Shakspeare. Three Tracts. 1765-6. An Essay on the dramatic Character of See KENRICK, William, LL.D.

Sir John Falstaff. 1777. Reprinted in 1825. Observations and Conjectures on some See MORGANN, Maurice. Passages of Shakspeare. 1766. See TYR A Letter from M. de Voltaire to the French WHITT, Thomas.

Academy on the Merits of Shakespeare, with An Essay on the Learning of Shakspeare. a Dedication to the Marquis of Granby, and 1767. Reprinted 1777, 1789 & 1821. See a Preface by the Editor. London, 1777. FARMER, Richard, D.D.

8vo. 2s. 6d. Sabine, 1247, 3s. 6d. A Letter concerning a Glossary to the Letter from Mr. Desenfans to Mrs. MonPlays of Shakspeare. 1768. See WARNER, tagu. 1777. 8vo. Richard.

Discours sur Shakespeare et sur Monsieur A Key to the Drama ; containing the Life, de Voltaire, par Joseph Baretti. Lond. Character and secret History of Macbeth. 1777. 8vo. 2s. 6d. London, 1768. 12mo. Fielu, 605, 2s. Sa An Epistle from Shakespear to his Counbine, 1162, 2s.

trymen. 1777. 4to. 2s. An Essay on the Writings and Genius of The Haunts of Shakespeare. See PEARCE, Shakspear. 1769. Frequently reprinted. See William. MONTAGU, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Shakespeare's History of the Times : or Shakespeare, containing the Traits of his the original Portraits of that Author adapted Characters. (1770 ?) 8vo.

to modern Characters. London, 1778. 12mo. The lamentable and true Tragedie of Ar Modern Characters from Shakspeare. den of Feversham. London, 1770. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 1778. 12mo. Some of these characters were In the preface some ridiculous reasons are admirably adapted. Three, if not more, offered in favour of its being the earliest dra editions appeared in 1778. Sabine, 1179, matic work of Shakespeare. Field, 434, 5s. a new edition, 1778, 3s. LARGE PAPER. 6s.

Six old Plays &c. 1779. See Plays. The Tragedy of King Lear, as lately pub Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakesperiana. lished, vindicated from the Abuse of the 1779. See CAPELL, Edward. It has been Critical Reviewers, by the Editor of King lately reprinted in the Rev. C. H. HartsLear (Charles Jennens). London, 1772. 8vo. horne's Book Rarities in the University of Field, 497, 4s.

Cambridge. Introduction to the School of Shakespeare. Notes and various Readings to Shak1773. See KENRICK, William, LL.D.

speare. 1779-80.

See CAPELL, Edward. Introduction to Shakspeare's Plays; con Remarks on the last Edition of Shaktaining an Essay on Oratory. London, 1773 speare. 1783. See Ritson, Joseph. or 4. 12mo. 2s. This introduction is pre The Beauties of Shakespeare selected fixed to Bell's edition of the poet. Copies from his Plays and Poems: to which are are sometimes found detached from the work. | added, the principal Scenes in the same

A philosophical Essay and Illustration of Author. London, 1783. 12mo. 3s. 6d. Pubsome of Shakspeare's dramatic Characters. lished by Kearsley. 1783. 12mo. - The 1774. &c. See RICHARDSON, William. third Edition. 1784. The seventh Edition.

Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shake- ( ). — Stereotype Edition. 1811. spear, &c. 1774. See TAYLOR, Edward. Contes moraux amusans et instructifs à

Shakspear. Rara Avis in Terra. 1774. | l'Usage de la Jeunesse tirés des Tragédies sm. 4to. A tract (by Kenrick Prescot) con de Shakspeare, par M. Perrin. Lond. 1783. sisting of eight leaves, privately printed. 12mo. Rhodes, 2221, 2s. 6d. Field, 504, 5s. od. Sabine, 1272, 15s.

A familiar Address to the curious in EngThe Morality of Shakespeare's Drama lish Poetry, more particularly to the Readers illustrated. 1775. See GRIFFITH, Mrs. of Shakspeare by Thersites Literarius. Lond.

A lyric Ode on the Fairies, ærial Beings, 1784. 8vo. and Witches of Shakspeare. London, 1776. Dramatic Miscellanies. 1784. See Davies, 4to. 2s. Rhodes, 2214, 9s.

Thomas. A Letter to George Hardinge, Esq. on Comments on the last Edition of Shakethe Subject of a Passage in Mr. Steevens' spear's Plays. 1785. See Mason, John Preface to his Impression of Shakespeare. Monk. London, 1777. 4to. pp. 48. 3s. This Tract is The Immortality of Shakspeare, a Poem. by some attributed to the Rev. Mr. Collins of London, 1784. 4to. Hertfordshire. Steevens, 1383, 8s. Field, The Etymologist, a Comedy, dedicated 507, 3s. Sabine, 1265, 5s. Rhodes, 2215, to all the Commentators on Shakespeare,

and particularly to G. S. 1785. 8vo. An Essay on the Character of Hamlet, as Remarks on some of the Characters of performed by Mr. Henderson at the Hay- Shakespeare. By the Author of Observa

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