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the side of the Parliament, as Nalson is on White. To face the title. Abp. Laud, by the side of the King; and they are both R. White. p. 139. James Duke of Hamilto be consulted with great allowance for ton. p. 747. vol. ii. pp. 885 to 1060, their partiality. Hibbert, 7148, 61. 8s. 6d. 1085 to 1196, 1199 to 1388. (pp. 1365 and Edwards, 583, 81. 15s. Willett, 2185, 1366 are repeated) Appendix. pp. 1–315. 112 LARGE PAPER in royal folio. Sir

Alphabetical Table, 8 leaves. Portrait of the M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 431, 81. 15s. Mar • Earle of Strafforde,' by R. White, at p. quis of Townshend, 2878, 121. 12s. Heath, 1050. Vols. IV. and V. The third Part, 4453, 181. 10s. Collation.-Vol. I. pp. 691 from 1640 to 1644. London, 1692. 2 vol. and 57, not including title, one leaf, epistle vol. i. pp. 1–184, folios 185 to 192, pp. 193 dedicatory to Richard Lord Protector, 2 to 400, (401) to (416), 385 to 552, folios leaves, preface and Greek and Latin verses, 553 to 564 (misprint 565), pp. 565 to 768, 4 leaves, also index, 7 leaves. Vol. II. pp. also title and to the reader, 3 leaves, table, 1 to 174, (175) to (188), 175 to 617, 717 to 6 leaves. Portrait of John Rushworth, by 884, also title and preface, 5 leaves. Vol. III. R. White. To face the title. vol. ii. pp.

1 Pp. 885 to 1060, 1085 to U196, 1199 to to 208, 259 to 410, 459 to 770, 777 to 988, 1388 (pp. 1365 and 1366 are repeated), also title, one leat, and table, 6 leaves. also title, one leaf, and alphabetical table, Vols. VI. and VII. The fourth Part, from 8 leaves. Vol. IV. pp. 1–184, folios 185 1645 to 1648. London, 1701. 2 vols. to 192, pp. 193 to 400, (401) to (416), 385 vol. i. pp. i-xvi (not including title), to 552, folios 553 to 564 (misprint 565), pp. 1-147, 176—352, 361 to 520, 545 pp. 565 to 788, also title, one leaf, to the to 656, also index, 4 pages. Portrait of reader, 2 leaves, names of the subscribers, John Rushworth, by R. White. To face the 2 leaves, and a table, 6 leaves. Vol. V. Pp. title. • Battail of Nasbie,' by I. Sturt. p. 42. 1 to 208, 259 to 410, 459 to 754, 707 to vol. ii. pp. 731 to 890 (pp. 837 and 838 are 934, also title, one leaf, and table, five leaves. repeated), 913 to 1056, 105910 1074, 1097 to Vol. VI. Pp. I to xvi (not including title), 1431, also title, one leaf, and table, 18 pages. 1 to 148, 177 to 352, 361 to 520, 545 to Vol.'VIN. The Tryall of Thomas Earl of 656, also index, 4 pages. A plate of the Strafford Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Lond. • Battail of Nashie,' by I. Sturt, at p. 42. 1680. pp. 1 to 76, 101 to 252, 401 to 778, Vol. VII. pp. 731 to 890 (pp. 837 and 838 also title, one leaf, epistle dedicatory to are repeated), 913 to 1056, 1059 to 1074, George Earl of Halifax, two leaves, preface, 1097 to 1431, also title, one leaf, and index, two leaves, and table, four leaves. A por. 18 pages. Vol. VIII. pp. I to 76, 101 to trait of the Earl by White is prefixed. 252, 401 to 778, also title, one leaf, epistle Brockett, 3121, 12s. dedicatory to George Earl Halifax, 2 Historical Collections abridged and imleaves, preface, 2 leaves, and table, 4 leaves.

proved. London, 1703. 8vo. 6 vols. 12s. A portrait of the Earle of Strafforde' by * This edition contains many additions, from R. White is sometimes found in this volume. works published since the folio edition in

- First Edition. London, 1659-1701. 1680.'-Hallam. folio. 8 vols. Bishop of Ely, 1301, 41. 4s. The Connexion between Townshend and Drury, 3865, 41. 14s. 6d. Roscoe, 476, 77. Rushworth's Connexions. 1681. 8vo. "A Collation. — Vol. I. (Part the first) from 1618 trite thing,' according to Anth. à Wood. to 1629. London, 1659. pp. 691 and 59,

Russel or Russell, Alexander, not including title, one leaf, epistle dedicatory to Richard Lord Protector, -- leaves, pre

M.D. The natural History of face, 5 leaves, Greek and Latin verses, 4 Aleppo and Parts adjacent; revised, lines each, one leaf, and index, 7 leaves.

enlarged, and illustrated with Notes Plates. James I. To face the title. Print of by Pat. Russell, M.D. London, the civil wars, with verses commencing 'A This Paw points out the Caledonian Iarres,'

1794. 4to. &c. p. 1. Charles I. by P. Stent. p. 165.

Best edition of this valuable work; one Of this volume three editions appeared with of the most complete pictures of Eastern the date of 1659, one of which was printed

manners extant. Dent, pt. ii. 1010, 21. 185. an. 1675. The dedication to Richard Crom Hibbert, 7111, 21.' 15s. LARGE PAPER. well, then Lord Protector, is cancelled in

Fonthill, 3079, 72. 7s. - Lond. 1756. 4to. most of the copies of the date of 1659. Willett, 2132, 8s. Heath, 2649, 11. FontThere is also an edition of the date of 1682, hill, 3082, 21. 17s. Russell's Aleppo was the collation of which accords with that of reviewed by Dr. Johnson in the Literary 1659, with the exception of the appendix,

Magazine. which contains 57 instead of 59 pages. David. Letters (30) chiefly Vols. II. and III. The second part from practical and consolatory; designed 1628-9 to 1640. London, 1680. 2 vol. vol. i.

to illustrate the Nature and Tenpp. 1 to 174, (175) to (188), 175 to 617, 717 to 884, not including title and preface, dency of the Gospel. Edinb.1822-3. 5 leaves. Portrait of K. Charles I. by R. 12mo. 2 vols.

An Essay on the Salvation of all dying Rev. M. LL. D. The Conin Infancy ; including Hints on the Adamic nection of sacred and profane Hisand Christian Dispensations. Edinb. 1823. 12mo. An excellent work.

tory, from the Death of Joshua John. Propositio clarissimi until the Decline of the Kingdoms Oratoris Magistri Johannis Russell

of Israel and Judah. Lond. 1827. Decretorum Doctoris et adtunc

8vo. 2 vols. Ambassiastoris Xpanissimi Regis ford and Prideaux.

Intended to complete the works of ShuckEdwardi Dei Gracia Regis Anglie Patrick, M. D. An Account et Francie ad illustrissimum Prin- of Indian Serpents, collected on the cipem Karolum Ducem Burgundie Coast of Coromandel. London, super Susceptione Ordinis Garterii, 1796. imper. folio. etc. 4to.

Pp. 91, with 46 plates, 44 of which are Four leaves, printed about 1469-70. coloured, published by order of the EastThis tract is supposed to be one of Caxton's India Company. Stanley, 108, 21. 5s. first attempts in the art of printing. White Towneley, pt. ii. 1359, 11. 1s. Knights, 3752, 1261, now in the Earl Spencer's collection.

A Continuation of an Account of Indian

Serpents. London, 1801-3. imper. folio. John. The two famous

A Treatise on the Plague : containing pitcht Battels of Lypsick and Lut- an historical Journal and medical Account of zen. Cambridge, 1634. 4to. the Plague at Aleppo, in the Years 1760, Pp. 94. At the end of the tract is an

1761, and 1762 ; also, Remarks on Quaranelegy on Gustavus the Great. Reed, 7426, tines, Lazarettos, and the Administration of 78. 6d.

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 607, 21. 12s. 6d.

Times of Pestilence : to which is Bindley, pt. iv. 715, 19s. Hibbert, 7112, added, an Appendix, containing Cases of the with port. of Gustavus, morocco, '11. 25. Plague ; and an Account of the Weather North, pt. iii. 789, russia, 11. 7s.

during the pestilential Season, London, John. Elements of Painting

1791. 4to. Hibbert, 7114, 8s.

Descriptions and Figures of two hundred with Crayons, by John Russel. Fishes collected at Vizagapatam on the London, 1772. 4to. 5s.

Coast of Coromandel. London, 1803. imper. Lord John. The Life of folio. 2 vols. 31. 3s. William Lord Russel, with some

Lady Rachel. Letters of Lady Account of the Times in which he Rachel Russell ;---to which are prelived, by Lord John Russel. Lond. fixed, an Introduction, and the Trial 1819. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d.

of Lord Wm. Russell, for High In considerable estimation. Prefixed is a

Treason. The seventh Edition. portrait of W. Lord Russell by Fittler. London, 1809. 8vo. 1820. 8vo. 2 vols. with portrait. Drury, With three portraits. 1773. 4to. 3589, 17s. 1823. 8vo. 2 vols. with por- | 1774. 8v0. Heath, 4475, 13s. 1793. trait.

8vo. with portraits. LARGE PAPER. Dent,

pt. ii. 391, russia, 12s. 6d. 1792. 8vo. Essays and Sketches of Life and Cha- with portrait of Lady Russell by C. Knight.

Lond. 1821. 8vo. Hibbert, 7023, LARGE PAPER. Lloyd, 1116, 9s. Fonthill, 78. 6d.

1061, with two sets of plates, proofs and Don Carlos, or Persecution ; a Tragedy, lettered impressions, 14s. Bindley, pt. iii. in five Acts. Lond. 1822. 8vo. 4s. 6d. 117, 6s. Hibbert, 7022, 8s.

An Essay on the History of the English Government and Constitution from the Some Account of the Life of Rachael Reign of Henry VII. to the present Time. Wriothesley Lady Russell, by the Editor of Second Edition greatly enlarged. London, Mad. du Deffand's Letters, with Letters from 1823. 8vo.

Lady Russell to her Husband Lord Russell, Memoirs of the Affairs of Europe from &c. London, 1819. 4to. 11. 5s. Third the Peace of Utrecht. London, 1824. 4to.

Edition. London, 1823. 12mo. 12s. Hibbert, 7113, 9s. LARGE PAPER. Duke

William Lord.

The godly of York, 4679, 10s. 6d.

- John. Tour in Germany and Life and Funeral of Will. Lord some of the Southern Provinces of Russel, Baron of Thornhaugh, by the Austrian Empire in 1820, 1 and

Walker. London, 1614. 4to.

Bibl. West. no. 1135. 2. Edinb. 1825. 12mo. 2 vols. 12s. Drury, 3587, 11. 2s.

See CHAPMAN, George.



Russell, William Lord. The Life of the Church Government and Ceremonies and Death of William Lord Russell. of the Muscovites. Second Edition. Lond. London. 1684.

1725. 8vo. Gough, 3063, 3s. 6d. Bisliop

of Ely, 845, 2s. With portrait. Lloyd, 106, 10s. Nassau,

The grand Instructions to the Commispt. i. 2013, 10s.

sioners appointed to frame a new Code of Sir William. Advice to his Laws for the Russian Empire : composed by Son, written in 1689. Lond. 1815. Catharine II. Empress of all the Russias : to foolscap 8vo.

which is prefixed, a Description of the ManWilliam, LL.D. The History Order and Rules for electing the Commis

ner of opening the Commission, with the of modern Europe, with a Conti-sioners. Translated from the Original in the nuation to 1821, by Charles Coote, Russian Language. By Michael Tatischeff. LL.D. Lond. 1822, 8vo. 7 vols.

London, 1768. 4to. • A miserable compilation, the best we

Anecdotes of the Russian Empire in a have.'-Quart. Review. 1779-84. 8vo.

Series of Letters, written a few Years ago, 4 vols. 1786. 8vo. 5 vols.

from St. Petersburgh. London, 1784. 8vo. 8vo. 7 vols. Drury, 3588, 21. 18s. Dent, 3s. 6d. Fonthill, 2016, 12s. pt. ii. 393, 5 vols. il. 6s.

A Sketch of the military and political

Power of Russia in the Year 1817. Fourth The History of America, from its first Edition. London, 1818. Pp. 108, by Sir

Rob. Wilson. Discovery by Columbus, to the Conclusion of the late War. London, 1779. 4to.

RUTHEN, or RuthVEN, Lord. A The History of ancient Europe ; with a Relation of the Death of David View of the Revolutions in Asia and Africa, Rizzi, chief Favorite to Mary Stuart in a series of Letters to a young Nobleman. London, 1793. Svo. 2 vols, 10s. 6d.

Queen of Scotland. Lond. 1699.8vo. Poems. Reprinted in Park's collection Pp. 51. Reprinted in the first volume of and highly praised in the Quarterly Review, Scotia rediviva. Edinb. 1826. 8vo. See xxxv. 198, 9.

Rizzio, David, William Oldnall. Crown RUTHERFORD, John. Joannis ReCases reserved for Consideration, toforti, Jedburgæi Scoti, Commenand decided by the twelve Judges tariorum de Arte Disserendi Libri of England, from 1799 to 1824, quatuor. Paris. 1557. 4to. 15s. by W. O. Russell and Edward Dedicated to John Hamilton, Archb. of

St. Andrews. Edinb. 1577. 4to. Ryan. Lond. 1825. royal 8vo. 25s.

Edinb. 1580. 4to. Mr. Russell has published other law books.

Russen, David. Iter Lunare, Joannis Retoforti Commentarius in Lib. or a Voyage to the Moon. London, Aristotelis de Arte metrica. Edinburgi 1703. 8vo.

(1557). 4to.

- Samuel, D.D. Religious LetReprinted 1707. 8vo. Russhe, Anthony, D.D. A Pre-ters (352), with a Life of the Ausident for a Prince. London, 1566. thor. Glasg. 1819. 8vo. 6s. 4to.

The most popular of all the works of this

calvinistic writer, the avowed enemy to inA notice of Rush will be found in Wood's

dependents. - Thirteenth Edition. Edinb. Athen. Oxon.

1809. 12mo. 4s. The first edition appeared Russia : or, a complete historical at Rotterdam in 1664. Rutherford is thus Account of all the Nations which alluded to by Milton. "Taught ye by mere compose that Empire. Lond. 1780. A.S. and Rutheford ?' 8vo. 2 vols. 10s, 6d.

William, D.D. A View of 1780—3. 8vo. 4 vols. Fonthill, 2486, 21. ancient History; including the ProDent, pt. ii. 805, 17. ls. Nassau, pt. ii. 288, gress of Literature and the Fine 163. Gough, 3061, 9s. 6d.

Arts. Lond. 1788-91. 8vo. 2 vols.

Written by the Rev. Geo. Logan, one of The Russian Imposture; or, the History the ministers of Leith. - 1793. Svo. 2 vols. of Muscovy under the Usurpation of Boris, Best edition. and the Imposture of Demetrius. London, 1674. 8vo.

RUTHERFORTI, Thomas, D.D. The present State of Russia, translated Institutes of natural Law. Camfrom the Dutch. London, 1723. 8vo. 2 vols. bridge, 1754-6. 8vo. 2 vols. Roxburghe, 7878, 3s. Fonthill, 27, 6s. Reed, 2844, 0s. Brockett, 2657, 93. 6d.

The Russian Catechism, with an Account | The substance of a course of lectures on Gro

tius de Jure Belli ac Pacis, read in St. John's , Floodes and Ebbes, Daungers and College, Cambridge.

Costes of dyvers Regions, with the A System of natural Philosophy ; being a

Laws of the Yle of Auleron and the Course of Lectures on Mechanicks, Optics, Judgmentes of the See. London, Hydrostaticks and Astronomy. Camb. 1748. | 1536, 16mo. 4to. 2 vols. Bindley, pt. iii. 1587, 5s.

A translation from the French and appaWillett, 2133, russia, 11.

rently the first book printed by Thomas Ruthven, Patrick Lord. A Dis- Petyt. London, by W. Copland, 1528. course of the late Troubles that 16mo. London, by W. Copland. 16mo. happened in Scotland, between the London, A. Kytson. 16mo, London, noble and mighty Princess Mary,

by John Waley. 16mo. f 3 in eights. by the Grace of God Queen of The Rutter of the Dystaunces from one Scotland, and her Husband Henry Porte or Countree to another. Imprinted by the King, with others, Earles, Lords, Robert Wyer. 16mo. Usually found subBarons, Gentlemen, Free-holders,

joined to The Compost of Ptholomeus. Merchants and Craftsmen. (1567).

RUTTY, John, M.D. An Essay See Dr. George Mackenzie's Lives, iíi

. towards a natural History of the 69_75.

County of Dublin. Dublin, 1772. John. See Gowrie, Earl of. 8vo. 2 vols. RUTLAND, J. J. Manners, Duke Nassau, pt. ii. 289, 5s. Heath, 4779,

11, 8s. of. A Tour through Part of Belgium and the Rhenish Provinces. History of the Rise and Progress of the Lond. 1822. 4to.

People called Quakers, in Ireland, from With plates. Sotheby's in 1824, 11. 6s. 1653 to 1750. Dublin, 1751. 4to. Duke of York, 4683, morocco, 11. 16s.

A methodical Synopsis of mineral Waters,

comprehending the most celebrated medicinal Journal of a Trip to Paris by the Duke Waters, both cold and hot, of Great Britain, and Duchess of Rutland, July MDCCCXIV.

Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy, and 4to. pp. 30, not including half-title.

several other Parts of the World. London, Journal of a short Trip to Paris during 1757. 4to. the Summer of MDcccxv. 4to. pp. 59, not

A chronological History of the Weather including the half-title.

and Seasons, and of the prevailing Diseases There were other tours by his Lordship in Dublin, with their various Periods, Sucprinted for private distribution, viz. Wales, cessions and Revolutions, during the Space 1805, roy. 8vo. two editions, one consisting of 40 Years, with a comparative View of the of 25 copies, the other of 100, with some

Difference of the Irish Climate and Diseases, alterations ; Northern Tour, 1810, roy. 8vo.; and those of England and other countries. Southern Tour, 1810, roy. 8vo.

London, 1770, 8vo. Rutter, John. A descriptive

A spiritual Diary (1753-75) and SoliloGuide to Fonthill Abbey and De- curious publication, containing a minute and



London, 1776. 8vo. 2 vols. mesne for 1823, including a List of honest register of the state of the author's its Paintings and Curiosities. 8vo. mind, who was a Quaker Physician. See With a plate and vignette.

Boswell's Life of Johsnon. Delincation of the north western Division Ruyssen, J. Essays after the of the Couuty of of Somerset, and its Antedi- Cartoons of Raphael. London, luvian Bone Caverns, with a geological Sketch | 1798-1801. atlas folio. of the District. London, 1829. 8vo. 15s. Pp. xxiv. and 349, with 30 embellishments. York, 1200, 11. 16s. Willett, 2187, 41. 4s.

Three nos. containg 15 plates. Duke of LARGE PAPER, with proofs on India paper. Joseph. The Shepheard's

RYCAUT, Sir Paul. The present Holyday, a Pastoral Tragi-Comedy, State of the Ottoman Empire, in by J. R. London, 1635. 8vo.

three Books. Lond. 1668. folio. Rhodes, 2007, 5s. 6d. Inglis' old Plays,

A particular description of the Mahometan 88, 11. Is. Roxburghe. 5749, 14s. 3904, religion, the seraglio, the maritime and land with the Cid, 2 pts. transl. from Corneille, forces of Turkey. — 1670. fol. Bindley pt. iii.

1686. 8vo. 3s. 6d. An excel11. 59. Reprinted in the first edition of 202, 3s. Dodsley's Collection of old Plays.

lent translation into French, with most vaRutter of the Sea.—The Rutter luable notes, by Bespier, was published at

Rouen in 1677, 12mo. 2 vols. of the See, with the Havens, Rodes,

Capitulations and Articles of Peace beSoundynges, Kennynges, Wyndes, tween the King of England and the Sultan

of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinople, by London, 1693, 8vo. 3s. Bindley, pt. iii. Abraham Gabai-chaf-mahar, 1663. 4to. As- | 463, the dedication copy, with Rymer's kew, in 1775, no. 281, morocco, 1l. 2s. autograph, in morocco, 21. 4s. This work Bindley, pt, iii. 446, 31. 5s.

merits notice, for its historical matter. It is, Rych see Rich.

Together with The Tragedies of the last Rye-House Plot.

See Sprat,

Age' ably noticed in the Retrospective Re

view, i. 1-16. Thomas, Bishop of Rochester.

Acta Regia. See Rapin, P. de Thoyras. The secret History of the Rye-House

See Nicolson, Wm. Plot. London, 1754. Hibbert, 7026, 2s.6d. RYLAND, John. Contemplations seum Britannicum : or, a Display

RYMSDYK, J. and A. Van. Muon the Beauties of Creation. Lond. in 32 Plates, in Antiquities and na1777. 8vo. 3 vols.

With portrait of the author. Williams, tural Curiosities in the British Mu1523, 11. 15s.

seum, after the original Designs RYLEY, Samuel William. The from Nature, by John and Andrew Itinerant; or, genuine Memoirs of Van Rymsdyk. The second Edian Actor. London, 1807-17. 6 vols. tion, revised and corrected by P.

An entertaining work, in which are very Boyle. London, 1791. folio. forcibly painted, from experience, the mi Combe, 1927, 11. 8s. Duke of York, series incident to the life of a strolling player. | 4728, with 32 coloured plates, morocco,

William. Placita Parliamen- 11. 16s. Pp. xvii. and 88, not including title taria ; or Pleadings in Parliament and dedication by P. Boyle, 2 leaves; adverfrom 18 to 35 Edward I. and 7 plates. Two of the 32 engravings are on

tisement two pages, and names of subscribers, 14 Edward II. with the Judgments the letter press, the others are separate. thereon and an Appendix of ancient 1778. folio. Nassau, pt. ii

. 828, 12s. BindRecords. London, 1661. folio. 6s. ley, pt. iii. 613, 7s.6d. Roxburghe, 1581, This work is recommended to the profes

9s. Willett, 2189, 15s. sors of the law by Lord Chan. Nottingham.

RYTHER, A. A Discourse conRymer, Thomas. Fædera, &c. cerning the Invasion of England by Londini, 1704-35. folio. 20 vols. the Spanish Fleete in 1588. Lond.

An invaluable work, equally interesting 1590. to the antiquary and historian. It contains

Reed, 5621, 7s. North, pt. iii. 728, 11. 10s. copies of treaties, leagues, manifestoes, capi Rythmo, De, Græcorum Liber. tulations, correspondence and other public do- See Cleaver, William. cuments between this country and other states, since the conquest, and presents most

Ryves, Bruno. Mercurius rusimportant illustrations, not only of the his- ticus, the Country's Complaint retory of England, but of all Europe., Rox-counting the sad Events of this unburghe, 8383, 341. 13s. 20 vols. Two hundred copies printed at the parraleled Warr, &c. Lond. 1647. expence of the crown. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt.

8vo. iii. 432, 171. Brockett, 2611, russia, 171. 5s. With a frontispiece by Marshall. This Duke of Grafton, 857, 211. Willett, 2190, edition, according to Ant. à Wood, contains 261. 5s. Marquis of Townshend, 2879, 291.

more than is to be found in those of 1646 Gough, 3168, 321. ls. Heath, 4388, 521. 10s.

or 1685. Nassau, pt. i. 2236, with a porHag.Com. 1745. folio. 10 vols. This reprint trait of Dr. Ryves inserted, russia, 11 is by many preferred to the London edition. 1646. 12mo. White Knights, 2699*, 12s. Towneley, pt. ii. 1341, 101. 10s.

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 427, 1646, russia, by London, 1816—30. fol. vols. i. ii. and iji. Roger Payne, 21. 6s. - 1685. with fronin 6 pts. extending from the year 1066 to tispiece, 5s. Williams, 1195, 19s. Fonthill, 1377, 151. 15s. Five hundred copies printed 1481, 9s. - 1723. 8vo. by authority of the Commissioners of the Sir Thomas, LL.D. RegiPublic Records at an expense of 30,3881. minis Anglicani in Hibernia De18s. 4fd. It is greatly to be regretted that fensio, adversus Analectem (Dav. this edition of Rymer should have been printed in such an unweildy form, and not

Rooth). Libri tres. Avtore Tho. have been collated with the original docu- Ryvio I. C. Regis Advocato. Lon

dini, 1624. 4to.

Pp. 68, 64 and 82, not including title, The Tragedies of the last Age considered dedication to Prince Charles, to the reader, and examined. London, 1678. 8vo. and errata, four leaves. A copy is in the 1692. 8vo.

British Museum. Bindley, pt. iii. 1656, A short View of Tragedy of the last Age. ! 41. 48. Gordonstoun, 1913, 62 10s.


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