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Thompson, 138, 31. 1. Dr. Stukeley's own ***

STUKELY, William, M.D. Anti- | Nassau, pt. ii. 1162, 148. Towneley, pt. i. quarian Publications.

1418, 11. 8s. Collation.-No. I. Origines High praise is bestowed on Stukeley and Roystonianæ. London, 1743, pp. 52, not inhis works by Pennant, Whitaker, &c.

cluding title and dedication to Lord Hard

wick, 2 leaves, also 3 plates. No. II. OriAn Account of a Roman Temple near

gines Roystonianæ, Part II. Stamford, 1746. Graham's Dike. 1720. 410.

pp. 135, not including title and dedication to of the Roman Amphitheater at Dor- index, 4 pages, also six plates. No. III.

Lord Hardwick, 2 leaves; preface, 5 pages; chester. Lond. 1723. 4to.

A Discourse respecting Oriuna. 1752. with a Itinerarium curiosum, or an Account of plate of a stone in basso relievo, found 10 the Antiquitys and remarkable Curiosities in

fool under ground in Micklegate, in York. Great Britain. London, 1724. fol. Sir P. 1747.' copy interleaved with his ms. notes, and also

An Answer to, or Remarks upon, Dr. the notes of Maurice Johnson, transcribed

Stukeley's Origines Roystonianæ, by Charles from his copy, belonging to the Spalding So

Parkin, A. M. London, 1744. 4to. pp. 76,

not including title and dedication, 4 leaves, ciety, by Mr. Gough, is in the Bodleian li.

with 3 plates. brary. London, 1776. fol. 2 vols. This second edition is much improved, and the

A Reply to the Objections brought by second volume consists of entirely new mat

Dr. Stukeley, &c. by Charles Parkin, A. M. ter. A copious analysis of the work, with a

Norwich, 1748. 4to. pp. 4 & 40, not inbiographical sketch of the author, will be

cluding title, one leaf, and introduction, 2 found in Savage's Librarian, ii. 145-72 and

pages. 176-80. Dowdeswell, 793, russia, 61. 8s. 6d.

A Dissertation upon Oriuna, said to be the Hibbert, 7805, russia, 71, 10s. Brockett

, Empress or Queen of England, the supposed 3122, russia, 71. 15s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1229,

Wife of Carausius. Illustrated with the Coin russia, 91. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 742",

of Oriuna and several others of Carausius 9L 9s. Dent, pt. ii. 1402, russia, 111. 11s.

hitherto not made public. London, 1751. Roxburghe, 8562, 161. 10s. Heath, 4528, 4to. pp. 27, with a plate. 2s. 6d. russia, 161. 16s. The work was reprinted

An Account of Richard of Cirencester. in 1817, with the date of 1776 on the title

London, 1757. 4to. Dent, pt. ii. 1072*, 35.

The medallic History of Marcus Aurelius page. An Account of a large Silver Plate of an

Valerius Carausius, Emperor in Britain, by tique Basso Relievo found in Derbyshire.

William Stukeley, M. D. London, 1757-9. London, 1736. 4to. Dent, pt. ii. 1072, ley, pt. ii. 1421, 19s. Heath, 4528, 11. ls.

4to. 2 vols. Dent, pt. ü. 1071, 14s. Towne3s. 6d. Stonehenge and Abury. London, 1740-3.

Brockett, 3085, 12. 13s. fol. 2 vols. Dent, pt. ii. 1402*, 81. 8s. Hib

The History of Carausius : Or, an Erabert, 7806, russia, 81. 15s. Baker, 849, 101.58. mination of what has been advanced upon Nassau, pt. ii. 1230, 101. 10s. Sir M. M.

that Subject by Genebrier and Stukeley. In Sykes, pt. iii. 743, 111. Os. 6d. Towneley, which the many Errors and Inaccuracies of pt. ii. 1502, 121. 1s. 6d. Sir P. Thompson,

both Writers are pointed out and corrected. 937, 201. Heath, 4527, 221. 1s.

With an Appendix, containing Observations

on their Method of explaining Medals. LonStonehenge, a Temple restor'd to the

don, 17—. 4to. 38. British Druids. By William Stukeley, M. D. Rector of All Saints in Stamford. London, sacred Subjects. London, 1763. 4to. No. I.

Palaeographia Sacra, or Discourses on 1740. folio. Baker, 848, 41. 18s. Collation.

Dent, pt. ii. 1073, 3s. Brockett, 3084, 4s. -Title, one leaf; dedication to Peregrine, Heath, 862, 5s. Gough, 3599, 6s. TowneDuke of Ancaster and Kesteven, 4 pages ; ley, pt. ii. 1420, 10s. preface, 3 pages; description and directions to the binder, 66 pages, and index, 3 pages.

Twenty-three Plates of the Coins of the

ancient British Kings. 4to. Dent, pt. ii. The volume contains 35 plates, not including 1071", 5s. 6d. Hibbert, 7746, 8s. Combe, a portrait of the author, designated Chyn- 2064, 13s. Brockett, 3083, 14s. donax, J. V. Gucht sc. Abury; a Temple of the British Druids,

Sturbridge Fair.--Historical Acwith some others described. London 1743. count of Sturbridge Fair, with Nunfolio. Pp. 102, not including title, one leaf; dinæ Sturbrigienses. 1702. dedication to Henry Earl of Pembroke, 4 Reed, 4340, with a ms. account by Mr. pages; preface, 6 pages, and index, 6 pages. Reed, 11.12s. The volume contains 40 plates, besides seve Sturm, C. C. Reflections on the ral on the letter-press. Palæographia Britannica ; or Discourses

Works of God, translated from the on Antiquities in Britain. London 1743-52. German. 4to. 3 nos, in 1 vol. Dent, pt. ii. 1073, 10s. Numerous translations and editions.

sm. 8vo.

Morning Communings with God; or de Suaso, A. Captain Baron. The votional Meditations for every Day of the Theory of the Infantry Movements. Johnstone, A.M. London, 1831. sm. 8vo. | London, 1825. 8vo. 3 vols. 2 vols. 16s.

Duke of York, 4770, 21. 2s. Contemplations on the Sufferings of Jesus SUCKLING, Sir John. The Works Christ, sm. 8vo. with portrait of Sturm. 9s. of Sir John Suckling, containing his

STURMIUS, John. A ritch Store- Poems, Letters, and Plays. Lonhouse or Treasure for Nobilitye and don, 1770. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. Gentlemen, transl. by T. Browne. Strettell, 1327, 138. Willett, 2280, 188. London by Henry Denham, 1570.

A Letter sent by Sir John Svckling from Bindley, pt. iii. 1561, morocco, 11. 109.

France, deploring his sad Estate and Flight:

with a Discouerie of the Plot and ConspiEpistle to the Cardinals and Prelates of racie, intended by him and his Adherents Rome, englished by Richard Morysine. against England. Imprinted at London,

1641. 4to. 4 leaves. Bindley, pt. ii. 2526, London, 1538. 16mo. A copy is in the

13s. 6d. This poetical epistle is reprinted in British Museum. STURMY, Samuel. The Maria Brydges' Censura Literaria.

Fragmenta aurea. A Collection of all ner's Magazine. London, 1669. fol. his incomparable Pieces. London, 646.

With portrait of Sturmy, æt. 36, 1669, 8vo. pp. 120, title and to the reader, 3 leaves, by A. H(ertocks). Bindley, pt. iii. 1661, with portrait by Marshall. Roscoe, 1391, 21. 15s.-Revised and corrected by John

11. 45.

1647, with portrait by Marshall. Colson. Lond. 1684. fol.

Dent, pt. ii. russia, 11. 11s. 6d. · London, STURT, John. Chronological Ta 1648. 8vo. pp. 334, with portrait by W. bles of Europe. 4s.

Marshall. Nassau, pt. ii. 651, 78. Bibl. Wholly engraved on copper plates. Sturt

Anglo-Poet. 693, 188. 1658. 4to. with

portrait by Marshall. Garrick, 2252, 2s.6d. published a Common Prayer, &c.

1696. 8vo. - 1709. Drury, 3993, 12s. Sturton, Lord. A Prayer sayd Roxburghe, 3396, 4s.

London, 1719. by the Lorde Sturton, being on his 12mo. pp. 430, with portrait after Marshall Knees, before he went up the Lad- by Vander Gucht. Dent, pt. ii. 636, moder, and also his Confession before

rocco by Roger Payne, 11. 7s. Bibl. Anglohis Death, the vi. Day of March, Bindley, 'pt. iii. 642, 143.

Poet. 694, 12s. 6d. Drury, 3993', 10s. 6d.

See Retrosp. 1557.

Review, ix. 19-38.
Printed by Thomas Marshe.

SUETONIUS, Caius, Tranquillus.

De Vitis xii Cæsarum. The Copye of the self same Wordes : That my Lord Sturton spake presently at Suetonius, cum Annot. diversorum. Oxon. his Death, beyng the vi. Day of March in the

1661. 12mo. 2s. 6d. Yeare of our Lord 1556 amonge the People

Suetonius, Interpretatione et Notis illusas his Confession, desireing the People to travit Aug. Babelonius, in Usum Delphini. take Example by him, and to kepe no Enuy Lond. 1718. 8vo. 4s. 6d. in their Hartes, for that is the Roote of all

Suetonius, ex Editione Franc. OudenEuylles. Printed by William Pickeringe.

dorpii. Edinb. 1761. 12mo. STYLE, William. Narrationes mo The History of the xu Cæsars, translated dernæ, or modern Reports in the into English, with Notes by Philemon Hol

An accurate Upper Bench Court at Westminster. land. London, 1606. folio.

translation according to Dr. Zach. Grey. London, 1658. fol. 11. 58.

The Lives of the xii Cæsars, done into These reports are singularly valuable as

English by several Hands ; with a Life of being the only cases extant of the common

the Author, and Notes. London, 1670. 8vo. Jaw courts for several years in the time of the

An incorrect and incomplete translation. usurpation.

1672. 8vo. 1677. 8vo. 1688 or 9. STYWARD, Tho. The Pathwaie 8vo. Roxburghe, 7708, 3s. 1690. 8vo. to Martiall Discipline. London by -- 1698. 8vo. Roxburghe, 7709, 3s, Drury,

4003, 3s. - 1704. 8vo. Thomas East for Myles Jenyngs,

The Lives of the xui Cæsars, transl. into 1581. 4to.

English by Jabez Hughes. London, 1717. Dedicated to Lord Charles Howard, 12mo. 2 vols. with cuts. A translation Baron of Effingham, &c. - London by T.

vastly preferable to the former of 1670. East, 1582. 4to. Inglis, 1383, 11. 2s. Nassau, pt. ii. 652, 5s. Gough, 3436, 5s.

quas patitar

The Lives of the xii Cesars, in Latin Practical Treatise on Powers. The fifth and English, by John Clarke. London, Edition. Lond. 1831. royal 8vo. Il. 4s. 1732. 8vo. 4s. 1739. Svo. &c.

Sir E. Sugden has published other valuable The Lives of the first Twelve Cæsars law books. translated from the Latin of C. Suetonius SUIDAS. Lexicon, Gr. et Lat. Tranquillus ; with Annotations, and a Re- edidit, Indices adjecit Lud. Kusteview of the Government and Literature of the different Periods, by Alexander Thom

rus. Cantab. 1705. fol. 3 vol. son, M. D. London, 1796. 8vo. A good

Best edition of this valuable lexicon. translation. Duke of York, 4899, 17s. Dent, pt. ii. 1404, russia, 41. Duke of GrafSUFFOLK, Vita et Obitvs ton, 230, 41. 16s. Gosset, 5482, 81. LARGE


Sir M. M. Fratrum

Drury, 4271, 51. dvorvm


Sykes, pt. iii. 747, russia, 101. Heath, 22, Henrici et Caroli Brandoni Ducum rússia, 141. 3s. 6d. illustrissimorum, duabus Epistolis explicata : adduntur Epitaphia, &c.

Recensio Mutilationum Londini in Ædibvs Richardi Graf- Lugd. Bat. 1713. 8vo.

Suidas, in Editione nupera Cantabrigiæ. toni, 1551. 4to.

Appendix Notarum in Suidæ Lexicon, ad Sign. A to e, and A to L 2, in fours, to Paginas Edit, Cantabr. 1705, adconmodagether 62 leaves. It is dedicated .domino tarum; colligente qui et suas etiam aliquam. Henrico Graio Duci Suffolciæ et domino multas adjecit Joanne Taylor. 1766. Of Marchioni Dorcestriæ,' by Thomas Wilson. this appendix four sheets only were printed otf

. - Edward Howard, Earl of. Mu J. Toup Curæ novissimæ. Lond. 1775. sarum Dcliciæ. 1728.

8vo. 2s. 6d. This volume was destroyed by his lord

SULLIVAN, Francis Stoughton, ship's executors. Bindley, pt. ii. 1808, 10s. LL. D. Lectures on the Constitution

Henrietta, Countess of. Let- and Laws of England, with a Comters to and from Henrietta, Coun- mentary on Mayna Charta, and Iltess of Suffolk, and her second lustrations of many of the English Husband, the Hon. George Berke- Statutes: the second Edition, to ley, from 1712 to 1767, with his- which Authorities are added, and a terical, biographical and explana- Discourse is prefixed, concerning the tory Notes. London, 1824. 8vo. Laws and Government of England, 2 vols.

by Gilbert Stuart, LL. D. London, An interesting and curious collection of 1777. 4to. 15s. letters, with valuable iilustrations and bio

Best edition. - London, 1772. 410. graphical notices, also a portrait. Hibbert, 7652, 13s. Drury, 4004, 18s. Duke of Sully, Maximilian de Bethune, York, 4900, 11, 11s.

Duke of. Memoirs of the Duke of Suffolk.--A topographical and Sully, prime Minister of Henry the historical Description of the County Great : with the Trial of Francis of Suffolk. Woodbridge, 1829. 8vo. Ravaillac, for the Murder of Henry

Published at 12s. Pp. 522, not including the Great ; and an Appendix, contitle and errata, with a map by W; Ebden taining Refutations of the Abbé de 379. The running title of the work is. The l'Ecluse's correctional Notes, exculSuffolk Traveller.'

patory of the Jesuits. A new EdiSuffolk Garland : or, a Collection of tion, carefully corrected and emPoems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets and bellished with Portraits. Edinb Elegies, relative to that County. Ipswich, | 1819. 8vo. 5 vols. 1818. 8vo. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 478, 7s. Hibbert, 7651, 8s. Nassau, pt. ii. 655, 14s.

Brockett, 3009, 12. 14s. 1756. 4te.

3 vols. 1761. 4to. 3 vols. Fonthil, LARGE PAPER in 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 1178, 11. 11s.

3452, 11. 11s. 6d. Hibbert, 7751, russia,

A review of Mrs. Lennox's translaSUGDEN, Sir Edward Burtenshaw.

tion by Dr. S. Johnson, appeared in the A practical Treatise on the Law of Literary Magazine. Edipb. 1770. 5 vols. Vendors and Purchasers of Estates.

The fifth Edition. LonThe eighth Edition, with consi- don, 1778. 12mo. 6 vols

. with portraits of derable Additions. London, 1830.

Sully and Henry the Great.

vols. with portraits. Duke of York, 1901", royal 8vo. 11. 55.

11. 13s.

31. 5s.


1810, 3


Sulpitius, Joan., Verulanus. Opus Bird Sumner. Second Edition. London,

1826. Grammaticum. R. Pynson. 1494.

- 1824. 8vo. Drury, 4096, 9s.

SURREY, Henry Howard, Earl of. 4to. Willeti, 2306, 421.

Songs and Sonnets.

Lord Surrey's sonnets are justly admired

for their tenderness, simplicity, and nature. Grammatice Sulpitiana cum Textu Ascensiano recognito & aucto :

They are reprinted in the second volume of vt proximo

Chalmers' Edition of the Poets. patebit epistolio. London. per Richardum Pynson. 1505. 410. It contains Ji 4 in Songes and Sonnetes of Henry Earle of sixes,but the first alphabet goes no further Surry, London by Richard Tottel, 1557. than the letter x.

16mo. A copy is in the Bodleian Library. Quinta Recognitio atq: Additio ad Bindley, pt. iii

. 1127, (four leaves reprinted) Grammaticen Sulpitianam cum Textu As 171. — Reprint of the Edition of 1557. Dent, censiano, &c. (W. de Worde). 4to. This pt. ii. 641, 12. 2s. book consists of various tracts on the dif Songes and Sonettes by the Right Hoferent branches of grammar.

norable Lorde Henry Haward late Earl of Sumatra.- Proceedings of the Surrey and other. Apud Ricardum Tottel,

1557. small 4to. Black letter. On the Agricultural Society, established in

back of the title is an address to the Sumatra. 1820. Bencoolen, 1821. Reader.' The poems end on the reverse of vol. 1.

Gg 1. On Gg 2 begins • The table' occupyA highly interesting and valuable work, ing two leaves. At the end · Finis.' preceded by a sensible and well written ad Songs and Sonnetes. 1565. 16mo. A dress by T. S. Raffles.

copy is in the Bodleian Library. Summers, William. The History | 1567. This is considered the most correct

Songs and Sonnettes. London, Tottell, of the Life and Death of Will Sum

of the early editions. A copy is in the colmers, King Henry the Eighths lection of the Earl Spencer. Jester. London, 1676. 4to.

Songes and Sonets, written by the Right White Knights, with portrait and plates

Honourable Lord Henry Howard, late Earle inserted. 4175, 11. 5s.

of Surry and others. London, John Win

det, 1585. 16mo. Inglis, 1446, morocco, A pleasant Comedie called Summers' last 141. 3s. 6d. Will and Testament. 1600. See Nash,

Poems. London, Rob. Robinson, 1587. Thomas.

16mo. A copy is in the Bodleian Library. A pleasant History of the Life and Death Horne Tooke, 350, 81. 10s. of W. Summers King Hen. VIII. Jester.

Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, London, 1794. 8vo.

who flourish'd in the Reign of Henry the SUMNER, John Bird, Bishop of Lighth. Printed from a correct copy. With Chester. A Treatise on the Re

the Poems of Sir Thomas Wiat, and others

his famous Contemporaries. To which are cords of the Creation, and on the added some Memoirs of his Life and Writings moral Attributes of the Creator, (by Dr. Sewell). London for W. Meares with particular Reference to the

and J. Brown, 1717. 8vo. Pp. xvi and 263,

also table and errata, 3 leaves. An edition Jewish History and to the Con

of no merit. Nassau, pt. ii. 658, 16s. sistency of the Principle of Popu- Bindley, pt. iii. 1130, 11 Bitl. Anglo-Poet. lation with the Wisdom and Good- 691, 11. 11s. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Marquis ness of the Deity. London, 1816.

of Townshend, 2986, 21. 10s. Bindley, pt.

iii. 1129, 11. 18s. Garrick, 2254, 16s. 8vo. 2 vols.

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 692, with ms. collations, To this essay was assigned the second

&c. 31. 3s. Lloyd, 1157, 11. 18s. prize by three professors of the University Songes and Sonettes. London, E. Curll, of Aberdeen. The first was awarded to Dr. 1717. 8vo. An incomplete edition. BindW. L. Brown. 1817. 8vo. 2 vols.

ley, pt. iii, 1128, morocco, 21. 2s. Hibbert, 1818. 8vo. 2 vols. Drury, 4094, 19s. 7657, morocco, 11s. 6d. This edition ends

with the Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt. Apostolical Preaching considered in an Poems. 1807. 8vo. 2 vol. Edited by Bishop Examination of St. Paul's Epistles. Lond. Percy and George Steevens. Nearly the 1815. 8vo. -- 1820. 8vo. Drury, 4097,98.6d. whole impression was destroyed in the fire

Sermons on the Christian Faith and at Nichols's printing office. Bindley, pt. iii. Character. London, 1821. 8vo. Drury, | 1131, 21. 10s. Sotheby's in 1826, 51. 7s.6d. 4095, 11s.

The Works of Henry Howard, Earl of SurThe Evidence of Christianity, derived rey, and those of Sir Thomas Wyat the Elder; from its Nature and Reception. By John edited by Geo. Fred. Nott, D.D. with a Pre

face, Memoirs of the Earl of Surrey, a Dis The Examination of M. Tho. Cartwrights sertation on the State of English Poetry be late Apologie by Matth. Sutcliffe. London, fore the 16th Century, Collation of Surrey's | 1596. 4to. and Douglas's Translations of the Æneid, Challenge concerning the Romish Church, and Notes; with Memoirs of the Earl of her Doctrine and Practises ; published first Northampton, an Appendix, a general Index against Robert Parsons, and now against and Glossary. London, 1815-16. 4to. 2 vols. Frier Garnet. London, 1602. 4to. GorWith a portrait of the Earl of Surrey, fac donstoun, 2046, 4s. 6d. similes of his and other letters, and plans of A ful and round Answere to N. D. alias Landrecy and Boulogne. Bindley, pt. iii. Robert Parsons the Noddie his foolish and 1827, 21. 6s. LARGE PAPER. Saunders' in rude Warne Word by M. Sutcliffe. London, 1818, 41. 14s. 6d. Strettell, 1458, morocco, 1604. 4to. Reed, 5837, 6s, 6d. Inglis, 81. Drury, 4218, russia, 31. 13s. 6d. Hib- 1385, 11. bert, 7752, morocco, 41. 4s.

Subversion of Robert Parsons his Treatise The Poems of the Earl of Surrey and Sir of three Conversions of England. London, Thomas Wyatt, with original Memoirs. Lon 1606. 4to. Gordonstoun, 2048, 6s. don, 1831. crown 8vo. 2 vols. published at Threefold Answer unto the third Part of 18s. The same in 'foolscap 8vo. forms part of a certaine triobolar Treatise of three supthe Aldine edition of the Poets.

posed Conversions of England. London, Some of Surrey's Poems omitted by Tottel 1606. 4to. will be found at the end of Harington's This divine published several other works, Nugæ Antiquæ.

mostly controversial. Surtees, Robert. The History SUTHERLAND, Captain. A Tour and Antiquities of the County Pa- up the Straits, from Gibraltar to latine of Durham, London, 1816, Constantinople, with the leading &c. folio. 3 vols.

Events in the present War between Published at 181. LARGE PAPER. 311. 10s. the Austrians, Russians, and the A continuation of this work, entitled the Turks, to the Commencement of History of North Durham, by James Raines, is in the course of publication. Part I. price the Year 1789. Second Edition, 31. 3s. LARGE PAPER. 61. 6s.

corrected. London, 1790. 8vo. 4s. Surveying see FITZHERBERT, Sir

Fonthill, 2618, 18s. Anthony

— James. Hortus Medicus EdinSutcliffe, Matthew. The Prac-burgensis. Edinb. 1683. 8vo. tice, Proceedings and Lawes of Praised by Nicolson in his Scottish His

torical Library, Armes, described out of the Doings of the most valiant Captains. Lon- tional Case of Elizabeth, claiming

Sutherland Peerage.-- The addidon by C. Barker, 1593. 4to.

Pp. 342, with a dedication to the Earl of the Title and Dignity of Countess Essez, and a preface. Steevens, 1745, 6s. 6d. of Sutherland, by her Guardians. White Knights, 4178, morocco, 11. 2s.

Wherein the Facts and Arguments

in Support of her Claim are more A Treatise of Ecclesiasticall Discipline, by Matth. Sutcliffe. London, by G. Bishop and fully stated, and the Errors in the R. Newberie, 1590. 4to. Contains 230 pages,

additional Cases for the other with dedication to the Earl of Bath and Claimants, are detected. Printed epistle to the reader. The colophon is dated in the Year 1770. 4to. 1591.

Roxburghe, 1090, 11. ls. Marquis An Answere to a certain Libel put vnder

of Townshend, 2436, 11s. • This case, the Name and Title of a Petition directed to

by Lord Hailes, abounds with important her Maiestie. London, by Chr. Barker,

matter connected with the history and anti1592. 4to. Dedicated to " Sir Edm. Ander

quities of Scotland, and some of the first famison, Lord Chief Justice of her Maiesties

lies of that kingdom.'-MS. note by Piakercourt of Common Pleas.'

ton. It is drawn up with singular learning An Answer vnto a certain calumnious

and ability, and subscribed by Alex. Wedder Letter published by M. Job Throkmorton, burn (afterwards Lord Chancellor Lough: entitled A Defence against the Slanders of borough) and

Sir Adam Ferguson, but is the M. Sutcliffe. London by the Deputies of

well-known work of Sir David Dalrymple, Chr. Barker, 1594. 4to. A curious tract

Lord Hailes. containing a great deal of information respecting the intrigues of the Puritans in the Brief of the Claim of Sir Robert Gordon time of Q. Elizabeth. - 1595. 4to. Gor on the Earldom of Sutherland. 410. Rot donstoun, 2045, 11. 1s.

burghe, 1089, 11s.

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